Ted Cruz brings crowd to its feet with his plan for ISIS: ‘We are going to DESTROY them!’

Republican presidential contender Ted  Cruz brought a Boston crowd to its feet when he answered a Town Hall member’s question about how he would protect America from the growing threat of Islamic extremism.

“How would you, as president, preserve, protect and defend the American people and our Constitution, from the current Islamic onslaught, right here in America?” an audience member asked Cruz.

“We are going to make it so if you join ISIS, you are signing your death certificate!” Cruz told the inspired crowd on Saturday.

The strength behind Cruz’s convictions is the catalyst for a growing number of street art known for depicting the straight-laced conservative the way the artists see him – a rebel with a cause.

cruz poster 2

Street art in L.A. Photo source: The Statesman.

And that cause would be victory, something a large part of the American electorate wants to hear in the national dialogue leading up to the 2016 presidential elections.

Cruz offered a systematic plan on how to defeat ISIS and criticized the Obama administration for its amateur stance against escalating terrorism.

“Right now we have a photo-op foreign policy. Drop a bomb here, a missile there,” Cruz said.

“You know, the radicals say they reject modernity, GREAT! We need to send the them back to the Stone Age!”

Cruz added that America needs a commander in chief who’s not afraid to take decisive action.

“We are not going to weaken, we are not going to degrade, we are not going to pinprick ISIS.

“We are going to destroy them.”

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Nicole Haas

Nicole Haas

"Nicole Haas is an author, activist, and writer of all things parenting, pop culture and politics. She seeks to champion truth and liberty with the hope that her children and future generations have a fighting chance."
Nicole Haas


12 thoughts on “Ted Cruz brings crowd to its feet with his plan for ISIS: ‘We are going to DESTROY them!’

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  2. Kenneth Clark says:

    He da man… Ted da man! Put Governor Walker with him and even Chuck Norris may have to go into hiding for a while.

  3. chuck says:

    teddy please be quiet and go shut down the goverment

    1. Jeff Simon says:

      Up-Chuck ( who, after his gender reassignment surgery plans to call itself Marie Barf ) is bothered more by a temporary halt to an out of control government than he is by the actual destruction of said Government. As long as that destruction is committed by the Baby Boomer “Cultural Warriors” who want to “transform” America. Chuck could never admit that Obama’s dysfunctional government does less damage to Amera during the brief periods it has been rendered inoperable.

      In the old days Chuck was known as a JINGOIST. Too stupid for original thought but great for repeating the rhetoric and dogma of the elites in his faction. The ORIGINAL bumper sticker mentality.

  4. Marilyn Z says:

    This right here will keep him from being elected. The left does not want anyone taking a strong stance on our enemies. Oh, what the heck, I no longer even know who are our enemies and who are our allies. Odd, what a strange world it has become.

    1. Rip Rogers says:

      His shift to being pro illegal alien has me wanting to sell my TEA Party yard signs I bought from him. He us just another RINO like Rubio, Bush, or Romney.

      1. Marilyn Z says:

        I just learned about this yesterday on NumbersUSA and I couldn’t believe how much all of my Texas senators and rep have come down off their illegal alien stance. It blew my mind. Cornyn has an F. I have written than man over and over and threatened him and he doesn’t care what I say. I will NEVER vote for him again and that is a promise and if Cruz and Johnson don’t do better, I will never vote for them again.

        I had a hard struggle with Coulter’s comments on illegals being our biggest enemy and on reflection discovered that she is right.

        When I see them in stores with their children running wild and destroying the place, I want to scream. I was so hard on my little children for fear they would bother others that I am doubly resentful of those who have no respect for my space or feelings. At my age, I do not want a Mexican kid on heelies in a store to knock me over…this might be a good time to start carrying a cane and tripping them up. Who could blame an old lady for having a cane?

        1. Doug says:

          The great Ted Cruz’s speech was given in Boston, the home of the impeccable Harvard University, his alma mater.

    2. Doug says:

      As Alice said, “Curioser and curioser.”

  5. Rip Rogers says:

    Since Ted is supportive of illegal aliens (now), I guess he will use them in the new multicultural military where weak women and trannies are the new Seals

    1. ► I’m glad you brought that up

  6. Pïss on Israel

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