Fed up with Democrats, eight Colorado counties talk secession


They’re putting the wild in the Wild West. Tired of a state legislature that has imposed gun control restrictions and renewable-energy schemes they say will end up hitting rural areas hardest, some counties in northern Colorado want to create the 51st state, according to a report in the Coloradan. Secessionist feeling is running strongest in […]

The case against Eric Holder: Sheer incompetence


Conservatives have many reasons not to like or trust Attorney General Eric Holder on political grounds, but Washington Post columnist David Ignatius produced a column on Saturday that should convince even liberals that the guy doesn’t belong in the country’s top law enforcement post. He’s incompetent. Ignatius put it a little more mildly, “mediocrity” being […]

Boston’s Memorial Day tribute: ‘We’ll keep running’


It was a different kind of Memorial Day weekend in Boston. Trying to close some of the wounds still open from the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing, thousands of runners took part Saturday in the “One Run,” a symbolic tribute that had runners completing the final mile that was interrupted when bombs erupted at the […]

Unwelcome in Connecticut, gun makers continue to be courted


Connecticut’s liberal stand on gun control is costing it business as gun manufacturers move out of consider expanding their operations, maintaining their Connecticut presence or abandoning the state all together. That’s a not-so-surprising report, given the level of acrimony the Newtown, Conn., school shooting generated among the anti-Second Amendment crowd, but it does come from […]

Louis Farrakhan denounces ‘Satanic Jews’ as top Dem listens


Even with national Democratic leaders in the audience, Calypso Louie still doesn’t miss a beat. At 81, Louis Farrakhan is as still full of the old fire-breathing hatred of “Satanic Jews” and the “Synagogue of Satan” as ever. And he still loves President Obama, and would probably love him even more if he didn’t surround […]

Disgusted Howard Dean says Benghazi ‘a laughable joke’

howard dean

There are a lot of “laughable jokes” in politics these days, none more so than former Democratic presidential candidate and chair of the Democratic National Committee Howard Dean. But, the terrorist attack in Benghazi where four Americans were slaughtered, and then the ensuing cover-up by the Obama administration? Not a laughable joke. National Review Online […]

Thief snatches phone, runs into oncoming bus

Purse Snatcher

At a Columbia bus stop, a thief made off with a woman’s phone, then ran smack dab into an oncoming bus while making his getaway. The victim then immediately came to the aid of the thief. Karma is a wondrous thing.

Zogby, Rasmussen give Obama an ‘F’ for week; ‘Are locusts next?’


How bad did the White House look this week? Left-leaning pollster John Zogby found President Obama losing ground even with his base, according to a poll reported on the Zogby Analytics website Friday, Rasmussen Reports, meanwhile, found Obama has only a 48 percent approval rating among voters, with a disapproval rating of 39 percent. That […]

A liberal’s quibble: Benghazi wasn’t ‘terrorism’ at all


This is how liberals cloud their minds. For the second time this week, liberal writer Paul Waldman graces the pages of the American Prospect about the Benghazi scandal. Pompously sweeping aside even the folks on his side of the sanity divide (the wrong side), Waldman argues that the whole dispute about whether President Obama called […]

GOP ‘overplays its hand’ on IRS scandal, NBC pre-reports


For an idea about how the mainstream media will try to clean up a bad week for the Obama administration, a good place to start is a First Read blog written by the NBC political team of Chuck Todd, Mark Murray and Domenico Montanaro. Their blog post Thursday leads with an item on “Trying to […]