Rick Perry takes the high road; deletes ‘unauthorized’ tweet of ‘most drunk Democrat in Texas’

most drunk

It wasn’t because it was unjustified, but Texas Governor Rick Perry took down an ugly tweet that came from his account Sunday, saying that it was unauthorized and he didn’t condone it. Good for him if he wants to take the high road, but I won’t. Rosemary Lehmberg, the DA who trumped up charges to take him down, deserved […]

‘Pull Your Damn Pants Up’ challenge heated CNN debate; Marc Lamont Hill fesses up

pull pants up CNN

The purpose behind social media’s newest “Pull Your Damn Pants Up” challenge sparked a heated debate amongst a CNN panel on Sunday. A video making the rounds on the Internet mimics the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but this one aims to help black men avoid racial profiling by improving their appearance. CNN contributor Marc Lamont […]

‘Come to Jesus moment’: Scrapper Dana Loesch’s best ever advice on battling libs


Dana Loesch rose to conservative icon status one battle at a time. Her weapon of choice: Twitter. An expert in social media, the animated 35-year-old Texan was tapped by Americans for Prosperity this weekend to teach a group of eager activists how to use social media to change hearts and minds.  We can win political […]