VIDEO of heated Nevada cattle ranch riot! Feds use attack dogs, tasers on protesters

A long-simmering dispute between Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and the federal Bureau of Land Management boiled over Wednesday, resulting in a near riot.

Protesters lined a Nevada highway, facing off against what looked to be federal agents armed with taser guns and police dogs. Again and again, the two sides clashed, with a man appearing to be tased more than once as he kicked a dog.

Bundy’s son, Ammon Bundy, claimed he was the one being tased, according to the CBS affiliate KLAS-TV.

A video obtained from Guerilla Media Network captured the confrontation as it took place.

*Caution: Strong Language

The agents eventually did the smart thing and pulled back, as emotions had reached a fever pitch.

There were a few minor injuries among protesters, including a woman who said a ranger hit her with a car, throwing her to the ground.

“I’m shook up, my hand’s cut, my knee’s you know, banged up,” Margaret Bundy-Houston told KLAS-TV.

Defiant Nevada rancher faces armed federal
agents in escalating confiscation standoff

The dispute with federal agents is over 500 head of cattle belonging to the Bundy family grazing on public land. The Bureau of Land Management says they have been allowed to do so illegally and have been rounding up the livestock.

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval released a statement Tuesday saying his office has received numerous complaints of Bureau of Land Management misconduct.

“I have recently met with state legislators, county officials and concerned citizens to listen to their concerns,” Sandoval said. “I have expressed those concerns directly to the BLM.”

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Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


  • LMW51

    Federal agencies are emboldened by the lawlessness of the Obama Administration. The IRS is getting away with targeting Conservatives; the DOJ got away with sending paid agitators to Florida to bring us all the George Zimmerman trial not to mention no one has been punished for Fast and Furious; the State Department gets away with losing 6 billion dollars and four American lives…..

    • Zoltanne

      The USSA. Welcome to the new AmeriKa, where WROL is holding its citizens captive.

      • homer1057

        The USSA= United Search and Seizure of Assets!

        • robyn3pups

          And the idiots who voted for him are sitting back smiling because they are still getting all their freebies.

          • LittleRoot_48

            Well, when the money runs out, they’ll wonder where their freebies went. They need not come knocking on MY door looking for them.

          • robyn3pups

            Mine either. They give them hundreds of dollars in food stamps and their kids go to school and get free breakfast, lunch, and some places even serve dinner. They live in free housing or pay some ridiculous amount like $17 a month in rent, free healthcare, free phones and they still want more. I am so tired of these people and I let them know it too. They put Obama in office and WE are the ones who are stuck paying for it. It is easier for the govt to give them more by making us pay more than it is to cut the able bodied do-nothings off.

          • mogul264

            This is the result when the freeloaders find they have the voting numbers to FORCE the rest of us to provide for them. This very same situation has resulted in the downfall of MANY democracies!

            A notable one was the Roman Empire. The loot being brought home by their armies from conquered lands sustained them, so many didn’t NEED to work. This resulted in suppliers of foods needing workers, so they began using slaves. Others ALSO began using slaves for housekeeping, etc.

            This ‘freed’ MORE citizens, who now had MUCH time on their hands! These now idle citizens were placated with free contests and displays, the Circus Maximus, and the Coliseum, for instance. Free bread was also distributed.

            Ever larger and more elaborate scenes were required to keep the populace quiet and sedate. As the loot began to dwindle, conquered lands having given up their precious metals, and slaves, taxes on ROMANS began to be levied.

            Now, the layabouts found THEY were the voting majority, and forced the Roman state to KEEP feeding and amusing them. The merchants, the ones PAYING, were wrung out. Still the louts demanded and demanded.

            Finally, the money ran low, city streets, public houses (communal baths and bathrooms), and finally, defenses suffered, and the Huns and others invaded. Goodbye, Roma!

            When do WE reach this over-balance point? Or, have we ALREADY done so? Is it soon to be, “Good bye, America”?

          • LittleRoot_48

            Is it any wonder we have high blood pressure these days?

          • robyn3pups

            And can’t sleep and always have a neck ache. I still keep saying that the govt will seize our homes and bank accounts before they cut food stamps, welfare, or section 8 housing.

