POW’s dad praises Allah at suspicious Rose Garden press conference with Obama

The father of the U.S. soldier released in a prisoner swap with the Taliban in Afghanistan on Saturday ended a White House news conference praising Allah with the most frequently used phrase in the Quran and questions continue to build over the wisdom – and legality – of the trade.


Photo: CNN

Appearing with President Obama in a brief Rose Garden event, Robert Bergdahl, the father of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, recited “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahm,” according to the Daily Caller. In English, that means, “In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate.”

When he finished reciting, the president hugged him.

Bergdahl’s words echoed the Taliban’s official reaction to the prisoner swap. In a statement, the group that has been at war with the United States since 2001 announced that five of its members who had been held at the American prison at Guantanamo Bay prison had been released, “due to the benevolence of Allah Almighty and the sacrifices of the heroic and courageous Mujahadin of the Islamic Emirate.”

Bergdahl’s use of a Muslim prayer and the Taliban’s portrayal of it as a clear victory for their movement – Taliban leader Mullah Omar on Sunday called the release from Gitmo a “big win” in the Pakistani news outlet Dawn.com – is sure to increase the controversy around Obama’s prisoner swap, helped by a tweet posted to Berdahl’s Twitter account last week vowing to work for the release of the rest of the prisoners at the prison. (That tweet has been deleted.)

Already, top Republicans have said Obama broke the law by releasing five terrorists from Guantanamo Bay without notifying Congress. The president is required by law to give Congress 30 days’ notice before transferring any prisoner out of Gitmo..

“Trading five senior Taliban leaders from detention in Guantanamo Bay for Bergdahl’s release may have consequences for the rest of our forces and all Americans. Our terrorist adversaries now have a strong incentive to capture Americans. That incentive will put our forces in Afghanistan and around the world at even greater risk,” House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard P. McKeon, R-Calif., and the ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, James M. Inhofe, R-Okla., wrote in a statement,according to Fox News.

The Washington Post on Sunday quoted a “senior administration official” admitting as much, but pretending it didn’t matter.

“Due to a near-term opportunity to save Sergeant Bergdahl’s life, we moved as quickly as possible,” the official said, according to the Post. “The administration determined that given these unique and exigent circumstances, such a transfer should go forward notwithstanding the notice requirement.”

The law, in short, is what the White House says it is, “bismillah.”

Bergdahl’s statement didn’t go unnoticed on Twitter.

And the questions continue to build.

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Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at jpjsaunders@gmail.com.
About Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at jpjsaunders@gmail.com.

  • Greg

    So it is my understanding Congress wasn’t notified before this exchange which they were supposed to be informed. Here is the question now for my fellow Americans who care.

    How many laws does Obama have to violate before Congress will remove him from office?

    How many laws does Obama have to break before the American People start screaming at their congressional representatives for something other than just talk and start taking some action?

    Congress is just as guilty as the President!

    How many laws, how many executive action, how many will it take before people realize it is too late?!

    • candyman49

      Obummer says that he can do whatever he wants, and if nobody does anything, then he can

      • lovinspoonful

        And Harry Reid makes sure that he gets to do just that.

      • annelouisegelinas

        Obviously this father learned that message from our president who probably told him to speak that way to get his son out. Now the terrorists will be known as compassionate for about an hour, long enough to regroup with the 5 deadliest men on the planet, who cannot wait to kill another infidel. Or stone another woman to death, or chop off someone’s head. How compassionate they are.

        • GrumpyOleMan

          I assume that question was rhetorical.

          • teatime

            It wasn’t a question, it was a comment!

          • lovinspoonful

            What question? annelouisegelina made a definite statement. No question to it.

          • Cynthia Banks

            Why would you think it was rhetorical, it is a statement of fact. He was raised Muslim, here is what he said in his book, “Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.

        • JulieB

          Wrong, the father is not being complacent in order to appease our infamous president. He has converted to Islam more than likely many years ago. This entire situation stinks to high heaven. ovomit basically negotiated with terrorists to release 5 Taliban in exchange with a traitor supposedly on our side. Sounds like a definite win/win situation for the muzzies.

          • lovinspoonful

            So has our president converted.

          • teatime

            Converted to what? He has always been a Muslim!

