Defiant Nevada rancher faces armed federal agents in escalating confiscation standoff

Update: See video of protesters’ heated battle with police, below:

A long-simmering dispute between a Nevada cattle rancher and the federal Bureau of Land Management has reached a boiling point, and participants have their fingers crossed it won’t erupt into violence.



Since 1993, Cliven Bundy has been battling the agency, as well as the National Park Service, the Center for Biological Diversity and the courts, to graze his cattle on 150 square miles of Gold Butte scrub land in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. He stopped paying his grazing fees back then, saying he “fired” the Bureau of Land Management as land manager. His Mormon ancestors had tilled the unforgiving soil since 1887, long before the 1934 Taylor Grazing Act allowed the federal government to seize control, TheBlaze reported.

“I have raised cattle on that land, which is public land for the people of Clark County, all my life. Why I raise cattle there and why I can raise cattle there is because I have preemptive rights,” he asserted, explaining to TheBlaze that this includes the right to forage, too.

Furthermore, Bundy has argued that it is the United States trespassing on Clark County, Nev., land, not he, and that he is a better steward of the land. He points out that the manure from his cows fertilizes the soil, that he’s built water sources for wildlife, and that his cattle prevent the vegetation from growing overly dense and creating a fire hazard.

But environmentalists, federal officials and the courts disagree. Armed federal officials and contract cowboys have been brought in to execute a 2013 court order and remove the trespassing cattle.

“It’s high time for the BLM to do its job and give the [endangered desert] tortoises and the Gold Butte area the protection they need and are legally entitled to,” senior Center for Biological Diversity scientist Rob Mrowka told the Mesquite Local News. “As the tortoises emerge from their winter sleep, they are finding their much-needed food consumed by cattle.”

Bundy’s herd also hinders the plants’ ability to recover from wildfires, tramples rare species, damages ancient American Indian cultural sites and endangers recreationists, Mrowka added.

The Bureau of Land Management website says Bundy has defied trespass laws for more than two decades, ignored rules and fees that other cattle ranchers have observed and refused “repeated attempts to resolve the matter administratively and judicially,” according to TheBlaze. While Bundy stated that he owed the BLM $300,000 in back grazing fees, spokeswoman Kirsten Cannon put the figure closer to $1.1 million.

Plus, the roundup of the approximately 900 unwelcome cattle could cost as much as $3 million. But the 68-year-old Bundy has remained unintimidated.

The Bureau of Land Management “has overstepped its boundaries by not letting me access my rights,” he said, and contended that it had inserted “200 armed officers watching our every move and stealing our cattle.” Bundy’s wife, Carol, said snipers are patrolling the family’s ranch.

Spokeswoman Cannon responded that “There are law enforcement and other personnel in place as needed to ensure that the BLM and National Park Service’s employees and contractors are able to conduct operations safely.”

Bundy has vowed to do whatever it takes to protect his property, and his 14 children and hundreds of supporters stand behind him. Dave Bundy, his son, was arrested on Sunday afternoon while attempting to film the contract cowboys at work, and cited for failing to disperse and resisting arrest.

Thus far, 234 cows have been impounded as the Bureau of Land Management has temporarily closed the public recreation area. Bundy’s plea to the Clark County Sheriff to intervene was stymied as the action fell under federal jurisdiction.

While the last rancher in southern Nevada argues “it’s a freedom issue,” federal officials are executing the “no trespassing” court mandate.

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval weighed in with a statement Tuesday scolding the Bureau of Land Management:

“Due to the roundup by the BLM, my office has received numerous complaints of BLM misconduct, road closures and other disturbances. I have recently met with state legislators, county officials and concerned citizens to listen to their concerns. I have expressed those concerns directly to the BLM,” Sandoval said.

“Most disturbing to me is the BLM’s establishment of a ‘First Amendment Area’ that tramples upon Nevadans’ fundamental rights under the U.S. Constitution. To that end, I have advised the BLM that such conduct is offensive to me and countless others and that the ‘First Amendment Area’ should be dismantled immediately. No cow justifies the atmosphere of intimidation which currently exists nor the limitation of constitutional rights that are sacred to all Nevadans. The BLM needs to reconsider its approach to this matter and act accordingly.”

Whether violence and bloodshed can be avoided remains to be seen.

Updated 4-10

Video of protesters run-in with police posted on You Tube ( strong language) 

Richard Berkow

Former political news reporter Richard Berkow lost his idealism in the Kennedy years, and his innocence in Vietnam, Lebanon, and the Soviet Union. He hasn’t mellowed since, and can be harassed at [email protected]


1,581 thoughts on “Defiant Nevada rancher faces armed federal agents in escalating confiscation standoff

  1. Milo says:

    I trust the people in Nevada will stand by the Bundy family. This could be anyone in America. The “feds” are constantly out of control. They, the “feds”, forget who owns this country. They are hired people and as such should turn in their uniforms and help the Bundy family ranch. To the Bundy family; it may be getting past time to hire your own snipers and recruit mercenaries and volunteers (patriots) who will fight for your Constitutional rights. The “feds” find little use for our Constitution. May God protect you.

    1. Antonio Da Silva says:

      The BLM declared Bundy’s own land off limits, who gave them the authority to even do that?
      Then the BLM charged Bundy, then they found him guilty without a jury, then they imposed sentence.

      That is all illegal, why isn’t the Justice Department protecting Americans from this crime?

      Vote for third parties, who will not stand for federal agencies who are acting as judge, jury, and executioner.

      1. violetvirginia says:

        Justice Department only protects Black people,Illegals and Liberals today. Unfortunately! It sure looks this way.

        1. TeaPartyPatriotTD says:

          And if you read the book “299 Days” by Glenn Tate you will see what the Patriots have in store for the Limas

          1. mxprivateer says:

            I could only make it through book 3 of that series before the action got so slow that I couldn’t justify spending $150+ on all 10 books.

        2. Guest says:

          People seem to forget how violent the White man can get if provoked,it’s time the feds were reminded,we don’t rule the world because our ancestors were puss ies.

          1. violetvirginia says:

            You are correct!

          2. John D says:

            Obama needs to be reminded what happens to tyrants and dictators.

          3. Norma Jennings Williams says:

            He y Obama h as it all going his way and
            he is going to make hay while the sun shines.

          4. geezer_daddy says:

            That lazy ______(you fill in the blank) has never worked a day in his life!

          5. HusseinInTheMembrane says:

            he hung some curtains once!!

          6. HusseinInTheMembrane says:

            all these left wing thugs need to find out

          7. josetoyou says:

            A “Ukraine event” in this country is a possibility…

          8. Gereng says:

            But this is a war the Bundy’s can never win. If he uses a rifle they will use a machine gun. If he uses a tractor they will use a tank, etc. They will prevail no matter what this man and his supporters do.
            He would be wise to cut his losses before shooting begins and some one is killed. Then they will charge him with murder no matter who did the shooting.
            Like Dr. Frankenstein we have created a monster that we are now unable to control, and very likely the Congress can’t either.

          9. Norma Jennings Williams says:

            Yeah !

          10. Tomthetinker says:

            This is a war we must win. I really want to go support the bundy’s.

          11. snowshooze says:

            There is no price to true principle.

          12. Gereng says:

            That is true! I agree with it 100%. But I would point out that there is a vast chasm between the thought and the action. Unless one is willing to accept the consequences of a principled stand they better think twice before getting personally involved. If this govt decides to come after you, the principle becomes very costly. If you have a family and a job it’s very important to think about consequences before taking action. Our Govt has proved time and again they can be very unforgiving.

          13. NorthlanderLJ says:

            You sound like the little wussies who were scared to take on the brits a couple hundred years ago.

          14. Gereng says:

            Not really 8 yrs in the Marine Corps, five on active duty…(1953- 1958). Member of the VFW. I’m no “wuss”. but I do have common sense and know what the sound of incoming sounds like. Do you?

          15. Bruce Dull says:

            Tellem GIrine…. Us squids always have your back.

          16. Harry Wookiee says:

            Unless you’re ordered to do otherwise.

          17. Gereng says:

            I spent 20 months on amphib command ships: USS Estes and US Eldorado… I know ships and lived like a swabbie.

          18. gotham1883 says:

            The old do not fight wars for a reason. Just the way it is.

          19. Kelly says:

            Unfortunately, yes.

          20. NorthlanderLJ says:

            There were Americans who fought for King George too. They were SCARED the Americans would lose. Wussies!

          21. Independentrd says:

            A man may be willing to make sacrifices, but what about sacrificing the lives of your family. There comes a time when the deck is stacked and the price is not just you. Are you willing to sacrifice your wife and children as well?

          22. gotham1883 says:

            There are no innocents in war. There are those who fight the war and those who work to support those who fight the war. Any war has two sides. The families etc of both sides are fair game. Just the way it is.

          23. Kelly says:

            My family knows about sacrifice. So you are suggesting to be little sheep and nod yes any time the feds do something against the constitution. Wow what happen to the 70s and hippies did they all get old and complacent. What happened to QUESTION AUTHORITY?

          24. JallopyMacfurry says:

            The hippies are now The Man. lol

          25. Independentrd says:

            I didn’t say, or indicate that. I simply asked if an individual would be willing to sacrifice their family. Some would and some wouldn’t.

          26. Liberty101 says:

            “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

          27. NorthlanderLJ says:

            So you’re saying the feds will kill the rancher’s family too? I wouldn’t doubt it.

          28. Independentrd says:

            Has it happened before?

          29. NorthlanderLJ says:

            Have you ever heard of Waco? Gee. I guess it has.

          30. Frank Szabo says:

            In the latter part of the 1700s, that exactly what was going through the minds of the Patriots. They decided the British had to be stopped and as much as they considered the consequences of doing so they went ahead. Thanks to the many who will remain nameless we were blessed with a country, the likes of which was never seen on the earth before because the Founders put all on the line for what they believed.

            Today, to do any less would be equal to slapping those gents in the face for their time, trouble, and sacrifice.

          31. Gereng says:

            What ramped up enthusiasm among the proles for the war of independence was the very substantial support they were promised by France. Also, the fact that most of the British army was confronting France and the regiments available to fight the colonists were proving insufficient. I don’t know off hand the percentages that remained loyal to the crown, but they were quite a large number. Many did go to Canada, but I think most just quietly switched side when it was evident the colonists were winning.

          32. Harry Wookiee says:

            They ran to Canada and guess who provides their security.

          33. NorthlanderLJ says:

            Yeah. We do. LOL.

          34. JallopyMacfurry says:

            Timing is everything. Sacrificing your family, potentially, at this time, I don’t know. You shouldn’t question a person’s courage, though. It sounds like something the Left would do.

          35. NorthlanderLJ says:

            Agree. I support the guy’s courage for trying to save his ranch. I question the courage of people who are against him.

          36. gotham1883 says:

            Governments are the most vindictive enemies you can make. Governments have always been like that from the first creation of governments. Bad governments hold all of their citizens as hostages.

          37. Independentrd says:

            Much like the Internet emboldens individuals because they can be anyone they want due to remaining anonymous

          38. Gereng says:

            Today, Fri 04/11, it seems the Fed is bringing in more firepower. This is NOT going to end well for Mr. Bundy and supporters. The Feds will photograph every person confronting them and supporting Bundy. Then only the Monster knows what might happen.

          39. Kelly says:

            Theoretical of course, but to take no action is a silence acceptance of what is happening today. If we protect what is ours for today out of fear then what legacy do we leave for those behind us. A totalitarian government? No, my friend, civil course it the price we must pay to insure the freedom and liberty we all enjoy. SHAME ON THE BLM COPS.

          40. barry1817 says:

            sometimes a man makes the stand because it is the right thing to do, and maybe there can be a symbolic victory if the media will not bury this story, but make it the headline each and every day.

            Reminds me of oil leases, and the problem with government interfering with those as well.

          41. steve says:

            To bad the family aren’t black homosexuals and lesbo’s aetheists. The government would expand the grazing area

          42. GiveTheWookieACookie says:

            And, just imagine what 0bama would do if they were illegals! He’d be confiscating cows from whites to transfer to them.

          43. NorthlanderLJ says:

            Yup. LOL.

          44. Kelly says:

            Wookie, you are right.

          45. Techster64 says:

            His problem is that they are Mormons, well-known criminals.

          46. Kelly says:

            The problem is that they are Mormons. Are last presidential race featured a Mormon. No doubt payback for who the rancher supported.

          47. HusseinInTheMembrane says:

            and then take tax dollars for a few transsexual ops and rest rooms for the owners

          48. Kelly says:

            No poopie. And they would make a movie about it and it would win an Academy Award.

          49. NorthlanderLJ says:

            Media WILL bury it. Count on it. I just heard about this last night on Drudge.

          50. SRV2x says:

            Emiliano Zapata once said that it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. There are a lot of us who believe that.

          51. Gereng says:

            Zapata came to a sticky end as the Brits would express it. One can hold any opinion they wish. It is only when they gather together or exchange communications regarding the idea that they enter into a conspiracy. If you have been following the news you know that the Govt is reading and listening to everything said or communicated.
            This is the monster we now have no means of controlling. It rules!

          52. NorthlanderLJ says:

            The feds can count me in on their conspiracy. I’m on the side of the old cattleman.

          53. Gereng says:

            So apparently are some state gov politicians including the nauseating Harry Reid.

          54. NorthlanderLJ says:

            I’ll be fighting to make him minority leader in November.

          55. Independentrd says:

            And the head of the DOJ is guilty of contempt of congress, maybe soon to be followed by the head of the IRS,. If congress has the nads to prosecute Lerner, guess who has to OK it? The head of the DOJ. Think it’ll ever stick? They will prosecute one of their own? Even if it went that far, what’s the odds Obama would pardon her/them

          56. Gereng says:

            We’ll see. I’d be shocked if anything comes of the current Congressional show of outrage. If they start eating their own, they face the possibility of losing all control over the Monster and becoming themselves the next meal.

          57. NorthlanderLJ says:

            Too many Americans are happy to die on their knees today.

          58. steve says:

            I agree he cannot win with force. He can win with public opinion. Recently, that is the only thing that make governments reconsider. Only the people who graduate last in there class work for the government or teach

          59. Gereng says:

            You write ‘governments’ Do you include ours? I am old and maybe my memory is faulty, but I don’t recall a single instance in the recent past where outraged opinion has blocked anything our Govt wishes to do. Maybe ending the war in Vietnam could be an example. But that was after 9 yrs.

          60. rockribbed says:

            You are right. If nothing changed after Ruby Ridge (sniper murder of family minding their own business) or after Waco (government burning women and children)
            … this cowboy is on his own.

          61. Eric G says:

            The recent removal of one of Obama’s nominations (the person who defended the cop killer from Pennsylvania) was accomplished because of the public’s outrage. Although this was a small victory against the Obama juggernaut, it does provide hope and proof that sometimes, just sometimes, we the people can prevail. It’s much more practical and effective to do 100 things 1% better than 1 thing 100% better.

          62. peck2 says:

            I do not think that was a victory at all. That scum will simply be covertly put into another position.

          63. Eric G says:

            You are probably right, but we just cannot shrug shoulders and say there’s no point. Any time Obama’s plan is stalled or redirected by opposition, it is a victory.

          64. Carl Tim says:

            their…lol 🙂

          65. NorthlanderLJ says:

            True. The rest of us went out and found real jobs.

          66. claspur says:

            Noooo…. ‘rolling-over’ to this tyranny is the loser-here, Gereng?
            You have to stand-up, a fight
            these mother-effers.

          67. Gereng says:

            If you are near enough to make the journey, then more power to you. It would be a good idea to first check and see if there is a rallying point or a group forming.

          68. dougiefresh85 says:

            Thousands are going. It is all over facebook. People see this as the Rallying cry of government abuse. We need to stand up for our country,constitution and families.

          69. Gereng says:

            I certainly hope it succeeds. The cause is right. People are very angry.

          70. NorthlanderLJ says:

            All are welcome at the cattleman’s house.

          71. Milo says:

            Time to forget all that. We can no longer care about “charges” or bringing a knife to a fight when the other has a gun. We must always fight. Make peace with dying for a just cause and your life will have meaning. Rosa Parks could have been beaten or killed, she did not know. She “stood” her ground and many have seen what it means to take a stand. This civil war may be our undoing but it will eventually be a necessary event. IMHO.

          72. william russell says:

            Where is harry reid. I disagree with you that we can not control them, we can by voting every democrat out of office and send a strong message that Americans are fed up and we have had enough.

          73. cooganalaska says:

            They got you in their palms… you actually believe dems are worse than repubs when they are both, in fact, two heads of the same monster.

          74. NorthlanderLJ says:

            Yes. Democrats are worse. MUCH WORSE. Watch and learn. They are totally power crazy!

          75. guest says:

            100% agree, the only big question remains is why do people not do that? Everytime you go to a Board of Equalization or any other government agency you are treated like s***, and they do not even want to abide by their own rules and regulations and foremost by our Constitution and they are supposedly public servants, who put them in there? when people vote for example California Prop 8 they overturned it and they liberals want to teach the world the democracy

          76. ac287149 says:

            That’s pretty much a working definition of “lawless”.

          77. Gereng says:

            That might have been the case 20 or 30 yrs ago. But now they are two parties with pretty much the same powerful backers calling the shots. Some of the biggest donors wait until it is clear one party has the lead then they pile their money on the winning side.

          78. NorthlanderLJ says:

            Pick a side and fight for it!

          79. NorthlanderLJ says:

            The BLM idiots used to work for dingy harry reid.

          80. Milo says:

            The dems are worse but the GOP has gone the way of the NWO and created the TSA, HLS, and started the panic need for control after 9/11. #41 is a super guy but they are all part of the same monster as “Cooganalaska” states below. So many can’t be trusted. Reid is a Commie-Nazi freakshow….. It would help if we voted better people into office. Things have spiraled so far, so fast! ;(

          81. 338LapuaAI says:

            Aimed shots win the battle – not the number of shots.

          82. ac287149 says:

            Why the fed snipers are there.

          83. Andrew Clayterman says:

            they arent the only people with training..

          84. ac287149 says:

            No, but that’s why the federal government sent them there.

          85. Gereng says:

            As an old Marine, I can attest to that.

          86. Andrew Clayterman says:

            take the armories first..

          87. Gereng says:

            Haha…No Comment!

          88. MBruceQuarles says:

            Traitors on our payroll will be in a position to witness a wet day in hell if they persist!

          89. Gereng says:

            Let’s hope you are right.

          90. Martin Cataldi-Rogers says:

            Name and shame every officer that took part every contractor every company that helped out …

          91. Gereng says:

            which assumes they have a capacity for shame…no longer a common emotion.

          92. Martin Cataldi-Rogers says:

            maybe being public instead of hiding behind tasers , guns and dogs , trucks and drones , that maybe their human side may awaken

          93. NorthlanderLJ says:

            I didn’t vote for any of them. I think It’s time for congress to take back the power they handed over to this alphabet soup of government agencies years ago.

          94. Gereng says:

            I certainly agree.. Most politicians have so much dirt in their lives, I think they are afraid to come down too hard on the various agencies, fearful they will in turn be exposed.

          95. peck2 says:

            That is how “organized crime” has been so successful. Intimidation and threat of exposure. Chief justice of SCOTUS?

          96. Gereng says:

            Holder just went nuts at a Congressional sub committee hearing. He really sounds like a rat backed into a corner. He appears to be refusing point blank to respond to Congressional demands for 1200 emails on some topic (I’m not following) Congress is investigating. It may be Fast and Furious..

          97. NorthlanderLJ says:


          98. freeulysses says:

            Is that true? They have 200 agents there. How many citizens in that area support Bundy, 2000? 20,000? People are afraid to up the stakes, but you have those people surround the agents, peacably with cameras in hand, and Obama and the other cowards in DC face the red line of mowing down thousands of Americans, and you will see how quickly they ‘find’ another way to deal with it. If everyone leaves it up to a lone rancher, then yes, no chance. But is that what our forefathers did?

          99. Feet2Fire says:

            “Tortoises good… Cattle bad…” mutters the monster, as he blindly tromps through America and lays waste Her precious liberties and freedoms…

          100. Bruce Dull says:

            Case history, Ruby Ridge and Waco. 53 dead and not one federal officer or diplomate ever tried let alone convicted. YET in both cases, policy and procedures were violated resulting in death. Guess it’s just another case of work place violence, Nothing to see here, move along. This is not the scandal you were looking for. (Sarcasm intended)

          101. The_MaD_HaCkER says:

            Someone put 100 rounds into a transformer and just missed blacking out southern california. Practice your aim.

          102. Rob Meier says:

            The best thing from an insurgent/counter insurgent point of view, is to do exactly what he is doing; make the gov’t look like the bully it is and take away it’s legitmacy. The MSM will portray the Bundy’s as bad people but no one will believe that.

          103. DILKe says:

            However we have the numbers on our sides.

          104. gotham1883 says:

            Our people need martyrs. The government has no other purpose now but to enforce tyranny. Without the creation of martyrs there is no way to make the people angry enough to stop the tyranny. Remember Waco!

          105. Kelly says:

            Fed excuse like with Randy Weaver. He was a scape goat for the white race until the truth was proven otherwise. Then the feds offered up a sacrificial scapegoat and paid the surviving family

          106. Gereng says:

            I remember that shooting. It was plainly murder. Our Rulers and their agents want everyone to remember it as well.

          107. DragonsTalon says:

            You’re wrong, this is a War the Bundy’s can win, it just takes people to wake the ____ up and start protecting our God Given Right (or if your an Atheist…Natural Rights) codified by the Founding Fathers in the U.S. Constitution!!
            Stop rolling over and complying with these Gestapo and SS Troops doing Unconstitutional Actions…such as stating if you’re an American Citizen at Inland Border Checkpoints 75 miles from the nearest U.S. Border. If they want to known if you’re an American Citizen at an actual Border between Canada and the U.S. or Mexico and the U.S. that is one thing, but 75 miles from an actual border is totally different!!
            Start using Federal Laws against these Cops, Border Patrol, other other Federal Agency personnel. Laws such as 42 USC Chapter 21 Subchapter 1 Section 1983, and 18 USC Part 1 Chapter 13 Sections 241 and 242

          108. Gereng says:

            The situation is changing. The NV pols are getting involved . They see political fall out if they don’t.
            The laws you list work only as long as the fed judges choose to uphold them. Holder is claiming broad discretionary powers to enforce, or not, laws on the books.
            So far most legal challenges have been ignored or found in favor of the agencies.

          109. Bill Huff Sr. says:

            Guest: it’s time for the American people to take back the country. If I were in the Bundy families position. i would meet the feds with 3-4 thousand armed mercenarys and they would be the ones buried in the desert, not Mr Bundys cattle. In order for the people to take back our country, people are going to die, there is no way around that fact. the feds have gone so far now that a revolution by the nation is the only way we may ever be able to take our nation back. Obama is a liar, a traitor, and an imposter. he should be removed by congress immediately. I wish you luck Bundy family on saving your land and cattle and excersizing your constitutional rights.