          • Jody Daniels

            Oh, but they will. And, if you don’t give it up, they’ll kill you for it. My dad (RIP) predicted & warned me about this when I was a kid.

          • Chad3434

            And the money is going to run out. Just a matter of time. Just think if the interest rates were to climb to just 5% we would owe one trillion dollars on the National Debt each year. How can we pay that? We are already broke.

          • R. Gary Cousineau

            The US government has developed small powerful microwave and irradiation weapons that don’t look like weapons. They can be operated by remote control and/or hidden in small places like vans, trucks and trunks of cars.

            They can easily be directed towards large or small areas, to attack individual or groups of enemies.

            Their strength can be adjusted to kill quickly or years later by compromising the immune system- which also makes the death or illness appear to be from natural causes.

            These weapons can be used to secretly eliminate anybody that doesn’t submit and/or support the agendas of the one one percent and the Christian concubines and but goys that got rich by helping them get into power so they could take over.

            Protesters could be risking their very lives and their health by protesting against any of the one percent’s agenda- even if its justifiable and non violent.

            Ironically, it’s very likely that the Americans that will be killed with these new weapons will have paid taxes used to make them and also used to breed the predators getting paid to kill them.
            That’s just like happened to six million Jews in Nazi Germany during the holocaust.

            German Jews literally paid taxes used to breed the anal lusting nazi’s that pushed six million innocent Jewish men, women and children into gas chambers.

            Ironically the rich Zionists responsible for so much of Germany’s suffering were snuck into America with the 35000 Jews Roosevelt snuck into America against the will of the American people- to save them from the Nazi’s.

            Hundreds of years ago the German aristocracy took predator breeding to state of the art by combining the Sodom and Gomorrah scam used to manipulate homosexuals to betray themselves by breeding- with paying financial incentives to B-words including many that were crazy, stupid, dysfunctional’s addicted to drugs, alcohol and cigarets for making babies they needed for their own military or that were trained to be mercenaries and rented out to other countries.
            Putting anal lusting Germans on your enemies was considered the ultimate revenge. King George sicked thirty thousand Hessians from Germany on the rebelling American colonials for trying to break free from England.

    • shavager

      AMEN, LMW51–you can see it all around the country with Federal agencies out of control, spying on citizens, intimidating people with EPA lawsuits, etc..and now you can see it in the BLACK community–there have been over 500 acts of BLACK MOB VIOLENCE across 100+ cities in this country under Obama/Holder Justice Dept–they won’t investigate or prosecute civil rights violations IF the victims are WHITE–that’s clear racial discrimination on Obama and Holder.

      • LittleRoot_48

        I STILL think this administration is pushing the envelope hoping for a reason to declare martial law. Sorry, if that means I’m wearing a tin foil hat, I’ll wear it proudly.

        • soljerblue

          There’s more than a few who agree with you. The thing is, they’ll push until somewhere, someone, or some group of bedeviled former citizens-cum-subjects, gets a belly full and can’t take it anymore.

          • Chad3434

            Yes and when they push that right button they will not like what they get. Ticking time bomb.

        • lovinspoonful

          I agree with you. Obama is just itching to feclare martial la. He4 has already written ther exeutive Order. And his people are causing the problems that will bring it on.

        • shavager

          I’m with ya, I see him DELIBERATELY trying to intimidate Conservatives, especially whites, into a violent reaction over the Federal governments threats, spying, intimidation just for the purpose of declaring martial law and seizing control, giving him the opening to SUSPEND the November elections. That would mean WE THE PEOPLE would have no opportunity to make changes in Congress to reflect our disgust with leadership and the marxist direction DC government has taken.

        • Jerry Llewellyn

          You’re absolutely right LR…

          A Washington friend of mine forwarded the “Purge
          Theory” below. When I asked my colleague why he thinks Obama is doing this, the
          reply I received from this life-long soldier and Army leader shocked me.
          Paraphrasing him, this is what he told me in a nutshell.

          Most branches of the service routinely engage in war “games” and
          come up with strategies and tactics on how to handle every type of military
          conflict and scenario that can be imagined. One of the big new battle
          scenarios being actively discussed in the military recently is how to handle
          civil unrest in the U.S.
          and fighting in the streets. What will the Army do if called in to fight armed
          civilians in the streets of the United
          States? How will that urban warfare be
          conducted? Will troops be able to fire upon other American citizens when
          they have taken an oath to protect American citizens?

