Puff, The Magic Dragon, Who Lives In D.C…

Yes, this is going to work out just fine, after all, things are going so well in San Francisco.  And, I can’t imagine that it will have any effect on those working within government, right?  Right? 

The story says there will be 5 – 8 distribution points.  If this measure passes, look for that number to ‘explode’ in the first year alone, as demand will far outweigh supply. 

Looking on the bright side, if everyone is getting stoned all day in D.C., they’ll be less inclined to spend the day making our lives miserable! 

On a more serious note, is this part of a well thought out strategy by Progressives to keep the people dumb and happy?  Our founding fathers must be so proud of us…

WASHINGTON (AP) – The D.C. Council has passed a measure to legalize medical marijuana, sending the bill to Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty.

Under the measure passed Tuesday, the nation’s capital would join 14 states that allow medical marijuana.

Patients with chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS or cancer could obtain marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation. It would be given out at five to eight distribution centers.

Patients would be limited to two ounces of marijuana per month. The mayor could raise the cap to four ounces if he determines more is needed.

If Fenty signs the bill as expected, Congress would have 30 days to review before it becomes law.

In 1998, residents voted to legalize medical marijuana, but Congress blocked the initiative from taking effect for years.

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Tom Tillison


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