          110. Gereng says:

            Bill, we share a last name……and somewhat the same views.

          111. Norma Jennings Williams says:

            Bad things happen when good people stand by and do nothing.

          112. Gereng says:

            What do you propose he does? He has already lost the legal battle in the sense the Feds refuse even to acknowledge his claims, much less allow him to sue. Keep in mind a citizen can sue the Govt ONLY with the Govt’s permission. Contesting the confiscation of his property by armed means merely gives the Feds the right to shoot him. If a few hundred neighbors show up armed or not, they can all be charged with insurrection.

          113. Norma Jennings Williams says:

            Your comment proves my point. The people and officials of the state need to rally around the rancher , put a lot of
            pressure on the Gov. It might get the
            publicity to make a difference,

          114. Gereng says:

            From what I am reading this evening the state gov officials are getting behind the rancher. That is a very encouraging development.

          115. NorthlanderLJ says:

            So be it.

          116. peck2 says:

            Not if they shoot all of the costumed witnesses.

          117. JallopyMacfurry says:

            What should we do? I’m near NV.
            But that’s a great reminder, thank you.

          118. Feet2Fire says:

            An important point.

          119. Andrew Clayterman says:

            the anglegrabbers are a disgrace.. TO ANY RACE

          120. Independentrd says:

            The feds have also been known to get very violent, particularly when the have a huge advantage in numbers.

          121. Diarrhetrius Brown says:

            White people better start voting white or they will lose everything.

          122. Kelly says:

            Shades of the Boston Massacre

          123. DragonsTalon says:

            Nevada is an “Open Carry” state without any permits needed…perhaps there needs to be a flood of Armed Law Abiding, Constitutional Following Patriots that need to do a “Show of Force”, and see how the BLM and the other Federal Agents like being the ones “Targeted” instead of them hurting these unarmed Patriots!!
            They supposedly have 200 Snipers, perhaps there needs to be 1,000 Patriot Snipers ready to go if the BLM Snipers take the first shot, with 200 Armed Patriots up near the BLM blockade point.
            This wouldn’t be necessary if the Clark County Sheriff had the cajones to throw these Federal Agents out of the County, since no Federal/State/Local Law Enforcement Agency can Countermand a County Sheriff in that County!!

          124. DrBobNM says:

            somehow I can’t help thinking that the powers that be will color the provoked white man as racist.

          125. Andrew says:

            Well, you see, Blacks…they’re predictable, which is why nobody is really worried about them. The white man tho…Well, they’re docile until they are put into a corner…then, they can unleash such a fury that would stun the most tyrannical of the most tyrannical!! But the Biggest ones to fear are the God fearing ones…cause they got the Power of God backing them!!..When they unite and call down the power of the heavens, THAT’S when you need to watch out!! 😉

        3. Veronica says:

          There is a fund set up of $4.4 billion to give to minority farmers who don’t even have to prove discrimination. See NY Times article “US opens Spigot After Farmer’s Claim Discrimination,4/25/13 by Sharon LaFraniere

        4. GiveTheWookieACookie says:

          It looks like we are led by a fascist who is of Obama, for Obama, and by Obama.

          1. NorthlanderLJ says:

            Yeah. The only constitution he knows is the communist manifesto.

          2. MacAngheirr says:

            Phuck oscumbag the marxist half breed piece of shite.

          3. NorthlanderLJ says:

            Agree. LOL.

        5. Kelly says:

          You read my mind. Could you imagine if any of this happened in a Chicago ghetto or an illegal immigrant safe haven? Never would.

        6. Andrew says:

          You forgot Gays!!

          1. violetvirginia says:

            Guess we have to CONSIDER them as other than just Liberals. They are so needy and must have the recognition and attention constantly! All of these groups need to take a course in tolerance and just join the human race as nothing special.

        7. US citizen says:

          On what planet do you live? Since when have Blacks ever been ‘protected’? Tolerated, patronized, deceived is more accurate. I do, however, sympathize with these American citizens and it is indeed scary what our government can do to its people. It never really seems that government works for the people regardless of what party or group is in charge. Government fights for and protects government(Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike).

          1. violetvirginia says:

            Since Barack Obama has become president and has opened and played the race card repeatedly. Blacks and whites had been making progress since Civil Rights times and then he comes along and opens old wounds with his blame and race card use i, e, Jackson, Sharpton tactics.
            We are all equal now , however, the Blacks insist on separating themselves into “Black” banners. Black Republicans ,Black Democrats , Black college fund etc., etc.
            Until the blacks get over being black and using it as a crutch we will never come together. We are all part and parcel of the HUMAN RACE.

        8. Overcast451 says:

          They only protect the agenda of the rich and powerful.

      2. 7thFleetVet says:

        “That is all illegal, why isn’t the Justice Department protecting Americans from this crime?”

        *Because Eric Holder is a liar, corrupt and racist.

        1. chekme2 says:

          Because there are no blacks involved. If there was one black there, holder, Sharpton, and Jackson would have been there with their megaphones.

          1. bewaretheprophetwhoseeksprofit says:

            Can any of the liberals logically explain why the federal government killed hundreds of desert tortoises in their care recently? If it is about the tortoise doesn’t this reek of hypocrisy?

          2. amuncat says:

            Same with the wild horses…

          3. jane says:

            my favorite s why did they say they cattle are trampling the tortoise’s food yet the talk about other ranchers that pay their dues, so there is other cattle there- they are just paying so its really all about money.

          4. Feet2Fire says:

            Good point.

          5. Marcial Reiley says:

            No other cattle than Bundy’s, except for the ones that haven’t been branded because they were born feral.

          6. ExPat_in_Krakow says:

            Yeah, I figured. You’re actually a professional videographer; you were there for 9 days; you care about the subject – yet you can’t provide a link to any of your photos nor videos that actually illustrate the great tragedy that you were describing.

            So you were just repeating what someone else had told you. That’s cool, it may or may not be true in that case, but you are hardly a trustworthy messenger. Since the Feds packed up and went home (only hours after the story of Harry Reid and the Chinese solar panels hit the mainstream), I’ll assume it’s not that big a deal.

            In any case, the BLM has slaughtered far more tortoise than that rancher’s cows ever have. You should picket them.

          7. Carl Tim says:

            You mean just like how they want to save toddlers, yet kill babies? i know….sweet! Right?

          8. DrNarcisse says:

            So are there any white guys out there with megaphones or just a bunch of whiny and ineffective losers on the internet, in the comments section that only 0.002% of people even bother to read?

            Pardon my confusion, I’m just wondering why you would expect a couple of charlatans like Sharpton and Jackson to fight your battles for you. Even blacks know those guys are only out for their own good.

          9. MacAngheirr says:

            ni66ers are for ni66ers Whites Unite…

        2. Guest says:

          It blows my mind how a bunch of blacks,a 12% minority in our country,is in control,this is still a White republic,It’s about time white liberals were dealt with.

          1. Gdrake says:

            This is simple to figure out Blacks are not the only ones who put him back in the WH

          2. amuncat says:

            Yeah! If every black man, woman and child voted, who were the other 88% who voted for him?!!! Thus the reason we are where we are today, but I just thought he was a shill…probably is.

          3. Jonathan Miller says:

            Blacks voted as a single entity, when it came to electing Obama. It must have been out of “rspect” for his legal and writing career at the Harvard Law Review. Haha…

          4. amuncat says:

            I know for a fact that ALL blacks DID NOT vote for Obama, especially in his second election! I guess it is more convenient for you to not think, and to deal with particular groups as single minded, and they aren’t!

          5. keroth43 says:

            He is a self admitted pathological liar. A smooth talking, neurolinguistic programmer, as are his minions, who could convince the average American that they are a carrot.

            If you believe anything this person says, your problem–you are an idiot

          6. Andrew Clayterman says:

            chicken-sh1t white cowards who thought they were guilty of something, and fey ankle-grabbing pickle-0smoochers put the illegal in the office.. with help from 12 year brainwashed idiot youngsters.

          7. Gdrake says:

            White people put Barack Obama in power not black people. They do not have the resources or numbers to do that. Yes the majority voted for him but even if it were 100% they could not put him in there alone. Whites, Hispanics, homosexuals Asians all had a hand in this.but this beast is a puppet and his handlers I assure you are white.

          8. MacAngheirr says:

            Vote right Vote White…
            Hail Victory!

          9. amuncat says:

            Idiot! White people are the majority in ALL elections in America!!! Amazing how you still find reason to blame minority voters for the current situation, when they are a mere drop in the voter bucket! Own it, your bros gotcha’ here, NOT minority voters…IDIOT!!!

          10. Kevin Bearly says:

            Your racism empowers the cabal of New World Order globalist tyrants who are largely secular white gentiles and Jews. You are blinded by your irrational hate and therefore cannot see the enemy and in fact help them. Grow up!

          11. Gereng says:

            There is no racism in anyone preferring their own people to others not like themselves This is the socio/economic/cultural ‘glue’ that has held similar people together since we have stood upright. Well, now that I think about it, it is a biological imperative that all social animals must have in order to succeed and survive.
            The current effort to meld and mix unalike people in this nation is the reason why there is so much tension, conflict, crazy and violent behavior as it fills up with such wildly diverse and dissimilar folk.
            People have become so incredibly stupid over the past 60 yrs or so that seemingly they have forgotten this most fundamental fact of human society.

          12. JallopyMacfurry says:

            ‘There’s only two races of human beings, the decent and the indecent’.

            That’s a quote from a Jew, I’m pretty sure. And I agree. I also believe leftism itself, as an ideology, is indecent….and so why so often it’s adherents are power mongering fools.

          13. Kevin Bearly says:

            Racism is preferring or disregarding people based on race. If your point was about mixing people from very different cultures regardless of race making it difficult for a society when there is no attempt at assimilation it would in my opinion be a more valid point. Culture is not determined by race. As a Christian I realize we all came from the same two original people. Race has no more importance than the color of ones eyes. I have green eyes and fair skin. Am I then different than a blue eyed fair skinned person? Do you consider everyone who has your superficial racial characteristics to be superior to all others? The New World Order folks are humanistic evolutionists who believe they are superior to all others and because of that rule think it is logical to rule the rest of us. Karl Marx
            communicated with Darwin about how communism was logical for evolutionists.

          14. Gereng says:

            Kevin, race is as real for human beings as it is for dogs or pigs. It is real as factual as the differences in IQ, achievement, temperament, and the societies the different races construct. Biology and genetics have proven this. The faddish idea that race is an artificial contruct is nonsense.
            I spent my working life in Third World nations managing various kinds of aid projects. From Indonesia to Colombia and 10 countries in between including Liberia, Uganda and Somalia.
            I can assure you the differences are real and substantial. If you don’t believe me, live in Liberia for awhile, then Belgium.

          15. MacAngheirr says:


            “Racist” — A Word Invented by USSR’s Leon Trotsky

          16. MacAngheirr says:

            To shut down the opposition.

          17. Feet2Fire says:

            Absolutely correct. Ever hear of the saying “birds of a feather flock together”? It means that species prefer their own kind. Ever hear of the BALKANS?–where people of disparate religions, languages, cultures, mores, etc. are FOREVER AT WAR? America is well on her way to Balkanizing our beloved land, and no good will come from it.

          18. MacAngheirr says:

            “Racist” — A Word Invented by USSR’s Leon Trotsky


          19. MacAngheirr says:

            I love my people White people and I am proud of my European heritage and my ancestors, if that makes me a racist …SO BE IT.

          20. Andrew Clayterman says:

            Go F–K yourself, ghey coward!

          21. Kevin Bearly says:

            Very mature statement.

          22. keroth43 says:

            One- Though blacks might be 12% of the country, they don’t ALL subscribe to this BS.
            Second- You are not white, unless you have bled out and they have skinned you. You are a multicolored (at your choice you stay in the Sun) Caucasian!!!

        3. Gereng says:

          The majority of those claims are bogus and the Govt knows it, but they are still paying out every black who comes forward and simply states his claim. It is a huge boondoggle and everyone dealing with it directly or has researched the situation understands this. The Magic Negro wins one.

          1. Feet2Fire says:

            Maybe the rancher could find some black blood in his genealogy… Maybe consult with Fauxahontas for advice…?

          2. Gereng says:

            That long family history of Mormonism pretty much precludes that. But it is a good idea.

        4. MacAngheirr says:

          Time for the US Marshall’s to arrest his sorry black ass and haul him off to jail.

          1. MacAngheirr says:

            And take the half breed Commie ni66er obama with them.

      3. chekme2 says:

        No third party, vote conservative.

        1. DavePrice says:

          because Bush was so much better? or are you brainwashed enough to believe YOU are going to change the GOP… duh

          1. Sammie Jo says:

            Bush may have made mistakes, but he wasn’t deliberately trying to turn this country into a banana republic, and no one got their land seized by the feds.

          2. crismahn says:

            It isn’t their land and the Bundys are ranchers only under the most loosely interpreted meaning of the word. They do nothing in the way of managing, culling or tending to this “herd”. These are just a bunch wild, uncared for, feral cows. They need to be rounded up and either put out of their misery or else cared for the way cows on a real ranch are cared for. The Bundys are not ranchers, they are despoilers of the animals unfortunate enough to be under their care, and despoilers of the desert- not range- but desert that they live on. It’s time to put a stop to the Bundys. Totally agree that the 1st Amendment-Free Zone is way over the top.

          3. LouAnnWatson says:

            and you know this how?

          4. Mark Talmont says:

            Are you clear on the difference between a cow and a steer? Typically “cattle” refers to the latter. Cows give milk and bulls are a bit of a challenge to manage, so they don’t keep many of them around.

          5. Bflag says:

            And you know this Chrismahn because you were a ranch hand there? Maybe his neighbor? Certainly you must be
            an experienced rancher.

          6. Andrew Clayterman says:

            I’m sure he’s “milked” many black “bulls” down at the local gloryhole.

          7. HalfMoments says:

            Ummmm…sounds like another liberal stooge was let out.

          8. Sammie Jo says:

            How do you know?
            Can you provide proof or are you just bloviating?

          9. Marcial Reiley says:

            I’ve been there. What he says is what I’ve seen. I doubt if most of the replies on this have been there.

          10. steve says:

            I would still take the cattle over turtles. Let the turtles relocate if they want to survive. If they can’t relocate themselves they die. Like Darwin said – survival of the fittest. Let the species die off already

          11. ExPat_in_Krakow says:

            Marcial, I’ve asked to see the photos from your visit. I’m quite interested in this topic. The last time I went someplace away from home for 9 days, I took well over 1000 photos. Probably closer to 2000. Every phone made in the last 5 years has reasonable photo capabilities.

            Link, please?

          12. JallopyMacfurry says:

            So you’re saying that the armed soldier’s of The Man have a right to point a gun and literally threaten the lives of this family? What kind of hippy leftist are you? Are you mentally ill?

          13. steve says:

            The US government is the worst steward of land there is. They are the worst polluters in the world yet they want to control how other use their land or public land. If it is public land, let the public use it. The government should not own any land

          14. JallopyMacfurry says:

            Wrong. It started over the desert turtle, or i.e., the environmentalist Left. You do know that lying is immoral, don’t you?

          15. Gereng says:

            The Spotted Owl did in the logging industry in southern Oregon. That bird’s preservation literally ruined the lives of tens of thousands of families who logged and worked in the lumber mills. I lived in that area through high school and hunted and hiked those same forests AND never ever saw a single owl. Now the larger owls from the north are moving in on this pathetic excuse for an owl and are displacing him anyway. So? WTF was saving this wretched bird all about? Was the effort worth all the hardship and misery it caused the people in Klamath county?

          16. JallopyMacfurry says:

            I’ve heard that near 100 million people, mostly children, have died horrific deaths because of the Left’s success in discontinuing the US’ production of DDT in the last 30+ years. Even today, kids were being saved from blindness and other terrible suffering, via adding vitamin A to food, but the environmental Left (the Left in general) has stopped this. The Left IS evil personified in human form. CS Lewis said something like how the devil would appear like an angel if we could see him/it. Clarity Uber Alles. To hell with the Left.

          17. crismahn says:

            It isn’t their land and the Bundys are ranchers only under the most loosely interpreted meaning of the word. They do nothing in the way of managing, culling or tending to this “herd”. These are just a bunch wild, uncared for, feral cows. They need to be rounded up and either put out of their misery or else cared for the way cows on a real ranch are cared for. The Bundys are not ranchers, they are despoilers of the animals unfortunate enough to be under their care, and despoilers of the desert- not range- but desert that they live on. It’s time to put a stop to the Bundys. Totally agree that the 1st Amendment-Free Zone is way over the top.

          18. Kevin Bearly says:

            No president in our history did as much as George Bush 1 to bring about the New World Order. Why not just do a Google on Bush and New World Order and read his speeches for yourself.

          19. HalfMoments says:

            A little uninformed and blind. Obama by far #1 in that category and then Slick Willy.

          20. Sammie Jo says:

            I don’t need to , I’ve heard them.
            No president in our history has done as much as Obama to turn us into a banana republic.

          21. tenro1 says:

            You would be totally at home in a banana republic Sammie Jo – you are a brain washed idiot. TOTALLY

          22. steve says:

            Better than living under the idiot in chief in America, libtard

          23. Sammie Jo says:

            Awww, look at that, the big man behind his iddy biddy computer screen has nothing except to call people who don’t agree with him, names. Wow! I am just so hurt. NOT!
            You’re the brain-washed idiot. Go eff yourself, nobody else will.

          24. tenro1 says:

            That’s a totally brain washed response if ever I heard one….You seem to forget who turned on the spiggot for the predatory lending that destroyed the mortgage industry and the housing market….yeah – go research that one and then tell me how far down the path GWB took us towards a banana republic. Between that, and the $300 tax checks he bribed everyone with, and medicare part D prescriptions, with no way to pay for either, I would say he not only took us down that road, he left the others a map to get us the rest of the way…

          25. Sam says:

            That happened under Clinton and the Democrats would not listen to Bush when he warned as to what would happen if they did not reverse course!!! Think Dodd and Frank and thank them for that mess along with Billy Clinton.

          26. steve says:

            Oh – you mean the dimocrats who put up road blocks when the bush administration wanted to reign in Freddie and Fannie lending standards and Jimmuh Carter signed the community reinvestment act The videos below are still on the web accusing Republican of..can you guess…racism because they wanted to reign in lending standards

          27. Jonathan Miller says:

            Yes, it is better to blame Bush and arouse the ire of the stupid people rather than blame the real culprits, the Democrats. Just like Barney Fwank said, nothing to see here in my homosexual brothel or in Fannie Mae…

          28. hunterbr says:

            So Bush wasn’t the best President. But honestly, can you say Obama is better? He has done much worse things to this great Country than Bush ever did, and if you can’t agree with that than you’re already lost.

          29. Sammie Jo says:

            Why no I haven’t forgotten who is responsible for the housing industry debacle, does the name Barney Frank ring a bell?
            $300 tax checks? Funny, I didn’t get one, wasn’t it Obama who promised us checks? Didn’t get one from him either, not that I expected to, did you?
            Sorry, but you don’t know what you’re talking about, go back to msnbc and get more false info.

          30. JallopyMacfurry says:

            Bush is not, never was, a conservative (much less a Libertarian) Get with the program, man.

          31. John D says:

            So you prefer Obama? Idiot.

          32. iohannes says:

            I prefer neither. Keep chuggin’ the kool-aid.

          33. pjdjmj says:

            Bush 1&2 were/are establishment puppets. Establishment Republicans and Democrats are a menace to this nation. Outlaws with guns pointed at citizens while the former rustled the latter’s cattle was a hanging offense in the days when we had law and order.

          34. iohannes says:

            Very true!

          35. The Oracle says:

            Bush is no longer president.
            Obama is the president; the nemesis.

          36. HalfMoments says:

            Yes, Bush was so much better than this POS and he was very good, so consider that.

          37. tenro1 says:

            Yeah – he was so good at it, that his own party disowned him in the 2012 election. And, he won’t travel abroad because of all the warrants for his arrest waiting for him to dump him in the Hague and stand trial for war crimes….Him,. Cheney, and Rumsfeld all waiting to do the perp walk…

          38. HalfMoments says:

            Not one relevant piece of information. Should he have bowed you think? Or just said all from a video?

          39. tenro1 says:

            I wouldn’t expect you to find or hear any relevance in what I said – you are brain washed…

          40. HalfMoments says:

            Brainwashed in what way?

            Our deficits and debt? Failed foreign policy? Fascist administration?

            Don’t eat the crayons.

          41. steve says:

            You and the obummer left are the brain washed

          42. steve says:

            The dims are running as fast as they can from the current idiot in chief. And now we see how much foreign leaders respected Bush and that they realize Obummer is just a little boy with a little boys intelligence

          43. Andrew Clayterman says:

            Ya know.. I bet alot of those international idiots that were so gung-ho over the US electing a punk-a@@ed phony are regretting it now.. ruined economies, over ran with Muzzies, Russia breathing down their necks.. lol.. as Oxerxes goes golfing.

          44. hunterbr says:

            What war crimes? Obama and his political chronies are responsible for more War Crimes, and against our own Men and Women in uniform.

          45. Andrew Clayterman says:

            Plenty dead from illegal drone strikes.

          46. Andrew Clayterman says:

            ” his own party disowned him in the 2012 election’ I didn’t know he was running.

          47. JallopyMacfurry says:

            Lol, I’ve never, ever, heard any conservative say that they believe Bush (either one) was a conservative. What are you talking about?

        2. Perfparjer says:

          For there truly is only one party, at the top: the DEMGOP’s. The rest of us play favorites pretending the GOP and DEM’s have different strategies and goals regarding national order and national policy. Reality over more recent years, with aid of the Internet, shows there is no difference in DEMGOP goals and strategies, other than feathering their nests into perpetuity. Tea Party goals create an unwelcome focus on DEMGOP behavior. Budgets, deficits, immigration, national debt. Who gives a rip! Just get me re-elected. The Founding Fathers would never have imagined an entire Congress of aging geriatrics with “real” wigs and make-up. Term limits are absolutely necessary. There is no particular party better than another. It is the need to keep corporations out of politicians pockets. Also creating an honest voting mechanism. No more mail in ballots and only vote in person with valid voter ID. Politicians knowing the may not stay in D.C. for the rest of their lifetime will encourage candidates with a different mind-set; more altruistic, and less concerned with becoming a millionaire. Beware the Rino’s that say a potential candidate is un-electable, their ever-recurring mantra. How did that work out for McCain and Romney/Ryan? Dump the DEMGOP’s!

          1. VoteOutIncumbents says:

            We need a constitutional convention to adopt term limits..NOW.

          2. Kevin Bearly says:

            A convention would give the elected officials the ability to do away with the Constitution completely. We have term limits now. An informed populace can vote out the House every two years and the Senate every four years. If people are not informed they will just vote for more globalist big government liberty destroying officials who promise to take form others and give to them.