          Many in the military are discussing the very real possibility that Obama will
          attempt to stay in office beyond two terms. It’s speculated that Obama will do
          this by declaring a state of martial law. The easiest way to declare
          martial law is when there is massive civil unrest and riots throughout the U.S.
          Thus, it is believed that Obama, and his regime, will intentionally create a
          situation of massive civil unrest. Some believe he has already started to
          implement that strategy by forcing Obamacare on everyone (when the populace did
          not ask for it and less than 300 people in power voted for it). Perhaps the Administration
          is not too concerned over the totally dysfunctional Obamacare website and the
          additional fact that millions will be dropped from their existing insurance
          policies which they already had and liked. The Administration may not
          care if getting health care becomes more difficult and more expensive because
          it is all leading toward civil unrest. It is believed by some that Obamacare
          will only get worse and worse, and then in 2 to 3 years when people have a very
          difficult time getting medical treatment for themselves or their loved ones,
          people will be enraged.

          Moreover, it is being speculated that around the same time when the frustration
          levels over Obamacare are hitting a critical point in 2 to 3 years, there will
          be a “glitch” in the welfare payment (or EBT) payment system. The tens of
          millions who rely on EBT handouts to sustain themselves will be cut off.
          The overwhelming majority of the EBT recipients are Black. The Obama
          regime will then blame the “glitch” on the Republicans who froze government
          spending which “forced” Obama to suspension of EBT payments. (Obama will intentionally drive spending up
          and up uncontrolled knowing full well that one day the Republicans will be
          backed into a corner and finally vote for a freeze in spending.) Obama will
          create heightened racial tension by telling everyone that the White Republicans
          are racially motivated and did this to hurt the Black community. This
          manufactured racial tension, combined with growing tensions over the
          then-collapsing medical coverage due to Obamacare, will result in race wars and
          civil unrest. People will take to the streets.

          Blacks have become so dependent and enslaved by the welfare system and the
          Democrats that it would be very easy to create civil unrest and race wars
          merely by cutting off, or dramatically hindering, EBT payments for only a month
          or so. He believes that most Blacks, who have a misguided sense of
          entitlement, will then take to looting stores and rioting.

          Once the race wars, civil unrest, and violence becomes pervasive
          throughout the U.S.,
          Obama will declare martial law and take over. Elections can, and will, be
          postponed under martial law.

          My colleague noted that this possibility is clearly being analyzed
          and discussed inside the military because such a martial law strategy is
          nothing new. Tyrannical and dictatorial leaders in the past have done the
          martial law strategy many times. He noted that dictators such as Stalin,
          Mussolini, and Hitler did basically the same thing. He went on to say
          that one of the most recent examples of this strategy was when Marcos declared
          martial law in the Philippines
          from 1972-1981 due to civil unrest. The Philippines
          had democratic elections up until that time. When martial law was
          declared, the Philippine constitution was suspended, its Congress dissolved,
          all elections were suspended, and Marcos remained in power for years beyond his
          elected term. The alleged “terrorist bombings” that occurred in the
          Philippines, which lead to Marcos declaring martial law, have always been
          questioned and never proven to be the acts of actual terrorists.

          He concluded by saying that many believe this is the real reason behind the purging
          of military generals. The older members of the military, and especially
          its generals and leaders, tend to be more conservative and they believe in the
          Constitution – and following the Constitution. Thus, a tyrant and
          dictator needs to get rid of these military leaders before a state of martial
          law is declared if the rising dictator wants the military to follow along and
          do what the dictator says. Due to the loss of many experienced military
          leaders the past few years, the military is now being run and guided more and
          more by younger, inexperienced leaders. The type who won’t really know what to
          do if martial law was declared. Moreover, he noted that there is a
          growing mind-set throughout the military now that every soldier needs to keep
          quiet and just follow along with what Obama says and wants to do or you will be
          fired and your military career ruined. Again I was told this is nothing
          new since removing strong military leaders in advance of declaring martial law
          is a historically-proven element of a rising tyrant and dictator.

          • Terry A Marks

            Our military take an oath to protect us and this country from all enemies foreign and domestic. Seems to me that Obama is a domestic enemy and needs to be overthrown by our military. I served for 20 years and would not even think about shooting my country men. Obama needs to go by force!

