While Hollywood worshiped Oscar, ISIS burned 8,000 books as part of its takeover

book burning1

In a quest to exterminate any form of competing idea or ideology, ISIS burned 8,000 books that were taken during a rampage through Iraq in January. A library in the ISIS controlled Iraqi town of Mosul became the target for Islamist militants according to the Associated Press. Witnesses at the time said they saw militants […]

NYPD: Social worker arrested for hate crime against white woman


A New York Department of Social Services employee was arrested Wednesday for committing a hate crime after grabbing a woman by the hair, bashing her head against a pole while making anti-white statements. This reportedly occurred at about 5:30 p.m. Did someone have a bad day? The victim, 25, was wearing headphones while texting when […]

Iranian-American journalist warns America: Sharia law is already here

Lisa Daftari

An Iranian-American investigative journalist and frequent Fox News contributor gave an alarming reason we should be concerned about what goes on in Middle Eastern countries, especially as it pertains to the practice of Sharia law. “It’s here,” Lisa Daftari said. She addressed her remarks on what she called “the real war on women” at the […]

Wisconsin Senate approves right to work; union members become unglued!


The Wisconsin state Senate approved by a 17-15 margin Wednesday night a proposal to make Wisconsin the 25th right to work state in the nation. The Assembly is expected to vote on it next week. Union members and liberals are now howling, knowing that the Assembly will more-than-likely pass the measure, and Republican Governor Scott […]

‘There’s gonna be a President Rodriguez,’ Obama panders: Will he be an illegal?


If there’s one thing President Obama does well, it is play to the emotions of the American people. Especially when it comes to his overreaching executive amnesty. Speaking to a friendly audience at a MSNBC town hall event in Miami, Obama pandered to Hispanics in attendance by promising that one day “there’s gonna be a […]

Corn, Maddow don tin-foil hats, fear O’Reilly’s ‘threats of violence’


The far left is reaching new levels paranoia and tin-foil-hat conspiracy claims.  Wednesday, David Corn claimed that Bill O’Reilly threatened his personal safety, speaking on The Rachel Maddow Show. The simmering feud between Corn and Bill O’Reilly should be old news, but liberal MSNBC and Mother Jones simply won’t let it go. O’Reilly called Corn […]

Race-bait mafia takes down ‘Fashion Police’ star: Dreadlocks joke backlash should make Americans shudder


A Hollywood abomination has been underway since E! Network host Giuliana Rancic made a “politically incorrect” statement on the show “Fashion Police.” Rancic was co-hosting the show that is famous for making fun of Hollywood stars for what they wear around town and on the red carpet. Hosts do take time to dish out compliments, […]

How does Dem Congressman get away with bold-faced lie about tea party and segregation?


When it comes to whipping up the base, the blatant dishonesty of many Democratic Party lawmakers is off the charts. Confident that their allies in the media are going to run cover for their fanciful tales, there are no limits to the spin, as seen early this week from U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver. Going after the […]

Obama stuns America with his brazen statement on illegals: ‘We’re a nation of laws BUT . . .’


According to President Obama, we are a nation of laws, BUT… But that doesn’t mean his administration is going to enforce them. In fact, while addressing illegal immigration at a MSNBC town hall Wednesday in Miami, the president all but said he will invalidate laws that do not advance his political agenda. Confident that few in the […]

Obama warns ICE officials will pay price for disobeying amnesty order: ‘There will be consequences’


At a Miami meeting sponsored by MSNBC and Telemundo Wednesday where he addressed the concerns of illegal aliens, President Barack Obama directed a chilling warning to Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. If they don’t heed his executive actions on amnesty, “there will be consequences.” “But what are the consequences?” José Diaz-Balart asked ther president, according […]