Todd Long To Hold Religious Freedom Rally


Orlando – Republican Congressional Candidate Todd Long, running in Florida’s Eighth District, announced today that he will be holding a rally and press conference at City Hall in Orlando to gather support for Florida House Bills HB31 and HB 1399.

HB 31 is a response to actions taken in schools like Pace High School Principal Frank Lay’s school which banned the faculty from wearing crosses and required them to put away their Bibles.  The bill prohibits school boards and administrative personnel from taking any action to infringe on the rights or freedoms afforded teachers, staff or students by the First Amendment of the Constitution.

HB 1399 proposes a Constitutional Amendment repealing the limit on the power of the state to spend money directly and indirectly on church or religious institutions. It further adds language that an individual may not be barred from participating in a public program because that individual freely chooses to use his benefits at a religious provider of services.

 “For years now, our religious freedoms have been under attack.  These critical bills are designed to, once again, reinstate Floridians’ religious freedom given to us by God and guaranteed to us by our Founders and our Constitution,” said Long.

 “Moreover, we are being forced (through taxes), by an out-of-control government, to pay into a secular school system which fails to teach our children truth about our nation’s founding principles, the reasons for America’s unmatched prosperity and freedom, and which fails to help develop their character or prepare them to compete successfully in today’s global economy. Every child in this nation deserves school choice and parent-directed education (not federal government-directed education). The time is now for us to stand and fight and to tell Tallahassee we want these bills passed now,” Long added.


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