Angry Bald Dude: Black lives DO matter, but so do facts

Ferguson Riots

On Monday night and into the early morning hours Tuesday, we watched as some of Ferguson, Mo., literally burned to the ground. We watched as rioters chanted, “hands up, don’t shoot,” as they set fire to businesses, stole merchandise and fired random gunshots. All of this was supposedly designed to protest what the rioters felt […]

What’s wrong with this woman? State senator uses term ‘race war’ over and over to incite more unrest

Maria Chappelle-Nadal

When incidents that touch off unrest and violence erupt we rely on our leaders to call for peace and to be voice of reason and calm. Apparently one Missouri state senator missed that memo. Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, a Democrat representative of Ferguson,appeared on MSNBC in the wake of the grand jury decision that exonerated white […]

Atlanta suspends fire chief for writing book with biblical beliefs on homosexuality


The top firefighter in Atlanta and a former appointee of President Obama is off the job without pay and ordered to attend “sensitivity training” because he published a book a year ago espousing biblical beliefs about homosexuality – and did it without getting permission. According to WSB-TV 2 in Atlanta, Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran failed […]

What you should know about your new FDA food nanny


On Tuesday, new Food and Drug Administration rules will be issued that will affect chain restaurants, vending machines, movie theaters, grocery stores, coffee shops and pizza joints and other retailers that sell prepared foods. Businesses are negative on the new campaign. The Associated Press reported that  these businesses will be required to display detailed calorie […]

Virginia man hangs Nazi flag outside home to send Obama a message; neighbors outraged


A Virginia man who identified himself as Dr. William Wheeler hung the Nazi flag outside his home because he wanted to compare President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler after Obama’s executive action plan on immigration, according to 13News Now. In defense of his act, Wheeler told reporters, “I am not a Nazi, I am half-Jewish.” […]

Dad Willie moved to tears by Sadie’s perfect performance


Can Sadie bring the Mirrorball Trophy home to Duck Dynasty for Thanksgiving? At the other end of the spectrum from the upheaval in Ferguson, Mo., on Monday, Sadie Robertson made viewers smile and her dad cry as during the dancing finale “Dancing with the Stars.” Willie Robertson was so moved he wiped tears from his […]

Down-on-his-luck unemployed veteran scores dream acting job with help of ‘Prank it Forward’


Jon Arneson, an unemployed veteran who has had a rough time recently, got a collection of amazing surprises from the shows “Prank It Forward” and “Extra.” His girlfriend Gabrielle Carmona wrote in to “Prank It Forward,” to tell Arneson’s story. The veteran just returned home from Iraq has been trying to find a job to […]

Rapper has meltdown over jury decision: ‘I might have to kill one of these crackers in their sleep!’

Azealia Banks

Award-winning rapper Azealia Banks, famous for hits like “Ice Princess” and “Partition,” had a Twitter meltdown after the Ferguson grand jury decision in the shooting death of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by white officer Darren Wilson was announced Monday night. (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE) The rapper began by expressing her racism. I know it’s so […]

NFL’s Reggie Bush compares Ferguson, Mike Brown to Palestinians


NFL star Reggie Bush might know how to break a tackle – or bed a Kardashian – but he’s in over his head when it comes to the Michael Brown shooting. The former Heisman Trophy winner jumped into the post-grand jury Ferguson controversy Monday by using Instagram to post a picture of a Palestinian man […]

Michael Brown’s emotional mother reacts to grand jury; crowd comforts her during profanity-laced rant

brown mom

Michael Brown’s mother reacted angrily to the grand jury decision not to indict the officer who fatally shot her son after Brown attacked the officer in August. Her raw emotions came out in a profanity-laced rant, according to the video posted on YouTube by Rebel Pundit. The Daily Mail reported: She put her face in her […]