Joining forces: Iraq, Afghanistan vets’ #GoSilent pledge honors Memorial Day’s true meaning

memorial day

While too many Americans view Memorial Day solely as a time of barbecues and cold beers, a group of veterans is asking patriots to take a few moments out t0 remember what the day represents. Memorial Day is set aside to honor America’s fallen heroes — it’s not a celebration (as someone ought to tell […]

School forced to apologize for banning Bible verse from girl’s class project

Mackenzie Fraiser

Under pressure from a pastor with principles and a law firm dedicated to religious liberty, a Las Vegas school is apologizing after a teacher didn’t allow a Bible verse in a class project. In the project, titled “All About Me,” sixth grader Mackenzie Frazier wanted to use the Bible verse John 3:16: For God so […]

Ben Carson wins straw poll with message of faith: ‘Stop letting them bully us!’


With several top competitors trapped in Washington, D.C., doing the work they were elected to do, Ben Carson won the presidential straw poll at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference on Saturday with an inspiring message of keeping the faith. The retired neurosurgeon topped the crowded GOP field with 25.4 percent of the vote, with Wisconsin Gov. […]

‘Are you kidding me?’ Rage reigns as Obama slurps ice cream in ‘happy Memorial Day’ tweet


The Democratic National Committee dedicated Memorial Day, a day set aside to honor America’s fallen service men and women, by tweeting a photo of President Obama enjoying an ice cream cone. Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone! — The Democrats (@TheDemocrats) May 22, 2015 Ice cream? Really? Is that what he thinks Memorial Day is […]

SURPRISE! Co-eds demanding right to go topless draw mass support from male classmates


In a stand against gender inequality and body shaming, female students at the University of California, San Diego, took off their tops last week. And male students showed up in large numbers in support of the protest. Titled “Free the Nipple,” the event took place Wednesday and was billed on Facebook as “a peaceful sit-in that challenges […]

Cops forced to choose between their faith and their jobs ‘stay close to the Lord’

Amanda Pettepher David Bojczukn

Two Georgia police officers are out of a job after they refused to choose their duty to the job over their duty to their faith. Cartersville police Sgt. Amanda Pettepher and Investigator David Bojczukn spent a day off every third Thursday to minister to inmates who wanted them to at the Bartow County jail. They […]

‘Jurassic World’ actor mocks PC police with preemptive ‘apology'; (he really means, ‘shove it’)


In an attempt to get out in front of the “political correct police,” actor Chris Pratt has become an Internet sensation. About to embark on a press tour for the new film “Jurassic World,” the actor posted a lengthy preemptive apology on Facebook for any and all offensive comments he’s likely to make. “I want to make […]

‘If they are white kill ‘em all': Flag desecrator issues murderous manifesto

Eric Sheppard

A man who first made national news when a female veteran stopped his protest from stomping on an American flag is now threatening to kill police officers who try to arrest him. Eric Sheppard of Valdosta State University rose to infamy after video surfaced of Playboy playmate and Air Force veteran Michelle Manhart grabbing the […]

Social media erupts over St. Louis mascot’s ‘police lives matter’ sign; ‘COP HATERS blow a gasket’


Social media was aflame this week when news spread that the St. Louis Cardinals organization had pressured the local police union to remove a photo from its website that showed the baseball team’s mascot holding a hand-lettered sign that said “police lives matter.” In St. Louis County, home of Ferguson, Mo., “police lives matter” are […]

Baltimore crime skyrockets, police morale ‘in the sewer'; and the mayor’s response?


With police morale “in the sewers,” violent crime has all but exploded in the city of Baltimore, and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake appears to be clueless about what’s behind the surge. There have been 100 homicides in the city this year, compared to 71 over the same period last year, Fox News reported. In a 28-day period beginning on the day […]