Who woke him up? Ex-CNN lefty Piers Morgan suddenly realizes Obama is a disaster as a president


Now that he’s getting a paycheck from the conservatives at the Daily Mail instead of Ted Turner’s libs at CNN, Piers Morgan has seen the light. In a scathing piece published on the Daily Mail website on Wednesday (wordily headlined, “A slapdash Secret Service detail isn’t what’s wrong with the White House – the real […]

Another frightening Okla. incident: Arabic man enters high school, asks ‘suspicious’ questions

Man in OK HS2

As if the town of Moore, Okla., didn’t have enough to worry about, a suspicious man with a thick Arabic accent entered the high school through an unlocked door last week. Police say the man went to the cafeteria and began asking “suspicious” questions of students, but would not elaborate on specifically what was asked, […]

Florida Five: Rick Scott, Charlie Crist and wedding dresses, Bogdanoff touts bipartisan support


Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Rick Scott and Charlie Crist become … wedding dresses: Gov. Rick Scott and former Gov. Charlie Crist have taken on two new and unexpected forms in the latest ad from the College Republican National Committee — they’re wedding dresses. Paying homage to the hit TLC Show “Say […]

Passerby takes brick to car window to save person banging inside trunk

car trunk

A good Samaritan in Louisville, Ky., who thought she heard thumping from a car trunk on Monday rescued a kidnapped women who had been missing for three days. Tiasha Chaplin and a friend were walking by a parking lot on their way to pick up their children from school when she heard the noise, according […]

Secret Service director resigns as leaks about security embarrassments pile up


One day after a miserable appearance before the House Oversight Committee and amid news of yet another security breach around President Obama, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson turned in her resignation on Wednesday. At Tuesday’s hearing, Pierson, the first woman to hold the post, came under fire for a Sept. 19 intrusion that saw a […]

‘How dare we! ‘Montel Williams delivers ‘hell of a’ tearful speech about Tahmooressi release

montel williams

Former talk show host Montel Williams went before a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee Wednesday to make an impassioned plea for the release of U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi. Tahmooressi made a wrong turn at the border in March, accidently crossing into Mexico with several firearms in his vehicle — firearms that are legal in the United States. […]

MAD Magazine unveils deadly new White House security system

bo mad mag idiot

Fences with “go away” signs written in all caps likely won’t change the inadequate security system at the White House, but MAD Magazine thinks a new plan might work. Twitter users were a tad skeptical. @MADmagazine Our white ninja ready to take bad guys to gates of hell! Way to go Joe! — Andy Sulskis […]

Surprised white lesbian sues sperm bank after giving birth to mixed-race daughter


You really can’t choose your relatives. A lesbian couple in Ohio found that out the hard way when a Chicago sperm bank they contracted with to impregnate one of the women ended up with the wrong donor’s genetic material, according to the Chicago Tribune. In a lawsuit filed Sept. 29 in Cook County, a woman […]

Woman puts 2 bullets into long-time stalker’s chest after he kicks in her door

woman shoots gun

A woman who wrote about being stalked for the past six months by a man who made her life a living hell finally confronted the man as he kicked in the door of her Las Vegas home – and put two bullets into him. The shooting took place early Friday morning, according to Las Vegas […]

FCC considers shutting down stations that say ‘Redskins’ on air; could ‘tea party’ be next?


Democrats in the Senate launched a formal attack on the First Amendment in September. Obama supporters have been undermining it with the IRS since at least 2010. Now libs in the D.C. area are trying to do it with the FCC. The Federal Communications Commission is considering a petition asking it to deny renewing a […]