Alan Grayson Statement on Perkins Incident Proven False

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) – Did U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson intentionally go to a Republican Party meeting to disrupt it, or was he just there by coincidence?

Members of a homeowners association said Grayson, a Democratic who represents Florida’s 8th congressional district, stormed in on their HOA meeting, before interrupting an Orange County Republican Executive Committee meeting.

“He came in, starting to holler in a somewhat agitated mood,” said Kevin Rogers of the Emerald Forest HOA. “We asked him what he was talking about. He repeated it and we said, ‘We think you have the wrong meeting.’”

Grayson found out about the Republican meeting from a forwarded email which advertised that a known republican “went behind enemy lines” to gather information at an Oranizing for American meeting of Democrats. Grayson said the email noted that secrets of the political espionage would be revealed.

After the story took off on Friday, Grayson’s camp said he was at the Perkins to meet with the HOA, something Rogers disputes.

“He didn’t come to our meeting, as I’ve seen reported in other places.”

After the confrontation, Grayson was invited to sit in with the HOA meeting, which he did. We pressed a spokesperson for Grayson to clarify whether the congressman intentionally went to Perkins to disrupt the meeting of Republicans, or if he was there to attend the HOA gathering.

“The timing is inconsequential,” said Todd Jurkowski. “The congressman highlighted the fact that Republicans were boasting about using new ways to deceive people. He also got to spend time with homeowners he represents.”

After Grayson returned to the HOA meeting, Rogers asked him if he felt his behavior was polarizing or divisive.  “His answer to me was, essentially he was very well known, and he liked the fact he’s very well known. If that adds to the fact of him being popular, so much the better.”

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