Ritzy Manhattan hotel bars Navy officer on Memorial Day weekend; dress whites not dressy enough!

Manhattan’s ritzy The Standard hotel found itself facing a wave of criticism over the weekend after a bouncer banned a U.S. Navy officer from entering its lounge because her dress whites didn’t meet the watering hole’s dress code. According to the New York Daily News, the spat started … Read More


Obama was wrong: It looks like we CAN drill our way to lower gas prices

You might remember in the run-up to the 2012 election, Barack Obama made it clear that “we can’t drill our way to lower gas prices.”… Well, it turns out that we’ve drilled our way to lower gas prices. The Energy Information Administration reported Friday that the Memorial Day weekend would see … Read More


Indefensible: Popular liberal publication calls American military a ‘national security threat’

Showing a profound disregard for good taste, the liberals at Salon.com decided to celebrate the Memorial Day weekend by running a story that disparages America’s commitment to our men and women in uniform. Labeling America’s military as “a national security threat.” Salon insisted that the … Read More


Liberals bully US Marine vet to stop him from opening legal gun store in Arlington

Marine veteran James Gates is learning the hard way that the Second Amendment is an unwelcome American tradition in the overwhelmingly liberal neighborhood of Arlington, Va. Neighborhood residents started a petition last week protesting Gates’ planned opening of a gun and sporting goods store … Read More


Protesters intrude on Memorial Day festivities, shut down Coney Island boardwalk

The word “classless” doesn’t even begin to cover the actions protesters took when they used Memorial Day to disrupt festivities on Coney Island with the #StopKillingBlackPeople mantra. As more than one Twitter user noted, there was not one American flag to acknowledge – at the very least – those … Read More

Julie And Samuel Giles

Georgia mom arrested, shackled over honor roll son’s 12 school absences!

A Georgia family is gearing up for a legal fight after the mother was arrested and put in shackles because of her son’s unexcused school absences. Julie Giles, a substitute teacher, wrote on her Facebook page that she turned herself in to police after a warrant was issued for her arrest. She … Read More


Terrifying video: Waterspout sends bounce house flying with children inside

A bounce house for children is supposed to be a gentle ride, but three children at a Florida beach were taken for a terrifying spin Monday when a waterspout crossed onto land, swept them up and carried their inflatable high above the trees. Miraculously, the kids landed on sand instead of … Read More

pac sun no

James Woods shows ‘PacSun corporate scum’ how US flag SHOULD BE represented

Conservative actor James Woods and an army of outraged Americans attacked California-based retailer PacSun Monday over a T-shirt sold by the clothing giant featuring an upside-down American flag. Because some things just need to be said. #BoycottPacSun Dear PacSun corporate scum, this is how … Read More


Viral wedding picture moves a nation, beacon of hope over Memorial Day weekend

An intimate moment between a U.S. Marine and his bride-to-be was captured in a powerful photograph that is now capturing the heart of a nation. Just before Cpl. Caleb Earwood,21, and his fiancée Maggie,22, were to say their vows, they paused to say a prayer. Photographer Dwayne Schmidt was … Read More


Best friends buried beside each other would want Americans to celebrate, not mourn

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Memorial Day has a special meaning for retired Marine Col. Tom Manion. His son, Travis Manion, who was also a Marine, is buried in Arlington National Cemetery alongside his best friend, Navy SEAL Brendan Looney. The two met as midshipmen at the U.S. … Read More


Social media hits Hillary on parade for Memorial Day; ‘talk about being a hypocrite’

Hillary Clinton was on her home turf Monday, marching with Bill in a Chappaqua Memorial Day parade that could have doubled for a “Ready for Hillary” rally. But the former secretary of state insisted it wasn’t all about her. Really. Asked about 2016 signs on parade route, Hillary Clinton … Read More

Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio says he’s being targeted, asks public to help pay legal fees

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is asking the public for money for his legal fees. The controversial sheriff of Maricopa County sent an email to supporters Thursday saying he felt “targeted” by various groups “that file legal actions against me for a variety of reasons.” Arpaio who has made waves … Read More


Student takes over HS graduation ceremony with impromptu prayer that goes viral

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Remarks made by an Alabama high school student at his graduation ceremony last week were preserved on video that has since gone viral, having garnered more than 275,000 views since it was posted to YouTube. It wasn’t a valedictorian speech -- it was … Read More

BPR Buzzworthy Interviews

Bill O jpeg

BPR Buzzworthy with Bill O’Reilly: How Fox News’ giant chooses his charities, who he’s teaming up with next

Bill O'Reilly is proud to report that The Factor remains the most watched show on cable news, just as it has for 15 years. Every night more than 5-million viewers tune in to The Factor. It's a remarkable fact, and that support and loyalty also account, in no small measure, for the success of Bill's … Read More


BPR Buzzworthy with Dana Perino: She’s about to dish in new book; proudest ‘Five’ moment may surprise you

Dana Perino currently serves as co-host of FOX News Channel’s (FNC) The Five (airing weekdays 5-6PM/ET). She joined the network in 2009 as a contributor. Former White House Press Secretary for President George W. Bush, she is the president of Dana Perino and Company, a frequent public speaker on … Read More