Fifth-grader suspended for recording teacher verbally abusing students


Some parents are saying a fifth-grade Florida student was unfairly suspended after she took matters into her own hands and exposed her belittling school teacher who was on a serious power trip. Eleven-year-old Brianna Cooper from Fort Pierce said her teacher had been mean in the past and the only way to prove it was […]

Mom learns her kids were ‘rude, obnoxious’ at movies; teaches them unforgettable lesson

movie theaterfeat

An Alabama mom is earning high praise from thousands of social media users for a refreshing method of punishment she doled out to her two misbehaving teenage daughters. Kyesha Smith Wood was not at all happy when she found out her daughter and stepdaughter were being “rude and obnoxious” in a movie theater Friday. Their behavior […]

Big OOOPS! Hillary’s accidental drone email about decorating reveals BIG new problems


Being publicly proven a liar and a fool at the same time can’t be easy, but that’s what happened to Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. The Associated Press published a story proving the former secretary of wasn’t telling the truth when she claimed she used a private email account and private server to conduct public business […]

‘Next time you’ll get shot’: Female weightlifter ruins home invader’s day


A Florida woman who arrived to find a man burglarizing a bedroom in her home tried to call the police at first, but became a crime fighter on her own when the thief knocked the phone from her hand and punched her in the face. “He hit me, so I socked him in his eye,” […]

Selfies in Auschwitz, a legacy Obama has given society? He must be so proud

prez selfie2

Fox News host Harris Faulkner drew a connection between President Obama’s rampant selfie antics and the growing number of clueless youth taking selfies in highly inappropriate places. On “Outnumbered” Monday, Faulkner said the president has lowered the cultural bar with inappropriate behavior and that it’s natural for America’s younger generation to follow suit. The show’s […]

Surprising number of Americans feel Obama is a more imminent threat than Putin

Obama Putin

Republicans are now more concerned with the damage being dine by President Obama’s policies than they are with threats from international leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. That’s according to a poll was conducted by Reuters-Ipsos online and questioned 2,809 Americans on threats facing the nation and asked them to […]

Harry Reid tells CNN he’s proud of lying about Mitt Romney’s taxes: ‘Well . . . Romney didn’t win, did he?’


Outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has no apologies – and no regrets – for using the floor of the United States Senate to slander Mitt Romney as a tax evader during the 2012 election. In an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, the loathsome Nevada senator justified his unjustifiable attacks on Romney, as well as […]

‘House of Cards’ meets ‘Game of Thrones’: Anticipation builds for new Bible series

The Bible AD

NBC is premiering a news series that looks into what happened after Christ’s crucifixion. The series, titled “A.D. The Bible Continues,” premiers Easter Sunday and its executive producers, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, appeared on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” on Monday to discuss the project. Watch the latest video at “It’s kind of […]

Stage play ‘Ferguson’ based entirely on grand jury testimony exposes what MSM buried

wilson brownfeat

A controversial filmmaker wants to spread the truth about important details surrounding the shooting death of Michael Brown by former police officer Darren Wilson last August – by reenacting the day’s events in a stage play based entirely on grand jury testimony. “Everyone I show the script to is shocked by the detail, shocked by […]

ISIS shows off ‘graduation’ photos of faceless cowards to prove power

ISIS Graduation 1

The Islamic State has been sending out photos of its “graduating class” of young, idealistic recruits ready to join the ranks of the terrorist killing machine. According to Fox News, the photos that have been tweeted out over the past several days come after the class completed 18 months of training at a “university” in […]