          3. tenro1 says:

            An informed populace would know that we vote on Senators every 6 years – not 4. Go get a bit more informed Kevin. And – the only term limit enforced at the federal level is on the President, who can serve 2 consecutive terms…Everyone else can serve until they leave, die, or get voted out.

          4. tenro1 says:

            We need a constitutional convention to reassert the bill of rights, and reestablish the Republic this country was based on….and outlaw the use of the word DEMOCRACY when used to describe this country’s form of government.

          5. steve says:

            That would leave the libtards leftist with no power whatsoever. I’m all for it

        3. Antonio Da Silva says:

          Conservatives could end this right now, and they aren’t so they cannot and will not do the job. Vote third parties.

      4. Kaye Griffin High says:

        Voting third party will absolutely put Democrats in charge. Democrats ARE the government! It’s more obvious than ever these days that leftist radicals have been embedded throughout all the bureaucracies. Especially obvious with
        DOI, BLM, EPA, Department of Education, IRS, etc.

        1. DavePrice says:

          i voted Obama the first time… 3rd party or Libertarian the 2nd time.. gee, that sounds just like the exact opposite of what you said? voting for dem / rep will just keep putting the same criminals back in office. wake up already and quit chugging the lies.

          1. Kaye Griffin High says:

            Vote for Conservatives.Third party candidates are a wasted vote and ensures a Democrat gets elected. Not all Republicans are bad but ALL Democrats are – they ALL voted for Obamacare and not a single one read the bill. I didn’t vote for Obama the first time – I did my homework.

          2. iohannes says:

            Remember when every single Republican voted for the PATRIOT Act? I do. Republicans are as equally worthless as the Democrats. Different sides of the SAME COIN. Both, of which, are more than willing to trample your Constitutional Rights. The Founders warned against political parties. Perhaps it time we heed their advice, hmm? 🙂

          3. John D says:

            Illogical Fallacy. Also known as BS.

          4. iohannes says:

            Sounds like somebody is a firm believer in the false left/right paradigm. Carry on, John. Carry on.

          5. iohannes says:

            Sounds like somebody is a firm believer in the false left/right paradigm. Carry on, John. Carry on.

          6. Kevin Bearly says:

            In other words you are too ignorant to have a real answer to facts!

          7. Kaye Griffin High says:

            Voting third party only gets the Democrats elected. I FIRMLY believe they are far, far worse than the Republicans. Conservatives need to take over the Republican Party the way Progressives have taken over the Democratic Party. I was an Independent and didn’t become a Republican until 2008 because I felt it would be easier to change 1 of 2 parties than it would be to get enough people to elect a third party candidate.

          8. Andrew Clayterman says:

            a RINO CAN BE pressured into doing the right thing.. a libtard would die
            first.. vote for a rino only if the alternative is a libtard..

          9. izzycafe says:

            Sadly even the best intended laws like the Patriot act that happened after 911 to help fight against terrorism can be manipulated by the likes of the Obama administration. This administration is very capable of turning something intended for good and using it to forward their socialist agenda. Don’t blame Republicans for how the democrats decided to abuse this law.

          10. HalfMoments says:

            Remember when the patriot act was a defined item not abused improperly by Democrats. I do.

          11. Jonathan Miller says:

            It is easy to read the bill. Did you read it? When did it become a suspension of Habeas Corpus, for illegal detention and robbing a person of the 1-4 Amendments. Under Obamas Imperial Rule is the correct Answer. Obama did not revoke the Patriot Act and he controlled it all at one point, he put it on steroids, you know-nothing.

          12. HalfMoments says:

            You think voting 3rd party pulls votes away from Democrats? No. And not surprised at anyone who was ignorant enough to vote for Obama once. At least you didn’t go full crayon eater with a 2nd time.

          13. Andrew Clayterman says:

            or is too ashamed to admit it.

          14. JallopyMacfurry says:

            There are a few Libertarians in the R party, we just need more, don’t we?

      5. NorCalFoothillRich says:

        Gives new meaning to the words: “we’re from the government and we’re here to ‘help’ “, doesn’t it?

        1. claspur says:

          Stop making so much Sense, Rich. ;o)

      6. Ben says:

        nobody gave them the authority, no one has that that authority, the constitution is still the supreme law its just that nobody stands up for it and says “hey, you can’t do that govt official”

      7. TeaPartyPatriotTD says:

        That’s why the time for a revolution to throw these thugs off is long overdue. When the feds declare war on their own citizens, that is when people start exercising their Second Amendment right against this domestic enemy…

      8. Alvarez says:

        I totally agree with you, but you can’t vote for a 3rd party (as much as I would love to). Reason being, if you do, a Democrat WILL win. With the two parties in power now (Democrats and Republicans), it’s a pick your poison kind of thing. Which one is the lesser of two evils? With Democrats in power, this will continue to happen. With Republicans in power, something like this will not continue or happen. They both have flaws, but at least with Republicans in power, you can rest assured our rights will be protected, for the most part. A vote for a 3rd party is a vote FOR Democrats.

        1. Kevin Bearly says:

          Google the Patriot Act and actually read it. Every Republican who voted for it committed treason and destroyed the Bill of Rights.

      9. John D says:

        Because the DOJ is full of Obama scum, like the criminal Holder. We no longer have a Justice Department. We have a bunch of NAZI criminals.

      10. LouAnnWatson says:

        why are you asking rhetorical questions?

      11. Brenda Harshe says:

        Erich Holder Justice Dept? That one?

      12. Norma Jennings Williams says:

        The Justice Dept. Is not on the side of the

      13. barry1817 says:

        Holder is too busy hiding from congress and not concerned with any legal matters save keeping his buttocks out of the fire, and trying to make sure the heat doesn’t get to B.O.

      14. ConfusedAmericanCitizen says:

        Because the “justice” department is cahoots with the UN’s Agenda 21 and is working hard at rounding us all up into “sustainable” living communities whereby we will utilize bicycles and our feet instead of those terrible gas guzzling cars that are required of us when we own property of our own and need to get to and from it and The easier to control you my dears….Ask Palomino Valley, NV how they did on getting their Costly just to apply for a “special use” permit when it comes to their very own 40 acre lots. The county commissioners don’t want them keeping those 40 acres and will deny them that opportunity at every turn without even giving them the reason. Look up Agenda 21 and find out if your county is a card carrying member of ICLEI, the community development part of Agenda 21. Washoe Co. NV is and I best Clark Co. is as well.

      15. dbt3481 says:

        How can they stop him from using his own land? This is out of control.

      16. Animal A says:

        They were never his lands. “The trouble started when Bundy stopped paying grazing fees in 1993. He said he didn’t have to because his Mormon ancestors worked the land since the 1880s, giving him rights to the land.”
        So my family came over in the early 1700’s, y’all the the hell out of New York, Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia. Their mine and Puritan ancestors give the rights to go anywhere I choose, never mind my ancestors never actually bought the land.
        Are you also in favor of giving Nevada, Texas, Oklahoma and Wyoming back to the American Indians? thought not.

      17. Seldom Seen Kid says:

        As stated in every article, that land is PUBLIC land. WE are the public. Ergo, WE OWN the land! So, as one of the millions of other OWNERS, I give Mr. Bundy permission to graze his cattle.

      18. Andrew Clayterman says:

        sounds like the mob looking for shakedown money

      19. Anon says:

        Because that’s not what the federal government does or ever did….not ever in its entire history. Our government was never designed to function as nation let alone a giant attempted world wide empire. We are supposed to be a republic with all such functions as law enforcement and governance handled locally (and held accountable locally). When we allowed two world wide wars of aggression (world war one and two) and allowed the majority of our wealth to be taxed and used as our federal government saw fit, instead of accepting the responsibility ourselves to run things, we gave them the power to do such things. No, they have no right to do these things but since when has any criminal enterprise needed the right to steal from its victims? You want change? Then you, PERSONALLY, will have to accept the responsibility to change things in such a way that almost all money is kept out of federal hands. That means not paying taxes. It probably means accepting payment for work in something other than US funds. It means resistance. No one will (or can) do it for you.

      20. NorthlanderLJ says:

        Republicans are partway there. Help us run out the rest of the RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only).

      21. josetoyou says:

        The department of “justice” has only biased justice! Our government is perverted from the White House on down and is a cancer to our Constitution.
        A surgical option appears more necessary with each passing event….

      22. ak37 says:

        Antonio, I am an independent, but to tell you the truth, it really is the democrats that are mostly to blame for this tyranny, this country has NEVER given the republicans a chance, they have NEVER given them a super majority in the house and senate with (or without) a sitting republican president, they need to at least be given one chance, but the idiots in this country (collectively)
        Won’t give them a chance …..

      23. That Texas Guy! says:

        The reason why the DOJ is not involved?They are the wrong skin color and they probably voted for the other guy in 2012.

      24. Grandma Go says:

        This is so maddening! May as well live in the Soviet Union!

    2. I dont trust ANYONE in Nevada.. Harry Reid. Enough said.

      1. duelles says:

        Reid is in office, IMO because he opposed the Yucca flats nuclear waste dump. Tough NIMBY stuff. I despise him for everything else in his political life.

    3. demodoormatt says:

      Those people of Nevada are the ones that keep Harry Reid in office year after year.

      1. Bearman says:

        The last time he ran it was the SEIU that “kept him in office”. The electronic voting machines in Vegas “crashed” (Harry was trailing by 5%) so they sent in the SEIU to “fix” the problem. Not electricians, service workers. SEIU members mostly serve beverages & changes sheets in Vegas, but that’s who they sent in.

        1. Antonio Da Silva says:

          I agree Bearman, let’s face it. The mathematical possibly of Obama winning the past election while having the lowest approval rating in the history of presidents, and at the same time receiving a record hi vote?

          Do you honestly believe Obama got a record hi vote? Do you really in your heart believe that Gary Johnson only got 1 million votes?

          1. HalfMoments says:

            Soros owned Spanish company counted the votes.

          2. Bearman says:

            It looks like there were about 35,000 illegal votes for president (2012) in N. Carolina alone. zer0 won by about 3 M votes though. I don’t think were enough swing states to make that difference. Still, a whole lot of people should be prosecuted. And the facts should be broadcast, then repeated ad nauseam on all news programs. We’ll hear crickets though.

      2. NorCalFoothillRich says:

        Clark County (Las Vegas) and Washoe County (Reno) and the SEIU casino unions are the main reason……………………………..

    4. HereWeGo321 says:

      Hard to trust anyone in Nevada when they keep re-electing Harry Reid.

    5. john miles says:

      Well the sad truth is that back in the 1950’s the Feds scooped up—there is cause to doubt whether they ever paid anything—much if not most of the land in the west. For some reason most Americans have never questioned this.To me that is the most important issue, Not what do the feds own or control regarding lands in the west, but why do they own or control it?

    6. embarassed1 says:

      This land is the most god-forsaken desolate land in any of the 50 states.
      When a cow “poops” on it, its’ a MAJOR improvement. The Bundy family ran cattle on this land since 1887, even before the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934. Shouldn’t their rights be “grandfathered” ?
      Do the feds ENJOY looking stupid??

      1. LouAnnWatson says:

        if they cared about looking stupid, obama wouldn’t be president.

    7. LouAnnWatson says:

      i’m wondering how. after decades, those tortoises still exist. if they were truly endangered, wouldn’t they have disappeared by now? this is repression instigated by leftists and the endangered species act, tacitly approved by the department of injustice and the arrogant fahuckhead attorney general.

    8. Norma Jennings Williams says:

      The Feds have so much force , and they will use it
      Lawful or not.

    9. jimhalfwit says:

      The Bundy family find themselves trying to survive in the land of Harry Reid.

    10. Sean says:

      You do? really? These are the same folks that keep electing Harry Reid

    11. John Sheridan says:

      “They, the “feds”, forget who owns this country.” No, no they haven’t forgotten. The owners of the country have forgotten they own it. They sit by shaking their heads, then shrug their shoulders and go back to reading about “Kim” or “Miley”. The dumbing down of America is complete, and your are witnessing the consequences of that.

    12. Engage Gray Matter says:

      They will. Especially if the feds start shooting. Then the people of Nevada will be way far behind him…hiding behind the rocks. I don’t hold out much hope. The feds will eventually get what they want even if it costs the rest of us millions of dollars and this man his family. The feds don’t care. Money doesn’t matter to people in government who don’t earn it and have been given a pass for so long to spend it foolishly and how they deem appropriate. The tax payer can go to hell for all they care.

    13. Cyberats says:

      Faith and god nothing, you want to stand for something go stand by him now or forever be counted as a coward, like the rest of us will be. You’re no better.

    14. MBruceQuarles says:

      The price of liberty for American citizens is to costly to expect one family ( Bundy ) to cover it.
      Unless the thugs on our payroll at the federal level quit terrorizing this family and gives them a large amount of money ( ours ) for compensation they should be drug from our buildings and given very, very short trials prior to being executed!

    15. Wendy Brewer says:

      I live in Nevada and I support BUNDY!!!

    16. josetoyou says:

      I am sure that “dirty harry” is looking the other way…

    17. Harry Wookiee says:

      The people will, but the gooberment won’t. How did those “environmentalists” get so much power? “They” need to be knocked down a few notches and laughed out of any court they enter.

    18. Thom DelForge says:

      Beyond stupid! Hiring mercenaries and snipers won’t go well. I suggest any ‘patriots’, take a breath of freash air and get a grip on reality. From all accounts Bundy has not tried to be reasonable. Suggesting the way to handle this situation is get your ‘pea-shooters’ and play army will not end well for the Bundiy’s and any supporters — already seen that movie.

    19. dcrasta says:

      He’s been using public land for profit for over 20 years time for him to obey the law.

    20. julie says:

      OWN this country? You mean stole this country and now can’t believe they do the same to you because why?

    21. Andrew says:

      yeah, the constitution begins “We the People”..Not “This Here Environment”!!

  2. Marcial Reiley says:

    I spent 9 days in the Gold Butte Area of Critical Environmental Concern recently, not my first trip there. It’s clear to me that Mr. Bundy’s heritage is actually just a legacy of trashing our public lands. The cows he calls his are feral except for an occasional brand. Calves are born year round and can’t survive the harshest months. These cattle exist in an area where it can be 100 yards or more between the next mouthful of bunchgrass. What water sources there are have become slime and dung covered seeps. Cattle turn the soil into sand and dust. Gold Butte was never a range, it’s a desert. This is an area rich in beauty and significant in historical artifacts but Mr. Bundy does not appreciate or respect any culture other than his own. Gold Butte needs to be cow free, it needs to recover.

    1. jumara says:

      you sound like a person with an axe to grind not an impartial observer.would you be of native American heritage by any chance?

      1. Marcial Reiley says:

        No and no. Just an honest opinion from someone who’s been there.

        1. Antonio Da Silva says:

          Cows reverse the terrain becoming desert 😀 so he actually helps the tortoise, and I have done canvassing for the environment and collected hand written letters to congress.

          1. Michael Davis says:

            Does this change the fact that this guy is not following the law? When should we follow the laws then, when its convenient? I do not like getting a ticket for speeding, but if I did the crime, I pay up, simple as that. We live in a society with laws and rules, if you do not like it, you can have them changed or move somewhere else, basic social contract theory. Just because one person does not feel the need to play by the rules does not exempt them from consequences. Other ranchers play by the rules and so should this mooch.

          2. roony says:

            Except Obama and many in the government are not folllowing the laws, so we live in a lawless society. If the federal government acted with in it proper restraints I doubt this would even be a story. But now it up to the people to preserve the Constitution and prevent complete power over us by the government. which is supposed to be of and by the people.

          3. Michael Davis says:

            When have the governments ever followed the law? Look at all the previous presidents “executive signing orders”… its not just Obama, its always been happening… does it make it right? Nope. But its an inherent flaw of the system, not one man.

          4. roony says:

            yes and well i am dissapointed it taken so long to reconized it. It good that people are wakin up to the unlimited powers the federal government has claimed. I feel that if we don’t draw the line aganist it we will be the generations that those citizins of Rome let ceaser destroy the republic.

          5. RobNClt says:

            No one has written as many executive orders that hurt the nation as Obama. They all do but he is extreme.

            Remember, I have a pen and I have a phone? It’s time we snatched the pens from his hand and cut the cord to the phone. U.S. citizens need relief from an overbearing federal government that is bent on changing our lives whether we want it or not. We don’t want it.

          6. HughJorgan69 says:

            Hey Genius, Your BOY, G.W. “Shrub” Bush wrote 291 executive orders, and President Obama has written 168-Looks like you’re just another lying Conservative Republican, as most are! I guess you know where to put your pen?

          7. HughJorgan69 says:

            Hey Genius, Your BOY, G.W. “Shrub” Bush wrote 291 executive orders, and President Obama has written 168-Looks like you’re just another lying Conservative Republican, as most are! I guess you know where to put your pen?

          8. Ken says:

            The real issue is the courts who now instead of backing the people back the government and its crimes. Because it is the government it is legal does not matter anymore what the constitution or the law says. You as a subject are wrong.

          9. Antonio Da Silva says:

            That doesn’t make it inherent. It’s coming from democrats and republicans, not the democratic system.

          10. pjdjmj says:

            That is democrat and republican establishment, which are one and the same essentially. They do not believe in or care about our Constitution only about One World Government. Conquer the world – more ruthless than Gengis Khan ever thought to be.

          11. John D says:

            Executive orders are legal to use for administrative purposes only. That is how Bush used them. Obama is using them to bypass congress, which is illegal.
            Wise up dummy. You are making a fool of yourself.

          12. concretetundra says:

            We don’t live in a lawless society. Good Lord. You’re really making a leap here. There’s a rancher who has been breaking the law for twenty years. He hasn’t paid the grazing fees. And you conclude that we are living in a lawless society? Sounds like the law finally caught up to this guy.

          13. bloodyspartan says:

            You are a fool yes it it lawless and a fraudulent pres.
            Let me count the Votes electronically.

            Every body in my local district knew the winner.
            Romney wanted to lose.

            And now Internet voting.

            Cowards and Traitors all.
            Are you.

            Then do you duty and right per the Declaration.

          14. rj4510 says:

            what gives the government the right to tax a rancher on grass that grows back every year? it’s not putting the government out. unconstitutional laws are not laws and do not have to be followed. The BLM are thieves, trespassers, potential murderers and need to answer for their crimes

          15. roony says:

            What i am saying is that,the government has an attitude of being above the law and getting away with many things are are in violation of the law. So if your view of a lawless society is were the citizens must obey a lawless government. Look at the NDAA that allows for any American to be arrested without trial, or the fact that less then a year ago the U.S government claimed they could kill any Citizen with out trial to conduct the war on terror as they deemed fit. The wiretaping,the harrasment of Americans by the IRS. A government that has issued the national resource emergency EO that gives the government control over all property when needed. A government that has let the EPA infringe of property rights with regulations not even approved or reviewed by congress. A President who thinks he can change the law at whim is not a lawless society? A government that mocks people when they question coverups and corruption is lawless? A government threating and intimidating reports like they did with James rosen and the Ap reporters is not lawless?

          16. Antonio Da Silva says:

            The law? Who voted for the BLM? Why do they get to create laws that nobody voted for?

          17. John D says:

            You sound like an inner city moron.

          18. concretetundra says:

            Is that you Paul Ryan?

          19. roony says:

            i agree with your view as it is my view but the current stituation of our government. Has pretty much rendered our civil laws and court systems inefficent with the broad violation they stand in, such as IRS,NSA and letting big banks get bailouts for being corrputed and the fact they are getting away with it.

          20. Art O'Connell says:

            Ever heard of a GRANDFATHER CLAUSE, its from WAYYYYY back when we were a constitutional republic. and furthermore, you liken a man making a living on his familys farm for 150 years to speeding..and his resistance to give up his livelihood because some commie jackoff has a turtle fetish.

          21. John D says:

            God response. Of course it is wasted on that macaroon.

          22. Maynard says:

            These are not laws; they are regulations made my unelected bureaucrats. And this whole biodiversity thing is a bunch of malarky meant to deprive us of our property rights. This story is a good reason why the states should take their lands from the federal government. The federal government should not own 70-80% of a state.

          23. Linda says:


          24. Way West 56 says:

            His family owned the land before the “law” existed. Seems to me that “pre-eminence” gives him the right to do what he wants with the land. Grandfathered rights that the Government cannot remove, revise or sidestep. He owns the land, not the Government. The tortoise story is just another BS environmentalist excuse. Compensate him incredibly well for the land or get the heck off it, US Government. And this sounds like another Waco and Ruby Ridge just waiting to happen again. Will a “self set fire” be the Government excuse for burning him off of his own property or will Lon Horiuchi just start taking his shots? This smells of a tyrannic, out of control Government to me. And since when does the Government need 200+ men, snipers, dogs, and helicopters to force a citizen to comply..? And will the US Military show up with their tanks.? And just where is Lon Horiuchi this time around? Time to rid ourselves of the heavy hand of Government and their “steal our property by taxation without representation” tactics.

          25. roony says:

            I wonder what they do one some one does not want obamacare.

          26. embarassed1 says:

            You’re right. His family has been using this land since 1866. I live in Utah, know the area pretty well. It is the MOST useless, god-forsaken he11hole probably on earth. (at least the sahara has SOME oil)! ANYONE who can do something/anything with the ground is to be commended. BTW – most all of the water sources (for desert tortoises)have been put in by the Bundys. I suspect the desert tortoise would have been extinct long ago on this land if it were not for the Bundy’s. I don’t know him (bundy) personally, but I KNOW that many more ranchers have been forced off their meager allotments also. Most of them just don’t “have the fight” in them necessary to take on the all-powerful (and unlimited budget)federal government!

          27. Antonio Da Silva says:

            Michael, what law? The one from Nevada formed by people who were elected by voters which says, it is his land according to Nevada law.

            Now the BLM was not elected, and says that it’s illegal for him to have his cattle graze on the land because they took it over in the name of tortoises that they just killed 700 of themselves?

            Nobody elected the BLM and the main law in America is the constitution so if the BLM law goes against the main law in America it to me doesn’t exist as a law. I am happy Bundy is standing up for our rights.

            He does this for others not for himself. If they shoot him or arrest him, that would not be good for him at all. Yet he risks it for all the good people in America eho are next in line to be illegally taken down by the federal tyranny.

            So what rules Michael? The ones we voted for, or the ones the BLM made up for no reason?

          28. Confucius says:

            The federal government including the executive and many of the agencies within do not obey the law.

            They are the ones who have set the example.

            Perhaps you do not see what millions of us have seen and know to be true.

            Have a nice day…

          29. John D says:

            I hope he has a terrible day. And may his life be filled with suffering.

          30. Guest says:

            What about the state of colorado and it’s dope smoking population? The last time I heard,it’s against federal law to smoke and deal in illegal drugs,why aren’t the feds in colorado arresting all these lawbreakers?And what about all the convicted felons that carry illegal guns,why aren’t the feds going after them?

          31. John D says:

            Uh… because Obama is a pot smoker?

