Dem flier freaks out churchgoers with picture of lynching, threats of impeachment if they lose

Hagen Lynching Flier

In keeping with the tried and true Democrat theme of race baiting and fear mongering a flier has begun circulating in North Carolina that says “Kay Hagan DOESN’T win! Obama’s IMPEACHMENT will begin! Vote in 2014.” Perhaps sensing that the majority of Americans would start shouting “Yippee” at such a prospect, the flier takes it […]

Official says camera caught Hispanic liberal ‘stuffing ballot box’: ‘Go f*** yourself, gringo’:


A key Republican in Arizona’s largest county says he’s got video evidence of the kind of abuses state’s desperate need for voting reform. A. J. LaFaro, chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee, obtained surveillance video shot at a Phoenix elections office during the state’s Aug. 25 primary that he says shows a liberal group […]

Bloomberg Politics deletes ‘super racist’ Obama fried chicken tweet


We’ve all had those moments when we said or did something and immediately wished that life had a rewind button that would allow us to take it back. For Bloomberg Politics, that day was yesterday. Twitter users noticed almost immediately when a photograph tweeted by the news organization seemed somehow inappropriate. The picture accompanied a […]

‘Bizarre Foods’ guy fills up on liberal propaganda; embarrassing, dude, ‘stick to food’

bizarre foods

Andrew Zimmern, star of Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods,” swallowed a propaganda morsel hook, line and sinker. A one-sided newspaper hit piece recently implied that Texas Attorney General and Republican candidate for governor Greg Abbott would be against interracial marriage because he refused to answer a hypothetical question. Abbott had defended the state’s gay marriage ban recently […]

‘Racial profiling experiment’ tests liberal gullibility; liberals fail test

Fake Cop

The latest YouTube video from the “TrueStoryASA” account may be anything but. The YouTube account, run by Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar, consists mostly of prank videos recorded by the pair. But in a video titled “Racial Profiling Experiment,” uploaded on Sunday, they tried to take a more serious tone. The video showed the two […]

Voter engages Obama in trash talk at voting booth

trash talk

Who’d the guy think he was talking to, Bill Clinton? As President Obama stood waiting to cast his early vote Monday in his neighborhood polling place in Chicago, he might have gotten a little too close to fellow voter Aia Cooper, according to CBS. “Don’t touch my girlfriend,” a man identified as Mike Jones told […]

Amateur-hour! WH foolishly tries to scrub Obama’s embarrassing ‘unpaid bills’ joke


Obama White House press aides tried to delete an embarrassing “joke” about unpaid bills the president made during a speech in Chicago on Monday – but they were too late. The joke was already out – and the embarrassment’s been around for years. Speaking at a Democratic fundraiser (where else?) Monday evening, President Obama talked […]

Toys R Us peddles meth dealer doll with drugs: ‘Breaking Bad’ star to burn protesting ‘mom action figure’


A Florida mom is in a public tangle with TV star Bryan Cranston over an children’s action figure toy of Cranston’s meth-dealing character from “Breaking Bad.” But she’s losing on the popular front. In a petition launched on the website, Fort Myers resident Susan Schrivjer asked Toys R Us to remove the Walter White […]

Fellow black comedian calls Bill Cosby a rapist: ‘Way to ruin pudding for America’


During a stand-up routine in Philadelphia Thursday, black comedian Hannibal Buress came down hard on fellow comic Bill Cosby, and it wasn’t funny. Here’s what he said via Buzzfeed (strong language) : Thirteen? And it’s even worse because Bill Cosby has the fucking smuggest old black man public persona that I hate. Pull your pants up, black […]

Jindal nails Obama’s four stages of crisis management

jindal 1

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal outlined four stages of what he calls Obama’s “School of Crisis Management” on Fox News’ “The Kelly File.”   Watch the latest video at Jindal introduced the four steps on Twitter Saturday, after the New York Times reported that the president was “seething” over the Ebola response. Here are the […]