Citizen militia recruits patriots to protect border; draws warning from the feds

A volunteer militia, including veterans of June’s standoff at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, is recruiting members to patrol the border areas of Mexico and Texas to help deal with the massive influx of illegal aliens swamping immigration facilities.

But it’s also drawing warnings from federal officials against private groups “taking matters into their own hands,” according to a report in The Blaze, citing the Houston Chronicle.

One of the group’s leaders told KRGV, an ABC affiliate covering the Rio Grande Valley, the militia is aiming to protect “national sovereignty.” It has set up a website, the “Patriot Information Hotline” to attract recruits and supplies for border patrol activities.

“We have patriots all across this country who are willing to sacrifice their time, their monies, even quit their jobs to come down and fight for freedom, liberty and national sovereignty,” militia leader Chris Davis told KRGV.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, groups involved in the effort call themselves  “Patriots,” “Oathkeepers” and “Three Percenters,” a reference to the proportion of American colonists who took up arms against England during the Revolution.

Davis declined to go into detail about exactly how the militia would operate, but a 21-minute training video that was posted on YouTube before being taken down after complaints, made it pretty clear there weren’t many legal niceties involved.

“How?” Davis asked on the video, according to the Chronicle (subscription only). “You see an illegal. You point your gun dead at him, right between his eyes, and you say, ‘Get back across the border or you will be shot.’”

According to The Blaze, Davis told the Chronicle the quote had been taken out of context. Illegals caught by the militias would be treated humanely, he said.

“If we come across a family that may have made it across the border, we will give them water and food and make contact with ICE or Border Patrol and tell them we have these people here,” he said.

But federal officials – possibly still leery of the power of grassroots militia elements only a month after the volunteers forced the government to back down from the Nevada standoff – issued a statement warning that private efforts at border control could have “disastrous consequences.”

“Customs and Border Protection does not endorse or support any private group or organization from taking matters into their own hands as it could have disastrous, personal and public safety consequence,” the statement said.

“CBP appreciates the efforts of concerned citizens as they act as our eyes and ears. Securing our nation’s borders can be dangerous. Interdicting narcotics and deterring and apprehending individuals illegally entering the U.S. requires highly trained law enforcement personnel.”

And they’ve been doing a bang-up job so far.

Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at


  • CrossingTheDelaware

    1. Extremely inspiring to see Americans independently protecting
    our sovereignty in the face of a Federal government that refuses to do its duty.

    2. Prediction: Eric Holder will, in very short order, send DOJ goon lawyers to intimidate and crack down on these patriots.

    • Capt_Morgan

      I fear for, and commend these folks.

    • Babylonandon

      It will be an interesting news note when American citizens are being fired upon by both Mexican AND American government forces AT THE SAME TIME .

      • Tanya

        It will cause what could be the inevitable regardless!!!

      • Richard Carew

        Well, much like the US Military, our oath is to the Constitution…the supreme law of the land, not a bloated over powered federal bureaucracy. We took that oath voluntarily, signing a blank check that includes our LIFE, our FORTUNE, and our sacred HONOR. Something the fed knows nothing about. We will all gladly give up our lives to ensure that the Constitution remains fully intact, and the people of this great Nation remain FREE!

        • Babylonandon

          BUT … how many are still left who think the same way? Enough?

          • Richard Carew

            You’d be surprised.

          • Babylonandon

            I hope so … its going to be the ugliest thing this country has ever endured.

    • stan25

      The IRS too

  • lkn4trouble

    Eric (the scumbag) Holder will file suit against these individuals for making an effort to uphold the very laws O-Blame-O has decided to ignore.

    maybe if a few ILLEGAL ALIENS get a bullet in their @zz the others might turn back and stop the hemorrhaging.

    • creeper

      There is truth in this post. It wouldn’t take much to scare the h&ll out of them. They’d self-deport in a heartbeat.

    • Donald Price

      Amen, that’s what it’s going to take the way it looks. Shoot a few or take all of S. America in on welfare & obeymecare. Once someone down there shoots a few, the word will spread and they’ll stop. More MS-13 members coming than kids, and some of the so-called kids are sporting MS13 tats, so digest that!

    • working4change

      Eric Backdoor Holder for Bathhouse Barry…. all they need is some quiet time with Michael.. oh ment Michelle.

  • Seamus

    Think about it. If today’s democrats were around for the Revolutionarly war, we’d all be speaking with British accents and being ruled by the latest version of King George instead of king obeyme.
    While the Republicans and Conservatives were out fighting and dying, the democrats would be sitting around, hiking up their skirts, and wringing their hands, and attempting to ban guns and calling the Reps and Conservs illegal immigrants.

    • Rip Rogers

      Yes and the No Borders, No Sovereignty GOP (Bush Mafia and CFA council of foreign affairs) spoke British as the Bush mob was born in Connecticut. Old Yankee money you know.
      “TEA” will take us out of this anti American movement…Where is that militia? Packing soon

      • gomurr

        Do you mean CFR? Council on Foreign Relations?

        • Rip Rogers

          Yes thank you

      • gjsmith_62

        Name a single national democrat against amnesty.

        Bush? Wow, BDS runs strong, here’s a clue, Obama has been president for almost six years.

        • Tanya

          Bush’s fault will it ever stop!!! I quess it should be expected I mean he did cause Katrina!!! I quess Bush also negotiated with terroist in exchange for a deserter!!! The blame game does not work anymore!! Traitor in cheif needs to go!! Dont forget who ultimately armed ISIS and IT WASN’T BUSH!!!!

          • gjsmith_62

            Uhm, I am blaming the current president for the insanity on the southern border.

