Ferguson mob swarms town meeting: If cop gets off, ‘ya’ll better bring every army y’all got. Cause it’s going down’


A raucous crowd disrupted speakers, threatened violence and accused police of murder Tuesday night as the fallout from the police shooting in Ferguson, Mo., reignited. And anyone who disagreed with the mob needed a police escort to get out. That was the scene of “democracy” as protesters apparently conceive it during a meeting of the […]

Ex-State Dept. official tells all! Secret mission to scrub Benghazi files to protect Clinton exposed


As hearings probing the Benghazi terrorist attacks gear up to begin Wednesday, the plot is definitely thickening. Hillary Clinton confidants spent a Sunday afternoon trying to scrub Benghazi documents of any incriminating information about the former secretary of state before they were reviewed by a board investigating the deaths of an American ambassador and three […]

Pelosi’s big lie: ‘It takes a special breed of idiot’


Nancy Pelosi, the lying liberal from San Francisco, holds the Nazi “Big Lie” belief that if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it. That’s the only reason she could have gone with an old whopper in a whining interview with MSNBC boy anchor Ronan Farrow on Monday when she complained about the […]

Obama White House ‘war’ waffling draws laugh-out-loud late-night mockery


Not even late-night libs can stomach this waffling. The Obama administration’s dithering on what to do about the country’s battle with the Islamic State band of bastards – its inability even to call a “war” a “war” – had even “Daily Show” lefty Jon Stewart mocking its minions. In an extended segment Monday night, Stewart […]

Pastor in strip club feud demands apology from county officials


The central Ohio pastor arrested during a protest against a neighboring strip club is demanding an apology from county officials who want both sides to stand down in their long-running dispute. In a letter to the Coshocton County Legal Department, Pastor Bill Dunfee of the New Beginnings Ministries in Coshocton, Ohio, said his arrest on […]

TMZ tapes catch race-crying ‘Django’ starlet lying about police treatment


Talk about Django unhinged! A Hollywood actress is making the rounds of morning talk shows, websites and Facebook fame to claim claiming racism was behind her brief detention by Los Angeles cops last week. But even a cursory listen to tapes of the incident show it’s the latest pack of lies to be peddled against […]

Kudos to Florida: How the state discarded DC, beat central planning, to land on top

FL Cabinet

Some states are governed well, and some are not. Compare states’ track records to each other and to the federal government, and you’ll learn lessons on old, top-down, closed, outdated ways that don’t work. Exhibit No. 1 is Washington D.C. and its top-down control structure — the very picture of broken, corrupt and obsolete operations. […]

Arrogant Muslims ask politicians to call ISIS ‘Un-Islamic State’ from now on


Muslim groups in the United Kingdom can’t protect their own religion, so they want the country’s prime minister to lie about it instead. In a remarkable combination of cowardice and arrogance, a coalition of British Islamic groups are asking Prime Minister David Cameron to stop referring to the Islamic State terror group by the name […]

Obama vowed to get rid of Bush’s ‘blank-check’ law — until he needed it to shun Congress


He wanted to repeal the use of force law before he wanted to use it. As recently as last year, President Obama vowed to get rid of the Bush-era bill Authorized Use of Military Force bill, according to the Washington Times. In the 2008 primaries, leftist Democrats pounded Hillary Clinton for her vote in favor […]

Woman named ‘Isis’ really hates it when the media does stories on terrorist group named ISIS


So, what’s in a name? Quite a bit these days, if your name happens to be Isis. That’s what a Miami woman has learned this summer, since her name, which originally belonged to the ancient Egyptian goddess of the sky, has become an acronym synonymous in the public mind with a band of raping, murdering, […]