Black pastors warn black lawmakers: Don’t slap Netanyahu in the face


Black clergymen from around the country are sending as clear message to members of Congressional Black Caucus: Stick around for Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress. Boycotting the speech out of solidarity with President Obama would be “a slap in the face to Israel.” When about two dozen lawmakers — most of them black caucus […]

Christian girl who escaped ISIS has a surprising message for her pursuers


A Christian girl forced to flee her home by the Islamic State and now living as a refugee under the protection of Kurds in northern Iraq offered a television interviewer a glimpse of the faith the Islamist terrorists despise so much. The girl is from the Mosul area, which U.S.-equipped Iraqi forces abandoned in June, […]

GOP’s Gohmert unleashes fury over Obama’s executive amnesty; puts compromise to shame


U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert is passionate about his politics, and that passion took center stage on Friday during a floor speech he gave right before the House voted on a short-term funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security. The Republican lawmaker from Texas unloaded on President Obama for his overreaching executive amnesty, of which, […]

Democrat email machine slips up big time — and lets their fundraising tactics show

Obama Money

The Democrats have a simple strategy to get donations to its Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Scare its supporters into giving them funds — by any means necessary. Wednesday, BizPac Review readers learned about the email the DCCC sent out to supporters boasting about forcing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to cave while simultaneously asking for […]

Mark Levin rips apart ‘King Barack Obama’ at CPAC:’We are a nation of citizens!’

Mark Levin

Popular conservative radio show host Mark Levin fired up the Conservative Political Action Conference crowd Saturday with an electrifying speech on President Obama’s executive power grab. Levin likened the president’s overreach to the abuses King George heaped on a young America, behaviors that prompted the Constitutional Congress to write the Declaration of Independence. “Let me […]

‘Some guy broke into my house, and I shot him’: Widower makes short work of home invader

ohio shooting

An Ohio felon misjudged his 71-year-old target, and it proved a fatal mistake. After an intruder kicked in the door of his North Columbus home Friday, widower Joseph Miklich fired his shotgun and killed the man, according to the local news station, Channel 10 TV. Miklich then called 911 and said, “Some guy broke into […]

Veterans advocate blasts Obama’s ‘Twitter war’; ‘fighting terror with tweets’


A war veteran blasted the State Department’s latest Twitter campaign against Islamic State terrorists, accusing the Obama administration of chronically failing to understand how to wage a real war. “Until you can take a hashtag, load it into a magazine, rack it into an M-4, charge it and put it in the forehead of an […]

Black media mogul calls Sharpton Comcast’s ‘least expensive negro’


It’s not often that you hear shakedown artist Al Sharpton referred to as “the least-expensive negro.” But that’s how he was characterized by the man suing Comcast for $20 billion for racial discrimination against black-owned media companies — Sharpton was named in the lawsuit for allegedly facilitating discrimination. In an interview Friday with “HuffPost Live,” co-plaintiff […]

Michelle Malkin: ‘Obama incapable of dealing with reality — and our enemies!’

Obama Malkin

Conservative columnist Michele Malkin on Friday blasted the Obama administration’s hapless strategy to topple Islamic terrorism, especially the notion that creating economic opportunities for Arabs will make a dent. Driving home the point in an interview with BizPac Review at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Malkin said the men who attacked the United States on […]

Jeb Bush packed CPAC crowd with bused-in support, but some cues got blown

Jeb Bush, Sean Hannity

Judging from audience reaction, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush handled himself admirably Friday during his 20-minute question-and-answer session with Fox News host Sean Hannity at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland. But the whole affair had the whiff of illusion designed to buttress Bush’s image. Bush supporters were bused all the way from Washington, […]