Texas AG to land-grabbing feds: ‘Come and Take It’


After the standoff between federal officers and a Nevada cattle rancher, the Bureau of Land Management set its sights on Texas, and the Lone Star State’s attorney general is making it clear the feds can look all they want. Just don’t touch. The bureau is poised to lay claim to 90,000 privately owned acres along […]

Ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair gives powerful speech that should put Obama to shame


Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair warned western nations Wednesday that the threat of violent Islam is spreading “across the world” and the West must take sides once and for all to face it down. In a speech that echoed George Bush in the months after the 9/11 attacks – and in some ways even […]

Hannity hits back hard at ‘comedy hack’ Jon Stewart — who’s ‘kind of obsessed’


Fox News host Sean Hannity tore apart comedic critic Jon Stewart on the “Sean Hannity Show” on Tuesday, accurately branding Stewart a “comedic hack” and his Comedy Central crew “the chief apologists of the Obama administration.” “He does suck up a lot,” Hannity said. In particular, Hannity went on the attack over Stewart’s show Monday […]

CNN’s panel cracks up when State Dept. spokesperson can’t name Hillary Clinton achievements

state dept 2

Associated Press reporter Matt Lee once again became a thorn in State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki’s side Tuesday when he asked a question that has stumped America for years — what has former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accomplished. Lee asked Psaki if she could name “one tangible achievement of the last QDDR,” the Quadrennial […]

Female GOP Senate candidate ad has a good laugh crushing libs’ ‘war on women’


Terri Lynn Land, the Republican candidate to flip Michigan Senate seat now held by retiring Dem. Carl Levin, turns the “war on women” table on her lib opponent with 15 seconds of silence that speaks volumes. The ad is funny, but Land is a former Michigan secretary of state and a deadly serious candidate. In a […]

Backfire! The NYPD hashtag that went terribly wrong


The New York Police Department turned what they thought would be a social media blitz into a public relations nightmare with a Twitter hashtag campaign #myNYPD. The idea was to get residents to take snapshots depicting positive encounters they’d had with New York’s finest and post them on Twitter — the best photos would then […]

‘Trapper John’ goes off on media Obama worship; ‘He should be impeached!’

trapper final

Here’s a side of Trapper John that never showed in “the swamp.” Former actor Wayne Rogers, who played the Trapper John straight man to ultra-liberal Alan Alda’s Hawkeye on “M*A*S*H” laid it out for Eric Bolling on Saturday when the “Cashin’ In” host asked how it is that President Obama remains so popular with the […]

Pat Sajak faces backlash for Twitter post announcing he’s heterosexual


“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak might have bought himself more than a vowel with last week’s comic Twitter post announcing his heterosexuality to the world. Damn the career consequences! I’m hereby proclaiming my heterosexuality! — Pat Sajak (@patsajak) April 18, 2014 He bought himself some blowback from gays who didn’t see the humor in […]

Dana Perino gives a kick to GOP’s George H.W. Bush socks giveaway


A GOP fundraising gimmick featuring George Bush the elder and his “guilty pleasure” of a good pair of socks didn’t get the warmest welcome  in the Twitter world this week. But in politics, as in life, almost everything goes better with a pretty blonde. (In this case, “The Five’s” Dana Perino.) Check out @DanaPerino‘s @GeorgeHWBush […]

Obama administration to change rules so unions never lose another election


After Tennessee Volkswagen plant employees handed the United Auto Workers a huge defeat in voting against unionization in February, the Obama administration has decided to change the rules to make sure that never happens again. Two proposed National Labor Relations Board rule changes could deliver what one observer called “ambush elections,” according to The Daily […]