High school workshop coaches kids to file complaints against cops; comic Chris Rock had a better idea


Some liberal, somewhere thought this was a good idea. Comedian Chris Rock had a better one – years ago. The principal of a New York high school is bringing in the New York Civil Liberties Union to coach kids on how to interact with police officers, according to the New York Post. And that includes […]

Stranger’s act of kindness to his family moves Navy officer to tears

Bashon Mann

A Navy officer took his family out to celebrate his 6-year-old daughter’s birthday and got a big surprise when a stranger picked up the tab. Lt. Cmdr. Bashon Mann told “Fox and Friends Weekend” on Saturday that his daughter asked him to wear his uniform for the Wednesday night celebration because she doesn’t get to see him in […]

Judge Jeanine to Obama: ‘Stop with the smug, Tony Soprano-like threats’


Judge Jeanine Pirro ripped into President Obama’s breathtaking executive action legalizing millions of illegal immigrants with an “Opening Statement” Saturday night that compared the president to a mobster with contempt for the law. Beginning her segment with a series of clips showing Obama himself declaring the action he took Thursday to be illegal, Pirro noted […]

Skewered! ‘SNL’ uses ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ parody in damning indictment of amnesty by executive order


“Saturday Night Live” used a spoof of the old “Schoolhouse Rock” cartoons to skewer President Obama’s executive order legalizing millions of illegal immigrants Thursday for the power grab that it was. For millions of Americans, the “Schoolhouse Rock” series that aired during ABC’s Saturday morning cartoon lineup through the 1970s and ‘80s (and was revived […]

‘You sold out your nation’: A scathing letter to President Obama

President Obama

This week, you gave a beautiful speech to the American people. And let me be clear: When I say the American people, I mean all legal citizens of the United States, regardless of their birth country. The speech was full of love and emotion. It would have been brilliant if you hadn’t delivered it while […]

Guy gets run over in NYC McDonald’s drive-thru; driver picks up his food, takes off


A New York man is clinging to life after he was run over by a McDonald’s patron eager to get to the drive-thru in Queens. The driver then proceeded to the window, grabbed his order and drove off, according to the New York Daily News. Jonathan Brown, the McDonald’s night manager, told the newspaper that […]

Hostile Ferguson agitator tells off CNN anchor in heated argument

Michael Smerconish Bassem Masri

Palestinian-American activist Bassem Masri confronted CNN host Michael Smerconish about his recent arrest for spitting on a police officer in Ferguson, Mo. Masri denied spitting, saying he only made a spitting sound, as is common in Arab custom. The activist said he believes the case will be thrown out of court based on his cultural […]

‘America’s toughest sheriff’ prepares to use Obama’s own words against him in amnesty showdown

Joe Arpaio

Staunch Obama critic and Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has filed a lawsuit against the president for taking executive action on immigration. “I am not seeking to myself enforce the immigration laws as this is the province of the federal government,” Arpaio, who calls himself “America’s toughest sheriff,” said in a statement, according to CBS News. […]

Friday dump: ‘Obama changes course, authorizes another year of war in Afghanistan’


President Obama‘s May promise that this will be the last year of combat in Afghanistan has gone the way of most of his other pledges — by the wayside. Instead, the president recently decided to expand the U.S. mission in Afghanistan in 2015, The New York Tomes reported. The change allows the military to continue […]

TIME’s ‘Person of the Year’ could be tied to Ferguson

Ferguson Protestors

One of the leading candidates for Time’s “Person of the Year” award this year are the Ferguson protesters according to a poll on Time’s website. As of Thursday the protesters have garnered two percent of the vote. Enough to rank them ahead of President Obama, Taylor Swift and Pope Francis. Two groups had more votes.The […]