ISIS savages purportedly behead second American journalist; ‘pure evil gone mad!’


The terrorist group known as ISIS beheaded a second American journalist and broadcast the murderer in an Internet video Tuesday. The video was titled “A Second Message to America,” according to CNN. In it, journalist Steven Sotloff is shown saying he’s “paying the price for U.S. intervention in Muslim lands, according to CNN. An ISIS figured, […]

Resign now! Parents of slain Navy SEAL annihilate ‘cowardly’ Obama: ‘You, Sir, are the JV team’


The parents of a Navy SEAL killed in when his chopper was shot down over Afghanistan in 2011 have issued an open letter to President Obama with a simple message: Resign. Now. In the letter, published by the World Tribune, Billy and Karen Vaughn describe watching the video of Islamist savages beheading American photojournalist James […]

Rick Perry takes the high road; deletes ‘unauthorized’ tweet of ‘most drunk Democrat in Texas’

most drunk

It wasn’t because it was unjustified, but Texas Governor Rick Perry took down an ugly tweet that came from his account Sunday, saying that it was unauthorized and he didn’t condone it. Good for him if he wants to take the high road, but I won’t. Rosemary Lehmberg, the DA who trumped up charges to take him down, deserved […]