Chelsea Clinton

Abortion proponent Chelsea Clinton announces she’s pregnant with a ‘child,’ Twitter erupts


Greta finally asks the burning question we all want to know about the tea party


Woot! Rachel Maddow gets shown her place when she tries to insult Ann Coulter

Al Gore in Hawaii

‘Paunchy’ Al Gore: Global warming deniers ‘immoral, unethical and despicable’

Global-warming alarmist Al Gore warned an audience at the University of Hawaii earlier this week, warning “the future of civilization is at stake.” The former vice president told the gathering of students, faculty, environmentalists, elected officials and legislators at the sustainability seminar … Read More


Parent dress code: Fla. school officials want to tell adults what to wear, now

One Broward County School Board Member has taken her official position to the stratosphere, suggesting an appropriate dress code for parents picking up or dropping off their kids at school. Board member Rosalind Osgood "said it's unlikely the district could write or enforce a parent dress code," … Read More


Really awkward moment when Obama refuses to endorse Biden for president; plugs Hillary right in front of him

President Obama and Vice President Biden experienced an awkward moment on “CBS This Morning” Thursday, when Obama refused to endorse Biden in a presidential run with the two standing right next to one another. No matter how coy he sounds when asked, there’s no question but that Biden wants to be … Read More

no mojo obama

Obama fans not so adoring; who picked the walking dead?

President Obama’s mojo has stopped working, even among the young college crowd -- those he once considered part of his base. When speaking in Pennsylvania Wednesday, 15 community college students were hand-picked to stand in the bleachers behind the president to show excitement for the … Read More

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Would four year House term make Congress any better?

A Democratic congressman is floating an idea that makes so much sense, it will probably be universally ignored. John Larson, an eight-term congressman from Connecticut, recommends that members’ terms be extended to four years and elections be staggered every two years so that only half the … Read More


Reports, emails surface implicating Justice Department in IRS scandal

Watch the latest video at Emails between former IRS supervisor Lois Lerner and Eric Holder’s Department of Justice show the two discussed lodging criminal charges against conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. So much for President Obama’s January assertion to … Read More


Parents’ worst nightmare! Burglar caught on tape lurking over crib as infant sleeps

A home surveillance system in Texas captured what must be every parent's worst nightmare -- an intruder in their child's bedroom. A burglar entered a home in the Houston area through an unlocked window in the early morning of April 5 and can be seen on video going from room to room while a family … Read More

Catherine Engelbrecht on F&F

True the Vote founder to Fox: Five separate agencies came down on me out of nowhere

Conservative activist Catherine Engelbrecht was on "Fox and Friends" Wednesday and said she has no doubt that there was a "collaborative effort" by a number of federal agencies to try to silence her. The founder of "True the Vote" made the assertion in the aftermath of last week's release of … Read More


‘A glitch you can be proud of’: Rumors of Senate run trigger hysterical Sebelius campaign slogans

The speculation that former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was considering a run for the U.S. Senate sparked a wide range of suggestions for hilarious campaign slogans. It all began on Twitter with the hashtag #SebeliusCampaignSlogans, and the Twitchy team was on hand to … Read More


‘CHOOM & CHUMP’: New Biden, Obama selfie plus Twitter equals hilarity

The ban on White House selfies didn’t last long. Vice President Joe Biden started an Instagram account Wednesday, and he inaugurated it with a selfie of him and the president. That simple act resulted in an avalanche of critiques from Twitter users, and the Twitchy team was only too happy to … Read More


‘Outnumbered’: Fox News announces new show featuring four savvy women and one man

Fox News will debut on April 28 a new show called “Outnumbered” for its one-hour time slot beginning at noon Eastern each weekday. The show will be hosted by four female panelists and one male, all of whom will rotate, and “ will tackle top new headlines from all angles and perspectives,” wrote … Read More


City’s embarrassing postcards hit prostitutes’ Johns — right where they live

St. Louis police are trying a public-shaming approach to battling prostitution by mailing suspects arrested for solicitation their court date information via a bright yellow postcard, according to KDSK-Channel 5. “Thanks for your visit …” the postcard begins cheerfully. "The City of St. Louis, … Read More


Shameful! NY to disband police unit focused on Muslim terrorism due to liberal media pressure

In a truly bizarre bow to media-driven political correctness, New York City’s mayor has disbanded a special police detachment that monitored potential terrorist activity among the city’s sizable Muslim population over concerns about discrimination. Because as bizarre as it is, in the American … Read More