          • Jerry Llewellyn

            Terry, I also did 20 years in the Military (MP) plus another 20 working as a force protection/anti-terrorist specialist at Fort Hood. I totally agree, Obama has to go ASAP…

          • rgaryc

            All hell is about to break lose when Americans realize that their Social Security funds were spent on exterminating our former Arab friends for defending their homes from Zionists bulldozers that the US set up, paid for, enabled and empowered to do so.
            Unbelievably in a religious based war that our constitution’s separation of church and state should have prohibited because our founding fathers knew that every religion has good and evil people and that religious based wars kills both but mostly the good.

            Many Americans struggling to survive on 1/3 of the Social Security they paid for will be foaming at the mouth when the country goes bankrupt and even that disappears.

            When Americans realize that their Social Security funds were used for exterminating our former Arab friends and to pay for the incentives like food stamps, welfare, gov. housing, etc. used to pay for breeding the mercenary predators getting paid to do it- all hell is going to break lose.

            When Americans realize that many of the ancestors of the 1.2 million Arabs our mercenaries have exterminated helped the US cut off the Nazi oil supply- which more than any other factor won WW2- a reckoning will begin.
            The one percent think the predators thy scammed us all into paying to breed will kill each other off like they usually did historically until the holocaust started in Nazi Germany.
            The good German people knew they had no other chance to get their country back from the the Nazi’s they were scammed into paying to breed except to side with them against the people that set it all up.
            The first Christian Jews taught the German aristocracy how take predator breeding to state of the art by combining the homophobic Sodom and Gomorrah scam with paying government incentives to women to make babies, especially if they were crazy, stupid, dysfunctional and/or addicted to drugs, alcohol and cigarets- even if they snuck into Germany just to get paid for breeding predators to be used in their armies.
            Ironically American’s only chance to get their country back will be to side with the Mexican predators they paid to breed for the rich.
            Mexican predators are the only people on earth ruthless, treacherous and smart enough to beat the scumbags that scammed us into paying to breed them.
            Americans love good Mexicans who are the salt of the earth- but its obvious that letting all the bad ones in was a set up for all of them.

            Like good Jews, good Mexicans (the other descendants of pyramid builders) are amongst the smartest nicest people on earth.
            Both used human sacrifice to breed predators and both of their genetically engineered predators are ruthless, treacherous and evil beyond comprehension.
            Ironically, only the Mexican predator is smart enough to beat the Jew predators that set us up at their own game.
            The genetically engineered Jew predators were so ruthless ad treacherous that the whole wold try’s to wipe them all out in a holocaust every fifty to hundred years.
            Mexican predators were so superior that they literally wiped each other out with cultures that rivaled Europe and Egypt.

            A time for reckoning is near!

        • Jody Daniels

          I agree, Little Root…then, he doesn’t have to worry about having to leave office…there won’t be an election.

          • Brian Robinson

            Only after I’m dead!

        • pen44

          Would not surprise me if that were so, LittleRoot_48!! Classic takeover maneuvers!

      • lovinspoonful

        Too many law enforcement officers have gone off the deep end.

  • Annette Burns

    And so the Federal Government’s illegal, militant acts against it’s citizens begins…

    • Eric Stegner

      It began before this.

      • buck

        Anybody notice a pattern here? The rioting and Police
        Brutality under LBJ, Waco and Ruby Ridge under chillerys
        1st time in the W.H.
        The hype-ocrtical nature of the current group salivating to
        Sacrifice more citiizens their right to dare question their gummint.
        The sacrifice of the human cattle may just be the beginning.
        This is what gun control is all about. If the citizens lose their guns,
        Our nation loses it’s freedom,
        And then the people herded up and slaughtered anytime the
        Gummint deems it approprite…

    • buck

      Just begins to get more violent, its been going on for

      • pen44

        Just like in the 1700’s, buck, when people get tired of mistreatment & governmental lawlessness, they will fight back. The SocioCommunist racists think they’re dealing with malleable South American or Asian peasants….we can show them that, away from the cities, Americans are free-thinkers.

        • lovinspoonful

          We fought once for freedom from tyranny.

