Pat Sajak on Obama’s golf obsession: Would ‘liberal outrage’ spike with a different commander in cleats?


As President Obama golfs incessantly while the world is falling apart, game show host Pat Sajak wonders out loud if liberals would pay more attention if there were a different man at the helm. Try to imagine Liberal outrage if a “rich, elitist, out-of-touch” President Romney golfed amid U.S. & world problems. — Pat Sajak (@patsajak) August […]

Forget golf! Obama to attend wedding of ‘it-couple of the year’ – a WH insider and MSNBC host


President Obama won’t be hitting the links on Saturday, but not for the reason most would like to hear. It’s not foreign policy keeping him occupied, but instead, the wedding of his personal chef and senior policy adviser on nutrition Sam Kass to MSNBC host Alex Wagner. Both the president and first lady will attend […]

Football player lied about heroically jumping off balcony to save his nephew from drowning


In the universe of social media, the might be such a thing as too much publicity. Just ask Josh Shaw. The story of the USC Trojans’ cornerback who endangered his playing career to save his nephew from drowning seemed almost too good to be true. Turns out, it was. Shaw, the newly elected team captain […]

Why everyone in America should be watching the Florida governor’s race


Florida Democrats did the country a favor Tuesday. When they sealed their disgraceful deal in the gubernatorial primary by putting Charlie Crist officially on the ballot, Sunshine State Dems pushed the campaign for governor even further into the national spotlight heading into November’s elections. And they set up a race between a Republican Rick Scott […]

Tea party steps in to help riot-racked businesses rebuild in Ferguson — media ignores it

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While liberals “leaders” were crowing for the cameras and pretending to pray, St. Louis conservatives were taking some positive steps toward actually helping the Ferguson community torn up by rioting. The St. Luis Tea Party is organizing a “BUYcott” of businesses along the now-infamous Florissant Avenue where some of the worst looting took place. It’s […]

Mysterious daredevil plants American flag on public land, too high to be removed


This American flag is flying high. And it’s going to stay that way for a while. The stars and stripes that showed up mysteriously atop a tall ponderosa pine tree along Interstate 90 in the Idaho Panhandle National Forests – on Fourth of July Pass as a matter of fact – is too high for […]

Brutal silence: Veterans embarrass Obama with icy response at national convention


An audience of veterans greeted line after line of a Barack Obama speech Tuesday with applause so tepid it was embarrassing. With the shadow of the Veterans Affairs scandal hanging over him, the shambles of his foreign policy in front of the whole world, and six years of unrelentingly progressive governance bringing up the rear, […]

Well-known black radical professor skewers ‘counterfeit’ ‘pimp’ Obama; crickets from the media


If a tea party patriot took to the website of National Review to call President Obama a “counterfeit,” a “pimp” or a “brown-faced Clinton,” Eric Holder and Harry Reid would be racing each other to MSNBC’s cameras. But when one of the most vocal progressive “public intellectuals” in the country takes to one of the […]

MSNBC crackpot, ordained minister compares Obama to Jesus in a way even Harris-Perry can’t swallow


Crackpot MSNBC contributor Michael Eric Dyson flirted on the borders of blasphemy and insanity Saturday, comparing Barack Obama with Jesus Christ. Or almost. Discussing the riots in Ferguson, Mo., Dyson said Obama’s presence there was necessary for the Almighty. “I’m a Christian preacher and God finally said, ‘look, I can’t send nobody else. I got […]

Bombshell Sofia Vergara shocks and disgusts libs on Emmys’ stage: ‘Her body, her choice’


Some of television at its finest. When Emmy Awards organizers hit on the idea of using “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara as a living, sexy foil to the bland boosterism of the annual “isn’t television awesome” segment of the program, it was pure broadcast genius. It was smart, it was funny, it was sexy and […]