Wounded vet thanks Lowe’s employees for fixing wheelchair, something VA wouldn’t do

Lowe's employees to the rescue Photo Credit: SI Advance/ Michael Sulsona

Lowe’s employees to the rescue
Photo Credit: SI Advance/ Michael Sulsona

Three unsung heroes at a Lowe’s Home Improvements store fixed a Vietnam veteran’s broken-down wheelchair, which was much more than his local Veterans Affairs office was willing to do.

He wrote this letter to his local newspaper, the Staten Island Advance, to give thanks to the men and the company that went to bat for him, when the government wouldn’t.

By Michael Sulsona of Graniteville

In 1971, I stepped on a land mine in Vietnam and lost both legs above the knee.

For the past two years, I have been waiting to receive a new wheelchair from the Veterans Administration. In addition, I have been told that I am not entitled to a spare wheelchair.

On the evening of July 7, my wheelchair fell apart again, while shopping at Lowe’s Home Improvement Center in on Forest Avenue in Mariners Harbor.

Three employees, David, Marcus and Souleyman jumped to my assistance immediately. They placed me in another chair while they went to work. They took the wheelchair apart and replaced the broken parts and told me, “We’re going to make this chair like new.”

I left 45 minutes after closing hours in my wheelchair that was like new.

I kept thanking them and all they could say was, “It was our honor.”

The actions of these three employees at Lowe’s showed me there are some who still believe in stepping to the plate.

They didn’t ask any questions, didn’t feel the need to fill out any forms or make phone calls. Someone needed help and they felt privileged to be given the opportunity.

The American spirit is a powerful force. It just needs the government to get out of the way to be fully unleashed.

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Richard Berkow

Former political news reporter Richard Berkow lost his idealism in the Kennedy years, and his innocence in Vietnam, Lebanon, and the Soviet Union. He hasn’t mellowed since, and can be harassed at [email protected]


  • Paula Johnson

    That was awesome! Wake up America. Our veterans need the best all the time. These 3 guys unselfishly gave the most precious gift.

    • margaretjmanus

      just before I looked at the receipt ov $8130 , I
      didn’t believe that my sister woz like actualy bringing in money part-time from
      there pretty old laptop. . there aunts neighbour has been doing this 4 only
      about 22 months and at present repayed the mortgage on their appartment and
      bought themselves a Chrysler . see here C­a­s­h­f­i­g­.­C­O­M­

    • Evermyrtle

      These three men were applying GOD’S commandment for their lives to bless their neighbor: Love thy neighbor as thyself, which meant do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When you see someone in need don’t just takea quick look and pass on by, Stop and check on the situation, many times the person only needs to know that someone cares.

      • sane

        Lady, you’re high.

        • Robert Beers

          And you sir are a villain.

        • bendecido

          And you are LOW, like in a lowly life.

          • MaryMWrigh

            upto I saw the receipt four $8937 , I accept
            …that…my mom in-law had been truley bringing in money part time from their
            laptop. . there brothers friend haz done this for only eight months and
            resantly cleard the morgage on their place and bought a top of the range Lancia
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        • Wayne Ogilvy

          In-Sane, Your a Meth Maggot !!

        • ort

          Reprobate. You need to repent, turn, and be saved.

        • ONLYJB1

          sane, you need to put 2 more letters to your handle. I and N! Allow me to spell that for you “INSANE”!

      • George Hilman

        The three probably got fired by management for “deviating from corporate mission.” (To be fair, maybe Lowe’s isn’t like that.)

        • londontubes

          We can all hope not.

    • vespo08

      Awesome is right Paula! When you think our country is going down the tubes, these young gentlemen stepped up!

  • What-up


  • awakeawareomshanti


  • MissyT111

    They are wonderful people………………..these are the heart and soul of America!

  • http://kankurosdoll.deviantart.com/ Pookaloo

    I just looked up “wheelchair” on Amazon. The going price is $100-150.


    You’d think with all the “bonuses” being given out at the VA for “doing good”, that they could stop to think about men like him and get him a brand new chair!

    Wake up folks!

    • Kenneth Clark

      But the VA, being Government, buys the $10,000.00 version of the same chair. The only difference in the chair is a Purchase Order from the US Government to their “Approved” vendor.

      • WORSEKarma

        …Who “just happens” to be a relative of, or a major donor to, a sitting politician…

        • Kenneth Clark

          Very correct. So the connected politician can continue to get his/her “donations” and increase their wealth on the backs of the people and our heroes.

      • capers2

        By the time that requisition for the wheelchair has passed through a dozen different hands (in the VA) the wheelchair’s intrinsic value skyrockets. I would imagine it would be over $1000.00. If a Disabled Vet was simply given a chit that enabled them to obtain a suitable wheelchair on the open market, the local economies would profit, the administrative “middlemen” would be cut out of the equation, $850.00 of taxpayer money would not be p!ssed away and Vet’s needs would be met.

        • Kenneth Clark

          But then all of the politicians would be dead broke like Hillary.

          • Summer Day

            we can hope can’t we…lol

    • bobjonestwo

      This administration and the DHS have openly admitted several times that veterans are their number one enemy. Great story, great job by these three men. Nice job gentlemen.

    • Dank 24

      I’ve never seen a wheelchair that cost $100-$150. I think you’re looking at parts. My wheelchair, albeit a sports wheelchair similar to this one from the looks of it, was in the neighborhood of $1700

  • nanap

    Wonderful! Hope the good feelings lingers and lingers for the employees at Lowe’s. Doing good for someone, especially our military, is the best way to feel good!

  • Estella Bunny Howe

    Glad to see this. And, why 2 years? This seems to be a totally disturbing pattern with all the VA hospitals all over this Country—not just a few as obama would have us believe.

  • Glenn Gallaher

    Oh my would you believe that there was no law that made the three help out and did not cost the government a dime? See how useless the government is and what it has becomes? Good people do not require laws to do good thing, only those of evil intent require laws.

  • Ben G

    Great work, Guys, you are a credit to your Employer and Great Men in your own right.

  • PatriotInk

    Lowe’s also provides marked “Parking for Wounded Warriors” spaces in their lots also.

    • KingofThings

      Home Depot has Veteran’s parking too. I use it. :)

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