Sharpton mocks Limbaugh; alleges voter fraud in children’s book award

The Rev. Al Sharpton and guests on his TV show were dumbstruck that Rush Limbaugh won an award for a children’s book and mocked him accordingly.

Sharpton couldn’t contain himself Thursday on his MSNBC show, “Politics Nation,” ridiculing Limbaugh by pointing out that he not only wrotea children’s book, but he was awarded “Author of the Year” by the Children’s Book Council.

“Here’s the real scary part: The winners are supposedly picked by kids who vote online,” Sharpton said. “He won for this book titled, ‘Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.’”

When Sharpton asked whether it’s possible that Limbaugh could actually have won the award legitimately, panelist Zerlina Maxwell called the results odd, adding, “absolutely, 100 percent, the kids did not vote for Rush Limbaugh to win best book over ‘Divergent.’”

Sharpton said the kids who voted should have shown photo ID, and panelist Abby Huntsman suggested Limbaugh boosted sales by buying “half of them [the books] himself.”

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.


  • SusieQ

    Maybe Sharpton should write a book with all his mispronounced words so we can all get a good laugh at how absolutely stupid this guy is.

    • Anthony

      Just give him a box of rocks with all his mispronounced words on it, that way he can practice them.

      • SusieQ

        He’s given a pass he doesn’t have to do anything correctly. The fact that anyone listens to him is frightening. The only reason I have heard his dumb rhetoric is when it’s played by media who find it astonishing this guy is on the air. I couldn’t stand to listen to more than that, I’d have to go into therapy.

        • Marilyn Z

          This man MUST insert his stupid face and voice into every little detail he can. He certainly did a lot for race relations with another lame appearance on TV. WHY OH WHY do people still allow him on their shows?

          • Njyord

            It has to be done for one reason. . . to cause hatred and division, and is intentional. So, then the question is WHY? Look and see who owns the network that pays him. I keep getting knocked off when I type out the word J___, but they are very smart people and don’t do anything without a reason that benefits them solely. Just use your head and look at what’s going on around you. . . White people are under attack from every corner, and people need to start calling it like it is and defending themselves while they’re still able.

          • SusieQ

            He’s such a fine example for a guest at the white house right? I could think of many more deserving than the race pimp for a invite to the people’s house.

          • Marilyn Z

            OMG…can you imagine stuck with him or JJ at a dinner party. I could not eat. BUT someone, somewhere has him at their elbow…hope it is Michelle.

          • SusieQ

            Let’s put it this way he’s not invited for his sparkling, witty conversation. There must be another agenda, Ah, yes the thought of Michelle having to give her rapt attention to the king of bling is giving me a little chuckle.

          • Marilyn Z

            Good to find a reason to chuckle now and then considering the pile of crap we are descending into.

          • Ann Elida Hodgkins

            the two idiot girls are about as smart as he is!

          • SusieQ

            What? Let’s hope you don’t write anything. GSY

          • teatime

            Because, they are run by the democrat’s

        • apricered

          It’s only the ‘black’ brothers/sisters that watch him!!!!

          • Julyette J

            No, unfortunately the stupid liberals of all colors watch him because it would be “racist” not to do so.

    • Bob Nichols

      Sharpton write a book? Do you think he ever read a book?

      • SusieQ

        You are right , just comic books perhaps.

      • George Hilman

        I have personal knowledge that he reads Marx, Engels, and Alinsky.

        • Tullius

          Just like Obama

        • Steve Harmon

          Correction, he has someone read them to him unless they are audio books, even then he needs someone to interpret.

    • Jerry

      Do you mean Al Shoptin?

      • Kenneth Clark

        Al “coke nose” Shopton…

        • Jerry

          Now I know who you mean.

      • Steve Harmon

        Or maybe “Rev. Sharlatan”?

        • Ann Elida Hodgkins

          rev NOT SO sharp ton

          • Steve Harmon

            Nice one Ann.

    • guymacher

      Only literate folk can write.

    • Kenneth Clark

      He did. It called “On the Democrat Plantation… where I is yo massa

    • [email protected]

      Sharpton cant write.

    • agcala

      He would first had to learn how to write. That’s well over his head.

  • Tabitha Bliss

    And Sharpton would know all about voter fraud!

    • Anthony

      He was the keynote speaker at a voting rally and introduced her to speak.

      • Richard McGrath

        Was that the rally to protest voter ID, but they had to show ID to get into the rally?

        • Anthony

          Pretty sure it was the same one, yeah.

    • George Hilman

      Even his bunnies do.

  • Anthony

    These people are idiots. Sounds like they’re fairly jealous as well. “There’s no way kids voted for Rush’s book over Divergent.” Probably because the movie looked boring as hell, why would I want to read that book? Oh, well maybe I should give the book a chance like the Twilight series. Never going to see those either. And many kids will never read those books at the same time.

    • Uncle Bob

      If ya look you’ll see evidence of temptation on the part of the kids to get on TV if Rush is their choice ? The kids were corrupted Probably by a Teacher but by sure an Adult.

    • Njyord

      Parents need to really be aware of what their kids are being encouraged, and told, to read. The number one red-flag is “politically correct”. . . which literally defined is “lying ‘. Kids are influenced for life by the first books they read. I know I was.

  • Todd

    He was just mad because he’s not able to read Rush’s book, you have to read at about a 3rd grade level.

  • Broke Obama

    Sharpton is waiting for the government to buy the book for him and have the rich pay for it in taxes .

  • mary

    Morons all. Better to be quiet and let people wonder if you’re a total idiot, than speak and remove all doubt.
    (or something like that)

    • Eric G

      Your statement is on the mark, Mark Twain wrote the thing but using different words (I don’t want to misquote him).

    • Ann Elida Hodgkins

      too late, he spoke

  • Richard Ashburn

    An election where 140% of the eligible voters actually voted? Where is it that I heard this before?

  • raycom4rt

    ol’ Al, fightin’ to be relevant!

  • Mark McDonald

    Al Sharpton owes more than $2.5 million in back taxes and he is visiting Obama at the White House. Leaving me to ask, why did Lois Lerner not go after Al Sharpton ?

    • curmudgeon

      My guess. Black and democRAT? How’d I do?

      • auntielib


  • Mark McDonald

    MSNBC is employing Al Sharpton as a commentator. He is a black racist. Any national news network that employed white supremacist David Duke, a white racist, as a reputable commentator would be categorically excoriated. Al Sharpton is the equivalent to supremacist David Duke, the difference is David admits that he is racist, Sharpton just expresses his hate for white whenever he can. The late Lyndon B. Johnson was a white equivalent to Al Sharpton. The Liberals, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and blacks would call Lyndon B. Johnson a racist and demand justice.

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