In brutal new grilling, Rep. Trey Gowdy shreds IRS commissioner over agency’s shifting stories


Rep. Trey Gowdy wiped the smirk off IRS Commissioner John Koskinen’s face Wednesday during a scathing confrontation that marked the highlight of Koskinen’s third appearance before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. At issue was Koskinen’s testimony before the committee in June in which he said he had “confirmed” that backup tapes of former […]

Retired border guard gives chilling look inside department: Obama limited our ammo


A retired Border Patrol officer outraged over the influx of illegal aliens entering the country this year has recorded an interview that reveals chilling information about the current situation at the U.S.-Mexico border and the long-term hazards it holds for the country as a whole. In the self-produced interview, former Border Patrol Agent Zachary Taylor […]

Oops! ‘The View’ diva blurted out the ‘unspeakable’ about Hillary’s sex life


The “private” lives of Bill and Hillary Clinton got yet another airing Tuesday — when “The View” panelist Jenny McCarthy openly suggested the former first lady has ladies of her own. McCarthy wondered if Hillary’s a lesbian during a discussion of “The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents.” Author Ronald […]

Arrogant WH press secretary: Fundraisers no problem for president with ‘his own airplane’

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Setting the right tone is tough for a White House that doesn’t even know it’s tone deaf. In a lame attempt to defend the president’s near continuous jetting around the country to rub elbows with the elite – and collect bag money for Democrat coffers — White House spokesman Josh Earnest assured reporters that President […]

DC court delivers disastrous blow to Obamacare


This post has been updated to include a 4th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday decision in favor of the government. Dealing a potentially disastrous blow to Obamacare, a federal appeals court in the Halbig v. Sebelius case on Tuesday ruled the IRS has no power to rewrite laws any way it sees fit. Hours […]

Conservatives attack Obama for signing new executive order dismissing religious freedom; will lawsuits follow?


Conservative religious groups on Monday attacked President Obama’s latest executive order, accusing the White House of attempting to bully faith-based organizations with moral objections to homosexuality. When he signed an executive order Monday that protects gays, lesbians and various sub-genres of human sexuality in between from discrimination by federal contractors, President Obama implicitly disregarded the […]

Iraq vet may lose therapeutic flock of ducks, face fines, over town rules


A flock of therapeutic ducks that started as a lark for a disabled Iraq war veteran is turning into a battle of its own in a small town in Ohio – and getting national attention. According to NBC News, Army National Guard vet Darin Welker has been disabled from a back injury he suffered while […]

Video: Black conservatives met with ugly hostility at NAACP convention


An NAACP convention is no place for black conservatives. That’s all too clear in a video released Monday by the conservative website Progressives Today that shows representatives of FreedomWorks getting a harassing earful from an NAACP member who doesn’t think they belonged at the NAACP’s annual convention being held this week at the Mandalay Bay […]

Obama dithers; Governor Perry deploys Texas National Guard to stem invasion


Texas is sending in the troops. With no signs that the invasion of illegal aliens through the country’s southern border will end any time soon, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is set to announce he is dispatching 1,000 Texas National Guard soldiers to the Rio Grande Valley. According to The Monitor, which covers South Texas cities […]

Ted Cruz slams Obama, Reid for holding illegals for ‘ransom,’ promising amnesty


Sen. Ted Cruz lambasted President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Sunday for “engaging in debate divorced from the facts” and for “holding these kids ransom” by refusing to address the cause of the flood of illegal immigrants across America’s southern border. And that cause is the implied promise of amnesty for illegals […]