          • angry libertarian

            Why cant the American people believe that
            Obummer was always a muslim?Just
            like they also discount the fact that our
            president was born in Kenya.People are
            so taken in by the lefty media spin they
            actually believe thier shamless far left

          • JulieB

            I believe that he was born a muslim since his supposed father was and according to their religion, it’s an automatic. Otherwise, I most definitely agree that barry is a muzzie..

          • http://musemama.blogspot.com MuseMama

            To be fair, according to Islam, all people are born Muslim. Someone who chooses Islam later in life is not considered a convert, they are considered a revert.

            But Muslim’s generally prefer to go to the Majid (mosque) as opposed to Church.

            I think people can voice their disagreement with policies without lying about the man.

          • JulieB

            I didn’t lie about the man, libbie.

          • Cynthia Banks

            His Father was Muslim and his step-father raised him Muslim. He is definitely Muslim, not because Islam say he is, but because he father and step-father said he was and trained him that way. He is President for a reason, to over throw this country. It is quite clear. As a Muslim he is doing his job. As an American he is not. It’s that simple.

          • lovinspoonful

            I guess what I meant to say is that he is finally being a muslim by his actions. I know he has always been a muslim and there are muslims in his family.

          • Dot

            Anyone who doubts that Obama is muslim…..Go to Google. Type in: Obama admits he is muslim. I warn you however, you may get sick to your stomach. I did.

          • Debbie G

            I believe his biological father converted to Christianity. But under Islamic law, he would still be Muslim and so would his son. Correct me if I’m wrong.

          • JulieB

            I can’t correct you, Debbie, since I don’t know enough about Islamic law. I’m only going by hear say and we know how reliable that is. I have never heard that his father converted to Christianity, but that is interesting to say the least since Jeremiah Wright also proclaims to be a Christian.

          • Debbie G

            Well, it’s not for me to decide who is and who isn’t. What I do know is that Obama’s parents divorced when he was very young, so I’m not sure how much influence his father would have had on his life anyway.

          • RS

            Yes he converted from a ineffectual senator to being a disaster as POTUS.

        • Cynthia Banks

          Yes Annie and they won’t be kept in Qatar for year. Everyone of them that has been released the hosting country say oh we lost track.. The community of Islam is celebrating and all our soldiers have been put in danger.

          • Chris

            and you know this …how?

          • wayneraltman

            Past experience with this administration.. I suppose you are unfamillier with the 168 prisoners released so far from Gitmo that have vanished? Mohamed Yusif Yaqub, Abdullah Mahsud, Sufian bin Qumu..etc…As of September 2012, 168 out of the 602 released Guantanamo Bay detainees are suspected of returning to terrorism. Now there are five more…

          • lovinspoonful

            It was announced today that at least 30% of those released from Gitmo are back with the Taliban and Al Quaida and fighting us..

          • Dot

            Why would anyone doubt they wouldn’t return to fight us. Now, since we have had them incarcerated, they will be more determined than ever to take our military out. They will no doubt try to get as many hostages as possible also, as they know that Obama will pull another, “Americans aren’t worth as much as Muslim terrorists” act, so eventually, we will empty our prisons of muslim terrorists. THEN WHAT WILL WE TRADE, OBAMA????

          • lostcause

            Just for poops and laughs…let’s assume that MH370 does still exist…somewhere on earth (and is still flyable). How convenient…….

          • teatime

            It’s on Diego Garica Island!

          • lovinspoonful

            We are also in danger.

        • lovinspoonful

          Why would Obama hug the father?

          • teatime

            Both are Muslim!!

          • lovinspoonful


      • lovinspoonful

        He lies.

    • Richard Lawler

      I personal have called, text and emailed all I could in Congress and only was asked for a donation from Pelosi’s office… it hard to get through to people with such egos. They all have lost touch with the normal persons on the streets. California is a great example how democrats can destroy a great state and drive business away.

      • Greg

        if anything congress should have term limits just like the office of the President, Some members of Congress only interest it seems is in how much money they can lined their pockets with.

        Career politicians do nothing for this country, maybe some of them started off with good intentions, but good intentions go nowhere if it is not backed up with actions and if they are not putting their actions with their words, its time to go!

      • RedDog

        Google “Robert bergdahl” and look at his Twitter page.

      • Cynthia Banks

        Thank you for calling all those offices. I’m going to be calling tomorrow and demanding answers. I plan to call a whole bunch of them

        • lovinspoonful

          It’s being investigated by the military.

