Eddie Overholt arrested
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Elderly vet arrested for asking town officials to speak louder in meeting; community rallies


Conservatives attack Obama for signing new executive order dismissing religious freedom; will lawsuits follow?

Atwater Cavuto

NY governor picks a fight with Florida; CFO defends Sunshine State against false ad campaign


‘Run, Ben, run’ chants boost Ben Carson candidacy at Western Conservative Summit

With the field still wide open for the 2016 Republican presidential race, supporters of Dr. Ben Carson making a long-shot bid for the GOP ’s nomination were out in force at the Western Conservative Summit this weekend. Hawking “Run, Ben, Run” posters and “Ben Carson for President” regalia … Read More


Thin-skinned Kerry throws a tantrum on Fox: ‘Let me answer! Let me answer!’

It doesn't take much to see the disdain the Obama administration has toward Fox News, as Secretary of State John Kerry got into an angry exchange on Sunday with host Chris Wallace. Kerry, pulling off a feat last accomplished by then-U.N. ambassador Susan Rice when she hit all five Sunday talk … Read More

US Border Patrol boat on Rio Grande
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Border war heats up: Border Patrol dodges .50-caliber slugs from Mexican thugs

A Mexican smuggling cartel flexed its muscles on an overburdened U.S. Border Patrol group Friday night, firing .50-caliber machine gun bullets at them from the south side of the beleaguered border. The incident occurred in the Rincon Peninsula area of the Rio Grande about 8:30 p.m., Texas Rep. … Read More

Water sprinkler

City threatens to fine couple for brown lawn during drought: Their property isn’t ‘wonderful’

A California couple faces fines and possible criminal action after their lawn turned brown when they followed state drought guidelines restricting water usage. California is suffering severe water shortages causing regulators to approve fines of up to $500 per day for residents who waste water on … Read More


Judge Jeanine Pirro tells Obama: ‘Put your big boy pants on and get in the game!’

In a scathing “Opening Statement” Saturday, Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro blasted President Obama for failures to deal with foreign policy challenges from the southern border of the United States to Eastern Europe. Citing civil wars in Iraq and Syria, the continuing crisis in Ukraine, the ongoing … Read More


Sarah Palin to Eric Holder: I don’t need lectures from incompetent AG

Conservative Sarah Palin responded to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s criticism in typical firebrand fashion Saturday, saying she didn't need a lecture from an "incompetent." Holder said in an interview with ABC last week that "people talking about taking their country back" have directed … Read More

Sharia Law

American mosque leader invokes Sharia Law, tries to amputate hand of thief

A Muslim leader showed a considerable lack of brotherly love in Philadelphia last week, when he tried to cut off the hand of a man accused of stealing from the local mosque. Police arrested the mosque’s emir, Merv Mitchell, 37, also known as Mabul Shoatz, Thursday night on charges of aggravated … Read More


Restaurant owner hitting business targets with ‘Guns Are Welcome’ attitude, sign

After a robbery at a store with a "No Guns Allowed" sign, the owner of a family restaurant in east Tennessee took the opposite approach – and saw business flourish. Sharma Floyd, owner of Shiloh Brew and Chew in Maryville, Tenn., hung a "Guns are Welcome" sign on the restaurant's front door, … Read More


Customer leaves waiter a $1,000 tip on a $114 bill – with a special note

A New York couple dining out for a birthday dinner left a staggering gift for their waiter – a $1,000 tip on the $114 check. Michael Shafts, a part-time server at The Ginger Man in Albany, told the Times Union he was stunned by the generosity. As the couple prepared to leave after the meal, the … Read More


Ex-Secret Service agent starts an Obama ‘bear on the loose’ mockery fest

“The bear is loose” is the inane phrase White House acolytes have been slinging lately when  Obama gets out of the White House to schmooze with the dwindling (but still mega-wealthy) band of believers. Even the New York Times thinks it’s stupid, but ex-Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino says it has … Read More


Democratic primary voters increasingly concerned about Hillary’s age

The Free Beacon’s tireless reporting on, and in-depth analysis of, Hillary Clinton’s advanced age and possibly deteriorating health appears to be causing some Democratic voters to rethink their support for the elderly homeowner. Voter at Elizabeth Warren #misen rally tells me Hillary might be too … Read More

First lady Michelle Obama grocery

USDA’s grocery store changes ‘nudge’ consumers to eat healthy; in line with Michelle’s agenda

BY: Elizabeth Harrington The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is suggesting major changes to grocery stores to “nudge” Americans to purchase healthier foods when they shop. The agency commissioned an “expert panel” to make recommendations on how to guide the more than 47 million Americans … Read More


‘Costly and deadly wake-up call’: Hannity’s sobering message to Obama

Fox commentator Sean Hannity on Friday delivered a scathing indictment of President Barack Obama’s first six years in office, using video of the president’s speeches to show the sharp contrast with his behavior and policies. "Our world, our nation are in an alarming state of emergency," Hannity … Read More