          32. Jonathan Plus Abby says:

            Our government that WRITES the laws only follows the laws when convenient. So, why shouldn’t this guy. It’s time to reverse the script and show up on the Government’s doorstep the next time they do something illegal like oh, selling guns to Mexican Drug Cartels and shut them down.

          33. John D says:

            You are an ignorant fool.

            Thomas Jefferson said: “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.”

            You sound like the NAZI criminals at the Nuremburg trials that said ” I was just following orders”. Most of them were executed.

          34. peter the great says:

            So if they made a law saying they can bend your wife over would you follow it? Just saying that the law seems unfair in my opinion.

          35. BullPasture says:

            We no longer live in a society of laws and the federal government is the biggest lawbreaker of all. Did the constitution give the federal government the power to tell you that you cannot grow your own tomatoes for your own consumption when it gave congress the power to regulate congress? It did not. Yet the feds claim this power Did the constitution grant the feds the power to regulate firearms? It explicitly prohibits that power yet the feds claim it every day. Did the constitution give the feds the power to set educational standards or provide social security or health care? No it did not yet the feds exercise this power everyday. Did the constitution give the supreme court the authority to expand federal power or give it to congress by majority vote? It did not and provided a very explicit process whereby additional power can be granted to the feds. Yet congress and the courts ignore that process as an anachronism and expand federal power regularly.

          36. pjdjmj says:

            This ranch was grandfathered in. Even if it was not, Illegals do not obey the law and that is just fine with the Feds.

        2. djs1138 says:

          But you don’t live there…so perhaps you should focus on your neighborhood before outsiders come to dictate to you…

          1. Curly Bill says:

            He’s a “progressive” and therefore has an unalienable right (and genetic predisposition) to dictate to others.

          2. Michael Davis says:

            And what does that make you, a regressive?

          3. Tommy Tunez says:

            Mikie, take your meds now.

          4. John D says:

            That comment labels you as a fool.

          5. John D says:

            That is a very dangerous position for him. Where I live, meddling in other peoples business can be harmful to your health.

          6. roony says:

            We should all be protesting the obamacare mandate, that dication.

          7. Marcial Reiley says:

            These are and always have been public lands. I’ve dictated nothing.

          8. aberdeenvet says:

            Our big government does dictate to ALL of us already. They must be stopped at any cost.

        3. Curly Bill says:

          And therefore thinks he has the right to declare how the land should be used, to the exclusion of everyone else. Let me guess. You’re a “progressive,” right?

        4. Richard Kimble says:

          Your reasoning and response seem logical. Where did that come from?

        5. HughJorgan69 says:

          Marcial-These knuckledraggers on here wouldn’t know a desert from a rain forest and most of them have probably never even seen a live cow, all they know is it comes in a wrapped package at the store and they don’t really care what happens to get it there. This old fart just doesn’t feel like he has to follow the rules (reminds me of the brainless people who end up in jail because they say they don’t have to pay taxes because of something they read on the Internet) and now he is getting exactly what he deserves!

          1. John D says:

            Follow the rules? Follow regulations imposed by faceless, unaccountable bureaucrats? May I remind you of what Thomas Jefferson said on this subject?

            “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.”

            Maybe you should try to understand the Constitution and the founding fathers intent. Or are you another left wing commie?

        6. peter the great says:

          His family has been there for generations and the cows have been there for generations. I really don’t see your logic. You claim to have visited the area but its not your home, its his! What concern is it of yours what he does where he lives to provide for his family. the grazing obviously hasn’t affected the area because they have been grazing there since 1884. Compared to all the pollution and eco damage the government and big business that operates with the governments blessing this is minimal at best. But the most important reason why you are on the wrong side of this debate is this. The government can give two sh*ts about the land recovery or the stupid turtle. There going after this guy because he refuses to pay the government money they claim he owes for the cows grazing. Don’t you get it stupid? this is a shake down by big brother. they just want their cut like the mafia. And this brave man, his family and friends are standing up to these lunch money bullies who think there entitled to everything just because they make a law that says so. the govt is sending armed goons to his area. stealing his property (cows) ARRESTING IS SON FOR TAKING PICTURES! and taking away peoples free speech, the worst offence of all in my opinion. And your opinion is misguided and it’s obvious you have an agenda.

        7. peter the great says:

          His family has been there for generations and the cows have been there for generations. I really don’t see your logic. You claim to have visited the area but its not your home, its his! What concern is it of yours what he does where he lives to provide for his family. the grazing obviously hasn’t affected the area because they have been grazing there since 1884. Compared to all the pollution and eco damage the government and big business that operates with the governments blessing this is minimal at best. But the most important reason why you are on the wrong side of this debate is this. The government can give two sh*ts about the land recovery or the stupid turtle. There going after this guy because he refuses to pay the government money they claim he owes for the cows grazing. Don’t you get it stupid? this is a shake down by big brother. they just want their cut like the mafia. And this brave man, his family and friends are standing up to these lunch money bullies who think there entitled to everything just because they make a law that says so. the govt is sending armed goons to his area. stealing his property (cows) ARRESTING IS SON FOR TAKING PICTURES! and taking away peoples free speech, the worst offence of all in my opinion. And your opinion is misguided and it’s obvious you have an agenda.

        8. pjdjmj says:

          MR, why were you there? Vacation? I think not. BTW, my cousin has cattle and does not brand. He said most ranchers do not anymore as it weakens the animal. Pro-government intrusion posts do not mention Mr. Bundy’s family has been ranching there since the 1800s. Tortoises have survived just fine.

    2. Antonio Da Silva says:

      So if you are a true environmentalist how can you support the BLM? They sell whales to Sea World. They actually just killed 700 tortoises themselves, how many has cattle killed?

      Cattle erase desertification. Look it up, it’s science, look up the Savory Institute, they even have a Ted Talk all about how they are reversing desertification by introducing cattle, which eat the grass and fertilize it.

      Without cattle the grass overgrows, and the sun cannot reach it, and what happens as a result is the area turns into a desert.

      So why not support Bundy?

      Read for yourself the BLM killed 700 tortoises.

      Throughout the housing boom in the 2000s, the Bureau was earning enough to fund the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center (DTCC) in southern Las Vegas, a habitat “created in 1991 to house wild desert tortoises removed from the path of development and to use those tortoises to aid recovery of the species.” Its operating budget was about $1 million per year.

      But the recession that followed dwindled the number of developers, and in turn funds for the DTCC.

      So, facing the prospect of shutting their doors, the DTCC began releasing healthier turtles into the wild, and euthanizing some of the sick ones.

      From August 25, 2013:

      Back at the conservation center, a large refrigerator labeled “carcass freezer” hummed in the desert sun as scientists examined the facility’s 1,400 inhabitants to find those hearty enough to release into the wild. Officials expect to euthanize more than half the animals in the coming months in preparation for closure at the end of 2014.

      “It’s the lesser of two evils, but it’s still evil,” Roy Averill-Murray, tortoise recovery coordinator with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service desert, told the AP.

      1. Marcial Reiley says:

        This area IS a desert, not a feedlot. Also BLM does not sell whales or have anything to do with the ocean, your comment about 700 tortoises is also misleading.

        1. Antonio Da Silva says:

          Your comments are misleading, first you have not admitted you’re being paid to comment. Second, they did kill 700 tortoises right? They rounded them up, didn’t take care of them, and only released half back into the wild. So in fact had they done nothing we would be +700 tortoises. In which way do you feel mislead by that?

          Yes cattle turn deserts into healthy soil, look it up. Savory Institute, they have a Ted Talk, and Facebook page.

        2. peter the great says:

          i bet you agree with carbon taxation and global warming also.

      2. John D says:

        You make a good argument, but the fool you are talking to will never understand.

    3. Steve says:

      Sounds like you are related to this brain dead eco-nut…

      “It’s high time for the BLM to do its job and give the [endangered desert] tortoises and the Gold Butte area the protection they need and are legally entitled to,” senior Center for Biological Diversity scientist Rob Mrowka told the Mesquite Local News. “As the tortoises emerge from their winter sleep, they are finding their much-needed food consumed by cattle.”

      Bundy’s herd also hinders the plants’ ability to recover from wildfires, tramples rare species, damages ancient American Indian cultural sites and endangers recreationists, Mrowka added.

      This mental midget needs to go skydiving, naked, and land on a cactus.

      1. Spazponey says:

        Funny question… were there not bison hanging around the US for a few million years in massive herds millions of members strong that ALSO roamed the same areas maybe? How ever did the poor little torty survive? Could it be that there is an ecological component to our vast grazing areas that is lacking today?

        1. Antonio Da Silva says:

          Spazponey when we had bison grazing there those lands were lush. By removing any cattle the land turns to desert. Look it up Savory Institute they have a facebook page, and Ted Talk. Also another contributor to the desert instead of lush land is that they had another one of these “environmental” initiatives and removed all prairy grass causing what’s known as the dust bowl.

        2. Rhonda Renee Sessions says:

          More than likely. Just like the eco-nuts had the wolf removed from Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, et al… turns out it was an integral part of the ecosystem and needed to be re-instated to restore it. God has created the perfect environment for everything to work together, harmoniously and symbiotically… until man comes along and screws it all up!

          1. peter the great says:

            Yea i bet you tell that to the waitress while your ordering at the steak house.or when your using items that are non-biodegradable or when you flush the toilet or when you douche your snatch! I love stupid people like you. You believe the nonsense that the government and big business quack about saving the environment. You don’t even realize that the people who fill your head with that bull are that people that cause the most pollution, carbon emissions and overall detrimental effects to the ecosystem. And you say “man” screws it up as if you are some sort of rare exotic bird. What do you think you are lady a sheep. Your a lousy hypocrite. You think the government is worried about some desert turtle? There harassing this meager farmer with 900 head of cattle who has been tending to his herd for years for money. As if 900 head have any effect on the ecosystem of Nevada compared to Microsoft, coca cola, and every other multinational conglomerate that you suckle from. If you really wanna save the environment why don’t you destroy your house drink from a river and hunt deer with a bow and arrow because that’s the only way your ever gonna be making a difference you sicken me lady truely .

          2. Rhonda Renee Sessions says:

            Boy, have you got an issue with reading comprehension! If you’d go back and read my post, you’d see that I am AGAINST eco-nuts! It galls me to no end that more emphasis is given to those that think they’re more knowledgable about the ecosystem that God created and want to disrupt it. That’s what happened when they took the wolf out of its natural environment because it was considered a “menace” to everyone in it. So, why don’t you do a Google and find out what happened when the eco-nuts got their way, and why the wolf was reintroduced to its natural habitat. And while you’re at it, find out about the little smelt fish that Obama is willing to protect over the needs of millions… instead of releasing the water that is needed for the agricultural needs of California, which provides food for the world. I’m against the over-reaching idiots who put the value of a tiny fish that does nothing over the feeding millions of people.

            BTW, as you so snidely put it? I DO hunt deer with a compound bow! But that’s because I would rather the feds (and snitches) not hear the report of gunfire, when the time comes when guns will be outlawed!

          3. peter the great says:

            oh my bad

      2. twinstick1 says:

        I would think that he would find a much better place to land. Like an alligator farm…

      3. Marcial Reiley says:

        “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.” – Mark Twain

        1. William Hofmeister says:

          Not taking sides on this issue, just like your response.

        2. Antonio Da Silva says:

          I do think that is clever, but at the same time, it’s only advice it doesn’t perfectly apply to every situation.

        3. peter the great says:

          That is such a cowardly response. Your taking the easy way out by quoting a semi- intellectual with a mediocre quote because you have nothing to defend your unintelligible views.

      4. John D says:

        The BLM has been responsible for the rounding up and slaughter of thousands of free range (wild) horses. I guess it’s easier to manage when you don’t have all those horses running around.
        They also support clear cutting of forest areas, which destroys wildlife habitat.
        These people are criminals and should all be tried, convicted and hung for their crimes.

    4. Toast says:

      9 days, hummmm you must be an expert. LTFOL

    5. ExPat_in_Krakow says:

      “The cows he calls his are feral except for an occasional brand. Calves are born year round and can’t survive the harshest months. These cattle exist in an area where it can be 100 yards or more between the next mouthful of bunchgrass. What water sources there are have become slime and dung covered seeps. Cattle turn the soil into sand and dust.”

      That’s all some very descriptive prose. However, a picture is worth a thousand words. You were there for 9 days. Your profile photo is a selfie with your dog.

      I’m willing to believe you, if you’re willing to point me in the direction of the photos you took during your nine-day visit. I assume that you did take photos, that you care enough about the subject to (have) post(ed) them online, and that they will show exactly what you described in intimate and irrefutable detail.

      Please don’t tell me that you take selfies of you and your handsome pooch, but not your experience of nine days in a beautiful desert that is being trashed by some rancher?

    6. Art O'Connell says:

      his family scratched a living out of that desert with hard work, determination, and FREEDOM. go suck a tortoise shell.

    7. embarassed1 says:

      The “water sources” that you refer to were, for the most part DEVELOPED by Mr. Bundy. The feds didn’t pay HIM a dime for any of that. The desert tortoise would have been extinct (at least in this area)70 yrs. ago if not for the Bundy’s. Lets hope none of these readers have ever actually SEEN the area. “Rich in beauty and significant historical artifacts” its NOT. Even the Piutes avoided the area.
      BTW – why not eliminate all the herds of wild horses throughout Nv. ? THEY are mostly feral too.
      “Gold Butte needs to recover”? Recover to WHAT exactly?
      ANYONE who has seen this area is laughing at you!

  3. Andrew says:

    It’s illegal for cows to graze because of the potential harm to the desert tortoise, but it’s an open public recreation area? They seem to think that anyone other than federal government are nothing but incompetent children incapable of empathy towards the very wildlife and land that they are directly reliant upon…Sure, perhaps spoiled city dwellers who don’t KNOW ANYTHING about the back country, but country folk who tend the land? These feds aren’t going after them to protect anything..they’re going in to drive them off land they have selected for further economic development for themselves.

    1. richard_head says:

      Them hummers running over them turtles don’t hurt.

    2. Antonio Da Silva says:

      Exactly. Anyways Cattle reverse desertification. The Savory Institute has an entire Ted Talk on it.

    3. Animal A says:

      Not illegal for cows to graze.
      Its illegal for cows to graze for free.

      Since 1934 there has been a law you can use the land for a fee. The rancher decided to stop paying the fee more than a decade ago and wants to be exempted. Everyone else complies with law. Get over it. He is a free loader.

      1. ratbag says:

        Exactly. There are freeloaders like the Bundys all over state land. People who have built cabins. dams, etc. as second homes and then claim they’re grandfathered in. They graze their cattle, sheep and refuse to pay for them. It’s amazing how everyone else on here is so entitled.

        1. Anon ymous says:

          Silly Trolls, the Truth is for real Americans. Let us simplify for you, shall we? Is a “Fee” a form of tax? YES. Is a “Tax” unconstitutional? YES. Debate over, let them eat.

          1. Copper Skinned Brawnstud says:


        2. John D says:

          Wah wah wah. You are a fool.

        3. Cheapshot says:

          why, does the government own all the land in america? who is the government?

      2. Wayne Van Scoyoc says:

        I agree but if and only if the fees are actually used for the purpose of restoring only those lands for which the fee was paid and no other purposes whatsoever. Also if the desert tortoise is so important, then no permits should be issued to anyone for grazing cattle there. That doesn’t seem to be the case here. It seems that permits are always issued as long as a fee is paid. The public and grazers should be able to use public lands. Public lands are owned by everybody. You just can’t go in there and damage it.

      3. Antonio Da Silva says:

        Animal A that isn’t true. Also who else complied with the law, every other farm on the land were driven out. It’s the first thing Bundy mentions when he says he is the last man around there standing. So if everyone complied, can you point to their ranch? Oh so you mean nobody complied because complying with them is impossible to do 😀 Thanks Bundy for standing up for people!

        1. Animal A says:

          I don’t live there and can not point to any one in particular. This is one slanted point of view, if you read the LOCAL papers they are not standing with Mr. Bundy.
          As far the as the tortoise it is red herring and meant to be inflammatory. The issue is not paying the fee. As far as where the fee goes, it is pretty much up the BLM as the law is written.
          Those who don’t like the law need to lobby their politicians to change it – not just ignore it.

      4. Andrew says:

        No, it’s NOT illegal for the cows to graze for free…It’s THEIR belongs to Clark County..NOT the Federal Government…

        The BLM has already USED all the money paid to them to force every other Ranger in that county off their property…Bundy stopped paying them because he refused to Pay them to shoot him in the back. That money was meant to PROTECT their right, NOT usurp it!!..He’s the LAST RANCHER STANDING and he’s NOT complying with their ILLEGAL LAWS!!

  4. John Craig says:

    I agree with the government on this! Mr. Bundy sounds like one of these sovereign country guys that thinks he can just use what ever he likes to further his own income, without paying up like his fellow ranchers! I would guess he makes millions off of his cattle and with 14 children and a huge ranch and many heads of cattle that is almost a forgone conclusion! So payup Mr. Bundy and lead the good life like all of your fellow rancher neighbors!!!!

    1. jumara says:

      you speak like a person with very little knowledge regard this situation.right now they are keeping water from farmers and ranchers in oregon and allowing it to flow into the and the feds should leave people alone and allow this country to be great once again.people like you make the rest of us sick.

      1. Marcial Reiley says:

        Salmon need water too. Fishermen need salmon to make a living.

        1. jumara says:

          what I said still stands only now I’m sure my estimate of you was spot on.suckee fish should be standard scraps for some people.

          1. Marcial Reiley says:

            Since you seem incapable or unwilling to express an intelligent thought, I’ll leave it with this: “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.” – Mark Twain

          2. Steve says:

            And another clueless clown who values dirt and weeds over people’s livelihoods.

          3. jumara says:

            too bad you can’t separate truth from fiction.your right I won’t answer you again don’t want anyone to know I was dumb enough to discuss anything with you.

          4. John D says:

            So far I’ve had no problem recognizing you as the fool.

        2. roony says:

          The point is the federal government has taken over land that was his not orginally theirs.

          1. Marcial Reiley says:

            This area has always been federal land. The point is that there is a lot anger over this issue but few people seem to actually know the facts, just acting on emotions.

          2. roony says:

            Do you know where it says it always been federal land before the government in 1993 said it was not his land? All the news sites i looked at seem to be saying what i found.

          3. Marcial Reiley says:

            This was Federal land open to grazing permits until 1993 when a legal agreement was made with Clark County.

          4. roony says:


            So it was his land and open to grazing untill the passed this law, that cut off his rights to use it,they offered to buy it he refused and said he would pay the county but they did not accept it. So this is clearly that Bundy is a victim of a law that never took ranchers in to consideration.

          5. Curly Bill says:

            Federal land? That means it belongs to the people. Including me. The Bundys can use my piece for anything they want. Free of charge.

      2. Curly Bill says:

        He’s a “progressive.” He doesn’t need no stinkin’ facts.

    2. roony says:

      i think i was orginally his property and the government took over part of his property that touched federal land.

      1. Marcial Reiley says:

        No this was always federal land.

        1. roony says:

          Where are you getting that, from what i seen there appears to be a clash that he saying since 1870 his famly held the title. Then some time in 1993 the government took it away and it has not been enforced till now.

          1. Marcial Reiley says:

            He claims it as his own. His family homesteaded in Bunkerville but then claims 350,000+ acres as theirs. This is and always has been federal land.

          2. Curly Bill says:

            So if it is “Federal land” he has as much right to use it as anyone else.

          3. roony says:

            So this is an issue that need to be resolved with land deed inspectors, not snipers. The way the goverment is acting is not very intune with a government of the people… You think then they would at least let him buy the land if it is the federal government land. If the government just lets him buy the land it would be all over, maybe that how it will end. But the fact they are forcable taking cattle and creating a no speech zone is bad impression.

          4. Wayne Van Scoyoc says:

            Homesteading never allowed homesteading anywhere near that much land, usually only 160 acres. No way 350,000 acres.

        2. johnnybgood2525 says:

          No you are wrong, its been his family’s land for over 100 years

          1. ratbag says:

            He “claims” it has. That is at variance with the facts.

          2. Marcial Reiley says:

            Federal land, which he paid grazing permits on until 1993.

    3. richard_head says:

      running 900 head on 150 sq miles will not make you rich.

      1. Marcial Reiley says:

        350,000 square miles, actually closer to a half million as cattle range into Lake Mead area and Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument.

        1. Spazponey says:

          So… any chance this area used to be lousy with bison?

        2. wvweightgs says:

          Let us see. One square mile is a square one mile long on each of the four sides that make it up. And he has 350,000 square miles, Are you using the common core math to come up with this figure? I do not think that just might be quite correct. O yes you are really showing your troll affiliation with each post.

          1. Marcial Reiley says:

            Yes, my typo. 350,000 acres. Not trolling.

        3. Stephen G. McKee says:

          I think you need to check your math

    4. Antonio Da Silva says:

      Actually look it up beef prices are at record highs, so just pointlessly removing 900 cows is actually selfish.

      People will eat more affordable with these cows available especially during the current food shortage.

      1. Marcial Reiley says:

        Less than 4% of cattle are grazed on public lands.

        1. Stephen G. McKee says:

          I think that is due to restrictions over the last 20 years and resulting in catastrophic forest fires and heavy loss of useful timber. I question that it is good management.

    5. johnnybgood2525 says:

      This has been he and his family’s land for over a 100 years, the govt want to take it to save a turtle, you’re an idiot just like the govt nazi’s are.

    6. Ken Granata says:

      Something to think about, John. Whose support can you expect when you’re next? It won’t be in Nevada. It’ll be in your town for a reason you never dreamed of. When you allow government at any level to have this much power and this much armament, you do so at you peril. Dead men tell no tales and the bullet that kills you or a loved one will be paid for by YOUR tax dollars. It is merely a matter of time.

      1. Earthworm Farm Ga. says:

        that is the point. dot on………..

    7. John D says:

      And the peanut gallery chimes in.

  5. Bruce Keyes says:

    I say the Bundy family not the BLD have rights there, the gov’t walks in says they now control in and need money from you, its just BS, this government cancer is unrestrained,

    1. Animal A says:

      How would possibly know who has rights there? His family never owned the land, they just let their cattle graze on it. It has belonged to the government since 1934, long before this fool was alive.

    1. YERMOM182 says:

      good. Democracy is for assholes. America is a Republic.

      1. Kullikoff says:

        I don’t want a government to “protect” me or do anything else “for” me. I want a government to keep the &^%k out of my life and business.

  6. Tim Crowley says:

    He’s tresspassing. End of story.

    1. roony says:

      No the issue is that the government is claiming part of Bundy land is the goverment land after it had orginally been his untill in 1993. But then said it was the government land, thus taking away his land now by force under some law to protect some animal, which I support but not at the expense of some one who had orginally owned the land.

      1. mike2000917 says:

        “I have raised cattle on that land, which is public land for the people of Clark County, all my life.” Those are his words. Where do you get the idea that he owns the land? In fact, it never even says that his ancestors owned the land.
        He is a parasite. This is not conservative/liberal issue.

