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Media Coverage Analysis of Tea Party Hob Nob

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Anaysis of Media Coverage of the Orlando Tea Party Hob Nob & Straw Poll –

Channel 13’s coverage originally missed the boat, with inconsistencies from one paragraph to the next, but after we emailed the writer, he kindly corrected the inaccuracies. “We the people” empower the media by supporting their advertisers and subscription payments, and just as with politicians in all levels of government, we need to hold the media accountable to reporting accurate stories. We did that this evening, and they adjusted their story correctly. Unfortunately, the video coverage of the event is still way off.

WFTV Channel 9 coverage indicates that the event was a protest, which misses the mark completely. And, even more dismaying, there was ONE individual located across the street from the event who was protesting the Republican Party, and, lo and behold, he gets interviewed as the reporter notes that there was “some opposition”. No Pulitzer Prize in the future for this reporter…

The Orlando Sentinel reporter actually gives a fair and balanced report. No bias evident, as the story focuses on the facts and is pretty much right down the middle of the road. Good job, Sentinel!

The Reid Report had an interesting take on the event, complimentary of our efforts, yet, skeptical at the same time.  Also, there was an open question as to if there was coordination with the Republican party???  (No, there was not!)  http://blog.reidreport.com/2010/02/rubio-racks-up-more-tea-party-support-takes-orlando-straw-poll/

Tom Tillison


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