Redskins QB forced to turn Jesus T-shirt inside out before presser


TMZ tapes catch race-crying ‘Django’ starlet lying about police treatment


Oops! Miss Nebraska accidentally flashes her ‘who-ha’ during live Miss America Pageant


Pastor in strip club feud demands apology from county officials

The central Ohio pastor arrested during a protest against a neighboring strip club is demanding an apology from county officials who want both sides to stand down in their long-running dispute. In a letter to the Coshocton County Legal Department, Pastor Bill Dunfee of the New Beginnings … Read More

MissA Rice

New Miss America says she wants people to stop asking Janay Rice, ‘Why doesn’t she just leave?’

Newly crowned 22-year-old Miss America chose a timely topic as her platform issue - and it was very personal. Miss New York, Kira Kazantsev, will add her name to the public roll of strong spokeswomen with a story to tell about domestic violence, now that she has won the official title of Miss … Read More

FL Cabinet

Kudos to Florida: How the state discarded DC, beat central planning, to land on top

Some states are governed well, and some are not. Compare states’ track records to each other and to the federal government, and you’ll learn lessons on old, top-down, closed, outdated ways that don’t work. Exhibit No. 1 is Washington D.C. and its top-down control structure -- the very picture of … Read More


Arrogant Muslims ask politicians to call ISIS ‘Un-Islamic State’ from now on

Muslim groups in the United Kingdom can’t protect their own religion, so they want the country’s prime minister to lie about it instead. In a remarkable combination of cowardice and arrogance, a coalition of British Islamic groups are asking Prime Minister David Cameron to stop referring to the … Read More


Obama vowed to get rid of Bush’s ‘blank-check’ law — until he needed it to shun Congress

He wanted to repeal the use of force law before he wanted to use it. As recently as last year, President Obama vowed to get rid of the Bush-era bill Authorized Use of Military Force bill, according to the Washington Times. In the 2008 primaries, leftist Democrats pounded Hillary Clinton for her … Read More

Illustration by Steve Wilson

Bloodletting could be in store for Mississippi drivers at DUI checkpoints

Vampire movies, books and TV series are all of the rage these days. Guess theMississippi Highway Safety Patrol wanted to get in on the act. Over the long Labor Day weekend, the patrol ran a no-refusal DUI checkpoint in Oxford, home of the University of Mississippi. In a no-refusal checkpoint, a … Read More


Miss America Pageant ‘threepeat’ wrapped up in 30 seconds, with shout-out to red solo cups

Not everyone has time to watch the "most gorgeous women in America" strut around stage in swimsuits and evening gowns. If  you're a "cut to the chase" kind of person, here is the 30-second version of the evening. #StageSelfie with @MissAmerica 2015 Kira Kazantsev and the #MissAmerica Class … Read More

Kelly vs CAIR

CAIR coward strikes back at ‘ISIS-like’ Fox after Megyn Kelly’s embarrassing tongue-lashing

Megyn Kelly is not one to hold back in an interview and “The Kelly File’s” Sept. 11th segment with a Florida official from the Council on Islamic Relations was no exception. Hassan Shibly, chief executive director of the council’s Florida chapter, was grilled by Kelly over so-called “moderate” … Read More


Woman named ‘Isis’ really hates it when the media does stories on terrorist group named ISIS

So, what’s in a name? Quite a bit these days, if your name happens to be Isis. That’s what a Miami woman has learned this summer, since her name, which originally belonged to the ancient Egyptian goddess of the sky, has become an acronym synonymous in the public mind with a band of raping, … Read More


Is he doing it out of spite? Another beheading, another Obama golf game. Even Piers Morgan weighs in

It’s Sunday afternoon, do you know where your president is? Of course you do. Closing in on Round 200 of his two-term administration, President Obama hit the links yet again on Sunday, squeezing out the last days of golfable weather in the Northeast by going to the greens. Really, it’s … Read More

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin was ‘in full mama grizzly mode’ in Alaska fight, report says

Rumors of a brawl involving members of Sarah Palin's family took the media by storm late last week, although little has been confirmed other than there was a physical altercation and the Palin family was present. But it turns out that Todd Palin and son Track may have been involved in a tussle, … Read More


Off the reservation: Former WH spokesman Jay Carney sees no good outcome for Dems in 2014

Former White House spokesman Jay Carney might be inching his way toward honesty after all. In his new incarnation as a talking head for CNN, rather than a lying mouthpiece for the Obama administration, Carney was on “State of the Union" on Sunday discussing his party’s prospects for the November … Read More

Obama and Lloyd Austin

Obama rejected ‘best military advice’ from top military commander

BY: Caroline Lee Smith President Obama had been given advice on how to handle the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant but did not act on it, according to a new report from Real Clear Defense. Obama was preparing his strategy when he rejected the “best military advice” of Gen. Lloyd Austin, … Read More

BPR Buzzworthy Interviews

President George W. Bush and Mark McKinnon  at the RNC convention in 2004

BPR Buzzworthy with Mark McKinnon: Americans view President Bush differently than they did six years ago

For three decades, Mark McKinnon has been solving complex strategic challenges for causes, companies and candidates, including former President George W. Bush, U.S. Sen. John McCain, and U2 front man Bono. Along the way, he has helped engineer five winning presidential primary and general election … Read More

Congressman Paul Ryan's new book, The Way Forward

BPR Buzzworthy with Paul Ryan: Does ‘The Way Forward’ include a 2016 run?

Paul Ryan is the author of The Way Forward: Renewing the American Idea and he currently serves as the Chairman of the House Budget Committee and the Representative for Wisconsin’s First Congressional District. Paul is also a member of the House Ways and Means Committee and has served in the House of … Read More