82-year-old ‘black grandma’ shreds ‘anti-Christian’ Democratic party on C-SPAN


A still sharp 82-year-old black grandmother, a Democrat, called into C-Span recently to offer her two cents on the state of her party and it wasn’t pretty. More importantly, the woman, identified as Joyce, told “Washington Journal” host Greta Brawner she voted straight Republican this year. “I have noticed in years what the Democratic Party has […]

Get ready to fight this! Dems hit free speech with move to regulate rules of social media


When incumbents want to modify regulations on political campaigns, they typically have one goal in mind – to protect their incumbency. That could very well be the impetus behind an announcement Friday from the Federal Election Commission’s Democratic vice chairwoman, Ann M. Ravel, who called for new rules on online campaigning. The current rule, established […]

Laura Ingraham touches off tweet storm over what Jeb Bush said about Fox News

Ing Bush

Laura Ingraham touched off a tweet storm Friday, when she reported that Jeb Bush believes Fox News is “too negative” for regular viewing. The conservative radio host was citing a report from the liberal website, Talking Points Memo, which quoted from CNN’s coverage of Bush’s speech at a South Carolina event. Ingraham tweeted: Report: Fox […]

Truthy removes part of website that monitored conservative hashtags


The National Science Foundation (NSF) project designed to track “misinformation” on Twitter has removed portions of its website that monitored political users, including conservatives who used the “tcot” hashtag. “Truthy,” the nearly $1 million research project being conducted by the University of Indiana, has redesigned its website following the Washington Free Beacon’s initial report on the study. The […]

Teacher’s letter read to child’s face was humiliating, mom demands action

Student Letter

A New Mexico mother is demanding to meet with her son’s middle school principal after a guidance counselor read him a letter saying the class was better without him. Rosemarie Baca was attending a parent-teacher conference with her son, David, when the Truman Middle School counselor read aloud a letter written by another teacher not […]

CNN host apologizes, Sarah Palin in no mood for her ‘hate and stupidity’


CNN anchor Carol Costello apologized Thursday for her smug behavior while reporting on audiotape of a distraught Bristol Palin telling police she had just been assaulted by a man at a party. “This is quite possibly the best minute and a half of audio we’ve ever come across,” a gleeful Costello told viewers in setting up the recording. “Well, come […]

‘Satan told me to’: Man levels Ten Commandments statue with car, offers come in to rebuild

10 command

Long after Eve invented the “the devil made me do it” excuse, it’s not likely to be any more successful for an Oklahoma man who destroyed a Ten Commandments monument. The unidentified man admitted to U.S. Secret Service agents Friday that he purposely crashed his car into the monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol, local NBC affiliate KFOR […]

Chuck Todd ‘hacked by Anthony Weiner’? People go nuts over crotch photo tweet

Chuck Todd

Chuck Todd innocently tweeted a photo of his crotch Friday and people noticed! The “Meet the Press” host was compelled to prove to his followers that he was wearing a seatbelt and tweeted: “Folks, I am wearing a seatbelt. It blends in with my dark jacket. And I have the strap portion under my arm when I’m […]

Michael Brown’s mom, granny, cousin start brawl in the street over pimping his image


A town known for anti-police protests became the scene of a different kind of battleground when members of Michael Brown’s family clashed with one another over the sale of merchandise bearing his name. The dead teen’s relatives, including his grandmother, were selling T-shirts and other products commemorating Brown’s shooting death, when his mother, Lesley McSpadden, showed […]

Dem opponent about Nikki Haley: ‘We’re gonna escort whore out the door’


It could have gone unnoticed, but after South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Vincent Sheheen called Republican Governor Nikki Haley a “whore,” during a campaign speech, he paused to smile and laugh about his slip of the tongue. “We are going to escort whore out the door,” the Democrat candidate said at Thursday’s rally in Florence. He corrected himself immediately, but […]