Young NYPD cop shot during routine questioning dies

Officer Brian Moore

New York police Officer Brian Moore died Monday, two days after being shot by an ex-con he confronted on a street in Queens. Moore, 25 was shot after questioning Demetrius Blackwell, 35, about an object he was messing with in his waistband. “Do you have something in your waist?’’ Moore asked the thug, according to […]

Jay Carney blames Mitt Romney for fuss over Benghazi

Mitt Romney bio

As the narrative on the Benghazi consulate attack took a somewhat different turn in the Senate hearings last week, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney came up with a new angle on Friday – blame Mitt Romney. “The Republicans, again, in this ongoing effort that began hours after these attacks when Mitt Romney put out […]

Video: Ted Nugent’s choice words for “soulless” media, enemies of freedom

Ted Nugent interview

After referring to hypocritical members of the media as “soulless,” Ted Nugent says he’s pretty good with adjectives, but it’s hard to come up with one that is incriminating or descriptive enough to “identify those who would hate freedom.” Nugent spoke to The Blaze backstage during the National Rifle Association convention on Sunday, providing his […]

Publix Mother’s Day salute to mom and the unborn goes viral

Publix salutes Mom

It’s not often that a super market commercial — and a heartwarming one to boot — gains popularity approaching viral status. But this one is doing just that. It’s a special Mother’s Day message from Publix Markets, and it salutes not just mothers, but also the unborn. Kate Woodward of K & E Music tweeted […]

Jon Stewart rips Obama, who may be ‘losing his Al Green mojo’

Jon Stewart

Television funny-guy Jon Stewart tears into President Barack Obama on a number of issues Monday night, stressing to his audience that now is not a good time to be president. Steward starts with a hilarious bit where he performs on-air CPR to revive the president’s 2014 budget that was two months late and “dead on […]

International Topless Jihad Day:‘Our boobs stronger than their stones’


Topless activists across Europe appeared at mosques and Tunisian embassies on Thursday in the first-ever “International Topless Jihad Day.” The event was organized by Femen, a Kiev-based feminist organization known for staging similar topless, anti-sexism protests throughout Europe. Thursday’s protest was held in support of 19-year-old Tunisian activist Amina Tyler, who posted two topless photographs of herself […]

US Army labels Evangelicals, Catholics religious extremists

military praying

A U.S. Army reserve unit in Pennsylvania lumped Catholicism and evangelical Christianity along with Hamas and al-Qaida as examples of religious extremism during an equal opportunity training brief. The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty disagrees. “We find this offensive to have Evangelical Christians and the Catholic Church to be listed among known terrorist groups,” said […]

Children, elderly gassed as 1.4 million march in Paris against gay marriage

Demonstrators pack Champs-Elysées

Nearly 1.5 million proponents of traditional marriage gathered Sunday on Paris’ famous thoroughfare, the Champs-Elysées, to protest the French government’s plans to legalize same-sex marriage. The demonstration came as America’s own high court prepared this week to take up two gay marriage cases — one state and one federal — with gay marriage advocates calling […]

Tropical Storm Issac: A view from the Acreage

I moved to the Acreage in Loxahatchee nearly a decade ago. We went through Hurricanes Francis, Jean and Wilma but have never seen flooding like this. Indian Trail improvement District and the South Florida Water Management District are trying to pump the water out but unfortunately, there is nowhere to pump it to. Many residents (including […]

Cool video of sailfish breaking line and escaping

In case you ever doubted the beauty of Florida’s spectacular marine environment, I’ve got a video for you. I took out a fishing charter on Friday off Riviera Beach, and we were fortunate enough to hook a 50-pound sailfish. We couldn’t resist the urge to see this amazing creature up close, so a couple of […]