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Letter to the Editor: Reporter’s epic meltdown proved my point!

andre 3

To all those who still doubt, I take this opportunity to share my views on the news media, following your story, “Sun Sentinel reporter storms out of town meeting screaming; threatens boycott.” Ironically, my point was proven again within 24 hours of your first hand report of the story. Secondary accounts have been reposted by […]

Letter to Editor: BizPac Review is truth in media

Truth sign

Thank you for showing the truth in every news article you all write. You are so much better than Fox. Our media today have fallen short of being honest with the American people. It is sad when some media outlets have to lie just to get a news article out there. You are different, though. […]

Letter to the Editor: Obama refuses to recognize racism against whites

Obama angry

Once again, racism aimed at white people is all but ignored by the media. According to an article in Friday’s BizPac Review, a black American, Ayo Kimathi, is a federal employee who operates a racist website, War on the Horizon, which perpetuates the idea that there will be an “unavoidable” and “inevitable” war against all white […]

Letter to the Editor: Holder’s bogus Stand Your Ground law argument

Eric Holder at NAACP

Attorney General Eric Holder strongly condemned Stand Your Ground laws at a recent speech before the NAACP convention in Orlando, saying the measures “senselessly expand the concept of self-defense.” “The list of resulting tragedies is long and, unfortunately, has victimized too many who are innocent,” Holder added. He would be wise to check the data […]

Letter to the Editor: Obama’s comments offend US Catholics, too

Children at school pledge

I am very concerned about the recent comments made by our president. I have a sweet 6-year-old son, and I want the best for him. I want him to have the ability to say the Pledge of Allegiance, to say a prayer, to learn the values and morals important to our family. When I was […]

Letter to the Editor: Self-reporting is the answer to immigration

Immigrant with Flag

Although I voted for Sen. Marco Rubio, his position on illegal immigration leaves me very disappointed, to say the least. We are a nation of laws, not men, and his attempt to personalize illegal immigrants’ individual stories and justify their presence runs afoul of those laws, making the proposed exceptions the new rule. Here is […]

Letter to the editor: Dear Allen West

allen west murica

Dear Allen West: I have watched and listened to you for some time. I am convinced you are the “real deal.” Your thoughts and beliefs resonate in my heart in ways I have not experienced before. I respect and thank you for your service to our nation and the sacrifice it entailed for your family. […]

Letter to the editor: An honorable burial service the least we can do for vets

air force funeral

Having just attended the military funeral service of a 27-year-old female Air Force reservist who died from wounds received in battle in Afghanistan, I was reminded of the dignity and honorable nature of these services. When mustered, the Air Force Honor Guard snapped to attention and marched with a marked and solemn cadence toward the […]

Letter to the editor: New Yorkers are wimpy to put up with sanctimonious Bloomberg

bloomberg head

Is there no limit to this guy’s arrogance, smugness, sanctimoniousness and self-grandeur? First, he’s dead wrong regarding telecommuting, and secondly, he has absolutely no right in his position as mayor to dispense his absurd advice to businesses with which he is unfamiliar. See: “Do you agree with Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer that working from home […]

Letter to the editor: American people not being informed about Obama’s agenda

Barack Obama confused

During President Obama’s recent speech, he said: “We are all citizens. It doesn’t just describe our nationality or legal status; we are all Americans.” That was right at the end of the speech, if you care to check. Not one person has commented on this statement, and I find that alarming. Since when does putting […]