    • JHorvathJr

      Even during the civil war elections were held, During “martial law” elections will be held and Obama ends his eight years. Clinto can’t have more than eight and that’s what he wants by running hillary

  • Milo

    Keep recruiting volunteer protestors. Some of you better be armed with weapons because this government is a domestic terrorist organization. Throwing a lady on the ground, using tasers, hitting people with vehicles is not acceptable. The Sheriff’s department should help you. These agents are far more likely to protect you from the BLM and the other terrorists from the federal government. The governor of Nevada would be wise to encourage local law enforcement to have your backs. People in the Nevada area need to form a very well organized militia fast and be prepared to protect and fight against those enemies both foreign and domestic. Be strong and of a good courage. The Lord be with you and make no mistake concerning their abuse of power. Waco, Ruby Ridge, and now the Bundy ranch? Unite and resolve yourself that this is liberty and freedom you fight for. Dying once is enough,

    • Juan Motie

      The governor of Nevada is not gonna do a thing as he is a spineless little wimp whose opinions and actions are based on which way the wind blows any particular day. Sandoval is trying to remain non-controversial as his name is being bandied about as a potential candidate to run against the senile and demented old man who calls himself the senate leader in the election cycle of 2016. If he does run he will be just what the establishment republican party loves, a squishy little RINO who will do the bidding of the real powerbrokers, the extreme radical left wing fascist democrat party of death and their fellow travelers.

      • krell51

        Then he better wake up and smell the coffee, there’s a tornado coming, it’s the American people fed up with tyranny!

    • psychosally

      join a tea party -get friends and relatives to do the same-get everyone you know off their lazy asses in november to vote and lets get our country back and put an end to all this crap

    • lovinspoonful

      The Constitutional sheriffs have a lot of power.

      • Chad3434

        If I were the sheriff of that county I would have locked every last one of those federal agents up. Period!

    • rgaryc

      The government has small powerful microwave and irradiation weapons that can be hid in small places including vans, trucks and trunks of cars that will secretly eliminate massive crowds that don’t submit and support them.
      Protesters will be risking their lives protesting even non violently- when it all gets in high gear.
      Ironically the people that will get paid to eliminate the protesting troublemakers angry about the gov. using their Social Security funds to eliminate our former Arab friends for defending their homes and also using it to pay for breeding the very predators getting paid to do it- will be the same predators we paid taxes used for the food stamps and welfare that was used to breed them.
      Very similar to what happened to the six million innocent Jews in Nazi Germany that literally paid taxes that were used to pay for breeding the anal lusting Nazi’s that pushed men, women and children into gas chambers.
      German Jews taught the German aristocracy how to use the Sodom and Gomorrah scam to manipulate the self betrayal needed for breeding predators.
      They took predator breeding to state of the art by combining the Sodom and Gomorrah scam with paying government incentives to poor women, even if they were crazy, stupid and addicted to drugs, alcohol and cigarets.
      When Germanys government changed from a monarchy to a democracy the aristocracy that protected the jews lost power and left them vulnerable to the people they had paid taxes used to breed them.
      German Jews literally paid to breed their own executioners.
      The poor have always been set up by the rich to kill each other off.
      They would love nothing more than for the poor blacks, whites, Mexicans and Asians to kill each other off for doing what was set up for them by making it in their own best interest to do so.
      You couldn’t keep Americans out of Mexico with a twenty foot fence if they got paid every time they knocked up a cute, sexy, Mexican B-word who got paid more bennies for having babies with anybody.
      Good Mexicans like the other descendants of pyramid builders- good Jews are amongst the nicest smartest people in the world.
      Both the Mexican and Jew genetically engineered predators they both figured out how to breed to sick on their enemies were absolutely ruthless and treacherous beyond comprehension.
      The Jews used the homophobic Sodom and Gomorrah scam to manipulate the self betrayal needed to breed predators.
      For one thousand years the Mexican Aztecs cut the heart out of any eleven year old girl that was still a virgin in a human sacrifice on the pyramid of the sun at Tetiojuacan.
      Jews breed predators by manipulating homosexuals that normally get together with each other and die out naturally without betraying themselves and breeding more.
      Mexican Aztecs bred predators by killing all the girls smart enough to wait for love before making babies.