      2. Kullikoff says:

        It’s part of the UN’s Agenda 21 to restrict humans to specific “highly controlled” zones.

    2. Steve says:

      Maybe you should actually try reading the story.

  7. PEACEOUT says:

    The government has been trying to start a revolution with the people for the longest time now. They repeatedly do not follow the constitution and are robbing the tax payers blind. They are in a corrupt alliance with the federal reserve who are destroying the country. Through pumping of fiat money and no attempt to create jobs they are purposely trying to drive all Americans into poverty. Except for the elite that is.

    1. ratbag says:

      Get a grip!

      1. PEACEOUT says:

        Get a brain!

        1. ratbag says:

          I have a brain and don’t spout nonsense like a Foxbot.

  8. Swoop says:

    CBD has ZERO standing here.

    1. Steve says:

      Sure he does…IT WAS HIS LAND

      1. Swoop says:

        Center for Biological Diversity has ZERO standing here. They need to go back inside their teepees and stop bothering citizens with their ridiculous claims. Animals have no property rights.

      2. Swoop says:

        CBD: Center for Biological Diversity formerly known as Western Center for Biological Diversity.

  9. Niko Bellic says:

    jack booted chicago thugs

  10. djs1138 says:

    Time to start eating those “free range” tortoises…

  11. MacDaddyWatch says:

    Another Waco, Texas. At war against america, this would have never happened with a white president

    1. supershwa says:

      uhm…Waco happened with a white president…

      1. Way West 56 says:

        Clinton claimed to be the first BLACK occupier of the White House. Check it out.

    2. Guest says:

      This has been going on since 1993… Clinton was president at the time… Bush 43 was president throughout this…

  12. Royg says:

    Can we eat tortoises?

    1. Way West 56 says:

      Turtle soup..~!

  13. johnnybgood2525 says:

    I pray the fed officers will all be killed brutally, Lord smite them down!

  14. Liberty Stone says:

    The man lost in court. He either appeals or complies. The rule of law is paramount for a civilized society. If he has indeed been a victim of eminent domain and not paid then he or his ancestors have a claim, and therefore he should sue on that basis. If he does not own the land or his ancestors never did, then the land is the governments or someone else and they can do as they please, even if the law is stupid. An individual cannot put forth a claim for a county, that is the county’s job. Property records should show who owns the land. The government is allowed to say who does what on its land even if the government is filled with morons and with moronic laws. We the people should vote them out of office change this dumb law and allow cattle to graze if he is actually ranching. If all he does is turn the cattle loose then that is not farming. The real tragedy here is that a turtle would trump people in a law.

  15. alrui says:

    The guy should have paid his “fees” but beyond that the gubment simply wants to lock the land up so nobody can use it let alone enjoy it! This is ll being done due to AGENDA 21 folks! Its here and its real and we like Bundy need to fight these pukes at every turn!

  16. Mark III says:

    “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” – Barack Obama

    “We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming America” – Barack Obama

    “The goal of socialism is communism” – Vladimir Lenin

    Read “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” – Gary Allen, 1971

    See: “AGENDA – Grinding America Down” (youtube)

    Look up: State and Major Urban Area Fusion Centers

  17. Lon Levin says:

    Don’t send armed federal agents to secure our Southern border though

  18. Reid Ralspun says:

    Corporate welfare? So “free food” for cows, but cut food stamps?

  19. infidel420 says:

    Holder needs to be executed for treason

  20. Björn Free says:

    MOVIE Titled, – The Revenge of Janet Rino

  21. Peter913 says:

    200 federal agents? Why aren’t they guarding our borders instead of fighting Bull Sh*t? Leave the ranchers alone! Instead, stop the non-uniformed invading armies who are attacking the structural pillars of our country i.e.; educational, welfare & medical systems. America is crumbling and DC is playing politics. We have scant resources and should be using them wisely, yes? November is coming, so VOTE!

  22. Dan says:

    It’s my understanding that the land was public land the the Bundy family had used for a long time. And public land is not land that is available for a free for all use, it is land owned by some part of the government that has been made available for use by the public. The land may have a variety of designated uses and some of those uses may come with a fee attached. Such as grazing. This really sounds to me like someone who got behind on their payments and decided to start a huge fight rather than paying for what they were using.

  23. Scarface13 says:

    When you have an entity that arbitrarily sets boundries/rules/methods specifically to benefit it and it’s special interest groups you now are moving down the communistic path a la Stalin who forced the Ukrainians to continue to be the breadbasket for Russia and shot (from sniper towers) any farmers that dared to harvest to feed their starving families. Stalin oversaw the death of 30 million of his countrymen…how close we are coming to that same end! GOD help us!

  24. Buddy McKenzie says:

    I stand with you Bundy family, but not to close. If things keep going the way it is now we’ll all be standing a lot closer when it is our turn.
    Good luck!

  25. M.TWAIN11 says:

    The tortoises are a ruse. The feds killed how many tortoises in their atomic test sites and missile test areas? This is about control and sending a message.

  26. JuanPeron says:

    For a people who are free, and who mean to remain so, a well-organized and armed militia is their best security.

    Thomas Jefferson

  27. Yankeelouie says:

    I thought debt obligations are resolved in court. To send 200 armed soldiers is an act of war. The Commies are coming but it is us. The US Government is out of control.

  28. infidel420 says:

    200 Fed Agents ,,what if 500 armed citizens showed up to help him

    1. FLV19 says:

      The feds would send in 2000 troops and tanks.

      1. veeper says:

        obama wants a civil war in america…..

        his preference was to have a race war start it….

        but, he’ll take a cow war…..

  29. JoetheFilmmaker says:

    Why doesn’t the citizens surround Obama’s 200-strong Civilian Soldiers? Can you imagine Obama’s speech after that one?

    1. MadMoto says:

      Violence would be the only outcome of that. I doubt very many of us want that (not they we are afraid of it, but why come off as the aggressor?)

  30. ChazSmith says:

    If these were illegal aliens and not illegal cattle the federal response would be to look the other way and put out water for them so they didn’t get dehydrated while breaking federal law. Just say’in.

  31. PEACEOUT says:

    The government has been trespassing on our rights and clearly trying to destroy America making them null and void..

  32. Me says:

    Was that dunged over watering hole the environmentalist saw really just Senator Harry Reid of Nevada coming to the rescue?

  33. Shi says:

    For one American farming family we need 200 armed gestapo. What has happened to this country.

    1. Mark III says:

      See: “AGENDA – Grinding America Down” (youtube)

      Read “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” – Gary Allen, 1971

      Visit: republic for the united states (website)

  34. FancyLad says:

    Such astounding shortsightedness. The Center for Biological Diversity scientists should be smacked with their own textbooks.

    The elimination of large herbivores like bison, American Horses, American Zebras and camelids are what caused so much devastation to the tortoise habitat to begin with. The grasslands need large ungulates to turn over the soil and fertilize it, their disappearance has contributed to desertification and the uncontrolled growth of mesquite and creosote.

    Ranging cattle won’t completely fix the problem of disappearing tortoise habitat, the American grasslands need equids, llamas and camels too, but they’re more of a help than a hindrance.

  35. Kullikoff says:

    This is all part of the UN’s (i.e. NWO) Agenda 21. Resist tyranny at all costs – ESPECIALLY foreign tyranny.

  36. poundnails says:

    Cows fart causing global warming. This rancher must die to protect the rest of us from cow farts. Signed, Environmentalist

  37. TaxPayerDoc says:

    Center for Biological Diversity? What kind of Liberal BS is this? Natural selection works just fine, and I don’t have to pay for it! Get your guns!

  38. SaneSage says:

    The greatest enemy of the American people, in practical terms, is the Federal government.

  39. Reader11722 says:

    Out of control Feds, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.

    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.

    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.

    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.

    Impeach Obama.

    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:

    amazon com/America-Deceived-II-Possession-interrogation/dp/1450257437

  40. FLV19 says:

    Where within the enumerated powers of Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution did the people give the federal government the power to manage land and protect wildlife?

  41. twinstick1 says:

    If I were the Sheriff of Clark County, I’d be arresting these so-called Feds for cattle rustling.

  42. veeper says:

    200 agents for one guy and some cows…..

    what I want to know is who is left to welcome all the illegal mexicans crossing the border…..

  43. jabman549 . says:

    This country can’t possibly have much time left.

    1. Kullikoff says:

      Hopefully not, then all of the great minds which originally founded this Nation can once again rise up remake it as it once was.

    2. BatBoy says:

      we have plenty of time, i hope our patience will not allow this to continue though or we are no better for letting it happen to our citizens.

  44. wvweightgs says:

    I see in the story they are worried about the turtles not having food to eat when they wake up. ARE THESE the SAME TURTLES they are getting ready to kill since they do not have….MONEY… take care of them. How about that, use them as a excuse to take his property and kill them since they do not have money to take care of them. Yep sound like something stupid like the bureau of land management (boy is that the wrong name for this bunch of jerks) would do. and o yes, the turtles are on the endangered species list. Are they going to arrest themselves after they kill them?

  45. JD says:

    If this guy was an illegal mexican he would be able to keep his cattle where they are and Holder would sell him a few AR-15’s to help “protect” them.

  46. originaltexan says:

    Let me check my “cowboy math”: 1 square mile is a “section” = 640 acres X 150 square miles = 96,000 acres and he has 900 head on 96,000. So he’s running 1 cow per every 106.67 acres. I think the turtles will be just fine….they don’t occupy much space…he just needs to pay what he agreed to originally….cooler heads need to prevail….

    1. Kullikoff says:

      The stupid tortoises are just a ruse, it’s all about Clinton enacting the UN’s Agenda 21. These fools we have in government (sic) are flat out evil.

  47. BayouKiki says:

    I guess we’ll have turtle soup instead of steak?

  48. gtr5 says:

    Looks like we are about to have another Ruby Ridge or Waco again, and brought to you by the same democrats as before, just a name change in the WH. Same people. This is not the same country I was born in and fought and bled for. These storm troopers controlled by the democrats must be brought under control by our congress, as worthless as they are. Our freedom and liberty is at stake here. Something must be done to stop the armed intimidation of American citizens.

  49. The Rifleman says:

    It’s time the local citizenry formed a local militia, as the constitution calls for and put an end to these federal terrorists. Screw the federal government and it’s snipers. I hope the Bundy’s do what they have to do and are able to get on with their lives after dealing with the monstrosity that we (the people) have allowed our government to become.


    1. zarnon says:

      You and the rest of your keyboard Patriots first. LMAO.

  50. originaltexan says:

    $3 million to round up 900 head….i have some friends who can do it for 1/2 that….what a joke…like all things government…waste, over budget, over blown….again

    1. veeper says:

      $150 billion for michelle’s vacations so far….

      and, they haven’t rounded up her cow butt yet….

  51. JD says:

    Mr. Bundy had better watch out for a possible drone stike on his ranch.

  52. Wayne Van Scoyoc says:

    Since the Taylor Grazing Act was passed to curtail injury to public lands from grazing cattle, how exactly do fees and permits to graze cattle on public lands curtain injury to public lands. If you pay the fee, the money isn’t used to restore injury to the land from raising cattle. The money can be used for any Govt purpose including SNAP cards and Obamaphones. If the Govt always issues a permit as long as a fee is paid, exactly how do such permits curtail injury to public lands?

  53. ajhnson says:

    Someone needs to send a message to this Liberal nut “Biological Diversity scientist Rob Mrowka” who’s instigating this. See image here…

  54. Anon ymous says:

    So many morons on this site leaving retarded comments. Let simplify this, shall we? Is a fee, a tax? Yes. Is a tax unconstitutional? Yes. Debate over.

    1. zarnon says:

      Spamming a comment doesn’t make it less ridiculous.

      1. Anon ymous says:

        I see you commenting everywhere, but only providing snide comments, and ZERO facts, as a lot of the commenters have here, including myself. That is typical of a troll that loves Socialism.

  55. jcd0101 says:

    This may go down badly – especially if some fed just decides he thinks he is in danger and opens fire upon the family..

    The federal government is going out of its way to take from americans what is rightfully ours.. Freedom – especially FROM the federal government and its armed snipers.. trying to take away what is left of our freedoms..

    I find it interesting that all of these environmental wakos
    immidiatly call for the feds to RAID the ranch
    Steal the mans cattle
    and then bring in 200 snipers to protect them?

    sometimes it seems like these libtarts want to start a fight
    hoping to then wipe out the families of these protesting
    the governments land grab..

    The family has been on this land since what 1910?
    the feds and their liberal wakos just passed a law stating
    you cant use your property anymore because we think
    their might be a turtle out there in danger???

    No our families are in danger from these out of control feds..

    1. veeper says:

      obama will use any excuse to call out troops on white citizens…..

    2. Godot says:

      They want a public lesson on what happens when the great “leader” is disobeyed.

  56. SoCalJeanne says:

    Government overreach again, it never stops and it never gets less serious. If we the people don’t stop this now, it will be too late. 2014 and 2016 are critical to the survival of this country.

  57. Brian McElhaney says:

    History Repeating Itself! Another “Ruby Ridge” Here!

  58. Steve Vandenberg says:

    IT is time to confront these feds with an armed response!

  59. BobbyLee says:

    Three million dollars to round up 900 cows!?! I’m in the wrong line of work! I’ll do it for two million and give the tax payers a 33% break. Now that’s what I call a good value! Come on.

  60. ago1ca says:

    This is why Americans should never give up their right to bear arms.

  61. Reader says:

    Just naming something Federal doesn’t make it so, the Federal Reserve is not a Federal entity it is a private corporation but hides behind the title. These Feds are just trying to enforce Agenda 21, and to take away the rights of a citizen of Nevada, They have now got a license to steal and to murder him. I hope the citizens of Nevada stand by this man, and enforce the only real law in this country is COMMON LAW and they are in violation.

  62. veeper says:

    A Shay’s Rebellion is in order….

  63. elHombre says:

    What’s the big deal about a court order? The Obama Administration isn’t following the judicial order to permit oil exploration in the gulf.

    1. veeper says:

      Alinsky Rules for Radicals….

      Rule # 4 Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.

    2. zarnon says:

      Let’s morally equivocate everything! I can break any law I want because a President broke one. So given the history of Presidents lying in this country are you advocating anarchy?

      1. veeper says:

        advocating removing tyranny from america…..

      2. Godot says:

        In the words of the Hag Hillary CLinton “We have a RIGHT to protest this administration” (Shreiked at the top of her crone lungs)

  64. BlakeSDavis says:

    Desert tortoises? What crap!

    1. SonofaCV15 says:

      It’s a new Federal Gov’t operation…

      … Operation Slow & Lethargic

  65. Jim Bortell says:

    People all over the world need to know this fact. The present (so called) government of the once great United States is now a ‘clear and present danger’ to people everywhere. The U.S. government is at war with its own people. This goes way beyond just Nevada.

  66. Brian McElhaney says:

    History Repeating Itself! Another “Ruby Ridge” / “Branch Dividen” Here!

  67. BlakeSDavis says:

    Now we know why the gov’t bought all that ammunition – take a good look – this is coming to you real soon.

    1. zarnon says:

      I hear HAARP is upping the ChemTrails in the area!

      1. Godot says:

        I hear from lickspittles like yourself zanon that veterans are terrorists. You are little more than a sock puppet for the panty wearing left.

  68. Anon ymous says:

    **So many morons on this site leaving retarded comments. Let simplify this, shall we? Is a fee, a tax? Yes. Is a tax unconstitutional? Yes. Debate over.

    1. zarnon says:

      If it takes 10 seconds of thinking, that’s 10 seconds too long for a Conservative. Too bad we can’t all live comfortably with simplistic thinking like that. Neither could the Supreme Court which concluded exactly the opposite.

      1. Anon ymous says:

        The opposite thinking was reached to further a much larger agenda. Of course they wouldn’t, how else would it pave the road, to usurp the constitution later on down the road. “He who writes the present, controls the future. He who re-writes the past, controls the present.” All of which are taking place, it doesn’t matter what “side” you are on, it is obvious as to the Socialist state we now live in…..again, Unconstitutional.

      2. Godot says:

        Spoken like a true basement dwelling useful idiot parasite. is your mother’s basement on the busline to the welfare office, lickspitle?

  69. The Right Fight says:

    Ummm … wouldn’t the “recreationalists” cause more damage to the “ancient American Indian cultural sites” than some cows that just eat grass?

    Bundy’s herd also hinders the plants’ ability to recover from wildfires, tramples rare species, damages ancient American Indian cultural sites and endangers recreationists, Mrowka added.

    I wonder what NV Senator Harry Reid thinks about this?

    1. Jim Bortell says:

      Nevada senator Harry Reid is a certifiable ‘nutcase’ who should be put away with the criminally insane. There is nothing positive about this excuse for a human being.

      1. The Right Fight says:

        I don’t disagree, @jimbortell:disqus. 🙂

        He’s not exactly my favorite idiot.

        But he IS Mormon (supposedly) and he DOES (supposedly) represent the citizens of Nevada against the federal government …

        … so I thought it was an appropriate question that Mormons and Nevadans should consider.

    2. Godot says:

      Dirty Harry the LIAR thinks, if that’s what you call it, only when something is placed in his palm.

      1. The Right Fight says:

        I sometimes called him worse names, but Dirty Harry fits, too. 🙂

  70. zarnon says:

    Shoot this idiot already. Another “Patriot” who decides for himself what laws he’s going to obey. We already have a surplus of uneducated narcissists in this country.

    1. comeandtakeit says:

      So, you advocate killing the man without a trial? Why, just because he defies your fascist cult leaders? You are the kind of person – with this kind of psychopathic, disgusting thought process – that makes it clear to me how the war in 1863 took place.

      1. veeper says:

        Zarnon is a troll hoping to get some attention and distract the thread…..

      2. Godot says:

        This jackwagon zanon is why we HAVE a Second Amendment, and why the lefty lickspittles and useful idiots hate it so.

    2. veeper says:

      is that you hillary…..

    3. Ed Johnson says:

      I hope someone shoots you.

    4. rbprice says:

      Why shoot anyone? This is exactly against the belief of the Left. They believe in solving things in a diplomatic way and using their brains to solve problems.
      Wait, what am I thinking? Left wing wackos always say one thing and do another. It’s easy because they have no conscience. No conscience = no soul = no guilt.

  71. rbprice says:

    Shades of Ruby Ridge and Waco! Has anyone noticed that these outrages occur when a Democrat is President? Of course this has been the ultimate goal of this regime. The government uses drones to kill American citizens at will and seizes property indiscriminately. All the while, the “wise” men will justify anything with their rationalizations.
    I pray that all Americans will wake up before it is too late.

    1. veeper says:

      There are many strikingly close situations with clinton and obama’s terms….

      even down to hillary the hag being involved in corruption, murders, lies and illegal activity…..

      clinton and obama administrations are the most criminal, corrupt and deceitful administrations in the history of the country…..

  72. ajhnson says:

    What you people fail to understand is that government is working to bring everyone into compliance. Just to name a few that comes to my mind… TSA, NSA, Traffic Cameras, Healthcare, Census, Conceal/carry Permits, etc. They are training you into compliance. We are becoming like Nazi Germany and most Americans don’t even see it or would be offended enough to argue with me about it. Things are going to get a whole lot scarier in this country and I don’t have too much hope in anyone taking a stand and fighting back because all I ever see is bickering on social media sites. We’ve become a nation of gripers and not a nation of doers. There’s truth for you.

    1. Godot says:

      What YOU fail to understand is that we don’t give a slip for your ideas.

      1. ajhnson says:


      2. ajhnson says:

        You collaborator.

      3. ajhnson says:

        So you would rather be a collaborator instead of fighting for your freedom? It’s people like you that are the reason this country is in a rapid state of decline. You are a fool.

  73. They will shoot this family dead in the name of the Federal Government and create another Ruby Ridge where later the government will be found negligent. This is not about cattle, it is about individual and states’ rights.

    1. Godot says:

      There is no doubt in my mind these petty tyrants would pull anothe WACO if they had the chance, and then blame who…GW Bush?

  74. MarvLS1 says:

    Welcome to Amerika – Liberal Nazi style.

  75. Ed Johnson says:

    Someone needs to put a billet in that so called scientist

  76. Chuin_masterofsinanju says:

    The fact is, it is not his land. Bundy even states it is public land. So, you don’t get to graze on public land for free? Boo-hoo. My uncle paid a rancher to use land for grazing. The lessor was renting the land from the federal government. The lessor defaulted on his lease, and the government took all of my uncle’s cattle which they had to right to. It runied him and he never received recourse.

    1. DrChambers says:

      The federally controlled land is open for grazing and trailing rights. His family has had them for decades. This is all about protecting a turtle.

      1. comeandtakeit says:

        This is ALL ABOUT Feds controlling.

        1. DrChambers says:

          please remember the poor turtle. its all about love.

          1. comeandtakeit says:

            It’s because progressive cultists LOVE to see white people growing cows for slaughter suffer.

        2. Godot says:

          And a LESSON to those who don’t OBEY dear leader and his pajama boy bureaucrats. You WILL OBEY!

      2. Chuin_masterofsinanju says:

        He had the right to pay to use the land, but he stopped paying grazing rights in 1993, but continued to graze. 20+ years of free grazing, but he still complains.

        1. DrChambers says:

          And well he should. It was the environmentalists (most of whom have never left their ivory towers in the East) who whined and complained about grazing. They’ve done it in all 11 western states. What part of “public land” do you not understand. If you’ve ever been to this part of the country (and obviously you haven’t) there isn’t anything on the Gold Butte range area. Nothing!

          1. Chuin_masterofsinanju says:

            I understand public land. Just because land is public doesn’t give you the right to do whatever you want on it. Elected officials put these rules in place. If you don’t like it, elect someone else.

          2. Chuin_masterofsinanju says:

            The point is his right to use the land expired when he quit paying to lease it in 1993. If I used land free for 20+ years I don’t think I’d have much to complain about.

          3. DrChambers says:

            Rights don’t expire. Who determined that? You? The federal government? I don’t have to pay to waddle around in that waste land or camp in it. This is 1000 square miles of desert terrain. Everyone has a right to use it. His family been using the land when it was still Utah Territory. All the people complaining about him grazing are nothing more than third party antagonists. Now we have the federal government confiscating his private property and an appellate court that should be impeached for ordering him off the land.

          4. Chuin_masterofsinanju says:

            This is comical. Based on your rationale, we should give back the land to Mexico or the Native Americans. Just because you use land, does not give you a perpetual right to that land. His family used it for free for generations. Where does that give him a right? Where in the constitution do you have the right to use any public land? I love it when people spout off about rights without knowing the basics of the Constitution and the history of our Government. And you are right, you can waddle around in it or camp for free, as long as restrictions are not put in place.
            He was warned to take his property off of public land and he refused. It was confiscated. Similarly if you park your street on a public road where no parking is allowed, your car will be impounded and you will have to pay to get it back.
            Many of you seem to think “public land” is land everyone has an equal right to use, and that is completely wrong.
            Public land is unappropriated land belonging to the federal goverment that is subject to general laws and is not reserved for any particular public or governmental purposes. However, the federal government has the sole authority regarding use, settlement, and economic development of this land. The federal government uses the same principles of land use, environmental planning and protection to preserve natural resources, including plants and animals. If we the people do not like the laws, it is our duty to replace our elected officials and change the law.

