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Duck Dynasty’s Sadie charms DWS judges with high-flying dance routine


Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas impressed the judges and the crowd with a Viennese Waltz to music from “Up” during Monday’s movie night on “Dancing With the Stars.” The two received a judges score of 32 out of 40 in week 3 of the Fall 2014 season. The girl can really dance!

2-year-old belts out Adele song with all the passion she can muster


Victoria is two years old but has no problem belting out the famous heartbreak song “Someone Like You” by British singer Adele. With all the passion she can muster, she tries to stay focused, according to the YouTube video taken by her biggest fan, daddy. H/T: Rare

Liberal cat-fight: Tempers explode during commercial break on ‘The View’


Tempers flared in front of a live audience on the set of  “The View” Thursday, an anonymous source told MailOnline. Liberal divas Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg aired their dirty laundry in a public spat that started when O’Donnell was “cut off” by Goldberg to go to a commercial. Goldberg, the show’s moderator,  said she […]

BAM! Famous chef Emeril Lagasse says Obama’s cooking everybody’s goose


One of America’s most beloved Food Network chefs summed up the problem with liberal economics in a few short sentences last week. In an interview promoting his new TNT reality cooking show, “On the Menu,” famous ‘BAM” chef Emeril Lagasse dipped his tasting finger into politics just enough to place the blame for government overreach and a […]

Monster truck plows into crowd at stunt show; terrifying video captured


Three people were reportedly killed Sunday and several injured when a souped-up monster truck lost control during a stunt show in the Netherlands city of Haaksbergen, along the German border. The stunt driver had just driven over a row of parked vehicles when the truck took out a guard rail and ran right into the […]

‘Another liberal crybaby . . . ‘ See not so nice way NY Post announced Clinton grandchild


Someone at the New York Post must have been feeling a little cheeky Sunday morning. Check out the headline that accompanied the photo of the newest Clinton, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, born Friday night. 

Chris Wallace to Ben Carson: Wouldn’t putting you in the Oval Office be akin to a politician doing brain surgery?

ben carson

Chris Wallace asked a bold and unexpected question of Dr. Ben Carson on “Fox News Sunday.” “I’m going to be transparent here,” Wallace said. ” You and I are friends, I have great regard for you, and we’ve had this question I’m about to ask you we’ve talked about in private, but after looking at […]

Pup thinks glass door is closed so it won’t come in; watch how they get it inside


This video was posted on Reddit and is going viral. Comments are wide-ranging (and some very strange), but the common deduction is that the poor pup must have run into the closed door one too many times. The owners were more than slightly amused.

Watch: Best tackle in Ohio State game was coach body slamming fan


Fans cheered for Ohio State University Assistant Coach Anthony Schlegel as he body slammed a fan who ran onto the field, Saturday. Schlegel, a former OSU football player, showed off his skills before security took over to escort the wayward fan out of the stadium. Check out the video via Lantern TV:

‘Lone Survivor’ Luttrell explains ‘epic’ Facebook post on unbelievable rules for dating his daughter

Luttrell 2yr

Famous former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell has a good sense of humor and a harsh message for future suitors of his 2-year-old little girl. The author of the best-selling book “Lone Survivor,” outlined his expectations for anyone who will want to date his daughter Addie and it was a little over the top.  In a recent […]