Churches slam back against state order to pay for abortions under Obamacare


The state of California is continuing the Obama Era’s nationwide assault on religious freedom by deciding to classify abortion as “basic healthcare” and forcing churches to pay for the procedures through their employee insurance programs. Michelle Rouillard, director of California’s Department of Managed Health Care, wrote in a letter to seven insurance companies in August […]

‘X-rated’ outrage: Atheists’ image for students shows the Bible as a muscled molester


Thanks to the atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation, high school students in Orange County, Florida will be on the receiving end of a pamphlet emblazoned with an indecent illustration of a humanized Bible sexually groping a young girl. The pamphlet, titled “An X-Rated Book: Sex and Obscenity in the Bible,” is included among the […]

What a hoser! Ignorant Al Sharpton thinks Iowa’s the capital of Canada


Al Sharpton thinks Iowa’s the capital of Canada. The race-baiting MSNBC host, whose inflammatory rhetoric is matched by his ignorance of the world outside New York City and Washington, D.C., threw off CBC reporter Chloe Fedio Wednesday night during an interview on Sharpton’s “Politics Nation.” “What’s the latest tonight in Iowa?” Sharpton asked, apparently unaware […]

Courageous Korean War vet battles to fly his American, POW flags: ‘We fought for that’


A Korean War veteran is under under attack from his homeowner’s association due to his public display of patriotism. Robert and Judy Willits, of Greenfield, Ind., erected a flagpole in their front yard, proudly flying the American and POW flags to honor Robert’s brother, Lester, who served with him and never returned. Now, the association […]

‘Dogs got him’: White House intruder jumps fence while Obama was in residence


A man who jumped the White House fence Wednesday put up a real dogfight before finally being taken down by the Secret Service. According to, Dominic Adesanya, 23, of Bel Air, Md., was arrested shortly after leaping the fence on the North Lawn of the White House about 7:15 p.m. The White House was […]

Florida Five: Giuliani campaigns for Scott, Governor’s race still deadlocked

Rudy Giuliani

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Hospitals battle state over emergency care for undocumented immigrants – A coalition of Florida hospitals is challenging a state policy on emergency care for undocumented immigrants. The coalition, which includes Broward Health and Memorial Healthcare System in Hollywood, says the state Agency for Health Care […]

Busted on undercover video: Dems encourage voter fraud, it’s not ‘like lying or stealing’

voter fraud

Undercover journalist James O’Keefe gave Donna Brazile fair warning earlier this week. After this week, you’re really going to regret saying this, @donnabrazile — James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) October 20, 2014 On Wednesday, the guerilla reporter released a Project Veritas Action video that showed three Colorado Democrats on hidden camera advocating voter fraud in the […]

Fox News host to atheists: Don’t mess with the South, the church is a big part of their culture

Ainsley Earhardt

A Fox News host said this morning that atheists who want to take God out of public schools don’t understand the importance of Christianity to the culture of America’s South. Ainsley Earhardt was referring specifically to the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation that has filed numerous complaints about what it claims are violations of the […]

Debbie Wasserman Schultz pathetically pimps her dog, Demmy, for Democrat dollars


You’d think some things were too sacred to pimp for politics – even for Democrats. In a Twitter posting Wednesday, DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is proving that every relationship is available for the right amount of cash, including her dog. Demmy’s getting a reprieve from being dressed up for Halloween this year. Here’s why: […]

‘Racism insurance’ video berates white people in the name of humor, but is it funny?

racism ins

A promo video from the makers of the film “Dear White People” advertises racism insurance for white people beset with “white privilege.” The video is patterned after State Farm Insurance commercials, where an agent magically appears out of thin air to assist policyholders dealing with various accidents. Actor David Brown plays the clueless white guy […]