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Fanelli Makes Splash With Controversial Ads

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Orlando — Patriot and former Navy pilot  Dan Fanelli, a refreshing and bold candidate in the 8th Congressional District of Florida, is making his first political run against none other than the arrogant and contemptuous Congressman Alan Grayson.  Fanelli made a very positive and impressive splash on MyFox35-Orlando evening news during a widely viewed segment about his recent campaign commercials. 


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FOR MORE INFORMATION Media Contact: Ken Crawford

Fox 35 called Fanelli a “bold, confident, and aggressively controversial candidate, which was highlighted by his campaign ads”.  Other Fox 35 comments indicated that a Fanelli vs. Grayson contest would be a strong no-holds-barred race!

When Alan Grayson was asked to comment about Fanelli’s ads, Congressman Grayson’s spokesperson prepared a statement which indicated that Grayson would not comment on the ads until Fanelli was the Republican candidate, and that he would comment “irregardless how inaccurate, misguided, or offensive” the ads are.

Fanelli’s ads have also appeared on the nationwide Fox News Network’s Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld.


Please visit www.electdan2010.com to view the entire MyFox35 interview.

Tom Tillison


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