Another Iowa teacher gets busted DRUNK on the job


An occasional teacher getting busted for tossing back cocktails while on the job isn’t a new phenomenon, but hopefully it’s not becoming a trend in Iowa, where for the second time in two months, a public school teacher has been arrested for public intoxication. Carissa Bryant, 33, a sixth-grade teacher at Lenihan Intermediate School was […]

Big deal, or OK? Mom sends child to school dressed as ’50 Shades’ Christian Grey for ‘World Book Day’


A mom in Manchester, England is wondering why no one found it amusing after she sent her 11-year-old son to school dressed as the main character from the soft-porn book series, “Fifty-shades of Grey.” Liam Scholes’ costume came complete with an eye-mask and cable ties, which he brought to school on World Book Day – […]

Politico headline implies GOP racist for skipping Selma event, but forgets to mention co-sponsor Tim Scott

Tim Scott

Left wing political website Politico continued the liberal media trend of painting the Republican Party as racist with their latest headline. “GOP leaders to skip Selma event,” the headline blared. GOP leaders to skip Selma event: | AP Photo — POLITICO (@politico) March 5, 2015 An intellectually dishonest headline because not only will […]

Fla. man kills neighbor, drives body to lawyer’s office in bed of his pickup


This could only happen in Florida. A Pine Island man shot and killed his neighbor, allegedly in self-defense, then put the body into the bed of his pickup truck and drove it to his lawyer’s office in Ft. Myers — at least a 45-minute drive. John Marshall, 52, appeared at the law office of Robert […]

Stupid man calls 911 to accuse wife of stealing his cocaine; and that’s just for starters


A Northeast Ohio man was arrested after calling 911 Wednesday night to complain that his wife had stolen his cocaine stash. “[Daniel Collins, 39] called 911 because he claimed that his wife stole his cocaine,” jail records said, according to United Press International. Police responded with an arrest — but not for the caller’s wife. […]

Valerie Jarrett can’t bring herself to defend Hillary Clinton: The president has a firm policy . . .


Not even Valerie Jarrett can bring herself to defend Hillary Clinton this time. The Senior Advisor to the President appeared on Bloomberg TV Friday to address the Hillary Clinton email issue and claimed she never received an email from the former secretary of state. “The president has a very firm policy that emails should be […]

Liberal comedian spews hate for black conservatives with infuriating insults

DL Hughley

Liberal comedian D.L. Hughley trashed Republican presidential contender Ben Carson on Twitter before mocking black conservatives in general. Hughley, who celebrates his 51st birthday Friday, is no stranger to controversial statements and was very vocal following the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson and death of Eric Garner in New York. Ben Carson is just […]

Watch lion open car door as terrified family FREAKS OUT – you would too!


A woman on safari in South Africa got more than she bargained for when she got car jacked by a feline fiend. A lioness opened the unidentified woman’s car door while she was taking pictures of the big cats. The woman screamed and then slammed the door shut. “Oh my gosh! I didn’t know they […]

Democrats say they’ll protect John Boehner from conservative take-down: ‘We’re not stupid’


U.S. House Speaker John Boehner, who is under attack from conservative House members, is reportedly receiving support from Democratic House members. Tea Party conservatives, long weary of the Ohio Republican capitulating to Democratic demands, are reported to be contemplating a coup to replace the speaker with someone more in conformity to their ideology, The Hill […]

Florida city goes wing-nut commie on local churches


The city of Lake Worth, Florida has taken a cue from old-world Soviet Union tactics and sent an actual spy to investigate the inner workings of a local church. Pastor Mike Olive, of the Common Ground Church believed they were targeted by the city because rumors were circulating that his church was “anti-gay.” Remarkably, it […]