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Dana Perino proud as punch at pup’s ‘priceless,’ terrifying Halloween makeover

dana dog

Dana Perino adores her dog Jasper and she often shares her pride and joy with the rest of the world. Check out this “priceless” Halloween Bob Beckel getup. “@FiveFanPS: #TheFive@DanaPerino Scary Halloween costume for Jasper pic.twitter.com/WTntohVwnm” this is priceless. — Dana Perino (@DanaPerino) October 30, 2014 Let the Bob bashing begin . . . @DanaPerino @FiveFanPS poor […]

Hillary faces room full of empty seats, hecklers at ticketed Dem rally


Hillary Clinton must be asking herself what would happen if you threw a party and nobody came? Despite an invitation by the Maryland Democratic Party to welcome special guest Clinton to a “limited space” only, “fantastic” special campaign rally for Governor hopeful Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, the people of this Democratic stronghold and home of […]

‘Chickensh*t to bullsh*t’: Susan Rice gets called out on delusional Israel tweets


Who better to come out strong in defense of the indefensible? Susan Rice had twitter users calling big-time BS on her delusional tweets Thursday. Let’s start with this doozy: As I said yesterday, U.S.-Israel security relationship is stronger than it has ever been. #IdeasForum — Susan Rice (@AmbassadorRice) October 31, 2014 @AmbassadorRice Come on, between […]

Define desperate: Hillary says mammograms in jeopardy if Republican Joni Ernst wins

Hillary Clinton SF

Hillary Clinton just gave her future opponent another early Christmas gift. On the heels of her supremely ignorant conclusion that businesses and corporations don’t create jobs, she told a crowd in Iowa that they would be in jeopardy of losing access to mammograms if Republican Joni Ernst wins the race for Senate in the state. […]

Amendment 2 opponents launch final pitch to defeat legalizing ‘pot smoking’

Vote No on 2 ad

The Vote No on 2 campaign released a new ad Thursday touting the numerous groups who have endorsed their effort to defeat the constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana. “Florida newspapers, doctors and sheriffs across the state, as well as seven former Florida Supreme Court Justices, have all warned about the potential negative impacts if […]

Bob Cortes in Florida House District 30 offers GOP best chance to take back a seat

Bob Cortes in Florida House District 30 offers GOP best chance to take back a seat

During the last election cycle, Democrat Karen Castor Dentel rode an Obama turnout effort and managed to beat a Republican incumbent to steal a seat from the GOP in Central Florida. Looks like it’s payback time. The question is whether Republican Bob Cortes can pull it off to take Florida House District 30 back. It’s […]

Sarah Palin says ‘bring it’ to another run! ‘I’m gonna bug the crap out of them’


Sarah Palin said she is willing to put her hat back in the ring and her pumps back on the ground in American politics. The former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate told Fox Business on Tuesday that she hopes to see another run in her future and the more her critics pounce on her, […]

Obama’s joke about voter fraud is disgusting; talk about arrogant!

obama video

Rallying votes for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke, President Obama showed his arrogance and disregard for the United States election system. What kind of a president jokes about voter fraud in Chicago, his adopted home city, and one of the most corrupt Democrat-dominated places in history? “Because early voting runs through this Friday, you don’t […]

Krauthammer: If GOP can’t win Senate, ‘the party ought to look for another country’


Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer projected a big win for the Republicans in November, giving them a 70 percent chance of winning the Senate.   Video from Daily Caller.  “If the GOP can’t win back the Senate in a climate like this, maybe the party ought to look for another country,”  he told Fox News host Bill O’Reilly […]

Jose Canseco blows off middle finger in gun accident


Retired major league baseball player Jose Canseco was cleaning his handgun in his Las Vegas home Tuesday when it fired accidentally, blowing off his middle finger on his left hand. Fiancée Leila Knight told TMZ Sports that Canseco spent the night in surgery where doctors tried to save what’s left of the severely damaged appendage. You know, […]