      Cortez reported to king Phillip of Spain who financed him- about seeing them do human sacrifices by the thousand which they considered justification for taking over.
      Both forms of genetic engineering were set up through religion but both had big problems.
      The predators the Jews breed always take over every fifty or hundred years or so and try to kill the people they believe responsible for breeding them.
      The Mexican Aztecs and others were so absolutely ruthless and treacherous that they literally wiped out each other’s cultures out- cultures which rivaled and in some ways exceeded the ones in Egypt and Europe.
      The bottom line seems to be that genetically engineered predators always wipe each other out and take most of the advances of the world with them.

      The Mexicans that snuck into our country to do our jobs for half that we were forced to pay taxes used to pay them to breed more- and then compete with them for all the things needed to survive- are amongst the best guerrilla predators on earth.

      They are the only people on earth ruthless and treacherous enough to beat the predators that scammed us into paying to breed them.

      Like predators everywhere, they will do anything for money and if we fight them we will only kill each other off at best.

      Our only chance to get our country back and survive is if all poor people fight together against the rich.
      When our money becomes worthless and nears bankruptcy (like is happening now) it will cause the rich to lose most of their power.

      Thats exactly what happened in Nazi Germany before the holocaust started.
      Good German people had no choice but to side with the anal lusting Nazi’s they paid taxes used to breed them- against the rich that scammed them into paying to breed them.
      It was their only hope if they wanted to survive and get their country back from the rich one percent that had taken over then too- just like has happened now.

      • Jerry Llewellyn

        You must be a muslim to believe any of the BS you wrote. Any true American will not bow to the Government Thugs.

        • Taddle

          Geez, Jerry is all you have are silly insults and idle threats. By the way is that you in the pool? Looking at you I don’t think I’d be threatening people with bodily harm. I bet a stiff breeze would knock you over.

          • Jerry Llewellyn

            Come jump in the pool ahole and we’ll see who is able to climb out.

          • Taddle

            You got it Jerry. I’ll be coming through Texas in August, I’d be happy to stop by. You really are pretty sad. No intelligent arguments so you have to resort to physical threats you can’t back up. I’m sure your next response will be full of false bravado about how tough you were when you were in the military. And if you really were in the military thank you for your service. At least you have one reframing quality.

        • R. Gary Cousineau

          Please, None of your stupid BS!
          State one thing I said that you disagree with and why it’s untrue or wrong and I will reply to it- if you’re not an idiot.

          • Jerry Llewellyn

            I can’t find anything you said so my comment was not directed toward you. So, FU….

        • rgaryc

          what did I say that could possibly make you think I’m a Muslim?
          You wrote a few things I appreciated but this Muslim crap shows you’re an idiot.

          Sent from my iPad

  • BoogieMan

    Americans have the flick. It is only a matter of time before the conflict becomes physical. I think it has started.

  • SusieQ

    This is ridiculous, remember the Wall street occupiers? Yeah, can’t touch them this way no matter how gross their living conditions and crimes being committed in the group. Our govt. cherry-picks who they will enforce the”laws”on.

    • Bruce

      Agree, we didn’t move the Wall Street protesters because they WERE the Obama Administration in disguise.

      • SusieQ

        They didn’t disguise it Bruce, it was there for the world to see and in your face. They were very arrogant in getting their point across and sticking up their middle finger to law enforcement. They knew who had their back and who encouraged it, pair that with Obama’s distain for the police and you see what happens. How any police officer could ever vote democrat again is beyond me.

        • LittleRoot_48

          Affirmative action employees on the force will continue to vote for duumb-ocrats no matter what.

          • SusieQ

            That’s a cryin’ shame.

    • LittleRoot_48

      Yes. The OWS pigs could krap all over police (local government) cars, but this man doesn’t dare graze his cattle on government land.

  • cha ching

    nobody has been shot and/or killed by the agents yet? that is very surprising.

    • huecityvet1968

      Its coming that’s why we need thousands and thousands of people out there. I’m leaving from Atlanta and going. I can’t sit here and complain if I don’t make an effort.

  • Bruce

    Come on, Mr. Bundy just needs to call his cattle illegal aliens from Mexico and they will be allowed roam endlessly and probably the FEDS may even have to pay to feed them..

  • Mamatex

    And all because of protected turtles! Insane!

