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Lois Lerner’s exclusive Politico interview: ‘I am not sorry for anything . . . I didn’t do anything wrong’


Navy SEAL shot 27 times by four al-Qaida leaders tells miraculous story: ‘God, get me home to my girls’


‘Burn!!!’ Rand Paul smacks down Michelle O’s bossy eating campaign with one photo


‘Whitewash’ for the White House: Deserter Bergdahl’s outcome rigged already

With the investigation stalled into the circumstances around how former Taliban captive Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl left his Afghanistan post on the night of June, 30, 2009, one conservative pundit says the probe is "shaping up to be a whitewash." And it’s all designed to protect President Obama, author … Read More


‘Batten down the hatches!’ Judge Jeanine warns Americans: Your safety is in your own hands

With a president who refuses to get his head out of the sand -- and who overrides his own top military advisers -- it’s past time for Americans to take more responsibility for their own safety in the face of threats from Islamic terrorists. That was the message from Judge Jeanine Pirro’s “Opening … Read More


Nut magnet: 2nd intruder in as many days breaches White House security

The Secret Service arrested a man Saturday trying to enter the White House – less than 24 hours after a fence-jumper actually made it into the building. A man identified as Kevin Carr, of New Jersey, walked up to a gate on foot, according to Fox News, then approached another gate in a car. The … Read More

Wedding Dance

Precious, strong mother holds on to life long enough to dance at only son’s wedding

A Dublin, Calif., woman battling terminal breast cancer rallied herself for a special event she couldn't bear to miss– the Sept. 5 wedding of her only son. Although she had been confined to a wheelchair for months and needed help walking, 61-year-old Mary Ann Manning surprised many of the guests … Read More

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Tell your boss to go to hell! Profanity, insubordination now protected by labor laws

If your employee tells you to “take this job and shove it,” just smile and nod. Attorneys with one international law firm said that managers who discipline even grossly insubordinate employees could be inviting a lawsuit. A number of recent rulings by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) … Read More


Cheerleaders bring banned prayer back to HS football games in powerful way

Like many schools across America, a Tennessee high school found itself a target of the secular left for allowing prayer before football games and was eventually forced to replace the tradition with a moment of silence. But the school's cheerleaders weren't about to let that be the last … Read More


‘Daily Show’ lies about Redskins fans ambush by angry Native American activists

Four hardcore Washington Redskins fans have charged “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” with misleading them and setting them up to be ambushed by angry Native American activists. Anything for a laugh, eh Stewart? The fans understood that they were going on the show to defend their favorite … Read More

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‘Happy’ singer Pharrell Williams puts direct message to Hillary Clinton on his shoes

In an effort to draw attention to a signed deal with adidas and Saturday's official launch of his specialty sneaker products, "Happy" singer Pharrell Williams touched his own shoes up with a political statement: "Hillary Clinton Go Visit Ferguson." Some are criticizing the singer for using the … Read More


This week in quotes: Sept 13 – Sept 18

I’m from the South. Whipping is … we do that all the time. Every black parent in the South is gonna be in jail under those circumstances. I think we have to be careful letting people dictate how they treat their children. — Charles Barkley  If you are considering voting for the Libertarian … Read More

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Supermodel Kathy Ireland says shameful, misogynistic NFL started with Janet Jackson’s ‘nip slip’

Actress Kathy Ireland used an homage to singer Janet Jackson to bash the NFL. After a lengthy series of tweets honoring the 25th anniversary of Jackson’s song, “Rhythm Nation,” Ireland said the NFL's issues with women started in 2004, when Jackson suffered a severe backlash for her infamous “nip … Read More


Billy Crystal has Fallon rolling with hilarious Robin Williams story about Dukakis and Uranus

Veteran comedian Billy Crystal opened up to Jimmy Fallon Thursday night about how much he misses his best friend Robin Williams. On "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," the two exchanged heartfelt and hilarious stories about their fearless colleague. Fallon was particularly amused by … Read More

bill Maher

Bill Maher chose the worst reason ever to pick on Fox; ‘The Five’ hosts spank the little crybaby

Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher accused Fox News recently for polarizing the American people, clearly ignoring Gallup polls that show President Obama shares most of that blame. On Thursday, Fox News’ "The Five" hit back, with co-host Greg Gutfeld leading the charge. “He’s right!” … Read More


Biden to women on assault, forgetfully praises senator forced to resign over sexual harassment!

Will someone please get Vice President Joe Biden the number for Obama's teleprompter guys, already? During a speech highlighting awareness for assault on women at the Democratic National Committee's women's leadership forum Friday, "Crazy Uncle Joe" praised former Sen. Bob Packwood -- "who was … Read More

BPR Buzzworthy Interviews

President George W. Bush and Mark McKinnon  at the RNC convention in 2004

BPR Buzzworthy with Mark McKinnon: Americans view President Bush differently than they did six years ago

For three decades, Mark McKinnon has been solving complex strategic challenges for causes, companies and candidates, including former President George W. Bush, U.S. Sen. John McCain, and U2 front man Bono. Along the way, he has helped engineer five winning presidential primary and general election … Read More

Congressman Paul Ryan's new book, The Way Forward

BPR Buzzworthy with Paul Ryan: Does ‘The Way Forward’ include a 2016 run?

Paul Ryan is the author of The Way Forward: Renewing the American Idea and he currently serves as the Chairman of the House Budget Committee and the Representative for Wisconsin’s First Congressional District. Paul is also a member of the House Ways and Means Committee and has served in the House of … Read More