Classic TV’s ‘Married with Children’ uncanny Bruce Jenner prophecy

Married With Children

The classic TV series, “Married With Children,” seems to have predicted Bruce Jenner’s transformation from male to female years before he publicly declared it. During a scene from the Fox hit show that ran from 1987 to 1997, two patrons at Gary’s Shoes, where lead character Al Bundy worked, approached Bundy’s female neighbor, Marcy, and […]

University shuts down ‘straight pride’ week; one-sided tolerance?


If you ever wondered what would happen if straight Americans decided to celebrate their lifestyle on a scale similar to gay Americans, a university in Ohio offered a glimpse. And it didn’t turn out well for the heterosexuals. Student leaders at Youngstown State University showed zero tolerance for students who put up posters promoting a “straight pride” […]

Video: Baltimore protester robs news producer while camera rolls

Ruptly Producer Robbed

A producer for Ruptly, an international news agency that supplies videos to news organizations, was robbed while covering the Freddie Gray protests in Baltimore on Saturday. The demonstrators were protesting Gray’s death while in police custody, but a group of youths surrounding the Ruptly producer had another agenda, jumping and shouting for the woman’s camera, […]

DHS registering millions of aliens as citizens to vote Democrat in 2016, source says


Proving that the Democratic Party’s immigration agenda is all about boosting voter demographics, a Department of Homeland Security source says the agency is using the federal government’s muscle to ensure Democratic victory at the ballot box. A new program launched by Homeland Security’s Task Force on New Americans urges millions of legal immigrants in America to become […]

When ANGRY retired sergeant major meets cowardly American flag protester. . .


What happens when a ticked-off retired sergeant major meets a snowflake fancy-pants college student who expresses his constitutional freedom of speech by standing on the American flag? The snowflake melts. WARNING: Very strong language. H/T: LiveLeak Be sure to also check out: ‘Say something nice about Hillary’ trends on Twitter and the result is hilarious […]

Restaurant pulls celebrity menu item ‘The Bruce Jenner 2.0′ after backlash

Bruce Jenner 20

A Cincinnati restaurant pulled a Bruce Jenner-themed hot dog off its menu after a backlash from the LGBT community. The “Bruce Jenner 2.0,” described by the restaurant as “part hotdog, part taco, and it’s awesomeness,” was both introduced and then pulled Friday by the Senate Pub, according to local TV station WCPO Channel 9. It […]

12-year-old cancer survivor kicked out of school for low attendance, but it doesn’t end there

Rose McGrath

A young girl who was kicked out of school for “attendance and academic” reasons while battling cancer has been invited back. But her parents haven’t decided whether St. Joseph Middle School is the right place for her anymore. Rose McGrath, 12, of Battle Creek, Mich., is in remission after a nearly three-year battle with leukemia, […]

Taypayers foot bill for Boston Marathon bomber’s family to visit US; hotels, lawyers, security


Family members of convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are not only in the United States, but are here on the U.S. taxpayer’s dime. And survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing are outraged. Members of Tsarnaev’s family were flown to the United States for his murder trial and provided hotel rooms and extensive security, courtesy […]

Judge Jeanine on Clintons: ‘There’s a name for people who are willing to sell out their country for cash’

Jeanine Pirro

Judge Jeanine Pirro used the opening statement of her “Justice” show Saturday on Fox News to call Hillary Clinton the worst choice for president. “Hillary Clinton would be, without a doubt, hands down, the absolute best CEO of a public company. Ruthless, profit-driven, and all about the money,” Pirro said. “But if you’re looking for […]

Obama jokes about his ‘*uck- it list’ . . . sums up his presidency perfectly


President Obama struck back at his critics, the media and even Vice President Joe Biden when he took the mic at Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. “Those Joe Biden shoulder massages are like magic. You should try one,” Obama said. “Oh, you have?” Critics who oppose his repeated use of “phone and pen” to sign […]