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Why We Need More Marco Rubio's

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Not long ago, Marco Rubio came out and mentioned that Social Security and Medicare need to be fixed.

Most Americans know good and well that both programs are going to bankrupt our Country if we do not fix our problems.  Unlike many other Politicians, Marco has taken the first step to fixing the problem:  admitting it is broken and more importantly, having the courage to take on the task of fixing it. 

For the at least the last 20 years, everyone has been saying we need to fix Social Security and Medicare.  Yet very few have had the integrity to take a stance for fear of offending someone(ie. political correctness).  If Americans and elected officials somehow think that our problems are going to go away without sacrifice from everyone, then I believe we are misguided.  As a Country, we have spent and promised way too much in the past, and it appears that avoiding a little short term pain seems almost impossible.   Unlike Rubio, most politicians continue to pass the buck and dodge the bullet and offer no real solutions.  They want to blame others and avoid the issues.  I applaud Marco Rubio for having the guts to take on the tough issues facing this Country today.  We desperately need people with fortitude, insight, and courage to get elected so they can address the problems we face today.        

Just look at what being “politically correct” has done to our Country:  Our border is unsecure, Medicare and Social Security are broke, and our health care system is in being hijacked by a group of Socialist who call themselves Democrats.  Being politically correct means reading Miranda rights to foreign terrorists who want to wipe us off of the face of the earth.  The American people are sick and tired of “political correctness” and simply want our problems recognized and for someone to fix them.   

One of the biggest problems we as a country face today is fear.  People are afraid of the rising deficits.  People are afraid of the fragile state of the economy.  People are afraid of government run health care.  College graduates are afraid they will never find work.  Does the current administration recognize this or is it just all Glenn Beck’s fault?    

America right now, more than ever, needs leaders who are willing to solve problems  and confront them head on.  Maybe when we start addressing our problems and quit being “politically correct”, some of the fear that exists today will subside and we can get back to rebuilding this great country.  Marco Rubio appears to be one of those leaders America needs in these difficult times we face today.  It’s obvious to me that he is listening to voters.  Those who don’t will pay a price in November.

Ron McCoy – 
West Orlando Tea Party

Tom Tillison


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