Dramatic rescue of 3 children from apartment fire captured with helmet cam

Fresno Fire Rescue

It’s a miracle caught on video. Four firefighters from Fresno are being hailed as heroes after footage surfaced of them rescuing three children from a burning apartment in California. On the “point-of-view” video captured from the helmet cameras of the firefighters, a woman can be heard screaming that her children were trapped inside the raging […]

Amazing video: Woman steals cop car WHILE HANDCUFFED, leads police on wild chase

Roxanne Rimer

You have the right to remain seated. A Pennsylvania woman has been charged with stealing a police car and other crimes after she performed a circus-like maneuver of climbing into the front seat of the cruiser, while handcuffed, and leading police on an 80mph chase. Police said it all started when Roxanne Rimer, 27, was […]

Black NYT writer ‘fuming’ about son’s detention leaves out HUGE detail that changes everything


Even  by lying liberal standards, this is a disgrace. The New York Times columnist who used his position to argue that his son’s being detained at gunpoint by Yale University police over the weekend showed how dangerous the world is for young black men neglected to mention one crucial fact: The cop who stopped his […]

‘Zombie cat’ comes back to life, shows up 5 days after burial

zombie cat

Cats are supposed to have nine lives, but this is extreme. Bart the cat from Tampa, Fla., was hit by a car Thursday and pronounced dead by veterinarians. His grieving owners buried him in their backyard. Then a miracle happened. Five days later he showed up at their neighbor’s back door looking for something to […]

Nanny gets shock of her life when man’s voice comes over baby monitor; what every parent should know

baby cam

A Houston nanny got a shock Monday – and it’s the kind of story every parent with a baby monitor attached to a mobile phone app should pay attention to. According to KHOU, the CBS affiliate, nanny Ashley Stanley was taking care of her toddler charge when a voice started coming from the security camera […]

Jon Stewart lambastes CNN’s Don Lemon for ridiculous ‘Blizzardmobile’ coverage


Comedian Jon Stewart found the media coverage of the “Blizzard of 2015” to be overhyped. The “Daily Show” host tore into CNN in particular for its over-the-top coverage of what he called “Blizzapocalypsegeddon 15″ Tuesday. Stewart made fun of what he dubbed “anchor in a car” coverage. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full […]

US taxpayers are funding the group working to unseat Netanyahu

Netanyahu obama israel

The U.S.-based campaign to oust Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel’s prime minister has escalated from sending key members of President Obama’s 2012 reelection staff to assist in the effort to the possible use of taxpayer funds via the U.S. Department of State. The Israeli daily Haaretz reported Tuesday that five members of Obama’s reelection team, headed […]

Beheading gets personal for Obama: ‘We will cut off your head in the WH and transform America into Muslim province’


Maybe Obama will call them “Islamic extremists” now. Islamic State terrorists released a video Tuesday threatening to behead the president and turn the United States into an “Islamic province.” In the video, a masked jihadist stood above a captured Kurdish soldier and said, “Know, oh Obama, that we will reach America.” “Know also that we […]

No joke: Black talk radio says Tom Brady has ‘white privilege,’ heads explode


Will Al Sharpton have a new cause now? The Deflategate “controversy” over whether the New England Patriots cheated in their Jan. 18 AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts is now firmly a part of yet more racial conspiracy theories, with commentators on black radio openly calling the situation a classic case of white privilege. […]

Social media causes buzz with video of Michelle Obama’s face blurred ‘on state-run Saudi TV’


A controversy has emerged centering on the manner in which first lady Michelle Obama’s face was depicted on Saudi state television during the funeral of the late King Abdullah It appeared by a video, launched into the social media world, that the state-run TV intentionally blurred out the first lady’s face when she and President […]