Obama insults stay-at-home moms; ‘not a choice WE want Americans to make’ – who’s ‘WE?’


Tahmooressi free from Mexican jail! Obama to take credit in 3-2-1…


‘What you are doing is unforgivable’: GOP candidate’s wife confronts Cuomo over attack ads

flash gordon

Not even a Flash Gordon ray gun can get by those eagle eyes at the TSA

Fear not, air travelers. If you were worried about a 1950s superhero hijacking your airplane, the TSA has, once again, leaped deftly to your defense. On a recent flight, videographer Sean Malone had his Flash Gordon ray gun belt buckle confiscated by the TSA because apparently toy belt buckle … Read More

Islamic State

Thanks, Dems! Prisoners who got out of Gitmo back on the battlefield, some with the ISIS beheaders

Approximately 180 prisoners released from Guantanamo Bay “have returned to the battlefield,” including up to 30 who have joined militant groups in Syria such as the Islamic State. Senior Defense Department and intelligence officials told Fox News that, while the precise numbers are elusive, some … Read More


NBA legend Michael Jordan calls Obama a ‘hack’ on the links; but ‘is Obama good at anything?’

Your browser does not support iframes. Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan has spent plenty of time on the golf course since his retirement from the NBA. But he’s got no time at all for another famous Chicago resident who spends a fair amount of time on the links too. (Too much time at the … Read More

La Plata

Unbelievable! High school bans Marine dad for complaining about daughter’s Islam assignment

Upset with a homework assignment that asked students about the religion of Islam, a former Marine who served in Iraq soon found himself banned from his daughter's school. Kevin Wood showed up Tuesday at La Plata High School in La Plata, Md., to question the assignment asking students to explain … Read More


Hidden-camera voter fraud: Watch an undercover ‘illegal alien’ get plenty of help trying to vote Democrat

The guerilla journalists at James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action have done it again, using undercover video expose an election system in North Carolina where voter fraud is virtually the normal way of doing business. In a video released Thursday, a Project Veritas investigator posed as an … Read More

phil robertson

‘Duck Dynasty’ patriarch Phil Robertson tells it like it is on ‘politically correct crap’

"Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson has had enough of the "politically correct crap" and is using his star power to urge Christians to "vote godly men into office." The reality TV star cut a number of get-out-the-vote ads telling these folks they “better move before it’s too late.” “You … Read More

annise parker

Conservative resistance is NOT futile! Houston’s mayor backs down on sermon subpoenas

After a withering national scorn -- and a barrage of Bibles -- Houston’s mayor has withdrawn her city's subpoenas against five pastors, dubbed the “Houston Five", demanding their speeches and sermons. Mayor Annise Parker claimed she had no intention of infringing on anyone’s religious freedoms … Read More


Filth-mouthed Ferguson protesters threaten cops’ wives, children — and it’s all on video

Protesters in Ferguson, Mo., acting in the capacity of "journalists," continue to livestream the actions of police in hopes of recording examples of misconduct, but more and more it's the potentially criminal actions of the protesters themselves that are being captured. Disturbing videos are … Read More


‘It’s got to stop!’ Family of lawman killed by twice-deported illegal alien demand border security

The family of one of two lawmen killed in California last week by an illegal alien who’d been deported to Mexico twice but returned undaunted appeared on Fox’s “Hannity” Wednesday night with one simple message for President Obama and the country: “It’s got to stop.” The federal government’s … Read More


Anti-Obama artist records a visit from the Secret Service; do you believe in zombies?

The secretive artist known as Sabo, whose conservative views make him a rarity in the liberal art world, caught the attention of the Secret Service this week with a series of Twitter postings the agents deemed a potential threat to President Obama. And if “The Walking Dead” was a documentary … Read More


Busted on video! Democrat thievery a sign of desperation

It’s no longer enough for the Democrats to steal elections. They also want to steal election signs. On Wednesday the husband of Democrat State Sen. Bethany Hall-Long was caught red-handed running off with Republican campaign signs that read “Fix the Economy! Vote Republican.” Two GOP campaign … Read More


Touching story of elderly man eating every meal with photo of late wife goes viral

An elderly California man's heartwarming tale is touching many Americans as he unwittingly proves that true love really does exist. And he probably doesn't even know he's become a national sensation! Madina Bashizadah was having lunch with a friend in Fremont when she spotted the man eating … Read More

soccer fans

WATCH thousands of fed-up Europeans rise up against Islam to boot out terrorists

Thousands of soccer fans across Europe have set aside their team loyalties to come together in the fight against the Islamization of their nations. Under the motto, “Comrades in spirit. Many colors, but one entity,” the so-called “soccer hooligans” have organized into a group that calls itself … Read More

BPR Buzzworthy Interviews

Brent Bozell, Founder and CEO, Media Research Center

BPR Buzzworthy with Brent Bozell: Meet savvy dragon slayer leading war against liberal media

Founder and President of the Media Research Center (MRC), L. Brent Bozell III runs the largest media watchdog organization in America. Bozell is a lecturer, syndicated columnist, television commentator, debater, marketer, businessman, author, publisher and activist, making him one of the most … Read More

Jay speaking

BPR Buzzworthy with Jay Sekulow: IRS targeting had undeniable impact on 2012 election

Jay Sekulow is Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), which focuses on constitutional law. He is author of the New York Times Bestseller, Rise of ISIS: A Threat We Can't Ignore. He hosts "Jay Sekulow Live" - a daily radio show which is broadcast on more than 850 stations … Read More