American flag hijab makes guy go off on Muslim women in front of Plaza Hotel


Webcam girl will donate sex video proceeds to Ferguson protesters


Uproar: NFL fans claim Muslim player was penalized for Islamic prayer after TD


CBS runs ‘Another Benghazi’ episode on ‘Madam Secretary’ that could backfire on Hillary lovers

The CBS love letter to Hillary Clinton called “Madam Secretary” gave new ammunition to critics who said from the beginning the new series was going to be a whitewash of the Clinton years as secretary of state. But it might have done conservatives a big favor in the process. Sunday night’s … Read More


Pamela Geller to remove beheading photo from public transit ads at Foley family’s request

Crusading anti-Islamist Pamela Geller is modifying an ad she planned to place on public transit in New York and San Francisco out of deference to the family of beheading victim James Foley, but makes it clear she stands behind the ads’ message. The ad in question shows Foley on his knees clad in … Read More

Val Jar

Valerie Jarrett’s priorities during world chaos? Guest star in a TV show, of course

Amid multiple international crises facing the United States and the world, White House top adviser Valerie Jarrett has her priorities right in line with the rest of the clowns in the circus. No, she didn't go golfing. She went Hollywood. Jarrett guest starred in the political and legal series … Read More


Monster truck plows into crowd at stunt show; terrifying video captured

Three people were reportedly killed Sunday and several injured when a souped-up monster truck lost control during a stunt show in the Netherlands city of Haaksbergen, along the German border. The stunt driver had just driven over a row of parked vehicles when the truck took out a guard rail and … Read More

Okla beheading threatened Muriithi

Second Okla. man arrested for allegedly threatening to behead a Christian co-worker: ‘This is just what we do’

Reports have surfaced that in very “bizarre coincidence,” a second Oklahoma man was arrested Friday for threatening to behead a co-worker. An Oklahoma City fired nursing home employee, Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, 30, is being held in the Oklahoma County jail on a terrorism complaint with bail set … Read More


Obama addresses Black Caucus: Folks always tell me ‘you’re so great’

To hear President Obama tell it, despite his low approval ratings, everything is coming up roses. While speaking at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's awards dinner Saturday night, Obama told attendees he is always hearing how great he is. “All around the country, wherever I see … Read More


‘Another liberal crybaby . . . ‘ See not so nice way NY Post announced Clinton grandchild

Someone at the New York Post must have been feeling a little cheeky Sunday morning. Check out the headline that accompanied the photo of the newest Clinton, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, born Friday night.  … Read More

ben carson

Chris Wallace to Ben Carson: Wouldn’t putting you in the Oval Office be akin to a politician doing brain surgery?

Chris Wallace asked a bold and unexpected question of Dr. Ben Carson on "Fox News Sunday." "I'm going to be transparent here," Wallace said. " You and I are friends, I have great regard for you, and we've had this question I'm about to ask you we've talked about in private, but after looking … Read More

Muslim panel

‘Muslims are hilarious!’ MSNBC panel’s unimaginable response to Oklahoma beheading

After a recent convert to Islam beheaded an Oklahoma woman, an MSNBC panel suggested doing away with stereotyping Islam followers as violent and calling them "hilarious" instead. The panelists joined MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry on Saturday to discuss an effort to use comedy to counter … Read More

DQ boss

‘Well, I’m a doctor now!’ Heartwarming ex-employee letter brings Dairy Queen owner to tears

Being a boss can be a thankless job. Yvonne Lavasidis, the 42-year-old co-owner of an Ontario Dairy Queen, was brought to tears by a recent expression of gratitude from  former employee Nahiba Islam, according to ABC News. 'You are an incredible boss and an even better human being,' Lavasidis … Read More

pagan prayer

Video: Fla. commissioner walks out of meeting when Pagan delivers bizarre ‘satanic,’ singing invocation

A Florida pagan was given the opportunity to offer the invocation at an Escambia County Commission meeting Thursday, but one commissioner wouldn’t stick around to hear it. By law, the commission had to allow David Suhor, a self-described Agnostic Pagan Pantheist who worships nature, to give an … Read More


Louisiana restaurant offers heat-packing incentive: Way to weed out gun-grabbers!

While a number of businesses are welcoming customers carrying firearms, a Louisiana restaurant has taken it a step further – offering an incentive to gun-toting diners. Bergeron's Restaurant, located in Port Allen, is offering a 10 percent discount to any patron packing heat, according to local … Read More

Canadian jihadi 2

We have ‘brilliant attack’ plan: Canadian ISIS recruit warns West in chilling exclusive interview

A young Canadian who abandoned his country to fight with the Islamic State revealed a murderous agenda in a recent chilling interview. Vice News tracked 21-year-old Somali-Canadian Farah Shirdon, also known as Abu Usamah Somali, through social media to Mosul, Iraq, to conduct the exclusive … Read More

BPR Buzzworthy Interviews


BPR Buzzworthy with Jesse Watters: ‘Watters’ World’ ‘a raw slice of America you just have to laugh at’

Jesse Watters acts as both a correspondent for The O’Reilly Factor, as well as a producer for his own segment, “Watters’ World” where he conducts “man-on-the-street” interviews with people about current events. He joined FOX News Channel in 2002 as a production assistant in the newsroom and has been … Read More

President George W. Bush and Mark McKinnon  at the RNC convention in 2004

BPR Buzzworthy with Mark McKinnon: Americans view President Bush differently than they did six years ago

For three decades, Mark McKinnon has been solving complex strategic challenges for causes, companies and candidates, including former President George W. Bush, U.S. Sen. John McCain, and U2 front man Bono. Along the way, he has helped engineer five winning presidential primary and general election … Read More