      • LittleRoot_48

        Ha Ha Ha! If I was asked for a donation by Nancy Pelosi’s office, I would give them one message: Tell her to go schitte in her hat.

        • Sharon Hyatt Wyser

          I haven’t heard that expression about the hat in many, many years. As a child I heard a frequently profane, elderly relative of German descent use that phrase. A lot. I’ve never heard anyone else besides you and my family use that comment. Noticing how you spelled “schitte” I wonder if you have German ancestry, too. I’m now curious to know if that expression about schitting in a hat is a German invective or if it’s international. But anyway, my relative’s version also included encouragement for the hat owner to pull it down over their ears afterwards.

          • LittleRoot_48

            Ha Ha Ha! As a matter of fact, I am of German descent on my mother’s side and Irish/English on my father’s side. I must confess that I saw it in another post some years ago and started using as a creative way to get around the censors on a certain other website whose name I will not mention, but it has two words and one starts with an F and the other one starts with an N. LOL!

        • wsurfs .

          You could tell her to stick those big ‘ol pearls she always wears up her butt, but she probably would enjoy that..!! She is horrible..!! I would like to slap that silly grin off her face. Yes, I am being mean, but Nancy deserves it.

    • crazy farm girl

      the Majority in Congress is democrat. In November, should we survive this should be rectified if for once everyone votes anything but democrat. Otherwise, no He can do whatever he wants. A democratic congress will not bring impeachment against another democrat even if he IS a socialist.

      • cnc002

        Actually the majority in the SENATE are democrats but the majority in the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES are republicans.

        • NoCrud

          Oh yeah? Hmmmm…. Gotta think about this. Uh, when did this happen??? ☺☻

          • Ben J Petrone

            Been that way sense last election No wonder that we are in the shape that we are in people don’t know what the hell is going on and apparently don’t know who they are voting for DUH

          • NoCrud

            You apparently wouldn’t know sarcasm if it jumped out of your pocket and bit you on the nose. That said, now it’s time for me to laugh at your being so easy to fool.

            You must be a Democrat and it’s not even time to vote.

          • lovinspoonful

            Sarcasm in the printed word looks no different than sincerity. Your rudeness is uncalled for.

          • NoCrud

            And you didn’t see the smilies, either. That alone should have told you something.
            ☺☻ (See? I’m not prejudiced.)

          • GrumpyOleMan

            Actually it happened in 2006 when the Dummycrats took over both the House and the Senate.

          • Tec Sg Beatty

            November 2010, in response to ObamaCare. Now, we need to finish the job, take the senate, impeach that lying ba$tard illegal alien impostor, try him for treason and punish accordingly.

          • GrumpyOleMan

            An illegal alien cannot be charged with treason. Only a citizen can. But I agree in principle.

          • Tec Sg Beatty

            Okay, then get him for espionage in time of war. Remember reading about what happened to the Nazis that were caught on Long Island?

          • lovinspoonful

            Or,get him as an imposter.

          • Tec Sg Beatty

            He’d just pardon himself, like he does to all the other illegal aliens.

          • teatime

            If that is true, I will take my pen & change that law!!

          • lovinspoonful

            It has to be proven that he is an illegal alien first.

          • teatime

            Four words; Where have you been? does 2010 ring a bell?

          • Barristers Inn

            2010 and 2012

          • lovinspoonful

            At least two years ago.

        • Graywolf12

          Majority in house …RINO…. democrat lite. Expect nothing except destruction of this great experiment in government.

        • GrumpyOleMan

          The house can not remove this POS from office. The House functions only as a Grand Jury and the prosecutor. 100% of the Dummycrats in the Senate voted to acquit Clinton. The same thing would happen with OBozo right now. And, we can’t even count on Chief Justice Roberts to make proper rulings after that convoluted screwed up opinion he did on OBozoCare!

          • lovinspoonful

            Roberts knew what he was doing. When he called Obamacare a tax, he did it so the House could repeal it. If he left it as a penalty which is what Obama wanted, nothing could have been done. Calling it a tax made it repealable. He knew what he was doing. However, Reid won’t let that happen.

      • FMJ

        You really need to learn what you are talking about and the definition of a socialist. We are just now trying to catch up with the progress of all the other civilized countries of this world, and you want to change that??? What is wrong with you?? Do you have any idea how far behind this country is on every level, but just look at medicine and education for two, then you tell me how bad it is.

