School faces massive backlash for HIJAB DAY: ‘Constitution says nothing about separation of mosque and state’


In yet another event aimed to “celebrate diversity,” an Ohio high school planned what it called “A Covered Girl Challenge” where female students were to have spent the day wearing a hijab. Mason High School in southwest Ohio scheduled the event for April 23, but in response to a storm of protest, it fizzled out […]

Singer Michael Bublé apologizes profusely for posting ‘controversial’ photo of woman’s butt


Singer Michael Bublé regrets tweeting a photo his wife took of him while the two were waiting in line. It wasn’t the photo itself that was the problem — even though the backside of a comely young woman was prominently displayed in the background. It was the editorial comments in the form of hashtags he made […]

Marco Rubio swings at Common Core: If I was president I could cut Department of Education

Marco Rubio

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio made waves on his first official day on the 2016 campaign trail, tearing into the Common Core education standards and saying he would consider dumping the Department of Education if he is elected president. Rubio told Manchester Community College students Friday that he is “very cautious about the federal government’s role […]

Outraged vet in trouble for taking on free speech; she couldn’t bear to see flag trampled on


Free-speech rights ran headlong into a veteran’s love of country when she took the protesters’ American flag because they were trampling on it. Air Force veteran Michelle Manhart approached a group of protesters who were walking on Old Glory at Valdosta State University in south Georgia, the Valdosta Daily Times reported Friday. Manhart told the newspaper she was […]

Ben Affleck had PBS censor his family tree to hide slave owner ancestor, leaked email reveals

Ben Affleck

Leaked PBS emails have foiled outspoken liberal actor Ben Affleck’s attempts to cover up his slave owner ancestry. When he appeared on an episode of the PBS series, “Finding Your Roots,” Affleck learned that a member of his bloodline owned slaves, and he asked to have that part of the scene scrubbed. Hacked emails published […]

‘Power up the jet, boys!’ Obama to recognize Earth Day immersed in hypocricy


With Earth Day quickly approaching, President Obama is eager to warn the nation about the perils of climate change. And what better way to send a message about clean air than to jump on Air Force One and blaze a carbon trail from Washington, D.C., to the Florida Everglades? “Rising sea levels are putting a […]

Appeals court hears arguments on Obama’s executive actions granting amnesty to immigrants


Efforts to stop President Obama’s executive actions against deporting illegal immigrants are now in the hands of three appellate judges in New Orleans. The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals judges — one appointed by a Democrat and two appointed by Republicans – heard lively oral arguments in the case Friday, according to The Associated […]

Jeb tells press he’s eaten Chipotle but . . . I ‘drive my own car, park my own car, get out of my own car’


At this rate, likely 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton may never step foot in another Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant. Not that she’s normally a big fan of the chain eatery anyway. Clinton has been ridiculed mercilessly since stopping in at an Ohio Chipotle on Monday to show the country that she’s just regular folk like you and me. […]

Veterinarian fired after posting this ‘shocking’ photo of cat on Facebook


A Texas veterinarian set off a social media firestorm that cost her her job after posting a photo of her holding up what she called a “feral tomcat” she had just killed with a bow and arrow. It turns out the cat was no stray – it was reportedly an elderly couple’s pet. Kristen Lindsey […]

NYPD bans officer from driving ‘Dukes of Hazard’s’ General Lee car to work because it’s ‘racist’


A New York City police officer’s car has prompted cries of racism. When the unidentified officer drove to work in a replica of “The General Lee” from the 1980s hit CBS show “The Dukes of Hazzard,” a resident called the local CBS affiliate to complain. The problem? The car’s roof is adorned with a Confederate […]