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Sandy Adams Wins 5th Straw Poll

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Sandy Adams Wins 5th Straw Poll 

DeLand, Fl – Conservative State Representative Sandy Adams won her 5th straw poll this Saturday, establishing her as the clear choice of grassroots conservatives.  Her record as a state legislator committed to fiscal responsibility and lower taxes, as well as her leadership on issues like illegal immigration and defending traditional values, has earned her the support of activists from across the district.

On Saturday, Volusia County Republicans gave her 36% of the total votes cast of the five candidates seeking the Republican nomination to face liberal Suzanne Kosmas in November.  Last Thursday, the Northwest Orange Republican Women selected Adams with a whopping 44% of the vote with the second place finisher receiving only 17%.  Adams has now won five straw polls including the Orlando Tea Party Straw Poll.

“Central Floridians know that Sandy Adams is a no-nonsense, trusted conservative,” said Patty Redlich, a Central Florida grassroots leader. “There are other nice people running but Sandy has a record of principled leadership on the issues conservatives care about and is the best candidate to beat Suzanne Kosmas.”

“Suzanne Kosmas has been nothing more than a Nancy Pelosi rubber stamp,” said Rep. Adams.  “We need someone strong in Washington to fight for taxpayers and get this government growth under control.  Saying one thing and doing another is not acceptable and Central Floridians know that I am a woman of my word.”

 Saturday’s results:  

Adams      36%
Diebel       25%
Miller        15%
Garcia       15%
Long          10%

Sandy Adams is a seventeen year veteran of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and has served in the Florida House of Representatives since 2002.  She has been an outspoken advocate for victims’ rights and for the rights of the unborn.  A conservative leader in Tallahassee, she and her husband, John, reside in Orlando and are the proud parents of three children.

If you want to help take back our country, make a contribution to Sandy’s campaign today!

Tom Tillison


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