Young woman’s SCATHING letter to Hillary goes viral; calling out a hypocrite!


A self-described middle-class female millennial — someone you would assume to be a huge Clinton supporter — made an astute observation in an open letter: Her campaign ii’s all style over substance — it’s all show and no go. And it’s overflowing with hypocrisy. That person, National Review Online reporter Katherine Timpf tweeted: I wrote […]

Emily’s hair: This little 3-year-old will change the world someday

Emily 2

Here is a little girl you just know will change the world. Emily James happily lets her uncle cut her hair and donate it so other kids that “get sick sometimes” will feel better. She tells the story in her own sweet voice that wins over your heart. The video is from FlyPress films and is […]

Cool video of sailfish breaking line and escaping

In case you ever doubted the beauty of Florida’s spectacular marine environment, I’ve got a video for you. I took out a fishing charter on Friday off Riviera Beach, and we were fortunate enough to hook a 50-pound sailfish. We couldn’t resist the urge to see this amazing creature up close, so a couple of […]

National spotlight on local non-profit

A local non-profit group, the Florida Fishing Academy, will make its national television debut Monday, Feb. 20, in a “Making a Difference” segment on “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.” During the 6:30 p.m. broadcast, the Palm Beach County-based academy will be recognized for its efforts to steer the lives of local youth onto a positive […]

Jump in and enjoy the sea life

Forget Sea World, or Discovery Cove. You want to see Florida’s stunning marine life, or even swim with the dolphins, just venture even a short distance off of South Florida’s coast. Whether you’re snorkeling off Peanut Island, or at the sunken ship turret off Delray Beach, or at any of the many natural coral reefs […]

Last chance to make your swing count at FFA Golf Classic


Calling all golfers! Want to make your swing count for more than your handicap? Well, here’s your chance. On Saturday, Dec. 3, the Florida Fishing Academy will hold its inaugural Holiday Golf Classic at the Cypress Creek Country Club in Boynton Beach. Individual prices are just $100 per golfer — $375 for a foursome – with all […]


If you head out off South Florida waters, and you’re looking for a fighting fish, be prepared. You never know what you’ll find. I was out on a recent charter with a young family, trolling for another cobia to add to a recent prize catch, and I knew when the bite hit that we had […]

Something fishy about your seafood dinner?

Do you know what you had for dinner last night? Are you sure? If you had sushi, it might not have been the fish listed on the label. According to a recent article in the Sun Sentinel and a study by Nova University, sushi restaurants often serve escolar as white tuna (albacore). Escolar is an ugly fish […]

Strange Fact, or Just Bananas?


If you’re an old salty dog, I am sure you have heard the superstition about bananas and fishing. If not, well, let me share it with – so you can spare yourself some heartache on your next fishing excursion. Do not bring a banana on the boat if you expect to catch a fish. And […]

Got mercury? Not much, in locally caught seafood, sampling shows

Great news on the mercury content for our local fish. I recently participated in a research project conducted by Got Mercury?, a California-based environmental group that seeks to protect the public from mercury in seafood, the environment and other areas of concern. We submitted samples of mahi-mahi, swordfish and yellowfin tuna purchased from eight randomly […]