Elijah Cummings declines Fox News; appears on ‘Face the Nation’ to zero IRS questions

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s ranking Democratic member got caught in an apparent lie last week on his role in the IRS scandal. Yet when he appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday, host Bob Schieffer asked the congressman “not one question” on the incident.

U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., was invited to appear on “The Kelly File” last week to explain the emails between his staff and former IRS supervisor Lois Lerner in which they appear to be working in concert to target the conservative Texas-based organization True the Vote.

Cummings declined to appear on the Fox News show, but did appear on the CBS Sunday news program.

“Cleta, that’s unbelievable,” Fox News host Megyn Kelly said to True the Vote’s counsel, Cleta Mitchell, “Not one. It’s not like Elijah Cummings has been in the news for a lot of things over the past week. I mean, not one question.”

Gee, could there really be something to this media bias people are talking about?

Watch the exchange via Fox News, then check out “ Obama’s ‘condolences’ complete with tasteless joke; Twitter lashing follows.”


  • SusieQ

    Bob Schieffer: “Hey, E-lie-jah how’s the wife? “Vacation plans this summer”? Blah de la Blah, “See ya”. Now that’s journalism!

    • Anthony

      Truck yeah it is!

    • Jim Olson

      Susie FYI bob, an old friend votes republican.

      • SusieQ

        Great! Now he should start playing hard ball but I’m glad to hear that info,

  • Don Sebold

    Admission to guilt….go to the softball news

  • Broke Obama

    Annnnd we expected what from the Obama channels ?

  • frankmalvern

    He may be a crook, thief, racist and bigot….but he is not stupid. He knows what “news organizations” will play hard ball and those who will play patty cake.

    • Eric G

      You forgot coward.

    • Gary D. Vaughn

      Funny you call FOx a news organization. They call themselves an “entertainment” channel. They had to in order to win the Florida case and get to lie to you fools 24/7/365.

      • frankmalvern

        And your point is? Stay focused Gary D Vaughn on the story, not the messenger. Typical progressive tactic of when the facts are against you kill the messenger. Sorry Gary, that won’t work here! It is NOT about FOX news, it is about a crooked,vile, mendacious politician named Elijah Cummings

  • AmericanFaith

    Corrupt demorat politician…elijah cummings…liar like barry barack obama.

    • Martin Angell

      Corrupt demorat politician…bob scheiffer…liar like barry barack obama.

  • Brent Guthrie

    If you think this black man could obstruct Darrel Issa’s House Investigative Committee, you’re a racist.

    • Brent Guthrie

      I’ll be the first to say:
      I’m a racist.

  • Larry Miller

    Of course he went to one of the networks run by George Soros and Obama, That’s why they’re called state run media.
    I wonder if and how much ‘stimulus’ money they may have received.

  • Eric G

    Cummings would have “wrapped up this case long ago” so he could bury his involvement under the rug.

  • Parker Orfield

    Elijah Cummings is as corrupt as the rest of them in the Obama Administration and just like the rest of them he thinks he is above the law because he is a U.S. Senator and Obama and Holder have his back.

  • Jim Olson

    could it be that every one in the world, save a few fox informed fanatics, understands that there is no there there, and there are many real problems to discuss? Just askin’.

    • jr61020

      Have no idea what you said” that there is no there there, and there are many real problems to discuss? Just askin”

      • Dood

        As your famous rwnj politician said*Americans are that dumb” when asked about why more and more are voting left and voted predominantly a D prez in again. Your comment only goes to show jr, yup he may have been right at least when it comes to the rw.

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