‘Stock up on condoms,’ drowning kids, coked-up monkeys: Campaigns want your attention in crazy final ads

monkey girl

If American voters haven’t been paying attention before now, it’s going to take something shocking, funny, or downright weird to get their attention. That seems to be the reasoning behind some of the latest campaign ads to air in the few days remaining before the midterm elections next week. Politicians of every stripe are resorting […]

Hacked ex-CBS reporter releases chilling new video of her computer that will make your jaw drop


Former CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson released a video Friday that shows an unknown source accessing her computer and deleting information from a report on Benghazi. She took the video with her cellphone and shows the keyboard at one point to prove it’s not her orchestrating what is taking place on the screen — someone […]

Satanic coloring book, fact sheets up for review in Fla. schools to counter Bible distribution


Schoolchildren in one Florida county may soon have the opportunity to connect the dots to form an inverted pentagram or solve a maze to find the fabled Lovecraftian “Book of the Dead.” The Satanic Temple has submitted a coloring book and two “fact sheets” to Orange County schools for review. If approved, the group will […]

The man’s version: Parody of woman getting cat calls in NYC video


Who knew ‘walking in New York City’ could be so popular? A video of Shoshana B. Roberts, a 24-year-old actress, walking in New York City over a period of 10 hours has taken the nation by storm, and prompted a well-deserved parody from a man’s point of view. The video captured more than 100 instances of […]

Still teaching after allegedly telling students she would ‘kill all black people’ – why?

Camden County High School

A North Carolina teacher is being investigated for allegedly telling one of her students that she would “kill all black people” if she only had ten days to live. Camden County High School math teacher, and head of the Math Dept., Cynthia Ramsey made the statement a few weeks ago, according to an account the […]

Dana Perino proud as punch at pup’s ‘priceless,’ terrifying Halloween makeover

dana dog

Dana Perino adores her dog Jasper and she often shares her pride and joy with the rest of the world. Check out this “priceless” Halloween Bob Beckel getup. “@FiveFanPS: #TheFive@DanaPerino Scary Halloween costume for Jasper pic.twitter.com/WTntohVwnm” this is priceless. — Dana Perino (@DanaPerino) October 30, 2014 Let the Bob bashing begin . . . @DanaPerino @FiveFanPS poor […]

‘I think the Democrats just threatened me’: Mass creepy letter not a Halloween joke


Democrats traditionally struggle with voter turnout in midterm elections, but are they willing to go so far as to threaten voters to get them to the polls this year? One voter feels as if a letter he received from the New York State Democratic Committee may have done just that. “We will be reviewing voting records […]

Instagram yanks liberal comedian Chelsea Handler’s topless picture on a horse, mocking Putin

Chelsea Handler horse

Liberal hero and crass comedian Chelsea Handler was trying to prove a point when she posted a topless picture of herself on horseback mocking Vladimir Putin. The former host of “Chelsea Lately” put the photo on Instagram to make a statement about nakedness equality, apparently. Instagram immediately declared the picture inappropriate and removed it from its servers. No doubt […]

‘What you are doing is unforgivable’: GOP candidate’s wife confronts Cuomo over attack ads


Mom, school teacher and Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino’s wife, Sheila Astorino, directly accosted Governor Andrew Cuomo, D-NY in a soon-to-be viral video for his misrepresentations about her husband’s position on gun control.  “Telling people my husband wants guns in classrooms? Guns in classrooms? You can’t be serious. You used an extracurricular rifle safety program […]

‘Sit down, shut up!’ Does ‘channeling Tony Soprano’ hurts Chris Christie or add to his appeal?

Chris Christie Soprano

There are two relative certainties when it comes to presidential elections nowadays: one is that the outcome is likely to hang on the cult of personality, and the second is that the media will let it be known who presents the biggest threat to the Democratic Party. And it beginning to look as if New Jersey […]