        • Me Notanyoneelse

          I’m so sick of that twisted logic. All the other countries are dialing all their entitlements back because they are in worse economic shape than we are – but we’re supposed to follow their lead? Just because we do something different doesn’t make us wrong and everyone else right. Just like when this country was born and everyone else was monarchies or something similar.
          I’ve really seen nothing from other countries that screams “wow! they’ve got it!”. Quite the contrary actually. There is nothing there that leads me to believe we should be following along.

          • crazy farm girl

            Thank you! Could not have said it better.

          • lovinspoonful

            Why are we behind? Obama and company.

          • Christine King

            Excellent response, Me Notanyoneelse!

        • crazy farm girl

          I read a lot of your responses in trying to understand where you are coming from. I learned that you tend to think you just know everything. You attack a lot of people when they have a different opinion than you do. You call yourself tolerant, but you are far from that, You only are complimentary when you find someone as ridiculous as you are.

          I feel sorry for you. You can not even see what is in from of your face. Your children will spit on your grave when they realize that you are one of the reasons they have lost all of their rights. History will revile you and people like you. You do not even think people are capable of p[personal responsibility maybe because you yourself are not capable of it?

          You are my enemy even more than the president is. You spread his evil like an STD. The information is out there but you refuse to look at it let alone think about it. You tell everyone else they dont know but it is you who has no idea what you are talking about. I will take my chances with the “rednecks” because they know how to survive. You could not fight your way out of a wet paper bag I am sure. I stand with the Patriots. I invite you to please pack up and get your butt to one of those other countries that are so much better developed you Nazi! If you think it is better somewhere else, then GO. Stop trying to change us. The entire world laughs at us because of idiots like you. You have no morality and no sense. YOU know nothing about socialized medicine. Go ask any American Veteran and they can fill you in. Better still talk to some Canadians, there is a reason so many of them try to come here for care, or ask a Mexican… They risk certain death to get here. Maybe because Mexico is better? Cuba? oh wait they will put their kids in a cooler and float em through shark infested waters to get them to the USA.. because Cuba is better? Guns? if you know how to Google, look at how many homicides are stopped because of a gun. Having a gun once saved my daughters and I from a bad guy. I am a firm believer in open carry. More people are saved by them than are killed every year. Every mass killing has been done by a liberal like you. Depressed sad crazy and on Lithium or Zoloft. Every single time it is a liberal who does the killing or the child of a liberal. If you hate America, then get the hell out.

          • David McCauslin

            u go girl=tell them how it is

          • eric kessen

            Like you ; I am still here safe and sound because of a gun ! Not once but several times . From animal attack to human attacks….! Attempted car jacking . Assaulted in restrooms in rest area on interstate 40 while transporting horses . Pit bull attack at my place of business . Attacked while in full uniform and on duty . You better be live that I cherish and support our second amendment and exercise my rights to carry firearms for self-defense any time it is legal for me to do so ! ! ! Calling 911 would have been a waste of my time in each occurrences where only immediate access to a firearm was able to revert the actions in progress that would undeniably have seen me gravely hurt or killed . As horrible as this may sound to some people who never had to experience the terror I was exposed to and the feeling that my life was about to end momentarily ……the death of innocent victims in no gun zones do not trump at all my rights to defend myself and my family . Taking away my rights will not bring back past victims or prevent future ones either . After taking away all the guns ; they are now starting to try and ban pointy kitchen knives in England ……! They found out people were still killing each other even without guns lol .what’s next . Windows above ground floor because nto many people get thrown out of them or use them for suicide ..eepurpose….!? Australia confiscated all the guns and now they are experiencing more gun crimes ; more house invasions etc…than ever before and the criminals are still using as many guns if not more than they ever did in the past ! ! ! How is it possible ? Didn’t they get the memo about guns being illegal to own anymore ? ? ?

          • lovinspoonful

            He’s no different than a lot of others who think they know everything and actually know very little.

          • Barristers Inn

            yeah and no more birthday cards either

          • lovinspoonful

            That is typical of a liberal.

        • Tec Sg Beatty

          We led the rest of the world after WWII and brought most of them up to a higher standard of living. Only since LBJ have we slid down the slope towards doom. the modern Democrat party is the absolute worst enemy of Freedom and the United States. And you can take your socialism and stick it!

          • lovinspoonful

            Carter did not help any either and neither did any democrat since.

          • Tec Sg Beatty

            You won’t get any argument of that from me.

