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How did this adorable viral video become so controversial?

baby with dog

The video became an Internet sensation in the past week. As you can see, the cuteness level is off the charts, but as with all things viral, there are always different opinions and plenty of people offering them. Charlie, the dog in the video, has his own Facebook page where his owner recently answered some of the […]

Florida Five: Pelosi shouldn’t look to Fla. to flip the House, NY gov. messes with wrong state


Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: NY governor picks a fight with Florida; CFO defends Sunshine State against false ad campaign: Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater sent a letter to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Friday, asking the governor to clarify “glaring errors and misstatements” made in New York’s latest marketing […]

Is this a joke, Chuck Schumer? ‘World’s on fire, but hey, Obamacare for pets!’

pet meds

Is Senator Chuck Schumer really suggesting Obamacare for pets? Not exactly, but he’s pushing a bill that plants the government’s nose firmly into the veterinarian health care industry. The unpopular New York senator and Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., are announcing legislation that would mandate veterinarians write prescriptions to pet owners instead of forcing the owners […]

Florida Five: Obama opens East Coast to oil search, Police KKK ties, Obamacare lawsuit update

Obama oil spill1

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Florida orthodontist braces for oral arguments in landmark Obamacare lawsuit: Dr. Larry Kawa is about as far removed from the federal governing structure as any private citizen. But the Boca Raton orthodontist does have something in common with the U.S. House of Representatives.Both see the Obama […]

State Dept. spokeswoman lambasted for unbelievable tweet: ‘Is this real?’

State Dept Jen meme

A tone deaf tweet from the official State Department account of  spokeswoman Jen Psaki Thursday night prompted an overwhelming response of disgust and disbelief. The same day Psaki was called out by Fox News anchor Shepard Smith and correspondent Jennifer Griffin for burying the news of the Malaysian Airline plane crash within routine talking points at […]

Dad walks in on babysitter molesting his son; beats him to a ‘bloody puddle’


A Daytona Beach father beat an 18-year-old male babysitter unconscious when he returned home to find him sexually abusing his 11-year-old son. Raymond Frolander was a trusted family friend and neighbor, Daytona News-Journal reported. According to police, when the father caught Frolander in the bedroom molesting his son, he knocked him out and called 911. Police responded […]

Disgusted Fox News anchors go off on State Dept. ‘highly inappropriate’ briefing

state Dept jen

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith couldn’t believe his ears when he turned to a live news briefing at the State Department Thursday just after of a Malaysian Airlines plane went down over Ukraine. A disgusted Smith lashed out at spokesperson Jen Psaki for not leading with the breaking news of the crash. “Well this is […]

What Ted Nugent offers to send to ‘kids at the border’ may cause dilemma for liberals

Ted Nugent

How do you fault a guy for wanting to help feed the flurry of new house guests Democrats like Obama have dropped off in our homes? If you’re a bleeding-heart, anti-hunting liberal, you may have a conflict of interest, but fans were crystal clear about where they stood when rocker Ted Nugent made this offer on […]

Video: Good Samaritans yank carjacker out of car; beat him to save mom and daughter


Here’s a video that will make you cheer for the good guys in San Diego who rescued a mother and daughter during an attempted carjacking. The alleged carjacker must have skipped driver’s ed because shortly after jumping into the driver seat, 21-year-old Ismael Hernandez hit a pole, a witness told Fox5. When a group of […]

Sign petition: ‘Let Unaccompanied Alien Children Live at White House’


Nancy Pelosi wished she could take all of the alien children home with her last week. Alex Jones and Infowars thus a petition was formed July 9, demanding the illegal immigrants be given accommodations on the grounds of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.. Here’s how it reads: Texas Gov. Perry accused the Obama administration of orchestrating an influx […]