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Crist Likely to Veto Ultrasound Bill, Dem Says

Speak for the unborn

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By Jesse Phillips

According to PostOnPolitics.com, Governor Charlie Crist is “likely” to veto the ultrasound bill. If this is true, it would be a denial of his professed pro-life beliefs, and a setback to the rights of the unborn.

GET INVOLVED: Please join the grassroots effort to contact the Governor by joining the Facebook Group. Email your friends, contact Governor Crist, update your twitter and blogs and do whatever you can to spread the word of defense for the unborn who have no voice.

HOLLYWOOD — Gov. Charlie Crist appears likely to veto a bill requiring women to see ultrasounds before they can get abortions, state Sen. Eleanor Sobel, D-Hollywood, said today.

Sobel said she had a brief conversation with Crist as he visited the Seminole reservation for a ceremonial signing of a $1 billion gaming compact.

“I think it looks positive for a veto, but it’s not over ’til he vetoes it,” Sobel said. “I actually went up and whispered in his ear….It means a lot to the women in this state.”

The ultrasound bill didn’t come up when Crist spoke briefly with reporters before leaving the event.


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