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Orlando Sentinel's Race Hustler Darryl Owens Spews Hatred Upon Tea Party

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By Tom Tillison

In response to Friday’s Orlando Sentinel article written by Darryl Owens, titled ‘The tea party has racial overtones’, it is very clear that the time has come for the residents of Central Florida to draw a line in the sand.  There has been an incredible awakening in this country over the past year;  average, everyday citizens, out of love for country, are engaging in the political process on a scale that has never before been seen in our nation’s history.  The issue at hand is establishing a higher standard for the federal government on fiscal responsibility and the role of government in our daily lives.   Perhaps, it is also time to demand a higher standard from the media in this country, as well…

For Darryl Owens, and the Orlando Sentinel, to knowingly, and inaccurately, disparage the tea party movement under the guise of racism is beyond comprehension.  As we witness the Progressive mentality of the current administration in Washington, D.C., and it’s headlong push toward the establishment of an entitlement society that is completely dependant upon the federal government, we expect to see the propaganda spew forth from the architech’s of this ideology.  However, to see it reverberated in our ‘hometown newspaper’, through reckless and unfounded charges of racism, in a clear attempt to further a political ideology, well, not only is this an unconscionable act, it is downright irresponsible!  And, at such a late date, where the entire basis of his article has been proven to be inaccurate, only exasperates the situation.  Congressman Emanuel Cleaver himself has backed away from his initial comments, and, even though there were hundreds of camera’s in use at the time, and, Andrew Breitbart, of BigGovernment.com, has offered a $100,000 reward for any evidence to support the claim, nothing has surfaced to suggest the incident ever occurred.

Furthermore, to make the attempt to equate state sovereignty issues to segregation not only ignores the the U.S. Constitution on several points, it also drums up the very hatred that Mr. Owen’s supposedly abhors.

In light of this ‘attempt’ at journalism, it is clear that Mr. Owens and the Orlando Sentinel owe the Central Florida community an apology.  If you are a subscriber of this newspaper, and you continue this subscription, bear in mind that you are an enabler of this vile behavior.  Please take the time to let the Orlando Sentinel know how you feel about this issue, and that you will ‘vote with your dollar’ to make your point.  Just as we must see occur toward our government, it is only when the community stands as one and demands responsibility from the various media outlets will we see an end to the race baiting and divisiveness that has sadly become the norm when pushing unpopular ideologies. 

The following link addresses Congressman Cleaver’s backing off on his original statement;


And, this video is a clear account of what did occur on the Capitol steps, clearly indicating that is was little more than spittle being unintentionally projected from a protester’s mouth as he chants ‘kill the bill’;

So, would Daryll consider these liberty-loving Americans as racists??

Tom Tillison


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