          • Rip Rogers

            Do blame me for history sis. I battled Bush since he was GOV of my state Texas. I voted for him the first time, learned my error, then voted for Allen Keys.
            Now I will only vote for a Constitutional Conservative TEA.
            Bush is part of the New World Order and the Council on Foreign Affairs.
            He like so many politicians come lambs clothing and you should know that by now. I do not accept the likes of Odumba or those that operate him. But then I don’t like anyone that fools with sovereignty and they both did.

            Using Bush is used to only show what we are up against. Grow in knowledge not defending idiots

          • Seamus

            Rip, you do know that Alan Keys is part of the reason Obama was elected US senator, right?
            When Mr. Smooth had his senatorial opponent’s sealed divorce records by a crooked California judge (just about every campaign Obama’s run has had shenanigans and dirty pool), the Republicans lost their candidate, so Keys stepped in. Unfortunately, Al is a bit of a nut job, a perpetual candidate.

          • dvastator

            What caused Katrina was a bunch of morons who decided that living in a city below sea level was a smart and safe thing to do. If you live underwater then drown, well!!!!!!!

    • gibbygoo56

      Right on!

    • Donald Price

      The republicans wouldn’t be out there fighting, they are to busy shoving their noses up liberal anti-American garbage to fight, they’re cowards anyway.

  • magnetik

    “Customs and Border Protection does not endorse or support any private
    group or organization from taking matters into their own hands as it
    could have disastrous, personal and public safety consequence,” the
    statement said.”

    really now.. disastrous, personal, and public safety consequences.. like scabies, TB, HIV, and whatever other diseases, packed up in buses, and transported to military bases all over the country kind of consequences?

    • Robin

      actually my friend who is a border patrol said them welcome this they won’t stop them which is a good thing because they are being pulled all over the United States transporting them. He now has a case of scabbies and can not go home to HIS FAMILY because of it. So don’t tell me they don’t welcome them.

  • IRightULeft

    Wouldn’t have to be doing his if the TRAITOR-IN-CHIEF was doing his job.

    • texaninsouthfl

      The Traitor-in-Chief IS doing his job… as HE sees it. I might add that he’s doing his job of destroying the U.S. pretty well at the moment… every day brings a new assault by this traitorous regime on our freedom and security. It will continue until patriots put a stop to it.

    • Chico Hinojos

      he is the reason that those most innocent of doing anything wrong here in the us…..obama created this chaos,not just here but allover the world,even the middle east war between israel and hamas,….this a guy working for satan

      • disqus_TSv9pSGP3A

        I agree 100%

    • fishal41

      He is doing what he feels is his job.To fundamentaly rip America apart from it’s core.To tunn friend against friend,brother against brother,cause all kinds of racial tension among the people.He has no regard for his office,only his socialist marxist agenda.Unfortunately he has a following of socialist liberal democrats that are so power hungry and greedy that they would follow him back to hell.

  • capnjack43

    This is our country. You Feds are nothing but an agency that reports to us. We tell you what you will do to protect this country. You fail to do it, so it falls upon us to do the job. Don’t you dare warn us. We have at our disposal the largest standing army in the world. If you think Americans will back you and not it’s fellow citizens, you are sadly mistaken. The consequences will fall upon you. Thread carefully.

    • Broke Obama

      Right on . I don’t think Obammy will be happy until something like that does happen then he can point fingers and blame everyone else as usual .

    • gibbygoo56

      Wow! I love what you said!

    • donttreadonme9

      Right on….100 million armed and very pissed off patriots will handle the border if these morons wont do it.

    • Robin

      It’s what the government wants isn’t it another civil war I think so!

  • Broke Obama

    Oh wait , the Feds are warning them ??? Funny i don’t see Obammy sending any troops down to stem the tide . Hell he was there and didn’t even bother to go down and look . F them and the horse they rode in on . If you feds aren’t gonna help then STFU .

    • Zu schlau für diese Scheiße

      He won’t turn the military on the illegals, but he sure would turn them on American Citizens… that’s what he’s here for.

  • fishal41

    If the government is trying to stop the volunteers,then why doesn’t each state swear them in as legal deputies.?Wouldn’t that get them around that S.H. Holder?

  • gomurr

    The plight of the Western ranchers, most notably bought to national attention by the stand off at the Bundy ranch, and the planned invasion of the Southern US border are directly related, as is everything else.

    Donald Kerwin, lawyer and VP of Programs at The Migration Policy Institute, a Globalist founded think tank in Washington, DC, is quoted as saying,

    “If you’re speaking about ‘illegals,’ you’re saying that-people can be ‘illegal,’ ” he said. And in being described as such, “they’re not people with aspirations or gifts, they’re problems to be solved.”

    What’s so interesting about this is that their May 6, 2013 publication on migration is titled “Leveraging Migration and Human Capital in the US, Mexico, and Central America”. I, personally, would rather be referred to as an “illegal alien” than “human capital”.

    Yes, Donald, they have dreams and aspiration, but it’s doubtful the Globalist will allow them to pursue those dreams or develop those talents, since they are looking for a new, cheap, source of labor.

    This is part of UN Agenda 21, which, to succeed, must, at all costs, destroy the sovereignty of the US. We only have to look to Europe and the results of the EU. The shots are being called by the UN, who wants the border decimated and the North American Union to gain fruition. This pact was signed by Bush in 2005.

    Watch Aaron Dykes excellent video, under 30 minutes, and listen to what Peter Sutherland, UN Special Representative on Migration, non-executive Chairman Goldman Sachs, and premier Globalist, has to say.

  • Independence_R_US

    Maybe I’m mistaken. But isn’t it a law that states we the people have a right to make a citizen’s arrest of anyone committing a crime? If so isn’t crossing the borders illegal a crime. I realize that liberals don’t think so. Or as most would say liberals don’t think.

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