Tiny kittens accidentally packed in box miraculously survive their journey


Two lucky newborn kittens with their umbilical cords still attached were found in a shipping box Wednesday by a surprised California communications employee. Longtime San Diego warehouse worker JC Collins told reporters he was startled to find two black kittens clinging to life when a Cox Communications co-worker opened a box filled with fiberglass equipment, […]

Easter brings out atheists contempt for Christians in ‘repugnant’ banner


It seems that Christians can’t celebrate their holiest day of the year — Easter, the day that defines Christianity — without atheists butting in to announce their presence. When the Concerned Women for America put up a display in the Wisconsin capitol honoring the day, the Freedom from Religion Foundation erected its counter-message in the […]

Beautiful meeting: Emotional mom finally meets son’s heart recipient

GA mom meets son's heart recipient  Photo Credit: Susan Puckett

A Georgia mom whose son signed up as an organ donor when he received his driver’s license, and shortly thereafter died of a traumatic head injury, finally met the recipient of his heart. It took three years to learn his identity, but the meeting proved extraordinarily emotional. Susan Puckett’s son was killed shortly before his […]

Illinois Medicaid paid dead people $12 million in services


The state of Illinois, already $130 billion in debt to pensioners, just cannot watch its pennies. A memo obtained by The Associated Press revealed that its Medicaid program paid out $12 million in services for dead people in other states, Fox News reported Friday. Auditors discovered that approximately 2,900 people had received over-payments for medical […]

Easter Bunny photos gone bad – the ones they probably wish they’d skipped

Easter Bunny evil

On the commercial side of Easter, many parents bring their child for the obligatory annual photograph with the Easter Bunny at the local mall. But there are some who would have been better off skipping it that year. Over the years, Easter Bunny costumes have morphed, as observed in these vintage photos from BuzzFeed: Even the […]

Networks smother Christianity’s holiest day under avalanche of peeps, study proves


The holiest day on the Christian calendar is so smothered with secular symbols that religious references to Easter are outnumbered by secular symbols by almost 9-1 an America’s mainstream networks. That was the finding of a study by the Media Resource Center, which reported that “Easter” topics with a decidedly un-serious bent – and generally […]

Moving Easter version of ‘Hallelujah’ will give you goose bumps

Easter Hallelujah Mooney

There have been many versions and many covers of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” but on Easter Sunday, this one is one of the best. After a request from her parish priest to sing the song at Easter Mass, singer/songwriter Kelley Mooney decided the lyrics didn’t fit the occasion. So she wrote a spiritual version appropriate for […]

Happy Exploding Peeps Day! 18 ‘Peeps’ in a microwave


Two billion ‘Peeps‘ are manufactured each year, bringing in $63 million in U.S. sales over the last two years. About 75 percent of the popular marshmallow treats are sold around Easter, according to Business Insider. And even more interesting, about one-third of them are never eaten, being used instead in crafts projects. In addition to that […]

Glenn Beck to tackle Hollywood instead of ‘wasting his life’ on politics

Photo Credit: businessinsider.com

Radio talk show host Glenn Beck is transforming himself once again, this time into a movie producer. The media entrepreneur is in the midst of converting a 72,000-square-foot movie studio in Irving, Texas, into a film center for Mercury Radio Arts, his parent company, he told The Hollywood Reporter. Beck, who earns nearly $60 million […]

Sassy little girls bully, shame Michelle Obama; wonder where they learned that

PETA easter

An animal rights organization has a serious problem with first lady Michelle Obama’s plans to continue the White House tradition of hosting an Easter egg roll on April 21. In its video message to her, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, expresses its disappointment that she will be using real eggs for […]