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Republicans Fear Tea Party Candidate Will Split Vote

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Editor’s Note – The unfortunate side effect of all this is that instead of focusing our efforts on the Progressive left and the damage they are doing to very fabric of America, we instead are spending valuable time and energy combatting those who purport to be on our side.

A very disturbing reality, which must be dealt with.  One fact that cannot be disputed, once all emotion and personal motives are set aside, is that third parties have NEVER been successful in American politics. 

Folks can spin that as much as they want, and probably will, however, at the end of the day, third parties spell disaster.

One question – When did Doug Guetzloe and Fred O’Neil become the moral compass on what is right and necessary in the political arena?  Yes, Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore…

Divided Conservatives Could Help Liberal, Outspoken Congressman Alan Grayson Win Re-Election

ORLANDO, Fla. — Republicans in Central Florida are worried that even a weak showing from the third party Florida Tea Party candidate in the 8th Congressional District could split the conservative vote enough to help re-elect liberal, outspoken Democrat Alan Grayson.

The Florida Tea Party’s actions have upset those who claim they are the real “tea party,” a grass-roots movement not linked to any one party.  

South Florida Republicans and tea party groups have sued the Florida Tea Party and its leader and consultants, claiming they are “confusing the public” and attempting to “hijack” the tea party phrase as they “obtain gains, profits and advantages.”

Read More – http://www.clickorlando.com/news/23661145/detail.html

Tom Tillison


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