    • EdinColorado

      Protected turtles, that the tree-huggers can’t afford to care care of and are going to euthanize anyway…..

      • LittleRoot_48

        The powers that be used to protect gopher tortoises in Fl. However, when they get enough “kick back” from construction companies, all of a sudden those protected tortoises get bulldozed over. It’s all about money.

      • Chad3434

        I don’t think this is as much about turtles and cattle as it is fed up period with the federal government. A lot of people are about to pop and are just looking for an excuse to end this mess once and for all. Bad situation.

    • sputnik1

      Protecting turtles is total bs. It’s another Agenda 21 ploy to get people off the land.

    • auntielib

      One of the Libs’ favorite arguments in support of the wholesale slaughter of live children in the womb is, “you anti-choice people need to pay for the unwanted children, else those children deserve to die”.

      Oddly, when it comes to “saving turtles”, those same Libs never offer to personally pay to provide the unwanted turtles a safe home on their own dime or their own property.

      • faithandhonor

        Oh, well said, Auntie!

      • Lilly

        wow SO TRUE ..We must STAND TOGETHER

    • DelmarJackson

      If people really cared about protected turtles they would belong to an environmental organization working to reduce immigration that has doubled our population and is on track to grow our population to a half a billion people in a few decades.
      of course, I am being sarcastic as none of the environmental organizations talk about the effects of immigration on the environment anymore as they were all paid off with millions of dollars in donations by open border anti American worker globalists like David Gelbaum who paid the Sierra Club 100 million so long as they no longer mentioned immigration. Google the story-
      david Gelbaum 100 million sierra club..

      • Mamatex

        Thank you! We have to make every effort to be informed!

    • Razorgirl53

      What I don’t understand, the family has been using this land for grazing since the 1870s. Were the stupid turtles there back then? If not, then they should be considered an invasive species. If they were, then they have been co-existing with the cattle for over 140 years. This doesn’t pass the smell test.

      • huecityvet1968

        environment and in danger from animals!!! What the hell have been trampling
        across that fragile environment for millions of years, animals? Endangered desert tortoise, how have they lived this
        long without the US governments protection? So are they the only other animals
        out there or is this another EPA overreach? Has anybody been to Fort Irwin off
        of I-15 outside of Barstow CA? There is an 8 inch fence that runs from the
        highway to the main entrance (about 37 miles) and built at the cost of millions
        of tax payers dollars. In my time working there I never saw one tortoise not
        one, so this type of thinking is exploitation by the EPA to exert unregulated
        power over a private citizen. I’m sure he has pissed off Harry Reid sometime in
        the past, so now its payback.

        What the hell is a
        first amendment zone, is that like a free fire zone? George Orwell coming true.

      • LittleRoot_48

        They have been co-existing with the cattle. Now they’re being used by the government as a means to control the people. When they finally get control of us, they won’t give one rat’s rear end about a desert tortoise or any other kind of animal.

    • Brian Robinson

      It’s deeper then that!

    • Mariana225

      The turtles are the excuse. The REAL reason is that Harry Reid had a deal back in 2012 to sell that land to a Chinese solar company (which could care less about the turtles). The deal had to be tabled because of the fact that the Bundys have PAID grazing rights on that land, The BLM has now chosen to ignore those grazing rights and has decided to restrict the number of cattle allowed to graze on it. What in the Sam Hill is Mr. Bundy supposed to do with the rest of the cattle? It is a blatant abuse of power by the person in charge of the BLM (who happens to be Harry Reid’s son). Harry Reid is trying to sell that land for $5billion, which is said to be a small fraction of the appraised valued of that land. I don’t think it’s far fetched to guess that there is a kickback for Harry Reid on that deal.

  • Kenneth Clark

    Where is Senator Reid??? Oh yeah he’s sitting in a BLM vehicle laughing his butt off.

    • Juan Motie

      Actually, the senile and demented old man pinky reid was sitting somewhere in the capital building in Washington DC drooling down his front and waiting for somebody to change his Depends adult diaper. He is a certifiable lunatic.

    • auntielib

      He and Elijah Cummings share a few drinks together and laugh over, and at, the various groups of Americans they and their fellow Democrats have targeted over the years.

  • J. C. Smith

    BLS Army = Fascists.

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