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DNC Connections with Opposition to Amendment 9 Healthcare Freedom

UPDATE, 7/1, 7:30am: If the DNC connections weren’t enough, how about a George Soros connection? See Louisa McQueeney below.

A lawsuit was filed against the Amendment 9 Healthcare Freedom Act, with the pretense of protecting Floridians from language that will “mislead the public”.

So who filed the suit? Who are these Samaritans, loing out for Floridians? In short, the group bringing the lawsuit includes a Democrat-friendly lawyer hired to help throw out military absentee ballots in the 2000 election, a doctor that stood behind President Obama in a Healthcare press conference who holds a regional leadership position in Obama’s organizational structure, a liberal who was also an officer in the Palm Beach County, FL Democratic Party and a volunteer who advocates for universal, single-payer health care.

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Alan Grayson Just Doesn't Get It

For Immediate Release
Contact: Betsy VanderLay


Grayson Boasts About Earmark Spending on the Same Day the CBO Announces America’s Debt Will Reach 62% of GDP by Year’s End;

Conservative Challenger Kurt Kelly Says We Need to Return Grayson to His Rightful Owner: MSNBC

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Press Release: YES ON 9 Campaign Applauds Attorney General's Defense of Amendment 9

For Immediate Release
YES ON 9 Campaign Applauds Attorney General’s Defense of Amendment 9

AG McCollum Defends Floridians’ Right to Preserve Healthcare Freedom in Florida Constitution

(Orlando, FL – June 29, 2010)—The YES ON 9 Campaign applauded Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum today for his decision to defend the Amendment against a lawsuit that attempts to block it from the November ballot. Amendment 9 seeks to protect Floridians’ right to choose their own healthcare by placing that right in the state’s Constitution.

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‘Under God’ Spray-Painted On Secularist Billboard

Editor’s Note – Police are on the lo out for a red blooded, God fearing American patriot.

If this person is identified, he’ll become a national hero. As he should be…

This should also serve as a reminder to Christians in America that if they don’t start defending their beliefs, they’ll soon no longer have the right to do so.

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UN: Abandon US Dollar as Global Reserve Currency

Editor’s Note – American exceptionalism takes another hit…curious just how aggressively the Obama administration will defend the US Dollar.

I do have a suggestion; Since the United Nations has lost confidence in our currency, let’s withdraw the $597,472,000 we now contribute to U.N. operations, which accounts for 22% of the overall budget.

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70 Days Later; US Accepts International Assistance For Gulf Spill

Editor’s Note: Seventy days after the oil rig explosion in the Gulf, Obama accepts international assistance. 70 days…

All reports are suggesting that the oil spill is far devastating that what’s being let on by this administration. The media has very limited access, and, considering it’s track record, there’s no reason to suggest that the reporting would be any different if that were not the case.

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O'Donoghue Presses Grayson to Come Clean on Ties to Florida Tea Party Political Party

For Immediate Release Contact: Vartan Djihanian Phone: 407-478-4850 O’Donoghue Presses Grayson to Come Clean on Ties to Florida Tea Party Political Party (Winter Park, Fl)– Citing […]

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Florida Is Battleground for Tea Parties — Against Themselves

Editor’s Note – A relatively accurate depiction of the events taking place in district 8, when compared to the media standards generally at play across the country, […]

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The 'Tea Party' Movement

Alexander’s Essay – June 24, 2010 The ‘Tea Party’ Movement What it is — and isn’t. “The people of the U.S. owe their Independence & their liberty, […]

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Dan Webster Sighting!

Dan Webster Sighting! Tom Tillison Orlando Political Press Well…not a live sighting, but a television commercial is the next best thing! Right? Today, Webster released a 30-second […]

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James DeCocq Qualifies For Florida House, District 33 Race

For Immediate Release Contact: Mayra Etayo James DeCocq Qualifies For Florida House, District 33 Race James DeCocq can actually bring back hope to our State’s future, is […]

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Endorses Todd Long

For Immediate Release Media Contact: Pihl Russo Phone: 615-419-6016 SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO ENDORSES TODD LONG America’s Sheriff Sees Fighter, Leader in Long Orlando—Today, Sheriff Joe Arpaio […]

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