ESPN pulls broadcaster from announcing because his name is the same as a Confederate leader – no joke!

The PC cowards at ESPN pulled an Asian-American broadcaster named Robert Lee from announcing a football game because they were afraid to trigger liberal snowflakes who might be reminded of Confederate general Robert E. Lee.

As you can see from the photos below, the resemblance between the two men is uncanny. It’s almost like they’re twins.

espn pulls sports announcer robert lee confusion with confederate general robert e lee

ESPN caved in to PC Nazis by pulling broadcaster Robert Lee over fears liberal snowflakes would confuse him with confederate general Robert E. Lee. (Photos: BizPac Review screengrabs)

Thanks to ESPN’s gutlessness, Robert Lee won’t be allowed to cover the college football game at the University of Virginia on September 2. UVA is located in Charlottesville, Virginia, where alt-left Antifa rioters and white supremacists clashed on August 12.

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Following widespread outrage over ESPN’s caving-in to leftist PC Nazis, the sports network issued a milquetoast statement saying it “regrets” this has become an issue:

ESPN’s ratings have tanked recently, coinciding with the network’s increasingly left-wing political activism. Remember the good ole days, when people watched sports (and entertainment) to get away from divisive politics? Well those days are gone, thanks to liberals’ pathological, narcissistic anti-Trump obsession.

Sports journalist Jason Whitlock — co-host of Fox Sports 1 — said “the invasion of progressive ideology” into the NFL and other sports is turning viewers off.

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Ratings for ESPN, and for NFL games in particular, plummeted last year around the time unpatriotic quarterback Colin Kaepernick stopped standing for the national anthem. NFL fans are overwhelmingly Republican.

ESPN ratings 2016 down

Twitter laid some epic smackdowns on ESPN over its decision to hobble broadcaster Robert Lee, whose only “crime” was sharing a name with someone who died in 1870. Let that sink in.

Meanwhile, here’s the bumbling leftist brigade at CNN.

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