Who Get’s The Credit? We, The People

by Tom Tillison
There’s a lot of talk out there about who’s responsible for the Scott Brown victory. There are some that seem to resent the idea that the ‘tea party’ movement may have had any impact on this outcome, at all. When you analyze the results of the election in Massachusetts, it’s clear that the independent voter carried the day, which is typically the case in most elections, and even more so here due to the high number of registered ‘independents’.

And, that total may not include very many ‘tea baggers’, as we are so fondly referred to, considering that this is the liberal bastion of the Northeast. However, it’s very foolhardy and disingenuous not to acknowledge that the narrative in this country has been redirected by all the hard work and sacrifice of the hundreds of thousands of Americans that have embraced the tea party movement. We dared to criticize Obama and his far left ideology at a time when it was almost considered blasphemy in America to do so, and in the process, have made it not only acceptable, but a regular occurrence.  Of course, Obama has made this easy himself with his extreme agenda and overall ineptitude.
Nonetheless, it’s very possible that the pundits and career politicians are trying to downplay the strength and effectiveness of this movement because they fear what it can accomplish. The truth of the matter is that the tea party movement is nothing more than we, the people. It never has been anything more than that, and, it never will be. There are so many who are quick to place a label on this movement; one must define it, to control it. The corrupt media categorizes the movement, so as to condemn it, simply because the objectives of the movement clash with their liberal utopia. And, many individuals and organizations within the movement itself do so to capitalize upon its vast potential, so as to advance their own personal and political standing.
There’s nothing new here…in our nations history, there have always been those who are too eager to take advantage of the masses. The important thing to keep in mind here is the tremendous power of we, the people. When the naysayers want to call us ‘tea baggers’, or, when the ambitious want to play down our sophistication and competence, proudly inform them that we look past these things to focus on that which is of much more importance – America. And, be sure to remind them that our work is far from finished, but finish we will, for we are ‘We, The People’…

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Tom Tillison


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