    2. Carl Mertz says:

      Signed: Mr Obama,KING OF THE WORLD.!

      1. Chuin_masterofsinanju says:

        I’m not saying there isn’t a state rights issue here. But why do ranchers think they have unlimited right to graze on land that they do not own?

        1. comeandtakeit says:

          It’s clearly between the rancher and the state.

          1. Chuin_masterofsinanju says:

            Maybe it should be between the rancher and the state, but when land is federally protected, which much of the land is the West is, there is a Federal component too. The Federal government’s point of view is that protection of a species is more important than a rancher getting free grazing rights on public land. The Federal government went through the courts to get a determination that the cattle were in fact trespassing. Bundy quit paying to graze in 1993 ( 21 years of free grazing!) stating he had preemptive rights to graze there. Where do these rights come from? Ridiculous.

    3. Godot says:

      The Federal pajama boys sure have a strange definition of “public”.

      1. Chuin_masterofsinanju says:

        Any land owned by a municipality, state or federal government is considered public. It doesn’t give the general public to do whatever they want on that land.

  77. JJ says:

    This would never happen to a black family.

  78. BatBoy says:

    The BLM were going to kill the turtles they had in captivity due to FEDERAL BUDGET CUTS anyway! Why all of a Sudden the Compassion for a Turtle They Were Going To Kill? Maybe the BLM Should Be The Next Victim of Budget Cuts! I mean really, How many Turtles have You Eaten Compared to Steaks!

  79. Doubting Thomas says:

    “I have raised cattle on that land, which is public land for the people of Clark County, all my life. Why I raise cattle there and why I can raise cattle there is because I have preemptive rights,” he asserted”…..”Bundy has defied trespass laws for more than two decades, ignored rules and fees that other cattle ranchers have observed and refused “repeated attempts to resolve the matter administratively and judicially,” according to TheBlaze. While Bundy stated that he owed the BLM $300,000 in back grazing fees, spokeswoman Kirsten Cannon put the figure closer to $1.1 million.”

    Boils down to a freeloader not paying his way to access Clark County lands for raising cattle…..others recognize the community ownership of this land and pay for its management. Bundy needs to ‘pony up’ the money and/or raise his own cattle on his own land and stay off the Public Land of Clark County” Secondly, unless Bundy is physically or mechanically spreading the manure the cows leave, it’s not doing much fertilization. They stay ‘organic frisbees’ for a long time and do not enrich the soil very well. It’s also humorous that Bundy claims the cattle “prevent the vegetation from growing overly dense and creating a fire hazard..” This, in a place classified as a desert….Bundy cracks me up. Face it folks, it’s not his land, never was and he’s using it at others’ expense to fill his own pockets….I do not trust the Feds at all, but in this case the evidence points toward Bundy being a freeloader!

    1. comeandtakeit says:

      Where in the Constitution is the BLM mentioned??

      1. comeandtakeit says:

        Wait, I do see Amendment 10 – “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

      2. Guest says:

        I don’t pretend to be a Constitutional genius, but if indeed it was his land…where is the deed? More importantly, since Mr. Bundy invokes Generational use and feeling his ‘right’ to graze should be ‘Grandfathered in’ and given that his Mormon forefathers arrived around the his he Federal Government took huge parcels of land from the indigenous people -The American Indian, perhaps even the land you are sitting on and the land in dispute. Bundy never claims ownership of the land, merely squatter’s rights – something that’s been going in the west since the wagon trains and the Mormon ‘invasion’. Before 1821 the area was inhabited by Native Americans and the Spanish mapped it looking for a better route west. In 1855 the Mormons built a fort…not a settlement, a fort. “Mormon missionaries were the first non-natives to try to settle in the area that later became Clark County. Their task was challenging; in 1855 Brigham Young sent a party of thirty men to Las Vegas. They were to build a fort on the Las Vegas creek halfway between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles that would both protect and provide food for travelers on the “Mormon Corridor.” At the same time the missionaries were to try to convert the Native Americans and teach them to raise corn, melons and squash. It was challenging on many fronts; trying to tame the arid desert proved difficult; converting the Paiutes, who were happy to help themselves to the crops but preferred their own way of worshipping, was not successful; and a failed mining
        venture at Mount Potosi set the missionaries against each other. Brigham Young decided to allow the mission to return home in 1858. Several years later the property came under the control of O.D. Gass, a miner from Eldorado Canyon, who turned it into a successful venture, supplying produce and meat to travelers and to area miners. Gass lost the ranch to Archibald and Helen Stewart. After Helen Stewart’s husband was mysteriously shot at the neighboring Kiel Ranch, she eventually sold the property to the Union Pacific Railroad, setting in motion the 20th century phenomenon of Las Vegas and Clark County.”

        So there ya go…either way, he’s a squatter. The offices of the BLM should be turned over to the surviving tribes of the American Indian to run and control. THAT is justice!

      3. Doubting Thomas says:

        don’t pretend to be a Constitutional genius, but if indeed it was his land…where is the deed? More importantly, since Mr. Bundy invokes Generational use and feeling his ‘right’ to graze should be ‘Grandfathered in’ and given that his Mormon forefathers arrived around the time the Federal Government took huge parcels of land from the indigenous people -The American Indian, perhaps even the land you are sitting on and the land in dispute. Bundy never claims ownership of the land, merely squatter’s rights – something that’s been going in the west since the wagon trains and the Mormon ‘invasion’. Before 1821 the area was inhabited by Native Americans and the Spanish mapped it looking for a better route west. In 1855 the Mormons built a fort…not a settlement, a fort. “Mormon missionaries were the first non-natives to try to settle in the area that later became Clark County. Their task was challenging; in 1855 Brigham Young sent a party of thirty men to Las Vegas. They were to build a fort on the Las Vegas creek halfway between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles that would both protect and provide food for travelers on the “Mormon Corridor.” At the same time the missionaries were to try to convert the Native Americans and teach them to raise corn, melons and squash. It was challenging on many fronts; trying to tame the arid desert proved difficult; converting the Paiutes, who were happy to help themselves to the crops but preferred their own way of worshipping, was not successful; and a failed mining
        venture at Mount Potosi set the missionaries against each other. Brigham Young decided to allow the mission to return home in 1858. Several years later the property came under the control of O.D. Gass, a miner from Eldorado Canyon, who turned it into a successful venture, supplying produce and meat to travelers and to area miners. Gass lost the ranch to Archibald and Helen Stewart. After Helen Stewart’s husband was mysteriously shot at the neighboring Kiel Ranch, she eventually sold the property to the Union Pacific Railroad, setting in motion the 20th century phenomenon of Las Vegas and Clark County.”

        So there ya go…either way, he’s a squatter. The offices of the BLM should be turned over to the surviving tribes of the American Indian to run and control. THAT is justice!

    2. Anon ymous says:

      Isn’t a “Fee”, a tax?

    3. R-WOOD says:


    4. Godot says:

      ANd whose land IS it to use, a Federal pajama boy bureaucrat or a family which has lived there for generations? Enough of this s..t.

  80. comeandtakeit says:

    What was it again, that the people in Waco did that warranted them all dying?? What did they do that warranted the initial raid by BATFE (riding in with their pistols and on their cattle trailer)?

    1. Godot says:

      It’s the liberty hating DUMBOCRATS again, pushing people around like the whining bully boys they are.

    2. caligula says:

      ah yeah, i remember when the KKKlinton regime shot fire into the Waco compound and murdered innocent women and children. clinton and Janet Reno will burnInHell for that one.

  81. Art O'Connell says:

    Since that scientist can not find one positive reason to graze cattle,. he is obviously a political activist. like anyone should be surprised..tortoise..really..

    1. Allen Daniels says:

      No kidding, I can buy a thousand tortoises a day on Craigslist, especially here in Phoenix. Liberal Insanity, placing the SUPPOSED welfare of an animal over the welfare of people.

    2. Godot says:

      No dobt the pajama boy has a “Global Warming” hidden agenda

  82. lewpubco says:

    I’m confused here. Can someone help me out? Who actually owns the land, the fed, the state or Mr. Bundy? Thanks.

    1. comeandtakeit says:

      The state, of which Mr. Bundy is a citizen. See US Constitution, Amendment 10.

  83. SonofaCV15 says:

    If he renounces his citizenship and becomes an illegal alien… he can stay and do as he pleases.

    1. DrChambers says:

      because its out of love. just ask Jeb Bush.

    2. Godot says:

      He’ll get an EBT Card, with Obama’s thanks.

  84. Opiner says:

    There will be two camps of people who survive the post-Obama post-Govt apocalypse…Those “haves” with the money and resources and power who used it to build their fortresses to ride out the storm…And those with the foresight and intelligence to see the accumulation of oppression and gov/corpo tyranny etc. especially over the past quarter century (half-century for that matter) who have pooled or used their resources to build their defenses and provisions…Everyone in the middle will have been either sacrificed on the altar of the elite (low infos and feted people) or been caught off-guard because of their mental paralysis or desire for “equality” and delusional utopia…You either fight, or you fail.

  85. BatBoy says:

    Better Idea~ Hey Government! Leave Us the F#CK Alone!
    Hopefully they will read this! LOL! They Are.

  86. TheHogKiller says:

    And just where the H is the study showing that his cattle have endangered a tortoise? Breaking out the calculator 800 head / 150 sq miles = 5.33 head per square mile. I’m pretty sure the tortoise are fine. We need to make the Lefty loons an endangered species. Sadly this nonsense isn’t limited to the Leftist Fools, the GOP is in on this BS too.

  87. Tom U says:

    While the 200 armed feds are in the bush, have 1000 armed patriotic citizens visit their families and burn down their homes.

    Treat them no better than Nazis and collaborators were treated after WWII.

  88. Old tired & poor. says:

    Starting to get a LITTLE more coverage of this very major story now.

    If we had a REAL news media in this country, this would be a front page
    story on every paper and a lead story on every newscast, local and

    Instead the “Fourth Estate” is busy committing suicide. They will live to regret it..

    Ben Franklin is spinning in his grave.

  89. anti_nihilist says:

    “But environmentalists, federal officials and the courts disagree.”
    In that order I am sure. (Leading from behind.)
    As to the “contract cowboys,” let’s follow that 3 million dollars they will charge this man to steal 900 cattle from him. Sounds like a fascist shake down to me.
    The entire search for the remains of flight 370 has cost 44 million to date. Compare this Herculean effort – with the removal of herd animals.
    It doesn’t cost 3 million dollars to round up a $650,000 herd. The price of beef would be at $170 / lb.

    1. comeandtakeit says:

      The BLM and fed government have NO AUTHORITY in this situation.

    2. veeper says:

      3 million….

      just getting started good…..

      It will be a billion before Friday….

      government doesn’t do anything under a billion…..

  90. Godot says:

    “The Center for Biloligical Diversity”, when you see those kinds of words you know you are dealing with pajama boys who want to RUN your LIFE.

    1. Anon ymous says:

      That’s right, and they go by the name of DuPont, and Monsanto.

  91. veeper says:

    I think I’ll have some Tortoise soup tonight…..

    I don’t have any cows …..

  92. Mark edward marchiafava says:

    I am SO stupid, I cannot find anything in the constitution which authorizes the feds to OWN this land, can YOU?

    1. comeandtakeit says:

      Nope. But I do see Amendment 10 – “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    2. thedoctor83 says:

      They don’t. The state of Nevada owns it. And that IS in Amendment 10.

      1. comeandtakeit says:

        And the governor is not honoring his oath of office by standing by and allowing this abuse of power.

  93. zarnon says:

    If you don’t like the law then get it changed. Funny how so many so-called Law and Order Patriots are willing to come to the defense of a 25 years running lawbreaker. He’s had decades to move his cows and the cheapskate didn’t want to buy his own land or pay for the land he was using. He made the choice to break the law in 1998 and ignored every opportunity to obey it because he thinks he knows the law better than everyone else. He became judge and jury and made his own decision. But it wasn’t legal. Now he has to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for his actions. But in typical Conservative fashion he doubles down on blaming everyone else for his problems. I guess the law only applies to Liberals.

    1. comeandtakeit says:

      George Washington was a criminal prior to July 1776.

      1. veeper says:

        and, Daniel Shay’s was a law abiding property owner who was a Captain in the Revolutionary war prior to 1786…..

        government forced him into rebellion because of excessive taxes, debtors prisons and confiscating personal property by government….

    2. Mark edward marchiafava says:

      please see my comment below, maybe someone as smart as you are can help me. Thanks

    3. MadMoto says:

      The same can be said for those law breakers that could have applied for citizenship and gone through the long process in place for a reason to become legal immigrants. I do believe a certain group thinks those laws should be ignored and do not enforce them. Funny.

    4. izzycafe says:

      I don’t believe this is a “law” zarnon, as much as being bullied by the Federal government. You know the guys that say they built that but they use our tax dollars. They are bulling this little guy into compliance but the thing is you never know the rules.. they change them and expect you to keep up.. There are several ranchers that the government has stopped giving grazing passage to, insuring their destruction. The Gov. says things like, keep off the gov. land, but they can’t tell the ranchers where their land stops or starts.. After all an independent rancher that owns land and has cattle that fluctuate can you imagine.. This won’t fit into a government that hates people owning land and heck they need to redistribute. Remember a government that is so big to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you’ve got. This should scare everyone..

    5. rbprice says:

      Since you are obviously an anti-conservative bigot and worship at the altar of left-wing zealotry, This comment is ironic indeed. You speak of personal responsibility, and yet the rules of your left wing doctrine despises anyone who takes personal responsibility for their actions. Your own comrades daily break many laws, knowing full well that they do so. When will they take responsibility for their action?

      For that matter, when will you President take responsibility for his actions? The answer is simple, Never!

  94. R-WOOD says:

    It’s not hard to find the obama lovers

  95. disqus_A1IVSzeN8P says:

    We the people elect the lawmakers who pass these confiscation laws and we also elect many of the judges that find sources other than the US Constitution to enforce these laws when challenged. We the majority of people better wake up and smell the roses and elect better people to office or suffer more of the same or worsening consequences more frequently. How much private property has been condemned and sold to another private person in the hopes of increased tax money to the local government? The next home or business may be yours.

  96. torchsinger7 says:

    To me, Mr. Bundy’s situation is like if my grandmother bought a house and I inherited it, only to have the government come in and say that they now own it and I have to pay rent to them. If I ever acknowledged their argument that they now own it, I would never get my property back. They can say that I owe back rent, but I just don’t.

    1. veeper says:

      In most states you NEVER own property….

      You rent in the form of property taxes…..

      1. Ursus_Indomitus says:

        BIG 10-4, Rubber Duck!

    2. MadMoto says:

      Unfortunately they do this all the time.

    3. Chuin_masterofsinanju says:

      If you inherited a house, you would have to pay property tax, which is a form of rent. You don’t pay it, you lose your home. But this situation is entirely different. It would be more akin to your grandma farming on government land, not paying for that right to do so, and the government telling her she has to stop.

      1. torchsinger7 says:

        I never said that I wouldn’t pay the property tax in such a situation, but we are talking about “occupancy” rent. Those things are different and you know it.

        1. Chuin_masterofsinanju says:

          Yes, but Bundy was not paying ANY rent for over 20 years. If your grandmother rented land from the government but didn’t pay rent for over 20 years, do you think you also get to go live on that land for free? Bundy did not own the land!

          1. Chuin_masterofsinanju says:

            Besides, lets be honest, your grandma likes your siblings more anyway. No way she leaves you the house.

          2. torchsinger7 says:

            Wrong. I got the house. She loved me best.

          3. torchsinger7 says:

            He OWNED the grazing rights. They were purchased in the past. Do you know about surface rights and mineral rights? You don’t have to own the land to own those.

          4. Chuin_masterofsinanju says:

            No, he LEASED the grazing rights, up until 1993, when he quit paying for the right to have his cattle graze on public land. Yes, I know a lot about real property rights. In Nevada, you lease grazing rights on public land, you do not own them in perpetuity. Bundy stopped paying 21 years ago. If he had kept paying, this might be a different story, at least until his lease runs out. The fact is he has no legal right to graze on those lands, and the courts have said as much.
            If he owned grazing rights, and the government took those rights away (adverse possession), the would be required to pay him fair value for those rights.

          5. torchsinger7 says:

            At some point I believe that I heard him say that they had been purchased. Whether with was with $ or by establishment, I don’t know.

          6. Chuin_masterofsinanju says:

            He purchased the lease rights through 1993.

          7. torchsinger7 says:

            At some point I believe that I heard him say that they had been purchased. Whether with was with $ or by establishment, I don’t know.

  97. Philibuster says:

    This guy doesn’t own the land, though he may have a right through adverse possession. This is a complicated issue not easily resolvable with soundbites.

    1. Joe Flanagan says:

      Your 1/4 right, which makes you mostly wrong. No armed intervention should be need or used as intimidation.

      1. Philibuster says:

        Assuming the Feds are correct, how else are they supposed to do their job after over 20 years of dispute?

        1. Joe Flanagan says:

          Fine the offender over and over, per head or whatever, so he’ll have nothing when he gets old. violence over turtles? I don’t think so. Not good for a government who decides which laws they will uphold and which they won’t.

    2. Chuin_masterofsinanju says:

      Property held by the federal government or a state cannot be taken by adverse possession.

  98. Sicilian Papa says:

    The Center for Biological Diversity is all you need to know about this story.

  99. ur_a_loutlout says:

    Agenda 21 people. Agenda 21.

  100. job says:

    Bundy’s have been doing this and have the moral high ground.. I want to stick my boot up the feds ass right now!

  101. comeandtakeit says:

    God bless you, Mr. Bundy. Someone has to start taking a stand against these thugs.

    1. Guest says:

      All normal American men are going to have to “man up” and deal with these fascists the old fashioned way.

  102. enrique varona says:

    No one in the USA has allodial land rights, (thats why we pay taxes on the land) what we have is right of use which right can be transfered to others by those who hold the right.
    In 1933 when the US officially declared bankrupcy (Emergency Banking Act) all labor and property of the people was pledged by the states (Board of governors) to the Federal Reserve Bank. The people were collaterized via the birth certificate which was converted into a bond and all property via registration.
    The people and their property are the assets that back the line of credit we have which is represented by the IOU federal reserve note we use in commerce.
    Like all of us in this country the land stopped being his in 1933 June 5th. when all gold was consfiscated and the country was left without any money.
    He is fighting the wrong argument the wrong way. Hes going to lose everything. He might as well argue that he can not possibly owe any money because there is no money…

  103. sktuc says:

    All I can say is that the Center for Bio Diversity is a Bunch of Communist who are based in Tucson and lie about everything. They don’t want anybody to build Homes, Graze Cattle, Build Telescopes or anything else.
    They make up endangered Species like the Red Squirrel, Spotted Owl, Snail Darter Fish. They will do anything to stop progress and freedom.

  104. Cap'n says:

    When Government Attacks!

  105. caligula says:

    imminent domain has morphed into cattle theft.


  106. Ben says:

    land of the free unless you are doing something we dont want you to do

  107. Guest says:

    5th amendment, read it

  108. Sigint says:

    The main species under attack here are Constitution loving American Citizens. Time for congress to get off theor butts and defund agencies abusive of Americans and their rights.

    1. Ben says:

      not gonna happen

      1. SonofaCV15 says:

        The tortoises in D.C. have to look out for their relatives first.

    2. Antonio Da Silva says:

      Yes we can save taxes right now, by removing the BLM from the budget, and any other agency that thinks they can act as judge, jury, and executioner.

    3. Guest says:

      The American people are going to have to handle this situation themselves,no branch of the government is going to help normal Americans.

  109. Ursus_Indomitus says:

    Screw the government.

  110. SonofaCV15 says:

    They can run one farmer off of land that he has been farming since 1887 to “protect” a tortoise … but won’t keep illegal aliens from crossing the border to protect US citizens…

    … I suppose that makes us lower than a tortoise in the eyes of our government.

    1. Antonio Da Silva says:

      Funny too the cattle are good for the tortoise. The Savory Institute proved that and even have a Ted Talk about how cattle reverse desertification. So in fact the BLM is hurting families that want quality food at affordable prices, the local economy, and even the tortoises. I find it rare that actual environmentalists carry around sniper rifles and train them on innocent people.

      1. SonofaCV15 says:

        Yep… If he would just pay the “fee” they would have no problem with his cattle “endangering” the tortoises. He could go right on doing what he is doing.

        1. jamesben says:

          Many of these ranches feature miles – tens of miles long “fence lines,” that are – unfenced.
          The Feds should – SHOULD – make the grazing fee NOMINAL and let the cows roam, but this is an excuse to “play Rambo” and be bullies.

  111. TruthDetector says:

    Ruby Ridge, Waco, Gold Butte, [your town featured here next]

  112. Ken says:

    When they come for your neighbors and you stand idly by what do you think will happen when they come for you? People stood by when the Nazi’s came for the Jews. Then they came for others in Europe. We are suppose to have three independent branches of Government. Set in place to protect the people. Instead all three protect the Government. The governor should be telling BLM and the Feds that the people of NV are not going to stand for this outrages position and send the National Gard in to protect this family.

  113. Ben says:

    5th amendment

  114. Joe Flanagan says:

    Critters have been going extinct before man even walked upright. It’s going to happen without government trying to play God. What a subterfuge !

    It is all about finding ways to intimidate traditional Americans!

  115. Guest says:

    Waco and Ruby Ridge all over again,maybe the feds will start a war with the Mormons,the Mormons are armed to the teeth and can get very violent,not to mention that a majority of Americans are chomping at the bit to put the federal government in it’s place.This may be the start of the revolution to take our country back from the illegals and communists.

    1. jamesben says:

      AMEN. I’m in. I LOATHE this Obama-a*s licking Federal government.

    2. rbprice says:

      What Mormons are you speaking of? Now the Christian Fundamentalists will start in on their rants against the LDS church. Maybe the Governor of Missouri or maybe POTUS will issue an extermination order. Into the abyss!

  116. jamesben says:

    BLM=WAFFEN SS. These GDAMN Nazi wannabe’s are going to bite off MORE than they can chew.

    This country is FILLED with (for now) law abiding, productive citizens who are SICK & TIRED of this authoritarian/oppressive Federal government.

    The land in question is SCRUB BRUSH in a GOD FORSAKEN part of the country for gawd’s sake – WHAT DOES THIS GOVERNMENT WANT?

    They want ranchers and farmed OUT OF BUSINESS – at the behest of ENVIRO-WACKOS.

    1. Guest says:

      They want to collectivize and control are food supply just like the soviet union did to it’s people,they starved over 30 million to death in Ukraine.

