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BREAKING: O'Donoghue Exposes Another "Grayson Giveback"

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 BREAKING: O’Donoghue Exposes Another “Grayson Giveback”

(Winter Park, Fl)– Conservative small businessman Bruce O’Donoghue unearthed yet another “Grayson Giveback,” where U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson has proposed to earmark hundreds of thousands of dollars to a group tied to the AFL-CIO, a union which has contributed thousands of dollars to Grayson’s election efforts.  This time, Grayson has proposed to earmark $500k to “Jobs with Justice” a group which has stated that their goal is to force unionization of businesses, killing jobs. 

“Alan Grayson’s flagrant attempt to use taxpayer dollars to pay back his union-boss pals is deplorable,” said O’Donoghue.  “Florida is a right to work state and we intend to keep it that way.  Alan Grayson is not funny or clever or courageous.   This is a man who’s using his office and taxpayer funds to advance his political goals and the goals of the liberal activists who bankrolled his campaign for Congress, regardless of their effect on struggling businesses.  This is exactly the type of quid pro quo culture of corruption that the people of Central Florida despise, and it’s exactly why Alan Grayson’s days in Congress are numbered.”

Grayson has a pattern of earmarking funds to groups tied to organized labor, which donated large sums of money to get him elected to Congress, and to other unsavory characters.

Earlier this week, O’Donoghue revealed that Grayson has proposed to earmark $500k to another ally of the AFL-CIO – the A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI), an organization which awarded Grayson with its “Eminence Award” earlier this year.

Last year, Grayson requested a $350,000 earmark for the “Florida Civil Rights Association (FCRA),” a group which has a controversial history and a leader, J. Willie David, who some described as a “con-artist.”  Grayson was a board member of the FCRA and in 2007, received the group’s “Humanitarian of the Year Award.”
For more information about Alan Grayson’s outrageous positions and behavior, visit www.thegraysonfiles.com.



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