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‘Al Sharpton got what he wanted’: CNN guest interprets Brooklyn cop assassination


Retired NYPD detective Harry Houck was one of the first to link the king of race-baiters Al Sharpton to the bloody execution of two New York City police officers Saturday on CNN. “We have two dead police officers, and I guess Al Sharpton got what he wanted,” Houck said as the news was unfolding. Investigators believe Ismaaiyl Brinsley killed […]

NYC cop killer brags on Instagram: ‘I’m putting pigs in a blanket’

cop killer1

The bloody scene in Brooklyn is about to spark more anger and dangerous tension between cops and citizen protesters who are still furious over the choking death of Eric Garner by NYPD officers. Two uniformed officers were shot dead execution style on Saturday and the alleged killer left behind a chilling message, according to the […]

Man gets creative when bratty kid won’t stop ramming him with grocery cart


Don’t you hate it when parents can’t keep control of their unruly kids? This little brat got served when he repeatedly pushed a shopping cart into a customer’s legs. The video has drawn attention because the boy’s mother allowed the child to continue his behavior unchecked.

When a huge semi-truck runs you over at just the right angle . . .


Here is the luckiest man in the world. Reports say that he only suffered minor injuries.

Kansas school takes blind boy’s cane, replaces it with a pool noodle to punish him


Dakota Nafzinger has had eight years to get used to being blind since birth, but nothing prepared him for what happened last week. Rachel, Dakota’s mom, told local media that staff members at Gracemor Elementary school took away her son’s cane as punishment for hitting a student with it on the bus. The Kansas City […]

Dashcam: Thieves steal from church; car gets blown up by lightning during cop chase


In St. Petersburg, Russia a car full of  thieves was apparently struck by lightning.  The masked men had just robbed a church and were on the run, according to Russian media. All passengers were reportedly killed after their getaway car exploded in a high speed pursuit which was caught on a dash-cam. Sure, it could have […]

Bret Baier 2014 bloopers reel : Singing, dancing, flubbing will make you laugh

blooper 1

Here come the blooper reels! Bloopers have become a popular tradition for closing out the year in the news industry, and since Fox News’ Bret Baier is heading off for an extended holiday vacation with his family, he endured the clips put together by his producers Friday night. The “Special Report” blooper reel has a […]

Sony CEO rebuffs Obama: We didn’t make a mistake, we tried to get help from White House

Sony CEO response1

Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton told CNN that President Obama was just wrong for what he said Friday during a final press conference ahead of his 17-day Hawaiian vacation. The company released a statement (below) hours after the remarks from Obama and Lynton got to work defending his company in a televised CNN interview. “The […]

Rand Paul fires right back at Marco Rubio; calls him the ‘I’ word


A bit of a family feud seems to be playing out in the media between Sen. Marco Rubio an fellow Republican Sen. Rand Paul over Cuba. Rubio told Megyn Kelly on Thursday that Paul has “no idea what he’s talking about” when it comes to opening up trade with the Cuban government. Paul has written […]

Kim Jong-un powerful death scene from ‘The Interview’ has leaked, gone viral

death scene

You just knew this was coming. The death scene in the movie “The Interview,” depicting the demise of Dear Leader Kim Jong-Un, has been leaked onto the Internet. And the Dear Leader doesn’t go quietly, or cleanly. Upon seeing the graphically violent scene, it’s easy to understand why those who see the cartoonish North Korean […]