FBI director’s ‘blockhead’ remarks cause Poland to demand an apology


The U.S. ambassador to Poland found himself on the hot seat and apologizing to Polish officials Sunday over “blockhead” remarks by FBI Director James Comey that implied Poles were accomplices to the Holocaust during World War II. Comey’s comments were published in the Washington Post Thursday, and adapted from a speech he gave Wednesday at […]

Laura Bush disagrees with Obama: Says NO his wife shouldn’t get BIG paycheck from taxpayers


President Obama chose tax day last week to promote the Democrat myth of a Republican “war on women” by declaring that first ladies — or at least his first lady — should be paid for what they do. But Laura Bush, a woman who held the unofficial title for eight years, has a different take […]

Clinton-Bush comeback triggers more ‘ewwww’ flashbacks for Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak

The very real possibility of a Clinton versus Bush replay for the 2016 presidential contest is giving “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak 1990s flashbacks. Sajak, one of the best conservative quipsters on Twitter, took to the social media website Sunday to lament the match-up — and predict what other ’90s things could make a […]