John Kerry slapped with a fine from city after citizen complaint


Secretary of State John Kerry was issued a ticket this week after a citizen filed a complaint. Who knew it was that easy? In the aftermath of “Snowmageddon,” about six inches of snow piled up on the sidewalk outside Kerry’s primary residence in Boston, and he was cited by the city after someone complained, The Hill reported. […]

Rand Paul steals the spotlight from his Texas rivals

Texas 3

Texas is the hot-spot for Republican politics and Sen. Rand Paul, R – KY, just stole the spotlight from potential presidential candidates, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Paul has his sights set deep in the heart, with the Texas primary expected for March 1. It was just announced that Paul […]

Packed Iraqi audiences in Baghdad cheer ‘American Sniper’; gives us ‘strength to face ISIS’


It’s no secret that Clint Eastwood’s film, “American Sniper,” depicting the life of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, is an American box office success. What’s not common knowledge is that the film’s popularity has carried over to audiences in Iraq. Gaith Mohammed, a twenty-something man with an accounting degree, described the packed audiences attending the film’s […]

Unhinged animal activists compare milking cows to ‘rape,’ kidnapping children


The students at UC Berkeley seem to have a lot of time on their hands – and zero sense of perspective. Case in point: a protest last Saturday afternoon by members of the Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy over a new design adorning the top of a Domino’s Pizza box, reported The Daily Californian. The […]

Scott Walker fed up with faculty lounge gripes: How about professors work a little harder?


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, is taking open jabs at university professors and their lax workload, saying a little more help from professors might ease coming budget cuts in higher education. As he made clear during a radio interview Wednesday, the two-term Republican governor, who has led Wisconsin out from under fiscal debt with “common sense […]

Comcast sends customer an UNBELIEVABLE insult; grovels, but will it be enough?


The goliath U.S. cable company Comcast is a little smaller after having been caught addressing one of its customers as “A—hole.” The name Ricardo Brown was deliberately changed to “A—hole Brown,” on a cable bill in an apparent act of retaliation for an earlier dispute between Comcast customer service and Ricardo’s wife, Lisa, of Spokane, […]

Man expecting UPS package of ammo is shocked by what his security camera reveals — you will be too!

ben lucas

When a Houston man arrived home earlier this month to find a package he’d been expecting smashed open, and its contents strewn all about his front yard, he checked his home security camera footage. What homeowner Ben Lucas discovered shocked him beyond belief. Much of the merchandise, which included .22-caliber ammunition, a gun cleaning kit […]

US public high school hosts ‘Hijab Day’: A ‘classic example of religious indoctrination’

World Hijab Day

A California school is causing quite a controversy for apparently violating the separation of church and state to promote Muslim headscarves for women. It all started when a student at Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep in Sacramento, who also happens to be an intern for the Hamas-linked group the Council on American-Islamic Relations, gave a presentation […]

Christian activists take stand at CAIR event: ‘Islam will not dominate the United States!’


Christian activists turned out Thursday to form a counter protest against an event outside the Texas Capitol organized by the Council on American-Islamic Relations. While CAIR traditionally bills its events as intended solely to raise awareness of Muslim issues, the group is viewed with suspicion – in part because it was found to be an […]

Social media rallies against latest leftist smear of ‘American Sniper’; ‘killing sprees’ in combat?


With the left in America having all but called for a jihad against “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, there have been no shortage of yahoos taking cheap shots at the former Navy SEAL. To include an NBC reporter — naturally. NBC foreign affairs reporter Ayman Mohyeldin characterized “the real Chris Kyle” as having “racist tendencies toward Iraqis and […]