        • spunknik

          That’s funny. I thought that this country, which represents 5% of the world population, was responsible for inventing 50% of all new medicines used worldwide.
          I didn’t realize we were “behind” in medicine–I thought the fact that other countries were buying that medicine sort of put us ahead.

          • lovinspoonful

            If we are it is due to Obamacare.

        • GrumpyOleMan

          This is the old flawed crybaby whine “Well Bobby’s doing it!” Whine, whine, slam your bedroom door. Lots of people have committed suicide. You want to do it too? Go ahead. I think it’s your personal right.

        • John A.

          If we are so far behind, why are we still giving financial aid to these countries throughout Europe, Asia, and South America? If they are so superior in their government and social structures, why is it that the wealth in those superior nations is even more concentrated to the elite than in our country, with very little opportunity for upward mobility. Last I checked, we still have more people moving to the USA (or attempting to legally) than Americans leaving.

        • lovinspoonful

          What progress? Where? Show me. You mean the progress we have paid for?

        • teatime

          You are to stupid & dumb to live! some one should shoot you like a mad dog!!

        • lovinspoonful

          Our medicine and education have gotten worse. We ARE NOT catching up with the alleged progress of all other civilized countries and they are not catching up either. Too many countries are broke, including us.

      • lovinspoonful

        Statement from a former member of the Justice Dept. What Obama did is an inmpeachable offense. He illegally bypassed Congress and this could cause him some problems. The Joint Chiefs of Staff and other military powers that be are stepping in. and investigations are already under way.

    • Adam Wood

      Three words: President Joe Biden.

      • NoCrud

        Poor excuse…

        Do you think that Biden is worse? Where are the loudmouth Conservatives that kept saying, “Anybody but Obama.”???

        It is much, much easier to get rid of Biden than Obama. And anyone who keeps saying and using President Biden as a scare tactic is questionable if he/she claims to be a Conservative. Liberals will use any tactic they can to keep The Obamaroid in office. And they constantly look for Conservatives that will parrot their “words of wisdom.” It’s what the Democrats know, it’s what they do.

        • Adam Wood

          Political reality: this country is NOT going to go through two impeachments in rapid succession. That means that you have to get rid of both Obama and Biden at the same time. Good luck with that.

          And even that would not exactly be an improvement, because then we would be left with President Boehner. I shudder at the thought….

          • NoCrud

            More Democrat Defeatist talk.

            Here’s some “political reality” for you:

            An Impeachment is a lawsuit at the highest level. Bill Clinton was impeached. Sure, it did not succeed in getting that faker out of the White House (except when he hid it better) but it was documented that what he was doing was not acceptable to the People of the United States.

            Going along with what The Obamaroid does is called Accessory after the Fact. And when no one complains, Democrats opine that it was OK because it was accepted. And apparently you think the same way.

            IF they impeach Obama, then it might not be successful, and probably would not be considering the make-up of the Senate. However, it would go on record that many Americans did not agree with or go along with what he is and is doing. As it is, we are all Accessories after the Fact and “incur guilt by association.”

            That is the truthful reality of the issue. And with the old Mantra “anyone but Obama,” then Boehner would be an improvement. In fact, the thingy about “lesser of evils” was also a Democrat invention to excuse Democrat candidates since everyone knows they are evil, anyway.

            And you shudder at the thought of a President Boehner but after November, we can all hope he’s also part of history. But with this, you apparently think Obama is A-OK so whatever I tell you is not acceptable because your mind has already been warped to the Left.

          • crazy farm girl

            Thank you!

          • Doug

            Boehner….a very “colorful” man.

          • LittleRoot_48

            The sad thing is that, Bill, Hillary and the rest of the Dems have NO shame and therefore don’t care that he got impeached (which to anyone else, WOULD have been considered a shameful thing).

        • Doug

          I was right. My guess was that you couldn’t go three posts without using that devilishly clever Obamaroid tag.

    • Modres

      A lot of people realize it’s too late. The problem is that action must come from Congress, not the average person in America. There are too many leftist Dems and RINOs who have been bought and paid for in Congress. They protect what’s illegal.

      How can anyone not IN Congress do anything except put continued pressure on their representatives?

    • Cynthia Banks

      Greg I have been asking the same question, the majority of Americans are dead to the realities around them, and they will perish because of it. They have been given over to a spirit of delusion and yes it is too late, my dear brother.

