LA Police press conference: We have visual proof homeless man forcibly grabbed officer’s gun

LAPD Press Conference

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said his department has “compelling” evidence that the homeless man shot and killed by police Sunday was reaching for an officer’s gun moments before the fatal shots were fired. At a news conference Monday Beck said the man “forcibly” grabbed an officer’s weapon during the struggle. “There is compelling […]

Artist reveals Bill Clinton portrait has hidden Monica Lewinsky reminder; can you spot it?

Bill Clinton

The artist who painted the 2006 portrait of former President Bill Clinton that now hangs in the National Portrait Gallery said the piece includes a reference to Monica Lewinsky — one he purposely put there. The “shadow” of the infamous blue, semen-stained dress worn by the former Clinton intern to one of her Oval Office […]

Combat veteran Democrat crossed Obama in Hawaii; now she’s paying a price


It was only a matter of time. President Obama‘s allies in the media have begun pushing back against U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, the Democratic lawmaker from the president’s home state of Hawaii who has been sharply critical of the White House for its handling of the Islamic State’s campaign of terror. Gabbard is a combat veteran who […]