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Lena Dunham article compared Jews to dogs; outrage erupts when New Yorker published it

Actress, writer, director Lena Dunham is drawing fire from Jewish support groups for a piece she wrote for The New Yorker magazine, in which she describes a number of scenarios and challenges readers to guess whether she’s talking about her dog or her Jewish boyfriend. Her premise is that you … Read More

Hillary Clinton

How cute, Hillary thought she could deflect . . . until she used the word ‘abusive’

If anyone needs a change of subject its Hillary Clinton. The presumptive choice for the 2016 Democrat presidential nomination, because they literally have no one else, took to Twitter Saturday to praise Obama for taking a stand against abusive payday lenders. Her timing is impeccable because … Read More


Woman got so mad at McDonald’s for forgetting her bacon, she’s facing 7 years in prison

A Grand Rapids, Mich., woman is set to pay a steep price for expressing her dissatisfaction over a messed up drive-through order. The bacon-crazed woman faces seven years in prison after being convicted this week of firing a handgun at a McDonald's drive-thru after her bacon cheeseburger was … Read More


Jerk who bullied Chick-fil-A employee still feeling the sting

A businessman lost his job and his home after posting a viral video excoriating a Chick-fil-A clerk over gay marriage opinions voiced by an officer of the restaurant chain. More than two years after the video’s publication, Adam Smith, 37, his wife and four kids are now living in a camper and … Read More

Dakota Meyer

Marine hero Dakota Meyer puts ‘sheep hunting lions’ message on shirt as an FU to ISIS

Bristol Palin’s fiancé, decorated Marine war hero Dakota Meyer, has message for the Islamic State and a call to action for Americans. Meyer says – on a T-shirt created by Ranger Up, a company that makes patriotic shirts, “ISIS hunting Americans is like a sheep hunting lions." “A lot of … Read More


What this teen wore to graduation made her grandmother burst into tears

A teenage girl used her special night to create a memorable moment for her grandmother by wearing her 57-year-old prom dress. The sight caused "grandma Dottie" to burst into tears of joy. “Our niece was given this dress when she was a little girl for "dress up" but they decided to keep it nice … Read More

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin posts ‘wake-up call for Americans’ on Facebook

Sarah Palin delivered a message to any American thinking of going overseas to join a terrorist organization: Stay out. In a post Friday on her Facebook page, the former Alaska governor and outspoken conservative said anyone who joins terror groups should have their citizenships revoked. “As … Read More


‘Empire’ actress apologizes to police for racial profiling charge – after dashcam busted her lie

When the race card fails, what better play is there than pulling the mom card? After being caught red-handed lying about racial profiling, actress Taraji P. Henson apologized by saying she "overreacted" as a mother. The star of Fox’s “Empire” told Uptown Magazine that her son, Marcel Johnson, … Read More

Michael Kelley

School forces special needs boy to remove, return varsity letter jacket; mom fights back

A Kansas mother is outraged after her special-needs son was told by his school to remove a varsity letter jacket she purchased for him. Jolinda Kelley told KSN TV that her son, Michael, who has Down syndrome, plays basketball on a special-needs team at Wichita East High School and she bought the … Read More


Reverse Jim Crow: ‘Safe spaces’ exclude white students on campus

In response to the racial strife brought on by the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, much of it instigated by a misinterpretation of the facts, America is being led down a slippery slope when it comes to race relations. And it's a slippery slope that takes the country back to the era of … Read More


Middle school parents forced to sign permission slip for kids to eat one OREO!

In an age when lawyers determine Americans’ rights and the overly sensitive find offense in the slightest gesture, the prospect of eating an Oreo cookie has become so serious that it required parental approval in one U.S. school. A Pennsylvania teacher planned to use Double Stuff Oreo cookies in … Read More


Reporter says John Kerry answered ‘Allah willing’ – in Arabic- when asked if nuke deal would happen

Secretary of State John Kerry allegedly responded in a most unusual way to a reporter’s question Friday whether a nuclear arms deal could be reached with Iran before the March 31 deadline. “Allah willing,” Kerry replied -- in Arabic, according to Laura Rozen, a reporter covering the Iran nuclear … Read More

Get Out Of Deportation Free Gutierrez

Dem Rep passes out ‘get out of deportation free’ cards to Obama’s amnesty illegals

A Democratic congressman wants to play Monopoly with American resources and hand out the equivalent of “Get Out Of Deportation Free” cards. Only the stakes are much higher and the money all too real in the game U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez is playing. The Illinois Democrat created what he called a … Read More

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BPR Buzzworthy with Carly Fiorina: ‘Our government is now too powerful, too costly, too corrupt…’

When Carly Fiorina was recruited to Hewlett Packard, she became the first woman to lead a Fortune 50 business and grew HP to the 11th most profitable company in the US. In her six years as Chairman and CEO of HP, she would double its revenues to $90 billion; more than quadruple its growth to 9%; … Read More


Fox News promotes hot new show to debut on business channel; host Jamie Colby dishes

If you are a regular viewer of the Fox News Channel you may have seen promotions for a new “alternative primetime program,” Strange Inheritance.   It is a highly anticipated show, a "recommended watch" by the Washington Post and it premiers tonight on the Fox Business Network at 9 p.m. … Read More