    • susandanielspi

      Obama should be arrested and jailed today.

    • M.O.T.L.

      Think this is bad? Just wait till the next presidential election. There is a big surprise coming.

    • pineapple

      If Obama is willing to trade five terrorists for one American POW, would he be willing to trade 20 million illegals for one imprisoned American soldier in Mexico?

    • MZAZ86442i

      BO says he has a pen and a phone. So I guess he figures he can do whatever he wants and no one will say or do anything. So far he has committed many acts of treason yet allowed to keep committing them without any repercussions.

    • Jason

      Congress was notified. Get your facts straight. No laws were broken. McCain is just old and forgetful about the change to the law he signed off on as part of the 2014 NDA bill.

      • LittleRoot_48

        Congress was NOT notified until after the fact. Get your OWN facts straight.

      • Greg

        That is total BS! Lawmakers were not notified of the Guantanamo detainees’ transfer until after it occurred. The law requires the U.S Defense Secretary to notify the relevant congressional committees by at least 30 days in advance before making conducting any transfers of any prisoners and further explain as to the reason and to provide assurances that those people who are released would not be consider further threats or in a position to reengage in activities that could threaten the United States or its interests.

        The never ending excuses are unacceptable!

    • Damaso

      The only thing this bastard has done since day one as president is to destroy piece by piece this country. Congress, both Republicans as well as Democrats are as guilty as he is, question is why, question is why do we let them?

    • lovinspoonful

      Tell that to Harry Reid. He is the one stopping it all. He tables everything the House passes to the senate.

    • AngelBum

      Unfortunately there are still a lot of people that think Obama is the best thing since slice bread, these are the same idiots that will think Bergdahl is a hero.

    • lovinspoonful

      Get Harry Reid out of the senate. Then things will happen. He blocks everything coming from the House.

    • LC6624

      they CANT remove him with a Democratic controlled Congress. The DEMOCRATS will NEVER vote to impeach him NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES !!!! BEST SOLUTION, vote in a Republican controlled congress and MAYBE that will get her done!

    • Sly

      they have no courage removing him from office, no matter how many laws he violated. it’s either they are one with him or just plain bunch of cowards who don’t have the balls to impeach him

  • Chip Bailey

    That beard is not Amish

    • Diane

      No kidding, speaking in Arabic….doubt it.

    • candyman49

      So true, that’s the beard of a muslim cockroach

    • http://www.eatmyfartsIslam.com billwhit1357

      I have almost a years worth of growth myself, like Phil Robertson, but I am as Christian as can be! The only good muslim pig is a dead muslim pig!

      • reaper_69

        I hope that includes the muslim pig in our White House!

        • http://www.eatmyfartsIslam.com billwhit1357

          I wish someone would give the Homosexual Islamic pig, Obama, a Lobotomy with half ounce of high speed lead! That would be a True Blessing on our Nation!

    • Doug

      Obviously a rabbi.

  • Mamatex

    Very suspicious behavior by the father when the son is already safely in the hands of Special Forces! Normally one would expect smiles and thanks to God!

    • cnc002

      He was thanking God, his God Allah. If this whole matter doesn’t leave a bad taste in American mouths then we are doomed. Obama is a traitor and this proves it.

  • candyman49

    It must be embarrassing for Bowe, that everybody now knows that his father is muslim, and who knows, maybe Bowe himself

    • Cynthia Banks

      Bowe is too, he deserted. He was on Rosetta Stone for two months straight, did not drink or join the other soldiers at all. He stayed in his bunk with his language studies probably Arabic.

      • TheAtlanticIsPropaganda

        How do you know that? Do you know him personally, or is that hearsay?

      • Cynthia Banks

        Cody a soldier with him stated it. He mailed home his uniform and books, and left all his gear neatly in corner. He deserted and he is Muslim

  • Flipper Carter

    Found this in one of the news feeds about this terrorist trade off…

    Forwarded from Jeff Howard.

