Ann Coulter sees ‘Occupy Wall Street’ in Bundy Ranch standoff

The biggest lesson in Nevada’s Bundy Ranch standoff is how it’s angered conservative America, conservative commentator Ann Coulter said, urging Republicans to channel that passion in the most effective way possible.


“Republicans and conservatives ought to learn, be careful before you choose a mascot,” Coulter said Friday in an interview with CNN’s Bill Weir.

In a comparison sure to anger some of rancher Cliven Bundy’s most vocal supporters, Coulter likened the Nevada cattle battle to the ineffectual Occupy Wall Street demonstrations of 2011, when thousands of unwashed, unemployed and unhappy young people took to the streets to protest not getting milk and cookies before their afternoon nap.

“I never thought this was a great cause,” Coulter said of Bundy’s battle. “I don’t see much difference … between what’s going on at that ranch and Occupy Wall Street.”

The fallout from Bundy’s comments about slavery – which liberals heralded from the moment they broke in The New York Times on Wednesday – helps make Coulter’s point that flash-in-the-pan protests like Bundy’s are diversions from bigger concerns over the direction the country is taking in the age of Obama.

Woman throws hand grenade like a girl, chaos ensues

That anger needs to be channeled productively – and that’s something prominent conservatives who should be leading the movement are failing to do, Coulter said.

“There’s a lot to be angry about, and people want to punch back,” Coulter said, listing as boiling points Obamacare and the growing number of states approving gay marriage and legalizing marijuana.

“But what I think is happening is people we look to be leaders to direct that justified anger are instead being followers,” she said.

“Stop following the mob – you’re supposed to direct the mob, who have a legitimate grievance.”

The libs are going to love hearing Coulter call conservative activists “the mob,” but they’d be missing the point, as usual. Her message is that conservatives aren’t just the Occupy movement with better hygiene. A raft of issues with major implications for America’s future are at a tipping point, and turning them in the right direction requires effective political organization – not just foot-stomping or camera-hogging.

That means the conservative movement needs leaders who aren’t getting distracted by another romantic “mascot” who may turn out – rightly or wrongly — to be an embarrassment.

“There is legitimate anger,” she said. “We see these random explosions here and there – where it ought to be directed to something useful and directed at something we can do something about.”



  • Chas Holman

    Ann Coulter has always had a small world view. A limited palate.

    The kind of person who needs to compare an apple to an orange to justify her lack of ability to rationalize any situation on it’s own merit or lack of it. She is very ‘dot to dot’ and ‘color by numbers’.

  • Tom B

    Anne loves being in the game to be legit to stand for something even when she knows both parties totally suck and stand for nothing but self interest and lobbyist groups.She’s nothing more than a hypocrite walking in a female body with no view nor a plan for America just like the idiots running the country into the ground because they have NO vision for the future.It’s time people elect people with a strong vision for American instead of deadend streets to nowhere.

  • Mark Adams

    “between what’s going on at that ranch and Occupy Wall Street.”
    What is going on at that ranch is government jackboots on OUR necks.
    OWS was about giving them free SH*T
    HUGE difference, ANN!

  • info warrior

    Ann Coulter, bowing down to the God of Political Correctness. Too funny.

  • Chris Choina

    Just like the colonial that sided with the BRITISH, and called everyone one else fools and traitors to the KING. HOW’D THAT TURN OUT. O’reilly, HANNITY, Beck, Coulter and all the rest to scared to tell the TRUTH.

  • Chris Choina

    One question to all the high and mighty talking heads. When is it time to REVOLT in your little protected world .

  • Richard McGrath

    ‘Occupy Wall Street’ …… what ever happen to those clowns?

  • 1hyperborean1

    So, Clive Bundy, commented on how welfare blacks, loitering about waiting on free crap, and having tons of kids they can’t care for and aborting tons more… shiftless directionless youths going to jail, …. his thought was..did these people learn nothing from enslaved relatives..? They are wasting their future That’s his point. ……And all 1,000,000,000,000. % true.

    People responding like they are, do so out of complete ignorance of reality. Glenn beck, Coulter, shame, on you. Hardcore times are coming you two are turning onto a couple of real pus, si,es.
    Oreilly, hannity just a couple of attention wh,o res, remove ….”me, mine, I” from their vocabulary, and you have just effectively cut their air time in half. People lost faith in you two clowns a decade ago. Conservatives my ace.

  • Texas Belle

    It is sad to hear Ann Coulter spew such nonsense. If the Times had printed Bundy’s entire statement it would have been clear what he meant. His own employee, a black, says Bundy is not a racist and that he will stand with Bundy against the Government. What Bundy said is about the same as what Bill Cosby has said in times past about the black community who depends on the government instead of being self reliant.

  • Jeffrey Hardin

    Those at the Bundy Ranch were civil, they picked up behind themselves and maintained order, they took charge “responsibility” of their own person, were principled, were of strong moral characters and were each leaders of their own destinies, that is what makes America, that is what makes Americans!
    Costing Tax Payers $0 amount in dollars…

    The 1% Occupiers raped woman, camped out and destroyed personal and private properties both land and businesses restrooms, they had no self restraint, they had no moral or principled structure to lead others nor themselves, there was never at any point any civility amongst them, neither were they towards those who opposed them, they defecated on peoples property, then picking it up, threw it at the residences of those properties and their homes, and at the law enforcement trying to maintain civility.
    Costing Tax payers in excess of 10 million dollars….

    Ann, shut the hell up, your trampled over rice paper….

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