      1. jamesben says:

        Yep, and Monsanto and the other FOOD STAMP/EBT subsidized farming/food production entities will quickly and gladly capitulate.

        Very true, sharp observation.

  117. Reasoned thought says:

    The argument that because 100+ years ago this land was some how “claimed” by his family allows him to do whatever he wants despite intervening laws is laughable what if he wanted to build a power plant, or dump nuclear waste there, by his logic the historical claim should exempt him from all laws about land use.

    1. Joe Flanagan says:

      Shallow thinker with the what ifs.

    2. Thomas in Jacksonville says:

      His people were on that land before it was a state. The federal government stole it from his people.

      1. Reasoned thought says:

        so we should give Texas back to Mexico? Or allow mexico to do whatever they want to in Texas… same logic

        1. NotHereEither says:

          And Texas was taken the same way, with force by the federal government. Oh, the irony to your comment…

          1. roony says:

            it was paid for, and if u think that was wrong why let history be repeated with this American.

        2. veeper says:

          obama’s government is working very hard to do just that……

    3. NotHereEither says:

      Wow, go from eating grass to nuclear waste. I only hope the next family that has guns shoved up their butts by the feds, is yours.

      1. Reasoned thought says:

        First I’m not saying he intends to do this, but in this country we have this thing called legal precedent, and his logical claim is that he is exempt from the law (and thus any law he wants to be exempt from) because of the historical family claim

        1. NotHereEither says:

          If our own government can’t respect the law, why should we?

          Being my original response wasn’t about the law, it still stands.

        2. Iknowjohngalt says:

          Well Obama picks and chooses the laws he wants to obey or enforce…

    4. TheSpeckledGibbler says:

      Homesteaders in Okie who are still on their original land, ain’t got to pay property taxes if things are set up the right way.

    5. TheSpeckledGibbler says:

      You’re an idiot.

      1. Reasoned thought says:

        Fascinating argument, I hope you feel big hiding behind the internet and throwing stones, by the way doping to an insult as your only argument is the same as saying “I have no valid thoughts”

        1. Alky says:

          You really are an idiot!

          1. Reasoned thought says:

            same reply as above 🙂

  118. givemeliberty says:

    The ONLY thing which stands between the citizenry and a tyrannical government is a firearm. Wake up America before its too late.

    1. veeper says:

      It was too late after May 4, 1970

      The day government proved americans would never fight back…..

  119. Testicules says:

    They have been using that land for grazing cattle for a century and a half.

    Therefore, we have demonstrated proof that this activity is not harmful to the turtles.

    1. TheSpeckledGibbler says:

      In Texas, if you rent or use any land for 99 years and no one objects, it becomes yours and private property.

  120. Guest says:

    As long as property tax exists, there is no true property ownership.

    1. TheSpeckledGibbler says:

      Your rent from the gov.

      1. SonofaCV15 says:

        Maybe he should pay the “fee” and then bust them wide open for being slum lords.

        … The old saying is… “Don’t ask for it… you may just get it.”

        1. veeper says:

          he’s white…..

          the slum lord thing won’t work for him….

    2. veeper says:


      you own a frigging piece of paper called a deed…….

  121. Joe Flanagan says:

    Our government has become a nest of traitors!

  122. Ian Turnbull says:

    Seems to me that 200 gun toters and snipers is overkill.

    1. veeper says:

      well it is ONE american citizen……

  123. AirDragon says:

    States need to begin the process of taking back land and get the feds out of the business of “managing public land.”

  124. markmeyer1 says:

    Obama’s America. Why does this stuff always happen when there is a democrat in office? Makes you wonder.

    1. XonXoff says:

      Agreed… but Bush-43 and Clinton were pushing it this direction too.

  125. Testicules says:

    They will kill an American Citizen to protect a turtle that has not been harmed by a century and a half of grazing.

    In other news, 30,000,000 foreigners have illegally invaded the country, but that is not a problem…

    1. veeper says:

      jeb bush said it’s all about love…..not laws….

      maybe turtles love more than cows…

      1. USN says:

        I love hamburgers…..

        1. veeper says:

          Don’t dare try a turtleburger…..

          you’ll have 200 federal agents swoop in on you….

    2. Kullikoff says:

      That’s because they’re 30,000,000 potential Democratic votes.

  126. Joe Flanagan says:

    Tradition America is fast becoming a nation of Sycophants, Apologists and power hungry Criminals.

  127. Nathanial Poling says:

    heaven forbid, a turtle may be harmed, shut down the cattle grazing… said no rancher ever…

    the federal government needs put in its place in cases like this

  128. Joe Flanagan says:

    A wall on the southern border is ecologically dangerous to Mexican border jumpers.

  129. XonXoff says:

    “First Amendment Zones”(?!?) and heavily armed, jackbooted Fed Gov thugs menacing the locals?

    Something’s wrong with this picture… and it’s not “We the People”.

    1. evola33 says:

      I wonder if these Bundys are any relation to Ted Bundy, who was a Rockefeller – trained Illuminati Republican.

  130. Confucius says:

    The feds under Obama, the EPA and the National Park “Service” have recently done the same thing in Northern California.

    They seized the land and evicted a family that has operated as an oyster farm where the shellfish have been legally harvested for nearly 80 years.

    And now this!

    Where is the sheriff? The sheriff is the supreme law of the land in his county and has the authority to stop this.

    Clearly, the federal agencies are out of control and *** arming themselves *** and do not respect the law nor the Constitution.

    These agencies do not work for us but work for themselves instead.

    Washington, DC is *** NOT *** the United States of America.

    We citizens are!

    There is simply to much power concentrated in too few. 535 at the federal level cannot represent 320,000,000.

    And we better create our own military to dismantle and deal with these criminals.

    Have a nice day…

    1. MadMoto says:

      He asked the sheriff for help, they declined to get involved.I don’t know of many LEOs that would actively stand against the Fed. Not that they disagree, but, these men have families and pensions, etc. too.

      1. Confucius says:

        The Minutemen had families too.

        1. MadMoto says:

          I understand that, but, like the sheriff are they lining up to help this rancher? What about the OathKeepers? Nevada Militia? No takers? Taking on the cartel and coyotes across the Arizona desert is a far cry from lining up against the Feds.

          I feel for this rancher and his issues with the Fed, but, we are a divided unsympathetic bunch and I don’t think anyone is coming to help this man.

    2. Guest says:

      Notice how they always destroy the White mans business,I guess it’s because blacks have no businesses.

  131. bonestabone says:

    A desert tortoise, are you fuqqing kidding me here?

    1. OwebammaLies says:

      Well, they worked hard to find that excuse, didn’t they. I wonder how many miles they searched and cataloged in order to find a “species” to fit?

  132. USN says:

    “Bundy’s herd also hinders the plants’ ability to recover from wildfires,
    tramples rare species, damages ancient American Indian cultural sites
    and endangers recreationists, Mrowka added.”…

    since its ancient Indian cultural sites…….well that is a whole different story…..kill whitey!!

    1. Guest says:

      Yeah,the feds are well known for treating the native Americans so good.

    2. USN says:

      that was then this is now…….it was good to kill Indians then…….as it is to kill whitey now. Its good for terrorist to cross the border unchallenged as it is good to throw some Mormon off of his range that feeds the country. As it is ok for the President to lie to the people as it is good to throw some slob into jail for a movie he did not make…things do change ya know….

  133. Gdrake says:

    The thing the Bundys will see will be drones in the sky. My prayers are with this family

    1. Black Knight says:

      The same drones that Obama uses in the Afghan skies

      1. Gdrake says:

        The very same but my big concern is that they might make an example of this family. It would be so great if the Feds woke up to see thousands standing with this family

    2. Guest says:

      It would be funny if someone gained control over the drones and used them against odumbos storm troopers.

      1. Gdrake says:

        It would serve them right

  134. nuckollsr says:

    Ayn Rand once opined, “The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”

    President Obama promised us, “”We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

    Then we read about acquisitions of military style ‘crowd control’ vehicles, procurement of hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition, tactical response teams fielded by the Department of Education looking for defaulters on student loans, etc. etc. All of this hardware, manpower and philosophies of force being arrayed against what enemy?

    Despotic progressivism is not a political philosophy, it’s about disregard for the rights of sovereign individuals. Once the constraints of due process under just law are thrown off, the DesPros become loose cannons with a self-righteous mission. They cease to act with honorable restraint upon their behaviors.

    Be they the militant Jihadist, an L.A. Blood, congressman, activist judge, mayor, home-owner’s association president, NSA ‘watchdog’ or IRS agent with a ‘mission’, the DesPro has no sense of duty to the protection of liberty under our constitution.

    While receiving compensation and perhaps bottomless benefits from some institution with a high-sounding name DesPros in fact pose huge risks to the liberty of honorable citizens and the economy of nations.

    The despots are building their ‘civilian national security force’ outfitted from suppliers of military hardware and funded with our tax dollars. We have met enemy and he is us. We have squandered our liberty on promises funded by other people’s money. Back in 2008 this author on American Thinker opined that Obama’s grand plans for federalizing the time of so many citizens was simply community organizer’s wet dream on steroids . . . the BLM, EPA, DHS, et. als are but divisions of the despotic progressive army being marshaled against honorable citizens.

    1. Guest says:


    2. canineok says:

      In Gerrmany they had the brown shirts.

  135. buckeyebubba says:

    How about 500 heavily armed citizens surrounding the 200 federal agents? Sounds good to me.

    1. Reasoned thought says:

      An armed insurrection to support this man’s ability to dodge fees, and misuse public land… I’m all for protecting liberties and limiting the federal government… but there are far better reasons and better places to take a stand, how about an armed blockade of the new NSA spy on Americans facility in Utah?

      1. odetocentipede says:

        “fees” – you mean taxes, right?

      2. OwebammaLies says:

        Don’t be silly … this has nothing to do with turtles and misusing public land.

        It is ALL about collecting fees.

        1. Stephen G. McKee says:

          I agree, and question how turtles qualify for this protection when it seems that there range covers so many states.

        2. canineok says:


    2. MadMoto says:

      Careful with such lines of thought.

      1. Testicules says:

        Yeah, people might get crazy ideas like the government is supposed to serve the people instead of the other way around…

        1. MadMoto says:

          Or people may be killed. Do you really think 500 people can stand up to the Fed? They’d have 2000 agents there in hours. Will you be standing up front? Nothing good comes from the slaughter of the very people willing to fight. Then they die again when the media shreds them as enemies and traitors.

          Here ask them:

          You need to rethink your plan, despite my agreeing with you in principle, 500 people would be doomed with nothing coming from it. No martyrs, no medals, not even a decent funeral.

          1. iohannes says:

            That’s right! We don’t need martyrs; we need a return to our Constitutional Republic.

          2. MadMoto says:

            I’m all for that. The one constant I think we can all agree on is people with power, don’t want to give up power. Strategy to relieve them of it is key. Running horns first out to a ranch with an AR-15 will just get you killed. There CERTAINLY is a time to fight, this isn’t it.

          3. iohannes says:

            Very true! It is, however, incredibly tempting to lend a hand. Unlike the TRAITOR BLM agents, I actually remember my Oath.

          4. no_tubes says:

            If 500 citizens showed up armed, it would be a PR disaster for the feds. It would be an order of magnitude worse PR disaster for them if it went hot.

          5. MadMoto says:

            You’re assuming they don’t control every piece of PR involved. Will MSNBC be telling the story of the victim rancher or the insurrection of white supremacists? No, it won’t be your story told. Rule Number 1 – The enemy knows everything you do
            Rule Number 2 – The enemy controls the sky
            (skip irrelevant ones)
            Rule Number 5 – The enemy controls the airwaves (PR)

            The patriot’s story isn’t told until the end, and this assumes they win. George Washington et al were traitors to the crown, until they won.

          6. no_tubes says:

            The larger the number of people who show up, the tougher it gets to write them off as the ‘lunatic fringe’. And maybe, just for once, get the media to actually report the truth instead of the DNC/RNC talking points. I know. Keep dreaming, right?

          7. MadMoto says:

            The media will report as instructed. That will never change, but, you’re right, the more people the harder it is to ignore.

      2. buckeyebubba says:

        Yea, we’re all being watched 24/7. This used to be the USA, now it’s more like the USSA. Gestapo surveillance is everywhere.

        1. MadMoto says:

          Let them watch. Contrary to popular opinion I don’t believe for one second the Feds can enforce any type of totalitarian martial law over the entire country. Not enough personnel.

  136. Joe Flanagan says:

    All the government issues created by this administration, can not be stupidity, it has to be a socialist agenda. Executive orders? One party rule, anti-religion. Pro-illegal aliens.They surely must be born without ears. Arab and Black americans must be ashamed of this president. How long will we bare the scars left by Obama? When will we see another mixed-race person leader? This plays right into ” Payback is a B***h Whitey.” Now shove this too up you conservative nose.

  137. UltramanNick says:

    This guy and his family are complete nut job wackos. His cattle is trespassing on federal land. That’s it. He may THINK he “fired” the BLM and it’s his opinion that the feds can’t walk on state land, but he’s breaking the law. Bottom line. If they keep this up, it’s not going to end well.

    1. Joe Flanagan says:

      We then should lock up anyone you THINK is a is a nut job. Do you work for this administration or just hope to?

    2. Guest says:

      You’re trespassing on my planet,I think you need to get off of it.

    3. torchsinger7 says:

      Just a reminder – this country was built by nut job wackos like him and his family. Exactly when did your family show up?

      1. iohannes says:

        Mark Twain said it best: “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

        Any questions? 😉

    4. Stephen G. McKee says:

      I think that this guy is like you and me and is reacting to someone taking away his livelihood and way of life. You would probably act in the same manner if you were in his shoes. It is un-American to give up without a fight. Let’s hope that is how we remain.

  138. iohannes says:

    “It’s high time for the BLM to do its job and give the [endangered desert] tortoises and the Gold Butte area the protection they need and are legally entitled to,”


    That’s right! They claim to be “protecting” the poor, poor desert tortoise, yet they plan on euthanizing at least 700 of the 1400 tortoises found at the Las Vegas Valley facility — a Nevada based conservation center. WTF?!

    Me no comprehend. :/

    1. Testicules says:

      They have been using that land for grazing cattle for a century and a half.

      Therefore, we have demonstrated proof that this activity is not harmful to the turtles.

      1. canineok says:

        True, but follow the $$$.

        1. iohannes says:

          Always about the $$$$$$$$$$!!!!

    2. OwebammaLies says:

      It has nothing to do with worrying about a turtle, as we all know … it IS about collecting “fees” – i.e. more legalized extortion.

      1. torchsinger7 says:

        Actually, it is about Agenda 21. Get ready to get racked and packed into the approved city zones. I hear soylent green is very popular there. Almost like free range steak. Ummm, steak.

        1. iohannes says:

          If only more people were aware of Agenda 21…

    3. TeaPartyPatriotTD says:

      That, too, is worth an armed conflict with the retarded federal jack booted thugs.

    4. MadMoto says:

      Wow… good find… I take RT with a grain of salt, however, but I concede I did find this on Fox and HuffPo too.

      1. iohannes says:

        I can’t say that I blame you, but I am pretty sure there is a a San Francisco (Chronicle?) article that backs it up. Forgive me for not having additional links. 🙂

    5. richard_head says:

      They discovered pulverized turtle could be traded by MO on her recent china trip for a $37million campaign donation to the DNC. Chinese considered it an aphrodisiac and needed it to boost child productivity after the visit from the wooki scared them into being unable to procreate.

      1. iohannes says:


  139. The Right Fight says:

    If Senator Harry Reid is supposed to represent in Washington the interests of Nevadans, I wonder why he hasn’t stood up for the rights of this Nevada citizen?

    1. MadMoto says:

      There is no money in it for him or his handlers.

    2. TeaPartyPatriotTD says:

      Because he is a STATIST, first and foremost and forever. He is a domestic terrorist.

    3. Stephen G. McKee says:

      I like that comment. That is a really good question. Apparently not one of his campaign contributors.

      1. The Right Fight says:

        Oh, bummer … so it’s “donor dollars” and not “constituent” that matters?

    4. canineok says:

      He hasn’t received $$ from this rancher.

      1. The Right Fight says:

        Oh … so it’s “donor dollars” and not “constituent” that matters?

    5. richard_head says:

      He called him a liar.

  140. pookieamos says:

    The 1992 Rio De Jeneiro summit produced the United Nation’s Treaty for Bio-Diversity. Over 200 countries signed the treaty but Bush didn’t. Bill Clinton signed the treaty , in 1996 the Senate was set to ratify it but it was stopped just minutes prior to the vote by a 4×6 map of the proposed future USA. Federal agencies like the EPA changed internal rules to implement the goals outlined in the treaty .Bill Clinton created the Wildlands Project. All of it , including this attack on the rancher are pieces of the puzzle not largely recognized by many people . Building a “sustainable ” planet is the goal of the 21st Century or Agenda21. THIS IS one of the many avenues to a sustainable country. The federal government through rules and regulations promulgated from beurocrats in agencies and domestic policies passed by Congress have been implementing UN Agenda21 , without the knowledge of the people.

    1. Joe Flanagan says:

      Very well stated

  141. Guest says:

    I like turtles and I like cows. I’m feeling heavily conflicted here.

    1. TeaPartyPatriotTD says:

      Not me. The cows won’t stomp on the tortoise, just like they don’t stomp on rattlesnakes (who evolved rattles for this purpose). Besides, the odds of their paths crossing are minimal.

    2. torchsinger7 says:

      No need to feel that way. They have apparently co-existed peaceably since 1870 on that strip of land. You are being led into a logical fallacy – false dichotomy.

    3. Joe Flanagan says:

      I eat both.

      1. Guest says:

        Including the shell?

        1. no_tubes says:

          Makes a handy ash tray.

        2. Joe Flanagan says:

          No, but the shells are colorful and make nice curios. You’ll find them in stands and gas stations along the highways in Nevada.

  142. crismahn says:

    Incredible. We have entire inner city neighborhoods controlled by armed gangs of minority youths- sometime even entire cities such as Detroit. And yet the only time the government opts to bring out the heavy artillery and mount a major operation is when a couple of white guys in the middle of nowhere arm them selves.

  143. Frankenstu says:

    You understand they are just trying to stop the cow farts?

  144. porkexpress says:

    This shows what the current administration thinks of the citizens. Is this a case of driving a man into ruin instead of trying to reach an agreement of payment, if one is owed? I now believe I understand why the world really thinks we are pu$$ies. Beat your own people and kiss the butte of our terrorist enemies. Really pathetic.

  145. crismahn says:

    If this were a black family or a Native American family the BLM wouldn’t be lifting a finger.

    1. canineok says:

      No, they would cut off their welfare, Food stamps, free phones and BIA assistance.

  146. knuckledragger says:

    All hail, Administrative Legal Organ of United Soviet States of Amerika! Without Bureau, endangered species of plant and turtle are put in inconvenience! And recreation, many important! More law now!

  147. dob3ro says:

    The Feds turned a preacher in Waco into a devil, then killed him and his family. What do you think they will turn this cowboy in Nevada into before they kill him and his family?

    1. OwebammaLies says:

      I truly do not want to swerve off and get into an opinionated debate over David Koresh cult …. but you are aware he was a pervert/pedophile, are you not?

      1. dob3ro says:

        You knew him huh? Me neither.

        1. OwebammaLies says:

          No, I’m not a cult member. Maybe you’re not aware there are children who survived to tell their stories of life in the cult.

          1. dob3ro says:

            I was wondering why they killed him and those children. It was because he was a pervert and a pedophile? Justified? What do we not know about this cowboy? He might be a racist. That ought to do it.

          2. OwebammaLies says:

            Look – I have NO idea why they did what they did. And there is no justification for such in my post. I merely remind you he was a pervert and while we remember the victims , I, for one could care less David Koresh is dead.

            Now, let’s get back on topic.

          3. dob3ro says:

            How do you feel about this cowboy? Hope he ain’t got no skeletons in his closet. Back on topic.

          4. OwebammaLies says:

            Well, in my opinion, that is using “emotion” over logic because the 2 are not the same by any stretch… But let me repeat – it is MY opinion. That being said – it splits down the line where we are pizzed because the rancher has the stones to NOT bend over in the name of guvment “fees” and yet we feel cheated in a way because WE play by the rules.

        2. OwebammaLies says:

          Before you get your knickers knotted, will you take a moment to read there is no justification for what the government did …. I’m merely asking you if you had any idea as to just how twisted he was.

          1. dob3ro says:

            No knickers knotted here, just having a conversation.

          2. OwebammaLies says:

            Ok – that’s good. Without the clues of intonation, it can be difficult to ascertain the intent of anothers posts.

          3. Kary says:

            Nothing justifies killing innocent children.

          4. OwebammaLies says:

            Geee …. Did I misread my own post?

          5. Kary says:

            No, actually I wasn’t replying to you.

          6. Kary says:

            No, I was replying to your first post BEFORE you said there was no justification. You must have been replying at the same time as me. Sorry jerk.

          7. OwebammaLies says:

            Let me guess … you called me a name by mistake.

          8. Kary says:

            Absolutely not. You are rude and hateful.

          9. OwebammaLies says:

            Oh yes … I am the rude one. Because nothing says rude and hateful like calling another poster a JERK

            Oh wait … YOU did that.

          10. Kary says:

            Read your replies to other people. They are degrading. You are a jerk.

          11. OwebammaLies says:

            You must be a liberal… You cannot take responsibility for your own fek ups. If you want to see a REAL jerk, just gaze into the mirror.

          12. OwebammaLies says:

            Well, you would be an expert on degrading replies:

            “Kary • a day ago – What’s a bugger? Did you mean boogers? If so then eat $hit.
            Kary • 3 days ago – Eat $hit.
            Kary • 19 days ago – *you’re ignorant.”

          13. Kary says:

            I see your posts on other sights. You block them on your profile. I only make degrading remarks to people who make the first to me and you only showed one side of that exchange. My comment was “print more money” and I got “Eat buggers”. A little dishonest. I think you are an Obama lover??

          14. OwebammaLies says:

            If making up a fairytale is easier for you than admitting you are an azzzzzz, that’s on you. I changed my profile to private as it makes it harder for nutbags – like you – to stalk.

            You are an immature cry baby who does not accept responsibility. Now, run out into the big bad world and find someone else to blame for your deficiencies. Or, you could just stick to blogging on children’s sites so you won’t get your feewings hurt and the posts might move slow enough for you to keep up.

          15. Kary says:

            No mistake.

    2. Testicules says:

      If they follow the established pattern, there will soon be baseless accusations of being a “child molester” and a “white supremacist”, that won’t be dis-proven until the FBI admits they made up the lie while under oath in congressional testimony, long after the American Citizen is dead and buried.

      1. dob3ro says:

        I think if he is just a run of the mill racists or homophobe they could probably take him out without too much grief. He may even be against gay marriage then they could nuke the whole farm.

  148. romanmoronie says:

    There were about 200 soldiers in the 7th Cavalry also.

