Guy offers on Craigslist to be ‘worst Thanksgiving date ever to meet your family,’ and gets ‘hired’


A Texas man with nowhere to go for Thanksgiving offered himself to be someone’s date from hell in exchange for a meal – and landed the job! In an ad out on Craigslist Thursday, Nick Schmidt, a sous chef at Holiday Inn Nashville Airport, promised to cause a major scene of the recipient’s choosing in front of the whole family. […]

Watch girl respond to the ol’ pregnant turkey prank

preggo turkey

Thanksgiving is a time when family and loved ones get together, who then must find creative ways to entertain one another. Like pulling the ol’ pregnant turkey prank. Watch the hilarious reaction when a girl thinks she cooked a turkey and its baby. And Happy Thanksgiving! Megyn Kelly sums up Ferguson with one question for protesters, […]

Awkward: CNN reporter caught by surprise when ‘peaceful protesters’ start embarrassing chant on live TV

cnn reporter

A CNN reporter was caught by surprise when demonstrators in New York City suddenly began an embarrassing chant while he was on live TV. Reporter Miguel Marquez was covering the actions of protesters unhappy with a grand jury’s decision not to charge Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown. “This is […]

Video: Obama goes from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I’m not’ to I changed the law, so what?

Obama speech

President Obama admitted Tuesday before a room full of supporters what he has never admitted to the American people as a whole: He changes the law however he likes – and he doesn’t give a damn about Congress or the Constitution. Speaking about immigration at a Polish community center in Chicago, Obama was heckled by […]

Pass the mustard! ‘Ham sandwich’ trending after Ferguson non-indictment


It takes a sharp news addict to see a trend happening and compile it into video for easy consumption. The staff at the Washington Free Beacon has it down to a science. When news that Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted came down on Monday afternoon, the watchful crew noticed a pattern among legal […]

Networks cut away as Sharpton takes podium – they don’t want to hear him either!


Fox News and CNN did America a service Tuesday when they cut away from a Ferguson, Mo., news conference just as Al Sharpton was getting ready to appear on camera. And they weren’t even subtle about it. Three cable news networks, Fox, CNN and MSNBC started coverage of the news conference by attorneys representing attorneys […]

Ted Nugent’s unfiltered response, ‘lessons from Ferguson,’ as real as it gets: ‘Well, well, well!’


The “Motor City Madman” has done it again. Rock icon Ted Nugent, as well known for uttering blunt truthisms that drive liberals insane as for his music, posted some “lessons from Ferguson” on Facebook Tuesday. Staying true to his modus operandi, Nugent did not mince words with his controversial remarks that were posted in the aftermath […]

Krauthammer: Eric Holder’s Ferguson comments ‘astonishing’

holder kraut

Charles Krauthammer was highly critical of Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday, saying his choice of words in response to the rioting in Ferguson, Mo., was “astonishing.”   “It is clear that I think that acts of violence threaten to drown out those who have legitimate voices, legitimate demonstrators, and those acts of violence, cannot and […]

New York Times reporters feel backlash for publishing Darren Wilson’s street name


A New York Times decision to publish the name of the street and town where Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson lives with his new wife is causing a storm of controversy The Times defends its decision as simple news coverage, but Wilson supporters say it amounted to providing a target on a couple who is […]

Angry Bald Dude: Black lives DO matter, but so do facts

Ferguson Riots

On Monday night and into the early morning hours Tuesday, we watched as some of Ferguson, Mo., literally burned to the ground. We watched as rioters chanted, “hands up, don’t shoot,” as they set fire to businesses, stole merchandise and fired random gunshots. All of this was supposedly designed to protest what the rioters felt […]