Staying the course: Obama security adviser says we had to leave Iraq to ‘find a way back’

Barack Obama

This is how Dems plan ahead. Then-Senator John Kerry said in 2004 that he actually did vote for the $87 billion before he voted against it. Then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told America in 2010 that the House had to pass the Affordable Care Act so that they could find out what’s in it. […]

Suck-ups and ‘Kool Aid drinkers’ surrounding Obama, lib pundit complains


The New York Times surmised Wednesday that President Obama could shake up his administration in the near future, even if they are suck-ups and Kool-Aid drinkers as one liberal pundit suggested. Pointing to the mishandling of the Ebola crisis and the Islamic State militants who’ve been running roughshod across the Middle East, The Times said the […]

Not even a Flash Gordon ray gun can get by those eagle eyes at the TSA

flash gordon

Fear not, air travelers. If you were worried about a 1950s superhero hijacking your airplane, the TSA has, once again, leaped deftly to your defense. On a recent flight, videographer Sean Malone had his Flash Gordon ray gun belt buckle confiscated by the TSA because apparently toy belt buckle guns are an imminent danger to […]

Thanks, Dems! Prisoners who got out of Gitmo back on the battlefield, some with the ISIS beheaders

Islamic State

Approximately 180 prisoners released from Guantanamo Bay “have returned to the battlefield,” including up to 30 who have joined militant groups in Syria such as the Islamic State. Senior Defense Department and intelligence officials told Fox News that, while the precise numbers are elusive, some released detainees are known to have joined forces with the […]

NBA legend Michael Jordan calls Obama a ‘hack’ on the links; but ‘is Obama good at anything?’


Your browser does not support iframes. Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan has spent plenty of time on the golf course since his retirement from the NBA. But he’s got no time at all for another famous Chicago resident who spends a fair amount of time on the links too. (Too much time at the tees, […]

Unbelievable! High school bans Marine dad for complaining about daughter’s Islam assignment

La Plata

Upset with a homework assignment that asked students about the religion of Islam, a former Marine who served in Iraq soon found himself banned from his daughter’s school. Kevin Wood showed up Tuesday at La Plata High School in La Plata, Md., to question the assignment asking students to explain Islam’s Five Pillars, Mecca and Muhammad, MyFoxDC […]

Hidden-camera voter fraud: Watch an undercover ‘illegal alien’ get plenty of help trying to vote Democrat


The guerilla journalists at James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action have done it again, using undercover video expose an election system in North Carolina where voter fraud is virtually the normal way of doing business. In a video released Thursday, a Project Veritas investigator posed as an illegal immigrant who’d mistakenly been able to register to […]

Bob Cortes in Florida House District 30 offers GOP best chance to take back a seat

Bob Cortes in Florida House District 30 offers GOP best chance to take back a seat

During the last election cycle, Democrat Karen Castor Dentel rode an Obama turnout effort and managed to beat a Republican incumbent to steal a seat from the GOP in Central Florida. Looks like it’s payback time. The question is whether Republican Bob Cortes can pull it off to take Florida House District 30 back. It’s […]

‘Duck Dynasty’ patriarch Phil Robertson tells it like it is on ‘politically correct crap’

phil robertson

“Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson has had enough of the “politically correct crap” and is using his star power to urge Christians to “vote godly men into office.” The reality TV star cut a number of get-out-the-vote ads telling these folks they “better move before it’s too late.” “You Christian folks sit on them pews and you […]

Conservative resistance is NOT futile! Houston’s mayor backs down on sermon subpoenas

annise parker

After a withering national scorn — and a barrage of Bibles — Houston’s mayor has withdrawn her city’s subpoenas against five pastors, dubbed the “Houston Five“, demanding their speeches and sermons. Mayor Annise Parker claimed she had no intention of infringing on anyone’s religious freedoms but instead was only trying to help the city defend itself […]