Indiana’s Pence takes the fight to Stephanopoulos over ‘Religious Freedom Bill’

Pence Stephanopoulos

Indiana Governor Mike Pence launched a spirited defense of the Hoosier State’s “Religious Freedom” law against aggressive questioning from “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos and made it very clear he can hold his own with the libs in the media. Stephanopoulos came out swinging, barely giving Pence a chance to say hello before he began […]

Soldiers make deathly ill boy’s dream come true — by making him one of their own

honorary soldier

A little 8-year-old boy battling a rare disorder had but one dream in his young life — to become a member of the military. That dream became a reality on Friday for Rowan Windham, when he was made an honorary member of the Texas National Guard during a special enlistment ceremony, KHOU reported. Rowan has […]

Frustrated TSA agent leaks feds’ tips on likely terrorists; guess what’s not on the list?


Transportation Security Agency guidlelines are perfect for catching sleepy people, people who get nervous about flying, or even people who like to whistle, but they don’t do much good spotting terrorist. That was the conclusion that led a TSA employee to leak the agency’s signs for spotting suspicious behavior in an airport, according to a […]

Michelle Obama shouts, ‘black girls rock!’ She doesn’t care about everybody else?

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama wowed the crowd at an annual conference honoring black women with her typical celebration of racial differences. “Black girls rock!” the first lady said, getting a raucous ovation at an event also dubbed “Black Girls Rock!” according to Yahoo News. “No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, you are […]

Iranian defector blows the whistle: Obama-Kerry are scheming to help Iran

nuke talks

A defecting Iranian journalist seeking asylum in Switzerland is accusing American officials of inappropriate dealings in the 5+1 nuclear negotiations with Iran. Amir Hossein Motaghi, a former media aide for Iranian President Hassan Rouhan’s election campaign, claims the United States is acting in Iran’s interests, not on behalf of Western powers, according to a breaking […]

Classless and heartless: Gawkers, Dem spokeswoman turning NY disaster site into selfie show

NYC Selfies

Tasteless showboats with more money than brains are showing up at the site of the Thursday’s building explosion in New York City to snap photos of themselves in front of the wreckage — and locals are getting steamed. In New York City’s East Village Thursday a building exploded due to an apparent gas leak leaving […]

Judge Jeanine skewers Obama on Iran: Why are we sleeping with the enemy?

Jeanine Pirro

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro scorched the Obama administration for its love affair with the Iranian regime. “Why are we sleeping with the enemy? Writing them love letters. Dining with them in Swiss palaces while they chant, ‘Death to America?’” Pirro demanded Saturday on Fox’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine.” “Why are we so desperate […]

Boston Marathon hero cop shot in face; Sheriff David Clarke calls out the real culprits

David Clarke

A decorated Boston police officer and former Army Ranger remains in a medically-induced coma after being shot in the face during a traffic stop Friday. The assailant was killed by other responding officers, according to Fox News. Milwaukee County Sheriff David C. Clarke Jr. said the dead man is not the only one to blame […]

Hilarious ‘SNL’ skit spoofs Starbucks ‘race together’ fiasco; want to talk sex with your mechanic?


“Saturday Night Live” took a hilarious comic shot Saturday at Starbucks’ disastrous “race together” campaign to ruin Americans’ morning routine by forcing uncomfortable conversations on unwilling people. The “SNL” crew put a hilarious spin on it, kicking off a “genderflect” campaign at Pep Boys stores, giving all Americans a chance to talk sex with their […]

‘SNL’ cold open mocks WH at its worst: ‘The Rock’ Obama and monstrous Michelle


“Saturday Night Live’s “ cold open Saturday might have seemed like it was making fun of top Republicans, but it was President Obama who was portrayed as a monster. And Michelle doesn’t come off so pretty either. As an Oval Office interview between Jay Pharoah’s Obama and Rep. John Boehner (Taran Killam), Sen. Tom Cotton […]