Obama in KC

Arrogant Obama mocks GOP criticism of executive orders: ‘Stop just hatin’ all the time’

The View Guns

Liberal ladies of ‘The View’ surprise everyone; trade the Kool-Aid for gun protection


Sheila Jackson Lee: It’s time for Obama to do whatever the hell he wants

Victim Brandon Watson
screengrab WAVY 10 news

Homeowner in trouble for cops’ mistake sues; he thought they were intruders

A case of mistaken address by police and conflicting versions of what happened afterwards turned an innocent Portsmouth, Virginia man’s life upside down. The incident occurred one late night in January 2013, when Brandon Watson’s wife heard noises in her backyard and the door rattling. In a … Read More

At the ocean
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Florida officials warn of deadly flesh-eating bacteria in ocean waters

Sunshine State health officials issued words of wisdom on Monday to ocean-goers who have weak immune systems or open sores: Swim at your own risk. Florida’s ocean waters contain the flesh-eating vibrio vulnificus bacteria which thrive in warm, salty water, and can prove very dangerous if … Read More

bush panel

Guess what four-letter word made Fox’s focus group lose it

After six years of being out of the limelight, the mere mention of his name in political discussions still elicits an explosive reaction. Ultimately, that may be the legacy of George W. Bush. It was certainly the catalyst that caused a panel put together by pollster Frank Luntz to erupt Friday … Read More

sadie 2.1

Most adorable meltdown ever! Sadie doesn’t want her baby brother to grow up

The love this little five-year-old girl has for her brother is just precious, but it is causing her such stress! She doesn't want him to grow up "because he is so cute." And if she wasn't distraught enough, Sadie is also worried about her own mortality. Such heavy problems for a young … Read More


‘Return of freedom to this country’ will come in 2016, Cruz predicts

Blending a muscular foreign policy with a combative domestic agenda, Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday told young conservatives the end of the Obama era will mean a “return of freedom to this country.” Speaking to the Young America’s Foundation in Washington, the Texas Republican reiterated his opposition … Read More


Explosive call ‘transcript’ shows arrogant Obama bullying Israel; White House calls it a lie

The reported transcript of a conversation between an arrogant, imperious President Obama and a defiant, angry prime minister of Israel has both sides claiming it’s fabricated, but the Israeli journalist who broke the story is standing by it. And aside from some weird-sounding language, anyone … Read More

jesse ventura

Jesse Ventura wins $1.8 million in suit from late SEAL Chris Kyle’s widow – he’s ‘overjoyed’

To the surprise of many decent, fair minded Americans, former professional wrestler and politician Jesse Ventura won his defamation lawsuit against the estate of "American Sniper" author Chris Kyle. In an 8-2 verdict Tuesday, a federal jury in St. Paul, Minn., awarded the former governor more … Read More


‘Outnumbered’ by four women, Geraldo says the wrong thing about illegals!

Ainsley Earhardt said a "bad" word multiple times in front of Geraldo Rivera Monday until he just couldn't take it anymore. Fox News' "Outnumbered" began with Rivera being "outnumbered" by four women and a rational discussion about illegal immigration. "But I think that so many people in … Read More


Obama thanks Muslims for ‘building the very fabric of our nation’

Sunday, July 27, was  Eid-al-Fitr, a Muslim holiday. President Obama and the first lady issued a statement saying: “This last month has been a time of fasting, reflection, spiritual renewal, and service to the less fortunate. While Eid marks the completion of Ramadan, it also celebrates the … Read More


Odd story of the week: Man calls cab to help dispose of dead body

In the early morning hours Saturday, an unidentified man contacted local taxi service BWB Transportation, requesting a ride. When the driver arrived to a pick up location within Ypsilanti, a man came out to the car carrying an unknown wrapped object that he placed in the rear of the vehicle, … Read More


Associated Press changes story implying heartless Congress is under Jewish control

The Associated Press may be one of the most widely known news outlets in the world, but make no mistake, it has learned to show its bias just like the rest of mainstream media.  Although they've worked hard to maintain a reputation as a bipartisan news source, a recent tweet regarding the conflict … Read More


Leaked Dem’s campaign plan: Milk Jews, use blacks, and count on the lib media’s support

This is about as clear as it gets. Michelle Nunn, daughter of former Sen. Sam Nunn, is running for her father's old Senate seat with a campaign built on a foundation of Jewish donors, an activist black clergy, and a reliably compliant media that will make it possible to "kill" or "muddy" stories … Read More


Conservative actor James Woods helps locate the president’s missing balls

Actor James Woods has nailed the question most of the world’s been asking about President Obama’s foreign policy – and Obama helped him do it. The pretentiously labeled “POTUS” golf ball that turned up in the woods near the first hole at the Congressional Club on Sunday showed President Obama’s … Read More

BPR Buzzworthy Interviews

Bernie 3

BPR Buzzworthy with Bernie Goldberg: ‘There are times I think we’re living in the United States of Stupid’

Bernie Goldberg is a 12-time Emmy Award winning television news reporter, a #1 New York Times best-selling author of five books, and a media analyst for Fox News who regularly appears on The O'Reilly Factor with Bill O'Reilly. BizPac Review is honored to have someone of Bernie Goldberg's stature … Read More