    “We were at OP Mest, Paktika Province, Afghanistan. It was a small
    outpost where B Co 1-501st INF (Airbone) ran operations out of, just an
    Infantry platoon and ANA counterparts there.
    The place was an Afghan graveyard. Bergdahl had been acting a little
    strange, telling people he wanted to “walk the earth” and kept a little
    journal talking about how he was meant for better things. No one thought
    anything about it. He was a little “out there”. Next morning he’s gone.
    We search everywhere, and can’t find him. He left his weapon, his kit,
    and other sensitive items. He only took some water, a compass and a
    knife. We find some afghan kids shortly after who saw an american
    walking north asking about where the taliban are. We get hits on our
    voice intercepter that Taliban has him, and we were close. We come to
    realize that the kid deserted his post, snuck out of camp and sought out
    Taliban… to join them. We were in a defensive position at OP Mest,
    where your focus is to keep people out. He knew where the blind spots
    were to slip out and that’s what he did. It was supposed to be a 4-day
    mission but turned into several months of active searching. Everyone was
    spun up to find this guy. News outlets all over the country were
    putting out false information. It was hard to see, especially when we
    knew the truth about what happened and we lost good men trying to find
    him. PFC Matthew Michael Martinek, Staff Sgt. Kurt Robert Curtiss, SSG
    Clayton Bowen, PFC Morris Walker, SSG Michael Murphrey, 2LT Darryn
    Andrews, were all KIA from our unit who died looking for Bergdahl. Many
    others from various units were wounded or killed while actively looking
    for Bergdahl. Fighting Increased. IEDs and enemy ambushes increased. The
    Taliban knew that we were looking for him in high numbers and our
    movements were predictable. Because of Bergdahl, more men were out in
    danger, and more attacks on friendly camps and positions were conducted
    while we were out looking for him. His actions impacted the region more
    than anyone wants to admit. There is also no way to know what he told
    the Taliban: Our movements, locations, tactics, weak points on vehicles
    and other things for the enemy to exploit are just a few possibilities.
    The Government knows full well that he deserted. It looks bad and is a
    good propaganda piece for the Taliban. They refuse to acknowledge it.
    Hell they even promoted him to Sergeant which makes me sick. I feel for
    his family who only want their son/brother back. They don’t know the
    truth, or refuse to acknowledge it as well. What he did affected his
    family and his whole town back home, who don’t know the truth. Either
    way what matters is that good men died because of him. He has been lying
    on all those Taliban videos about everything since his “capture”. If he
    ever returns, he should be tried under the UCMJ for being a deserter
    and judged for what he did. Bergdahl is not a hero, he is not a soldier
    or an Infantryman. He failed his brothers. Now, sons and daughters are
    growing up without their fathers who died for him and he will have to
    face that truth someday.”

    • Cynthia Banks

      Thank you Flip for posting this. It has to be spread far and wide. As quickly as possible and pray for Jeff Howard.

  • SusieQ

    This move could also be a danger for american traveling abroad after all I imagine they think they (taliban) have carte blanche now.

  • http://www.eatmyfartsIslam.com billwhit1357

    I am so sick of these Islamic Pigs, especially the one in the Oval Office! They all need to be sent straight to Hell where their allah/satan resides!

  • Shane

    So… we’ll trade 5 top Taliban leaders for one (possibly a deserter) US soldier, but POTUS won’t pick up the phone to get one US serviceman released from a Mexican prison? Something stinks to high heaven here!

    • Greg

      Tragic! That in itself says a whole lot of where the priorities are of this administration!

    • Frank

      He is a deserter. he walked off the post , when was not suppose to.

    • lars1701c

      I am willing to say that he probably played at being POW to get some people out of GITMO

    • cnc002

      lars1701c, I totally agree. Obama promised his buddies in the Taliban that he could get these 5 leaders released and so they came up with a plan. This man disappears and then the Taliban takes responsibility setting the stage for a swap. If we see another of these it will be certain this President is giving aid and comfort to our enemies.

  • dixie williams

    I questioned the fact that he still had a beard and why exchange 5 Taliban leaders for one POW who left camp without permission which caused him to be taken. Did Obama do this on his own without Congress’s permission? This is so crazy!

    • cnc002

      YES, Obama did do this without the permission of Congress! To me he has committed an obvious act of treason with this charade.

      • NoCrud

        And the excuse is that they circumvented Congress because of Bergdahl’s health.

        Baloney. More Taqqiya
        (Lying for the cause of Izlam)

        • Cynthia Banks

          Right and that will be the talking points by every democrat. Disgusting dogs all of them.

    • Cynthia Banks

      Yes Dixie he did it without congresses permission, just like everything else he does…

  • pis on it sam

    look at it this way you cant kill them when they`re behind bars, better to have them out there down range