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"I Will Run As A Republican" – You Lie, Charlie!

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Crist is “very proud” to remain in the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan as long as it is politically expedient for him to do so.  Hey, what does principles have to do with anything, we’ve got an election to win!  In today’s world, words only seem to matter when it’s in our best interest to recall what was said. 

In the spirit of “I was for it, before I was against it”, this will go down as yet another example of the complete lack of integrity by those who purport to ‘serve’ on our behalf.  Put your faith in a politician and you will be disappointed!

Meanwhile, while conservatives continue to put self before country, ‘eat their own’ at every opportunity and diminish their effectiveness by splitting over every little difference, the far left remains unified, employing ‘the ends justifies the means’ tactics to ‘fundementally transform America’


Tom Tillison


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