Hot mic puts one NCAA player on the hot seat: What did he say?


A hot microphone got a college basketball player red in the face Wednesday when he blurted out his opinion of just how attractive one of the women sportswriters in front of him really is. Fortunately for all concerned, it was a compliment. “God, she’s beautiful,” 20-year-old Wisconsin Badgers forward Nigel Hayes whispered to a teammate […]

Global warming makes women prostitutes? California Dem earns an earful of scorn

barbara Leefeat

House Democrat Barbara Lee may have learned a hard lesson on what not to do while trying to garner support for a cause that’s quickly losing favor. The Californian stated in a proposed resolution Wednesday that women will eventually need to resort to selling sex when food and water become scarce due to global warming […]

Pro-Hillary group threatens reporter about ‘sexist’ language; cue the social media scorn


An organized group of Hillary Clinton supporters has issued a stern warning to at least one reporter – give our preferred presidential candidate special treatment, or else. The practice of mud-slinging, albeit ugly, is as old as the political arena itself. Now that that a woman might be going for the top spot in American […]

Natl. Guardsman, cousin charged with planning to join Islamic State, plotting attack in US


A National Guardsman who was arrested trying to fly from Chicago to Egypt to join the Islamic State also helped plan with his cousin an attack on a military facility in Illinois, federal investigators said. According to CBS Chicago, Army National Guard Spc. Hasan Edmonds was arrested along with his cousin Jonas Edmonds on Wednesday. […]

‘Do you know Baghdad Bob?’ WH spox opens up for questions from REAL Americans — and gets slammed


Perhaps White House press secretary Josh Earnest lost sight of the fact that conservative Americans dominates Twitter. While it’s a stretch to suggest that Earnest may have tired from taking too many tough questions from the White House press pool, for some reason he thought it would be a good idea to offer social media […]

Fortune mag just put these 2 with the ’50 greatest leaders of 2014?’ ‘I’m going to be sick’


The editors of Fortune magazine must all be smoking crack nowadays. They placed two “voices for nonviolent protest” in Ferguson, Mo. as number 11 in its 50 greatest leaders of 2014. Among the business giants, pop stars, techies and religious leaders, Fortune included Ferguson protest leaders Johnetta Elzie and DeRay McKesson. The announcement drew both supporters […]

WH spokesman Josh Earnest has an ‘astounding’ reply when grilled about Yemen as a ‘success story’


After six-plus years at the helm, the Obama administration’s “modus operandi” is fairly clear; establish a favorable narrative on a topic, reality be damned, and never admit fault. And when all else fails, stonewall. And with Yemen descending into chaos, that’s the tactic White House press secretary Josh Earnest employed Thursday while in the usually friendly confines […]

Bombshell betrayal: Obama outs Israel’s ‘secret’ nuclear program — just to jab Bibi?


The Obama administration is one of the least trusting and most secretive of any presidential administration in recent history — except when it comes to the secrets of our most important allies. The Pentagon quietly declassified sections of a top-secret defense document last month detailing Israel’s covert nuclear weapons program — information Israel wanted kept […]

‘Holy hell!’ Outrage flares as photo of kids climbing on vet memorial goes viral

vetpic kids

A photo taken of children climbing a Vietnam Women’s Memorial – while elderly veterans looked on – has sparked public outrage. Photographer Matthew Munson posted pictures on Facebook Wednesday of his trip to Washington when one particular photo stood out among the rest. “… a big group of people showed up just as the kids […]

Freedom Watch files racketeering lawsuit against Clintons for stonewalling on Hillary’s emails


Hillary Clinton’s email troubles have just gotten worse. A Florida-based political advocacy group filed a racketeering lawsuit naming as Bill and Hillary Clinton Wednesday over their to produce documents as requested under the Freedom of Information Act. In addition to the former president an the former first lady, the lawsuit by Freedom Watch names the […]