Jeanine Pirro

Judge Jeanine on Clintons: ‘There’s a name for people who are willing to sell out their country for cash’

Judge Jeanine Pirro used the opening statement of her “Justice” show Saturday on Fox News to call Hillary Clinton the worst choice for president. “Hillary Clinton would be, without a doubt, hands down, the absolute best CEO of a public company. Ruthless, profit-driven, and all about the money,” … Read More


Obama jokes about his ‘*uck- it list’ . . . sums up his presidency perfectly

President Obama struck back at his critics, the media and even Vice President Joe Biden when he took the mic at Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. "Those Joe Biden shoulder massages are like magic. You should try one,” Obama said. “Oh, you have?" Critics who oppose his repeated … Read More

Anger Translator

Obama uses famous ‘anger translator’ for Correspondents’ speech

President Obama brought his “anger translator” to Saturday’s annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner, saving his sharpest attack for those who question the liberal climate-change mantra. Comedian Keegan-Michael Key, 44, reprised his role of “Luther, Obama’s anger translator” from Comedy … Read More


Entire junior class, 280 high-schoolers, show Obama just what he can do with Common Core!

The entire junior class of a Seattle high school sent an unmistakable message to President Obama and other supporters of the Common Core curriculum last week: Thanks, but no thanks. Not a single junior at Nathan Hale High showed up Tuesday to take new state exams in reading and math, a Seattle … Read More

If Bush meme

Imagine George Bush yukking it up at dinner while riots escalated . . .

Liberals are legendary for the double standard employed when attacking Republicans, but one social media user couldn't help but marvel at how different things might have been if it were President George W. Bush yukking it up at the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday night as violent … Read More

Bush Perino

NPR cut this poignant story about Bush; Dana Perino NOT letting them off hook

In a glaring example of the mainstream media's filtering of news, National Public Radio chose to cut a touching story about former President George W. Bush in favor of one more critical of him. Appearing on NPR Thursday to promote her new book, former Bush press secretary Dana Perino shared the … Read More

Betty McCray

Newly elected mayor barred from entering City Hall on first day: ‘I want the keys!’

Arriving for her first day at the office, the newly elected mayor of a St. Louis-area town found an unexpected welcoming committee waiting for her: the local police. And their reception was anything but welcoming. Kinloch, Mo., Mayor Betty McCray was barred from entering City Hall and told she … Read More


Video: Teenage girl fearlessly starts punching armed robber reaching for her cash drawer

Dramatic surveillance footage showed a gutsy teenage ice cream shop employee fighting an armed robber. Although the thief made off with most of the cash, the girl’s actions led to his eventual capture and arrest, according to local Fox affiliate KCPQ Channel 13. Rachael Bishop, 19, had worked at … Read More


Franklin Graham blames Obama: His Islamic upbringing may make him ignore Christian slaughter

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comThe Rev. Franklin Graham blamed President Obama on Friday for Islamic State's murderous rampage and massacre of Christians in Iraq. “We have a mess on our hands, and the president, and his policies are responsible for this,” the son of famous evangelist … Read More


Veteran attorneys see possible criminal probe for Clintons based on new book

Each time former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton faces ugly accusations – whether it’s over her personal email server, unilateral destruction of emails or, now, a possible money-for-favors scheme -- the Clinton team’s response is to “show me the evidence.” Two veteran Washington, D.C., lawyers … Read More


Video: Four vacationing Swedish cops break up fight on NYC subway

Police detractors jumped on a recent New York City incident involving four vacationing Swedish police officers as proof that American cops are too violent. The tourists were on their way to see Les Misérables on Broadway when a call for help rang out after two homeless began fighting on a subway … Read More


Fla. sheriff won’t cower; condemns ‘thug culture’ in black community

Eschewing the golden rule of racial politics, that a white man dare not criticize black Americans, a Florida sheriff is turning heads with a no-nonsense video suggesting a "thug culture" is destroying the African-American community. Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan began the message, posted … Read More

John Delaney

Dem. US congressman: We need to establish a ‘hostage czar’

Leave it to a Democrat to come up with a silly solution to President Obama's feckless foreign policy. U.S. Rep. John Delaney of Maryland offered the perfect Democratic response to the president's weak-kneed approach to dealing with evil in the world: hire a "hostage czar." No joke. "What we … Read More

BPR Buzzworthy Interviews


BPR Buzzworthy with Dana Perino: She’s about to dish in new book; proudest ‘Five’ moment may surprise you

Dana Perino currently serves as co-host of FOX News Channel’s (FNC) The Five (airing weekdays 5-6PM/ET). She joined the network in 2009 as a contributor. Former White House Press Secretary for President George W. Bush, she is the president of Dana Perino and Company, a frequent public speaker on … Read More


BPR Buzzworthy with Carly Fiorina: ‘Our government is now too powerful, too costly, too corrupt…’

When Carly Fiorina was recruited to Hewlett Packard, she became the first woman to lead a Fortune 50 business and grew HP to the 11th most profitable company in the US. In her six years as Chairman and CEO of HP, she would double its revenues to $90 billion; more than quadruple its growth to 9%; … Read More