God’s justice: Jesus painting gets sweet neon revenge on ACLU

shake it off2

Taylor Swift song PERFECT for White House parody Obama will hate


Monica Lewinsky joins Twitter; stirs things up revealing who really ruined her life


Leftist weirdo tries to lick conservative students protesting Hillary: ‘I just came from Texas, I have Ebola’

A disgusting excuse for a liberal progressive tried to break up a group of conservative students protesting outside a Hillary Clinton speaking engagement by saying he was infected with Ebola and trying to lick them. According to Campus Reform, the incident occurred Thursday at Oakland University, … Read More

Luz Pabellon

Election rolls boast 164-year-old voter — and we don’t need voter ID?

At a time when Democrats argue constantly that voter ID is unnecessary, the New York City Board of Elections mistakenly reports at least one of its voters to be a ripe 164 years old. According to the board’s information, Luz Pabellon was born on Jan. 1, 1850, the New York Post … Read More


‘Play time AGAIN’: Obama hits the links; new ‘Ebola czar’ plays hooky

When President Obama cancelled two fundraiser trips last week to focus on growing concerns about the deadly Ebola virus, there was little doubt he was taking a beating in polls. With his approval rating and weekend golf game at risk, the president had to act quickly and did just that on Friday … Read More


Dana Loesch, vets pour scorn on ‘Family Guy’ writer’s Second Amendment dare

A comedy writer’s attempt to embarrass Second Amendment supporters is falling as flat as a bad joke. Seemingly unaware that many former military men and women remain as committed to the Constitution they defended in uniform now that they’re back in civilian life, “Family Guy” writer Brian Scully … Read More


Must-see video: When a private citizen pulls over a cop, it’s a traffic stop you don’t want to miss

A Washington motorist fulfilled what is probably the fantasy of millions of Americans when he pulled over a police officer for suspicious activity. Self-described activist Gavin Seim flagged down the officer, identified only as Grant County Deputy Canfield, for driving an unmarked vehicle without … Read More


Here’s one creepy Obama Halloween display to make liberal heads spin

An Idaho man's Halloween display is attracting plenty of attention for the creepy way it treats President Obama. “I’ve got the Grim Reaper on the ATV, and Obama’s head is on the spear, and he has been decapitated,” Richard Piersol told CBS affiliate KBOI-TV. In the video footage published by … Read More


Judge Jeanine says it for all of us: ‘They don’t know what the hell they’re doing!’

Judge Jeanine Pirro used her “Opening Statement” Saturday night to sum up the feelings of millions of Americans who’ve watched in disbelief as the Ebola crisis continues its flare-up around the country. “They don’t know what the hell they’re doing!” That was the opening line of Pirro's opener … Read More


Instant karma: Purse snatcher catches a bat beating — and it’s all caught on bus video!

As they say, karma has no menu: You get served what you deserve. That was pretty clearly the case for a would-be purse snatcher who got aboard a bus earlier this month in Concepcion, Chile, according to Sky News. His attempted exploit ended up making for satisfying video the world over. Check … Read More

Taped Mouth

Tollbooth worker says she was ordered to stop saying ‘God Bless You’ or be fired

A New Jersey tollbooth worker has accused her supervisor of threatening to fire her if she didn’t stop saying “God bless you” to motorists Rather than comply, Cynthia Fernandez quit. She has since filed a lawsuit alleging her First Amendment right to free speech was violated, CBS New York … Read More


Obama vs. Romney: Photos reveal who would do a better job ‘protecting us from a viral epidemic’

While noting that 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney was right on a host of issues during his run for the White House, former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown said the country would feel a lot better about the Ebola outbreak if Romney had won. “Gosh can you imagine if Mitt was the president right … Read More

Flying Monkey

LA street artist strikes again; flying monkey Hillary signs set libs off

The artist who gave America depictions of a twerking House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis as “Abortion Barbie” has done it again, this time equating Hillary Clinton with the Wicked Witch of the West – and the media is none too happy about … Read More

Piers Morgan Russell Brand Donald Trump

Famous Brit inserted himself into Russell Brand, Donald Trump feud – and chose a surprising side

Real estate mogul Donald Trump single-handedly read millions of American minds when he asked comic buffoon Russell Brand what his singer star ex-wife ever saw in him. The pair was going toe to toe on social media recently, when Trump said he watched Brand on Jimmy Fallon’s show and wondered … Read More

Twitter feed

‘Social pollution’: Feds spend $1 million looking for right-wingers on Twitter

The federal government has spent almost $1 million to analyze your political speech on Twitter. The money was given to researchers at Indiana University through a National Science Foundation grant for a project known as “Truthy.” The project name derives from a term coined by liberal … Read More

BPR Buzzworthy Interviews

Jay speaking

BPR Buzzworthy with Jay Sekulow: IRS targeting had undeniable impact on 2012 election

Jay Sekulow is Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), which focuses on constitutional law. He is author of the New York Times Bestseller, Rise of ISIS: A Threat We Can't Ignore. He hosts "Jay Sekulow Live" - a daily radio show which is broadcast on more than 850 stations … Read More


BPR Buzzworthy with Jesse Watters: ‘Watters’ World’ ‘a raw slice of America you just have to laugh at’

Jesse Watters acts as both a correspondent for The O’Reilly Factor, as well as a producer for his own segment, “Watters’ World” where he conducts “man-on-the-street” interviews with people about current events. He joined FOX News Channel in 2002 as a production assistant in the newsroom and has been … Read More