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FL Healthcare Freedom Act On It’s Way To House Floor

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By Tom Tillison
Orlando Political Press

Late last night, the Florida Healthcare Freedom Act made it’s way through committee and is now scheduled to go to the House Floor on Wednesday of this week for debate, with final passage scheduled for Thursday.  HJR37 was passed by a count of 11-5 in the Rules and Calander Council, the final committe stop in the Florida House.  

State Representative Scott Plakon, the original sponsor of this legislation, said, “It’s been a long journey but we are almost there! If successful, it will be on the ballot this November and Floridians will have the opportunity to have their voices heard to assert freedom over their own health care.”

The bill is highly favored by many conservatives, including the tea party movement, as a challenge to the recently passed federal healthcare reform, commonly known as ObamaCare, and as a protecter of an individuals right to choose whether to participate in a healthcare plan or not, which is mandated in the federal bill. 

In addition to Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum’s recently filed suit trying to block the federal requirement that Florida residents buy health insurance, this is yet another step taken to protect the rights of the citizens of Florida against an intrusive federal government and indicates that states’ rights and individual freedom are a priority to our state representatives.

Tom Tillison


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