Navy veteran’s journey to become Major League pitcher captivates fans

Mitch Harris

Major League pitcher Mitch Harris is a major league inspiration. The 29-year-old St. Louis Cardinals relief pitcher graduated from the Naval Academy and earned the rank of Navy lieutenant on his way to becoming a Major League pitcher — and the first graduate of the Naval Academy in 94 years to appear in an MLB […]

Black comedian’s tirade on Obama: ‘Black America would have done much better with a white president’

Byron Allen

When black comedian Byron Allen took on President Obama‘s record in a recent rant, it was no laughing matter for the White House. In a TMZ interview, Allen went on a brutal tirade against the president and his treatment of American blacks, who keep slavishly following him and the bankrupt policies of his party. “I’m […]

Fake Ted Cruz quote puts lib actress in center of Twitter storm


There’s a reason Hollywood’s beautiful people depend on writers. Without a screen, the world can see how stupidly ugly they really are. Proving once again that actors who mouth other people’s words for a living ought to stay away from broadcasting their own, TV and movie actress Rose McGowan blundered into a Twitter trap Sunday […]

Busted Boston professor hostile to white men and rape victims was charged with felony ID theft in 2008


It just keeps getting uglier and uglier for the young Boston University sociology professor who used social media to make racially charged statements against white men and then mocked a white woman who was a rape victim. Now, it turns out Saida Grundy was charged with felony identity theft in 2008, prompted by a fit […]

Fox News host spars with Huckabee on Supreme Court : ‘For God’s sake it isn’t the Supreme Being’

Huckabee Wallace

So much for the liberal mantra that Fox News is friendly territory for Republicans. Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee got into a sharp exchange with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace Sunday over the Supreme Court’s upcoming ruling on gay marriage. “Chris, the Supreme Court isn’t the supreme branch, and for God’s sake it isn’t the Supreme […]

Obama’s Froot Loop bath girl leaves Hillary sparring with some media

fruit loop4

Watch the latest video at Fox News digital politics editor Chris Stirewalt predicted Sunday that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will continue to avoid taking questions from the media because “she doesn’t have to.” And that’s making it difficult for the few correspondents who really are trying to do the jobs the Constitution specifically protects. […]

Hillary takes heat after discovery she slept through president’s Benghazi briefing

Hillary Clinton Sleepy

Apparently, Hillary Clinton isn’t even ready for the 10 a.m. phone call. Information obtained from her emails released by the State Department Friday revealed that Clinton missed President Obama’s first daily intel briefing after the 2012 terrorist attacks on Benghazi. “I just woke up,” the former secretary of state wrote at 10:43 a.m on Sept […]

‘The Greatest Generation’ salutes their comrades, and the country they served on Memorial Day


Memorial Day’s status as a secular holy day honoring the nation’s war dead has been downgraded for decades to a civic holiday marking the unofficial beginning of summer – a time for mattress sales, barbecues, beaches and beer. But for many Americans, the day retains its original meaning – particularly those who still remember World […]

‘Rolling Thunder’ biker rally ROARS into Washington

Rolling Thunder

Despite recent bad media coverage thanks to some outlaws in Texas, most bikers are law-abiding patriots. And that message came through loud and clear — very loud and very clear on a beautiful spring Sunday in the nation’s capital when “Rollinng Thunder” rolled into town. The Memorial Day event, this is the 28th, is held […]

Defense secretary puts Obama’s whole Iraq strategy in question; they don’t have the will to fight?


President Obama’s Defense Secretary Ashton Carter might have sold out his president’s war strategy Sunday as well as American allies in Iraq when he said the key city of Ramadi fell to Islamic State militants last week because the Iraqi people have lost the “will to fight.” “What apparently happened was that the Iraqi forces […]