Bungling feds blow thousands on strippers, boxing tickets in botched Border Patrol sting

stripper picking up bills, photo

The Justice Department’s corruption case against a 10-year Border Patrol veteran fell apart this week after his attorney accused the feds of entrapment – despite thousands of taxpayer dollars spent on strippers and boxing tickets as part of the sting. Money-laundering and corruption charges against Lauro Tobias were dropped by a federal judge after motions […]

Homeland Security agents seize couple’s Land Rover in ‘SWAT-style’ raid


Illegal immigrants may flow into the U.S. unfettered, but don’t even think about trying to bring in a vehicle that does not meet the Environmental Protection Agency‘s safety and emissions standards. That is, unless you want to be on the receiving end of a Homeland Security SWAT-style raid on your home. A North Carolina couple […]

Anti-terror author: Hamas ‘use their own children as disposable collateral’


Democrats, American libs and the talking heads who are making a good living spouting off about Palestinian civilian casualties in Israel’s war in Gaza should try living under Palestinian rule for a while. Brigitte Gabriel did. On “The Kelly File” Wednesday, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly interviewed Gabriel, terrorism expert, author and survivor of the Lebanon […]

Powerful senator bucks Obama: Give Ukraine weapons

Carl Levin

In what may seem to many an unprecedented if not revolutionary step, a senior Democrat actually had the cojones to differ with his imperial president. U.S. Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said on Wednesday that the United States should provide “certain types” of lethal weapons to Ukraine’s military, The Hill […]

Arrogant Obama mocks GOP criticism of executive orders: ‘Stop just hatin’ all the time’

Obama in KC

With midterm elections just months away, President Obama’s latest speech was filled with jabs at Republicans. The main topic of Obama’s Wednesday speech in Kansas City was supposed to be jobs and the minimum wage, but he couldn’t help but blame Congress that nothing had been accomplished, according to Breitbart News. “C’mon and help out a […]

Too little, too late? ISIL persecution of Christians ‘top priority’ of Obama Administration

Iraqi Christians

The Obama administration has made it a top priority to protect Middle East Christians and other minorities from persecution. In an interview with The Blaze this week, State Department officials said they’ve authorized another $14.3 million in humanitarian assistance to Iraqis, on top of the $136 million the agency already committed this year. “We’re meeting […]

Liberal ladies of ‘The View’ surprise everyone; trade the Kool-Aid for gun protection

The View Guns

Here’s a stunner: on Tuesday’s edition of The View co-hosts Sherri Shepherd, Jenny McCarthy and Fox News’ Juliet Huddy said they own guns. The segment began with an ad from a gun control group that was designed to make viewers hate gun owners, but it had the opposite effect: the ladies shared stories about situations […]

Paralyzed Marine brutally attacked, thrown from chair becomes an inspiration to all


A paralyzed Marine, running a surf camp for children with disabilities recently became the victim of a brutal assault, was robbed of his custom surfboards, before the assailants ripped him from his wheelchair, reported local San Diego news KUSI. Randy Abbott, has received an outpouring of support from individuals disgusted by the horrific crimes perpetrated […]

Restaurant invites scorn with ‘no loud kids’ sign; is it offensive?


A California restaurant has managed to offend plenty of customers with restrictions on an unlikely group — children. Old Fisherman’s Grotto, located in the popular family tourist town of Monterey, recently posted a sign prohibiting strollers, high chairs, booster seats, loud kids and crying babies, according to local NBC affiliate KSBW. Tots in violation of the eatery’s […]

Lois Lerner calls conservatives expletives, ‘crazies,’ & ‘teRrorists,’ in just-released emails

Lerner crazies

In a letter sent to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday, House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp, R-Mich., included newly-discovered emails sent by Lois Lerner, which irrefutably demonstrate her animosity towards Republicans and tea party members. The woman at the center of the tea party targeting scandal and former head of the Internal […]