Video: So-called ‘peaceful’ Ferguson protesters, block, punch, choke white motorist who says ‘I want to go home’

white guy punched

Night after night the protests continue in Ferguson over the Michael Brown shooting. Supporters insist that the protesters are peaceful, but video and first-hand social media reporting tells a different story. The latest video and tweets cover Friday night’s activities, including a road block and an attack on a young white motorist who told the […]

Oops, she did it again! Michelle Obama introduces Dem candidate with his opponent’s bio!

Michelle O oops

Maybe Michelle Obama should stay home with her husband instead of “helping” Democrat candidates around the country. Another vacation, maybe? She could take up golf . Anything to keep her off of the stage where she keeps flubbing her job as a cheerleader. After messing up Iowa Senate candidate Bruce Braley’s name seven times in […]

Smug Hillary just said stupidest thing that will be used against her over and over again

Hillary smug

Hillary Clinton took a page from Barack Obama’s “you didn’t build that” playbook when she declared at a Democratic rally in Massachusetts that┬ácorporations and businesses don’t create jobs. The former secretary of state began by invoking trickle-down economics to push minimum wage hikes. After name-dropping her husband Bill for back-up, she bashed American businesses, just […]