Antifa vigilantes hunt down, punch out man with Nazi armband in Seattle; alarming cheers on social media

nazi swastika punched out knock out seattle black man antifa dox

A black man punches out a white male wearing a Nazi armband after alt-left Antifa thugs located him using Twitter. (Image: screengrab)

Alt-left Antifa thugs hunted down a man wearing a Nazi armband on a Seattle bus and knocked him out, leaving him unconscious on the street.

The incident started after an Antifa Twitter user posted a photo of a white man wearing a Nazi swastika.

“Nazi sh-thead seen on D line headed to downtown #Seattle. Submitter said they were harassing a black man on the bus,” the Twitter user wrote.

Meanwhile, the photo depicts the alleged Nazi sitting quietly in his seat listening to music as he looks down on the floor. The man has sunglasses and headphones on, signalling he wants to be left alone with his thoughts.

It does not appear that he was “harassing” anyone, let alone “a black man,” as the Twitter user claimed. This is how a false media narrative starts and spreads like wildfire.

Another Twitter user with the handle @teethnclaws then “alerted” Antifa Twitter and asked for info about the man.

nazi punched knocked out in seattle

A network of Antifa thugs then quickly got to work to locate the alleged Nazi.

It didn’t take long for the Twitter posse to find out exactly where the alleged Nazi was.

That’s when a group of thugs descended on the man and recorded him getting punched out.

The Antifa then gleefully celebrated the beatdown, which they gloated about on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and other social media. Amazingly, they blurred the face of the assailant but not the victim’s face.

The guy using the Twitter account @teethnclaws later bragged about the conspiracy to hunt down and beat up a defenseless guy. He also praised the unidentified black man who delivered the knockout punch, calling him “a hero.”

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“I would say that we successfully identified, tracked, and coordinated to neutralize a clear and present danger to Seattle,” @teethnclaws told BuzzFeed. “I, for one, applaud the anonymous hero.”

When asked if he knows who the man with the swastika armband is, @teethnclaws vowed his Antifa network will find out and dox him. “We will know who he is soon enough,” said @teethnclaws.

nazi knocked out Facebook BeachBoyLvr

(Photo: BeachBoyLvr/Facebook)

nazi swastika punched out knock out seattle black man antifa

(Photo: BeachBoyLvr/Facebook)

Teethnclaws had asked BuzzFeed not to identify him because he’s scared for his safety if his identity were revealed. Hypocrite much? The coward has since turned his Twitter account private.

There are so many things wrong with this scenario it’s hard to know where to begin. First, the guy sporting the swastika is an idiot. If he is a Nazi sympathizer, he’s a racist bigot who deserves no sympathy.

That said, he has the right to wear his hateful armband. This right is guaranteed under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The First Amendment protects all speech — even if it’s hateful or offensive — as long as it’s not violent.

trump supporter attacked beaten

Antifa justify beating up anyone they disagree with by recklessly labeling them a “racist” or a “Nazi.” The radical left has branded all Trump supporters as Nazis, making 63 million Americans targets. (Image: screengrab)

The left celebrating a so-called Nazi being ganged-up on and punched out is a dangerous slippery slope because today’s radical liberals consider anyone they disagree with “Nazis,” “racists” and “white supremacists.” You don’t even have to be white anymore to be called a “white supremacist” by today’s alt-left thugs. That means that anyone could be targeted.

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Moreover, using social media to locate, identify, and dox a private citizen exercising his First Amendment free-speech rights is downright scary. Finding him and beating the crap out of him and then laughing about it should alarm everyone. That is what fascism looks like.

It could happen to you and anybody you know. You don’t have to be racist, just merely accused of it. There have already been instances where innocent people were mistakenly outed as white supremacists because someone got their name wrong. Let that sink in.

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