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Unbelievable! Border Patrol detains Boy Scout troops by gunpoint at northern US border


Another 16-day vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, rumors of lavish house shopping – it can only be the Obamas

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HBO’s vampire series ‘True Blood’ mocks Ted Cruz in a big way; Cruz bites back!

Eddie Overholt arrested
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Elderly vet arrested for asking town officials to speak louder in meeting; community rallies

A 76-year-old man was arrested at a public meeting on Friday for asking board members to raise their voices. Veteran Eddie Overholt was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest for asking Greenville, Tenn. Mayor Alan Broyles and cohorts to speak up. The Greene County Board Room at the … Read More

Photos: Coos County Sheriff's Office
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Bloody victim pulls out shotgun – home invaders call cops for help!

Criminal masterminds, they’re not. Two drifters armed with a baseball bat and vicious dogs attacked another man in him home in coastal Oregon last week were forced to flee when their victim turned out to be armed with a shotgun. Then called the cops to say someone was shooting at … Read More

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How did this adorable viral video become so controversial?

The video became an Internet sensation in the past week. As you can see, the cuteness level is off the charts, but as with all things viral, there are always different opinions and plenty of people offering them. Charlie, the dog in the video, has his own Facebook page where his owner recently … Read More


Conservatives attack Obama for signing new executive order dismissing religious freedom; will lawsuits follow?

Conservative religious groups on Monday attacked President Obama’s latest executive order, accusing the White House of attempting to bully faith-based organizations with moral objections to homosexuality. When he signed an executive order Monday that protects gays, lesbians and various … Read More

Ice cream for Planned Parenthood

Ice cream shop’s Planned Parenthood specialty flavor, fundraiser spark outrage; sold ‘soul to Satan’

An ice cream shop in Portland, Ore., has sparked outrage over a Planned Parenthood fundraiser announced Thursday. “Are you beating the heat this summer?” Planned Parenthood wrote on its Facebook page. “Here’s a delicious way to cool off while supporting Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon at … Read More

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NY governor picks a fight with Florida; CFO defends Sunshine State against false ad campaign

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater is asking New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to clarify “glaring errors and misstatements” in a marketing campaign that calls New York a better draw than the Sunshine State. “People have been coming here for hundreds of years trying to sell us snake oil as a … Read More

HUAC  in action
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US Marines show off new toy; awesome new amphibious sea vehicle

A Marine Corps Warfighting Lab project that has been in the works for years was shown to the public for the first time last week, at the sea-phase of the Rim of the Pacific 2014 exercise in Hawaii. Called the UHAC, Ultra-Heavy Amphibious Connector, the purpose of this sea-land vehicle is to carry … Read More


You can’t unsee this! ‘Vagina panties’ – the ultimate ‘buzzkill’

Lingerie designer-turned-gynecologist is making a bold statement on undergarments in an effort to make women less afraid of their lady parts. The aptly named underwear, 'Why are you so afraid of your own anatomy?' designed by art student Eleanor Beth Haswell, celebrates what physically separates … Read More

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Mysterious posters of ‘dangerous, evil Clinton family’ make heads turn in NY, DC

Advertising bikes in Washington and New York were pulling posters with ads declaring the Clintons “America’s Lannisters” and “America’s Most Dangerous Family.” The posters, using themes from the TV shows “Game of Thrones” and “House of Cards” portray Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton as evil, … Read More


Iraq vet may lose therapeutic flock of ducks, face fines, over town rules

A flock of therapeutic ducks that started as a lark for a disabled Iraq war veteran is turning into a battle of its own in a small town in Ohio – and getting national attention. According to NBC News, Army National Guard vet Darin Welker has been disabled from a back injury he suffered while in … Read More

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Obama refuses to cancel fundraising marathon so as not to create ‘a false sense of crisis’

President Obama will be heading west Tuesday for more Democratic fundraisers, despite the crises unfolding in Ukraine and the Middle East. The trip will span at least three cities in two states, beginning with two events in Seattle which will most likely snarl traffic, according to KIRO-7. The … Read More

Reid Cruz

Senators clash: Cruz dares Reid to leave the Ritz-Carlton

Sen. Ted Cruz has moved “front and center” in the GOP’s response to the border crisis, taking aim at Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), touring a Customs and Border Patrol facility and inviting Harry Reid visit the border. Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Cruz said “Harry Reid … Read More


Video: Black conservatives met with ugly hostility at NAACP convention

An NAACP convention is no place for black conservatives. That’s all too clear in a video released Monday by the conservative website Progressives Today that shows representatives of FreedomWorks getting a harassing earful from an NAACP member who doesn’t think they belonged at the NAACP’s annual … Read More