Americans proudly hijack ISIS hashtag to tell them to go to hell


The terrorist group known as ISIS is effectively using social media to proudly broadcast to the world its extreme brand of barbarism.

Each time the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria beheads children, crucifies prepubescent boys and wipes out entire religions, it turns to Twitter to advertise its reign of terror.

Buoyed by its success, ISIS began taunting the United States recently, posting disturbing content with the Twitter hashtag, #AmessagefromISIStoUS.

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Though the U.S. government hasn’t shown much stomach in stopping ISIS with a ground assault, Twitter is a whole other story. Americans quickly hijacked the group’s hashtag, showing that it has a long way to go before it can dominate the social media landscape the way it’s taken over much of Iraq.

With a little prompting, the “reverse jihad” was on. Here is a sampling, according to multiple Twitter postings:

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


  • MiltonSPaige

    Each time the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria beheads children, crucifies prepubescent boys and wipes out entire religions, it turns to Twitter to advertise its reign of terror.

  • Hoppyman50

    That is fecking precious!

  • Patrick Henry

    That’s awesome. Suck it, ISIS!

  • Howard Treesong

    I’m not really big on military initiatives but if it’s to stop asshats from beheading little kids I’m completely fine with showing these people that “It’s not so funny when it happens to you, is it?”

    Also, someone needs to do a ‘Bane meme': You merely adopted social networks. I was born in them, moulded by them, I lived them. I never saw the outside world until my smart phone’s battery died.

    • Proud_to_be_American

      Beheading ANYONE who isn’t one of the Blood Cult of the Pedophile whoreshippers!

      • centermass1

        You forgot to mention their demon moon god.

    • Marilyn Z

      I am very unhawkish, too, but right now I wish someone would give me a good rifle and set me down on that mountain top. I feel the need for some muslim blood on my hands. This has gone far beyond anything I could ever imagine and for he first time in his presidency, Obama might have finally done the right thing.

      • Diana Wilson

        I always wondered what it would finally take for a pacifist to wake up and become motivated enough to defend his/her home…our country.

        • Marilyn Z

          I am NOT a pacifist by any means. I just do not believe in these long, drawn out wars that accomplish NOTHING. Like my husband says, Carpet bomb the Middle East and be done with it.

          • djr4nger

            Unfortunately, in this world, only the strong survive. IS are taking global terrorism to a whole new level and we (US) must be ready and able to respond with overwhelming military force at any time. I also wish for peace, but Islamic extremism is a factor in most of the world’s conflicts today and must be dealt with aggressively. The first step is recognizing it and calling it what it is – which our current president seems incapable of doing.

          • Brian Robinson

            So instead of little kids being beheaded will just blow them all to hell? I’m more of a hands on kind of person. Semper Fi!

          • Marilyn Z

            If we hold back, they are going to continue beheading those little kids. This is a nightmare…I feel so badly for those poor people, but we have to show those damned bloodthirsty savages that we can blow them to kingdom come. They want their final reward…satan is waiting for them.

          • Brian Robinson

            Be that as it may, if you/we carpet bomb them then we will actually end up killing the children you are trying to protect in the first place. So really we would be no better then they are. Other then that I agree. It’s just a matter of tactics is all.

          • Judy Weismonger

            Totally agree with your husband.

            The object of war IS TO WIN IT.

            Long drawn out wars for political reasons, to make the UN or the Democrats happy just kills a lot of Americans. Ridiculous.

          • Marilyn Z

            If you don’t go into war with the intention of winning and going all out, you are wasting American lives and resources.

            War is not for sissies and I absolutely hate it, but there are times they just push you too far and you have to show them that there is no room in a civilized world for stone age behavior.

          • Judy Weismonger

            Totally agree Marilyn… I hate war as well and saw war up close and personal in Central America. There are literally thousands of bodies buried in unmarked graves in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala who died and no one cares about…but who died at the hands of the communists.

            In those days…even Reagan used the doctrine of proxy wars…whereby other countries fought the real battles led by the USSR and the US.

            These proxy wars worked.. We kept the Soviets busy and spending money all over the world. As a bonus, the US did not have to send in troops, but got other countries to fight for our cause against the communists.

            In Iran and Iraq…we let Saddam Hussein fight and kill millions of Iranians…so we would not have to send in troops to the Middle East.

            However, some stupid Left Wing US Attorney in Houston, Linda Tarby…prosecuted OUR double agent, Sarkis Soghanalian…and removed our influence. Saddam made peace with Iran..and then came after us, Kuwait, and all the ME allies who sold us oil. The rest is history.

            Now that SToooooopid Obama is finally figuring out WHY Bush went to war with Saddam. Bush’s problem was that he used old Vietnam era soldiers and generals to lead the war who did not understand guerrilla warfare or the Middle Eastern “mind.”

            And the same stupid failed policies kept the US from winning for far too many years in Vietnam was again the policy in engaging in a war of attrition instead of taking territory and keeping it (why we had to back out of Vietnam).

            Too few troops were also sent to Iraq…and Bush etc. did not understand that there was NO WAY in bloody hell that 5 diverse religious groups were EVER going to form a democracy…because they HATED each other. Iraq should have been quarantined into 5 separate states…with equal representation.

            Now does anyone in here really, really think that with Odumbo and his Iranian double agent Moslem chief of staff, Valerie Jarrett….that Odumbo is going to allow his professional military soldiers to either run this war or win it to our advantage?

            I don’t think so.

  • Jerry

    Now that’s American Pride.

  • allen goldberg

    Do these a$$holes actually want us? Maybe they ought to call Japan for references…might want to rethink this!!

    • Marvin Anderson

      We need another Harry Trueman to deal with ISIS

    • Brian Robinson

      They actually think they won the Iraq war

  • Mamzer-11th generation

    I think I going to tear up………from laughing so hard Boehner, you silly woman.

  • Herman Vogel

    Judge Janine is right,,,this IS the presidency of the REverse Crusades, they are coming for us, U.S.. We are circling the drain and SOME people still support him

    • SCQuilter

      They will be going down the drain too. They just don’t know it.

      • Diana Wilson

        I agree SC, once the US finally wakes up and gets mad…there is bloody he!! to pay. I say flatten the entire middle east, we can drill oil just as well through glass as well as we can sand. Nuke em’

  • Mamzer-11th generation

    This makes me wonder. Can we make a fueled air explosive that also includes lard?

    • FreedomTrainUSA

      Heck…Just fill it up with PORK…

    • capers2

      Dip every round in pig’s blood…and let them know it by posting pictures…

  • R T Deco

    I’ve never wanted to eat a grenade before this.

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