Who woke him up? Ex-CNN lefty Piers Morgan suddenly realizes Obama is a disaster as a president


Now that he’s getting a paycheck from the conservatives at the Daily Mail instead of Ted Turner’s libs at CNN, Piers Morgan has seen the light. In a scathing piece published on the Daily Mail website on Wednesday (wordily headlined, “A slapdash Secret Service detail isn’t what’s wrong with the White House – the real […]

Surprised white lesbian sues sperm bank after giving birth to mixed-race daughter


You really can’t choose your relatives. A lesbian couple in Ohio found that out the hard way when a Chicago sperm bank they contracted with to impregnate one of the women ended up with the wrong donor’s genetic material, according to the Chicago Tribune. In a lawsuit filed Sept. 29 in Cook County, a woman […]

Woman puts 2 bullets into long-time stalker’s chest after he kicks in her door

woman shoots gun

A woman who wrote about being stalked for the past six months by a man who made her life a living hell finally confronted the man as he kicked in the door of her Las Vegas home – and put two bullets into him. The shooting took place early Friday morning, according to Las Vegas […]

FCC considers shutting down stations that say ‘Redskins’ on air; could ‘tea party’ be next?


Democrats in the Senate launched a formal attack on the First Amendment in September. Obama supporters have been undermining it with the IRS since at least 2010. Now libs in the D.C. area are trying to do it with the FCC. The Federal Communications Commission is considering a petition asking it to deny renewing a […]

BPR Buzzworthy with Jesse Watters: ‘Watters’ World’ ‘a raw slice of America you just have to laugh at’


Jesse Watters acts as both a correspondent for The O’Reilly Factor, as well as a producer for his own segment, “Watters’ World” where he conducts “man-on-the-street” interviews with people about current events. He joined FOX News Channel in 2002 as a production assistant in the newsroom and has been working with top-rated cable program, The […]

Reporter ‘creeped out’; ordered by WH not to interview crowd at Michelle Obama event


A veteran reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel got a surprise Monday while covering a Michelle Obama public appearance when Democrat flunkies tried to keep her from interviewing the crowd at a campaign stop in the Badger State. Post by Meg Kissinger. Considering that crowd interviews at an event are a staple of journalism, the […]

Gowdy backs Secret Service director into a corner as only he can


South Carolina Republican Trey Gowdy turned his prosecutor’s instincts loose Tuesday as he ripped into the director of the Secret Service for her agency’s bungling of a 2011 attack on the White House. And he took a backhanded slap at Democrats for trying to blame sequestration for the whole situation too. With Secret Service Director […]

His parting shot: Holder plans ‘most risky and damaging’ thing yet for national security

holder goodbye

With the country at war with a group explicitly invoking religion as its reason for fighting, Eric Holder’s Justice Department is getting ready to announce a policy turning a blind eye toward religious background in national security probes. Fox News reported that Holder, who is leaving office as soon as President Obama can get his […]

‘Utterly shocking’: Woman, 52, battles carjacker through sheer grit – and wins!


The female executive of a pest control company in England wasn’t afraid to handle the rat who tried to carjack her vehicle on Friday. In a thrilling video, 52-year-old Deborah Smythe is shown battling the carjacker after he tried to steal the vehicle while she was outside of it unlocking a gate to a parking […]

Obama gets shredded for throwing intelligence officials under the bus on ’60 Minutes’


The reviews from President Obama’s interview that aired Sunday night on “60 Minutes” are coming in, and they’re not raves. The intelligence community was thrown under the bus and isn’t happy about it. And even President Obama’s once-loyal media guard had trouble spinning the performance that aired Sunday as anything more than an exercise in […]