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Orange County Young Republicans Straw Poll Results

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Not sure what significance this straw poll vote has, as the YR’s seem to exist in a world all their own.  One would expect an incumbent to fare well with this group, yet, it’s somewhat surprising that Dan Webster didn’t fare better.  It’s worth noting that this is the first straw poll held in the area that Todd Long has not won, coming in a close second. 

As for Patricia Sullivan and Dan Fanelli only garnering two/three votes respectively, well, it speaks volumes about the disconnect between the Republican Party and the tea party movement, and suggests that these two candidates have a lot of work to do to gain favor with the ‘establishment’.  –  Tom Tillison


The Orange County Young Republicans held a straw poll last night, focusing on the congressional races in districts 8 & 24.  These are the candidates looking to unseat freshman Democratic U.S. Reps. Alan Grayson of Orlando and Suzanne Kosmas of New Smyrna Beach.

The results in district 24 were fairly decisive, with Karen Diebel outpacing both State Rep. Sandy Adams and Craig Miller.  The results in district 8 were not as clear, as State Rep. Kurt Kelly just beat out Todd Long,  with Dan Webster finishing a close third.

Final Vote Totals – 

District 8
Kurt Kelly: 18 votes
Todd Long: 15 votes
Daniel Webster: 12 votes
Bruce O’Donoghue: 8 votes
Dan Fanelli: 3 votes
Patricia Sullivan: 2 votes

District 24
Karen Diebel: 32 votes
Sandy Adams: 14 votes
Craig Miller: 6 votes
Tom Garcia: 2 votes
Deon Long: 2 votes

Tom Tillison


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