UNBELIEVABLE reason Michelle Obama suddenly recalls her trumpeted Target trip as a racist incident


Taking time out from packing for another holiday stay in Hawaii, multimillionaire President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, took some time out to sit down with People magazine to talk about their simmering resentments at the racist way they’ve been mistreated by their country. And not just in their youth. Even as first lady, […]

Shocked Texas plumber’s former work truck shows up in jihad terror mission photo; his phone blows up

Texas plumber

It doesn’t always pay to advertise.   That’s what a Texas plumber is learning after getting barraged with threats from people who’ve seen a Ford truck he used to own show up in a picture posted on Twitter by an Islamist militant group — fighting in Syria! Mark Oberholtzer, the longtime owner/operator of Mark-1 Plumbing […]

See who won ‘most annoying’ television host title


Who is the most annoying person Americans invite into their homes? Ranker.com, a website that exists solely to rank topics ranging from everyday concerns to things most people might never have thought of (“The 50 Greatest Bangs in movie history,” for instance) has the answer. Cable network HLN’s Nancy Grace, the true-crime queen, was the […]

Bill O’Reilly: ‘If Sen. Warren ever gains White House, she’d make Obama look like Ronald Reagan’

Warren O1

Does liberal America have a new face? Fox News host  Bill O’Reilly told viewers on Tuesday night’s “Talking Points Memo” that Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is poised to dethrone Democrats’ favorite female icon, Hillary Clinton. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Pegging Clinton as too socially moderate for some leftist media, O’Reilly said Warren is the […]