  149. evola33 says:

    Bundy seems to be in the wrong here. If he is using land for his commercial business, he needs to own or rent that land. The land was made federal by LBJ, one of his many wonderful gifts to the US (). Bundy seems like an extremist. Tough call.

    1. OwebammaLies says:

      It’s a tough call because we have all been conditioned to believe our government has a right to extort “fees” for most everything except breathing.

    2. violetvirginia says:

      It does not belong to the federal government it belongs to us, the US taxpayer .The government owns nothing and produces nothing . It only extracts money from the US taxpayer. Everyone who works in the federal government is paid by you and me and is OUR public SERVANT.
      They seem to loose sight of this fact.

  150. Obama_Is_A_Queer says:

    It is now open season no desert turttle… eliminate the problem by first eliminating the turtle, then eliminate the ones that made the list and put the turtle on it in the first place! Problem solved.

  151. slobotnavich says:

    Time for this nation to break up. It was never intended, from its founding, to be under the central control of the powers in the federal government. It was then too diverse in all its aspects, and now is even more-so, to be governed centrally, just as was the old monstrosity, the USSR. In actual fact, the South had every right to leave the union, just as we assumed the right to leave the UK and so stated in our Declaration of Independence from Britain. Odd how that now-quaint notion is now anathema to our feddle gummint.

  152. VoteOutIncumbents says:

    The feds refuse to put troops on our border to protect US citizens from a foreign invasion, they refuse to enforce federal marijuana laws, US deportation laws, and change their own Affordable Care Act on a whim 39 times. They shut down Tea Party groups just before an election through the IRS…but they sic jackbooted thugs on a God fearing American family.
    In the name of protecting turtles. Can’t make this stuff up.

    1. OwebammaLies says:

      GREAT points.

    2. donnieboy64 says:

      you must get by now that obama is an american in name only and that includes the cockroaches who work for him and the idiots who voted for him…twice. cya.

  153. donnieboy64 says:

    this rancher is toast. remember, this is a state that has elected harry reid what 100 times? total marxist out there.

  154. ObamaFlop2 says:

    Has anyone asked the turtles how they feel or this a case of the Government knowing what is best for them? Cows Rule

  155. ReagansZombie says:

    Ha Ha. This guy sounds like a real a##h0le

  156. richard_head says:

    They are spending $3 million to get 900 head of cattle? I will do it for $2 million.

    1. Antonio Da Silva says:

      They are spending our 3 million in tax money for that. And 1 trillion in our tax money to give to the competition of Bundy and any other farmer with the new 1 trillion dollar farm bill that was passed.

      So remember when we want to buy beef and it costs more, and we have to pay more in taxes that the feds shut down a perfectly good cattle ranch spending over 3 million to do so.

      1. richard_head says:

        Yet I would do it for $2 mil and then have to pay $1 mil in taxes so in effect they would be saving $2 mil. Will they do it? NO. They are not that smart.

  157. RM Molon Labe says:

    One of the greatest evils are those who take an oath to govern by “delegated
    powers” but use it to take from others what they keep for themselves.

    “A Government that does not trust it’s law abiding citizens to keep and bear
    arms, is itself, unworthy of trust.” –James Madison, chief wordsmith of the

    “Any government that would attempt to disarm its people is despotic; and any
    people that would submit to it deserve to be slaves.”– Stephen F. Austin,
    “The historical reality of the Second Amendment’s protection of the
    right to keep and bear arms is not that it protects the right to shoot deer. It
    protects the right to shoot tyrants, and it protects the right to shoot at them
    effectively, with the same instruments they would use upon us.” –Judge Andrew
    Napolitano…Molon Labe!

  158. drattastic says:

    A government over the people not of the people.

    1. OwebammaLies says:

      From freedom to facism …… indeed.

      1. drattastic says:

        It’ll have to get a lot worse before we as Americans have had enough, unfortunately.

  159. Stephen G. McKee says:

    Apparently the man is willing to die for what he believes in. Like so many others who have tried to stand their ground against the government. He is only alive as long as they will let him live. When the order is given he will be dead. They are way better equiped and trained to handle these situations and he is out numbered and out classed.

  160. porterv says:

    Remember Ruby Ridge and Waco. The Democraps were in power then too.

  161. Joseph McLinden says:

    They will make an EXAMPLE of him. All Communist governments treat dissenters with extreme prejudice. Thy want to send a strong message to the rest of America. Message: “This is NOT your grandfather’s America.”

  162. dok dokki says:

    We really better wake up. This is government telling the citizens they are in charge, not We the People.

  163. claspur says:

    This is a different cowboy-from what I watched the
    other night, on The TV.
    These Govtards are messing with these poeple out-west in
    a large way. It needs to be stopped.
    I’m a perimeter Marine… always have been.
    What needs to be done in this situation-is, any rancher that feels under-threat, needs to post sentry a few hundred yards-out with night vision, and when this government scum comes-prancing onto property, you shoot them in the head-dead.

    1. Buddy Christ says:


      1. claspur says:

        I punch my post, and almost immediately I get yours, Buddddy? I don’t care about that.
        How do you get-off referring to me as a coward, is what amazes me, sonny?
        You have absolutely no idea what I do, and have done for decades-now, you clown.

        1. iohannes says:

          Anonymity is great, huh? 😉

        2. Buddy Christ says:

          You are a coward who wants to kill people whose job is enforcing the law. Yes, the law that this freeloader is blatantly breaking.

          1. claspur says:

            You, Buddy, don’t know what you’re talking about. :o(
            These cattle ranchers have been out on their property for generations-raising their cattle, and doing it honestly.
            All of a sudden, they’ve got Barry Soetoro’s federal government jumping down their throats.
            Anyone that trys stealing from me is going to get shot, Buuuudy. :oI
            (that isn’t Murder-either, btw…. :o)
            Funny how that chit’s working these days, ain’t it…. They Tax you and your property-while taking that same property from you at the same time?
            Screw that chit, Bub!

  164. Testicules says:

    Feds to start rumors of “child molestation” and “white supremacist” 3… 2…

  165. Testicules says:

    Hard to believe that on this very spot, not all that long ago, America once stood…

  166. Buddy Christ says:

    Funny to see all these slobbering Drudgebots standing up for this deadbeat, who sucks off the government teat.

    1. Testicules says:

      Go “F” yourself, parasite.

      1. Buddy Christ says:


    2. dob3ro says:

      Yea I know what you mean, he’s probably horning in in on the teat you’ve been sucking.

    3. CC says:

      Says he who types in his parent’s basement.

    4. iohannes says:

      And here come the Obamabots… Newly updated to Obamabot firmware version, “derp.” Troll hard! 😉

  167. DaSimian Jones says:

    The governor should consider calling out the national Guard, and reclaim the sovereignty of the state of Nevada, and charge the BLM mercenaries with armed assault.

  168. RowdyBear says:

    time to kill

  169. snowshooze says:

    They have 1 million buck to harass you but they killed all the turtles they were caring for because they did not have any money

    Sun, August 25 2013 at 17:45

    U.S. Bureau of Land Management announced it will kill hundreds of
    threatened desert tortoises it’s been caring for at a Nevada
    conservation facility. The slaughter is being blamed on a lack of funds
    by the agency.

    Real estate developers in southern Nevada who
    wanted to disrupt the habitat of threatened desert tortoises to build
    their little enclaves of air conditioning and irrigation in the arid
    suburbs of Las Vegas have been able to do so — for a fee. And while at
    the height of the real estate boom those fees went a long way toward
    providing refuge for displaced tortoises, the real estate bust has seen
    the program implode.

    From the Washington Post:

    funds are running out at the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center and
    officials plan to close the site and euthanize hundreds of the tortoises
    they’ve been caring for since the animals were added to the endangered
    species list in 1990.

    “It’s the lesser of two evils, but it’s
    still evil,” said U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service desert tortoise
    recovery coordinator Roy Averill-Murray during a visit to the
    soon-to-be-shuttered reserve at the southern edge of the Las Vegas
    Valley last week.

  170. aberdeenvet says:

    “His Mormon ancestors had tilled the unforgiving soil since 1887, long before the 1934 Taylor Grazing Act allowed the federal government to seize control…”

    I find it truly “amazing”, in the enlightened parlance of our times, that the poor “[endangered desert] tortoises” are still around, having survived 126 years of those nasty Mormons who were able to sustain their cattle and themselves on the unforgiving soil of “150 square miles of Gold Butte scrub land” without the assistance of our government and it’s know-it-all self proclaimed environmental stewards.

    What is truly “amazing” is that our once great country, presently struggling to survive the constant meddling of our politicians and their Big Government, has itself survived. It has survived because of it’s people in spite of our politically descimated government. The people have got to wrest control of the country back from the “do gooders” and the politicians with their lifetime governmental careers.

  171. D-Bo Samson says:

    So, wait a second, lemme get this straight… “It’s high time for the BLM to do its job and give the [endangered desert] tortoises and the Gold Butte area the protection they need and are legally entitled to.” Tortoises and land have rights? But not this dude (pun intended)?

    1. Testicules says:

      They have been using that land for grazing cattle for a century and a half.

      Therefore, we have demonstrated proof that this activity is not harmful to the turtles.

      1. D-Bo Samson says:

        Exactly! Thank you for making some sense.

  172. [email protected] says:

    why should he follow any federal laws….Obama and his admistration don’t.

    1. iohannes says:


  173. richard_head says:

    Little known fact. Turtle farts are the reason it is a desert.

  174. Benof67 says:

    This incident has Proven,that our liberal regime is a fascist regime. The US Government has now resorted to using an Armed Force. to impose its’ Tyrannical will upon its’ own citizenry. This administration has shredded our Constitution and used it as one would use toilet paper. Wake up America, the time is long over due to VOTE these monsters out office.

  175. Jupiter C. says:

    He’s playing a losing game.

    1. OwebammaLies says:

      You are most likely correct……

    2. DAMION says:

      at least he’s trying

      1. OwebammaLies says:

        Amen and pass the biscuits please ….. I’d have paid the fees just to keep them off my back.

        Oh wait – I AM part of the problem…. Truth

  176. dal says:

    The Government should be afraid of the people not the people afraid of the Government. It turns into a Nazi society then.

  177. CelestiaQuesta says:

    At some point in the evolution of a society, continued appeasement in dark and demonic forces using militant law enforcement as a problem solving strategy yields a declining marginal return.
    The decline of western civilization as we know it, is shining its last glimmer of light before it fades into the darkest, parasitical, traditionless, religionless and formless existence mankind has ever known.

    It’s time to take it back.

  178. Tom B says:

    If people only knew how much land in the midwest has been stolen by the feds!

  179. DAMION says:

    Call Putin…

  180. Mark Talmont says:

    The federatzis are more interested in rounding up an American citizen’s livestock than in rounding up criminals who kill. If you think this is overstatement take a look at the latest little gem from Mexifornia:

    (note the time line, he’s been killing people for over 30 years and the feds somehow never found the time to do anything about it…you would not believe how much of this goes on…and of course the national “news” won’t find it important to discuss a CARTEL HIT MAN…noo can’t we chase George Zimmerman around some more?!)

  181. richard_head says:

    Beef prices are not high enough. Obama promised $8 gasoline and $10 stinkburgers. He gots the meanwhich in him and is fixin to deliver on his promise.

  182. patriotgrandma says:

    I have yet to see a cow eat a turtle…..the Feds want this land for something else….and its time to have the elected of that state to step up and send the FEDS OUT OF THE STATE LAW AREA…….The FEDS might as well start wearing swastikas…follow the money…the turtles are irrelevant.

    1. iohannes says:

      Cows may not eat turtles, but the Feds certainly do in a manner of speaking.

    2. FL_Stingray says:

      I had 1 gopher tortoise hole in the 3 acre field behind my house when I bought it 8 years ago. I mow it regularly and now there are 4 holes. The tortoises routinely go under the fence to the large pasture behind my place which is loaded with cattle. I’ve never seen one chow down on a tortoise.

  183. Testicules says:

    I sure am glad I live in America, where this kind of government tyranny could never occur…

    Oh, wait…

  184. patriotgrandma says:

    so now you cant film any actions in the USA??????

    1. richard_head says:

      Only porn. Only in a free porn zone. All of California qualifies.

      1. glamdeluxe says:

        except L A that is why the industry is moving to Vegas.

  185. richard_head says:

    I think the Huffpo is a constitution free zone yet I don’t see any yellow tape around it.

  186. TGrade1 says:

    Why is he the last rancher in southern Nevada? Were the rest forced out too?

  187. Billy__Goat says:

    I’ve always said our only fight is to all stop paying taxes! Stop funding the criminals. Keep our own money and downsize the abusive power from our Government.. Calling your local senator or protesting no longer works!

    1. teaisstronger says:


      A National Day Without Pay must begin. Take off a day and tell your employer not to pay you for that day. Since you are not being paid no taxes get collected. If 2 or 3 million workers did this imagine how many $million the Government Treasure would not collect. If that does not work, take off another. It need not all be done at the same time as long as it is done. Its legal and the Federal, State, and local Governments would be strangled.

      1. Billy__Goat says:

        Best Idea I’ve heard yet!

  188. teaisstronger says:


    We are not wanted here. We have been told that we believe in God, Freedom, normal marriage, the Rule of Law, low taxes, and smaller Government. For this we have been told we do not belong in America. Well we will leave and take 2/3 of the States with us including Nevada. Let it begin at that ranch. Surround those agents and if thy harm any of that family they do not leave. This is not the Ukraine.

  189. Guest says:

    Funny to see all these slobbering Drudgebots standing up for this
    deadbeat, who sucks off the government teat. Is he really any different
    than a chronic welfare recipient?

    1. Testicules says:

      He probably did more work, and contributed more to this country before breakfast this morning than you have in your entire life.

    2. teaisstronger says:

      The land was stolen from Mexico.

      1. glamdeluxe says:

        Bull $hit. you are a nit wit that knows nothing about history. go crawl back under your rock.
        Santana tried to nationalize the ranchera system, get’s it handed to him Texas has a revolution and becomes a free country. Oh! revolutions are only good when it is che’ loving commies right. what a maroon.
        Santana invaded Texas after the annexation declaring war on the US. he lost…. history class in todays schools are pathetic.
        Now go read your little red book and hate the US like a good useful idiot.

        1. iohannes says:

          Viva la Raza! /sarc 😉

          1. glamdeluxe says:

            such a lovely Racist sentiment. One of the largest organizations of bigots in the US. right up there with the KKK! Viva your love of segregation.

          2. glamdeluxe says:

            Spaniards, La Raza! the other white european conquerers. You mention La Raza ” the race” not the tribes that where here but LA RAZA! the Spaniards. Brilliant. you are a racist.

        2. OwebammaLies says:

          You tell it the way it was concisely …

          I do wonder, however, if perhaps the comment you replied to was just missing the ‘sarc’ ?

          1. glamdeluxe says:

            ????? maybe. just get sick of the B.S. sometimes.

          2. OwebammaLies says:

            Yes…. I CAN relate to that. And thanks again for your succinct history lesson.

    3. CC says:

      Buddy Christ signed in under Guest. Get a job!

  190. Buddy Christ says:

    Funny to see all these slobbering Drudgebots standing up for this deadbeat, who sucks off the government teat. Is he really any different than a chronic welfare recipient???

    1. Testicules says:

      Why don’t you tell us?

      1. Buddy Christ says:

        He’s a scumbag who thinks he’s all entitled.

        1. torchsinger7 says:

          Class warfare. Divide/conquer/divide/conquer…

          1. iohannes says:


            Read and then compare to Buddy Christ. Notice any similarities?

          2. torchsinger7 says:

            Yep. I’d say a solid #7 ploy.

    2. iohannes says:

      Copy/paste. Copy/paste. Copy/paste. Copy/paste. Copy/paste. Copy/paste.

      1. FL_Stingray says:

        he had a tough time coming up with that one and needs to rest his brain

        1. iohannes says:

          Trolololololin’ is hard work! 😉

  191. Testicules says:

    YOU could be next…

    1. Guest says:

      We’re already ‘next’ with paying property tax.

      1. happy-go-lucky says:

        Remember your piece of that 17 trill, that will only get worse.
        The MRAPS are for those sent to collect.

  192. tech916 says:

    Taze him and his cattle till they squirm like a pig

    1. Joe Flanagan says:

      Is that like one giant pig made out of him and his cattle?

    2. Guest says:

      Don’t taze the cattle bro!

  193. Jeff Justice says:

    It’s time to take the nation back!

  194. seaarrow says:

    Land of the free and home of the brave has been changed by Obama to Change you will be forced to live with.

  195. WhiteGuy2 says:

    Notice the Obamabots defending this communist takeover of private property. Commie bastards!

  196. OwebammaLies says:

    I admit to admiring the rancher …. he put his $$, his family, and his cows on the line.

    And I have to wonder if more of us were willing to face financial ruin and having everything taken from us, would we be here today?

    1. evoval says:

      That all depends if you’ll except living on your knees at the barrel of a gun. That’s what its really all about.

      1. OwebammaLies says:

        And who isn’t … if we really want to get down to brass tacks and honesty. Ordinary, tax paying, law abiding citizens – U & Me – certainly live on our knees and under the gun.

        1. evoval says:

          Yes we do. The brass tax, I don’t want a Government that finds it so dam easy to point guns at Americans, especially Americans that supply food for my table.

          1. OwebammaLies says:

            Then we are in agreement. And we are but one dangerous step away from having that occur at any time…… We can pay off our homes, our cars, our land, our credit cards go solar, drill water wells,… well you get it – And we’ll still be tracked, taxed

          2. evoval says:

            Agree. There’s many other way’s to handle a situation than by pointing a gun. They’ve shown the imitative which is only a sign of a failed government.

  197. evoval says:

    If there was any consistency with this tyrannical government they would be supplying these ranchers with BGM-71 TOW Missiles just like they gave to AlQaduh to fight their tyrannical government!!!

  198. Texas_Tea_Time says:

    Back in January the EPA overrode Congress and declared a million acres, to include the town of Riverton, Wyoming, a part of the Wind River Indian Reservation. Last week the FBI raided the home of a 91-year-old Indiana man and confiscated his collection of native American and other artifacts. Now the BLM mouthpiece claims cattle grazing damages ancient American indian cultural sites? This is redistribution of wealth, stalinist style.

    1. Joe Flanagan says:

      Let’s get another casino on that million acres.

  199. Norma Jennings Williams says:

    This a great shame that our government would target a rancher
    with such vengeance. Fair and Just is not the law of the land

  200. Justanother Serf says:

    Just run a tank up to his house, pump it full of CS gas, and light it on fire…..problem solved. It worked great in Waco.


    1. Taiwan Tom says:

      You are rightly named j.a. Serf. You have no sense of History or Freedom .You have drank the cool-aid You are more liken to the party of the Donkey than a multi-pigmented kitty

      1. Justanother Serf says:

        I have a total understanding of both history and freedom. History will show how little freedom you had when I shove that pussy up yours.

    2. happy-go-lucky says:

      Theyre waiting til more children show up.

    3. Beavereater says:

      Not windy enough yet. Watch the weather.

    4. Godot says:

      They’re bringing in moonbat RENO to arange a “peaceful” resolution.

  201. ReagansZombie says:

    Dude wants to run a commercial operation on public land and not pay for it. He gets what he deserves.

    1. Joe Flanagan says:

      If the government shoots him, would save a lot of time and money I suppose.

    2. Taiwan Tom says:

      Hey Zombie,

      Use of the range is much older than Alinsky or the reign of Pharaoh Obamases. You seem down Drink some Red Bull

    3. Godot says:

      Yeah, jerkwater, we wouldn’t want the Feds to run short of WELFARE MONEY for you, now WOULD we?

  202. Buddy Christ says:

    Why should this freeloader get to exploit rangeland that he doesn’t own?

    1. Taiwan Tom says:

      Now, Now Jesus, where the Charity.Thy Father and Thy Holy Spirit may shun you

    2. lazybumranch says:

      @ Buddy Christ- Hey! Your Mom let you use her computer again. You must have been a good boy this week and not peed your bed!

    3. Godot says:

      You don’t have to OWN it to USE it, jerkewater. Get someone to read to you. nnhn

      1. Buddy Christ says:

        Can I use it for my ATV park?

  203. Jimsim says:

    I wish 200,000 armed patriots would show up and return this nation to the land of the free with a government for the people. We are losing, because the government is willing to kill for any non-compliance. We have to be willing to return the fight, or we might as well hand in our weapons of self-defense. They are useless if we continue to refuse to employ them. Government agents must be made to fear for their lives when they blindly follow orders. They need to stop and ask themselves every day if they are doing right and if what they are doing is worth dying for. Yes, we should be a nation of laws, but we have let power hungry and immoral people make overreaching and immoral laws. We have elected people who preferring ruling over us to serving us. I wish I lived close to this family and could afford to travel to support physically and psychologically support them.

    1. happy-go-lucky says:

      oh, they are too busy doing their taxes to pay for all these hijinks.
      thats why it doesnt stop and the only weapon that works isnt being used

  204. Goliath says:

    Just another truculent episode from the 0blowme administration and the ecoNazis.

    1. chrismalllory says:

      This has been going on for decades. Bush could have put an end to it, but he didn’t. If you think Obama is the only problem, you are going to be very disappointed.

  205. Beavereater says:

    Hey Rob those Desert Tortoises make great salad bowls and the soup is delicious.

  206. Quit_Lying says:

    must be a republican..
    no waivers or “room for discretion”
    in enforcing the law for him
    he gets snipers dispatched

    he should either become an illegal alien
    or join obamacare ASAP / sarc

  207. snowshooze says:

    Since when did the BLM need automatic rifles??
    Or the FBI for that matter.
    Do you think 200 is going to be enough?
    They have helicopters, snipers… where are the Bradley Fighting Vehicles? I hope they have lots of tear gas too, because they may well find out they are surrounded as well.

    1. Goliath says:

      Don’t forget the MRAPs. They’ll need those to travel over the cow patties.

      1. torchsinger7 says:

        Imagine the damage they could do to the turtles with those things, too.

    2. Godot says:

      They’re got those, with “ZIPPO” mounts, they used them at WACO and then tried to say the folks burned theiroun place down fron the OUTSIDE.

      1. Beavereater says:

        Wind was dead giveaway that it was a tactical fire. Gale force oxygen supply, it’s not rocket science.

  208. scotthudson says:

    Everyone should read “The Contract On The Government.” It is the book the feds DO NOT want you reading. Here is the website:

  209. amuncat says:

    There can be no good end to this! All of this over an endangered turtles rights!

    My concern is that the feds don’t turn around and sell this to either China or the UN as they have quietly done with some of our parks and public land!!!!! Didn’t know that one, did ya?

    1. lazybumranch says:

      Actually, as jane pointed out in an above comment, it is about $$$. If he paid his fees, they turtles would be OK?

  210. PaoloRM says:

    American Law enforcement is looking more like NAZI Storm Troopers every day.

  211. JesseMace says:

    sooner or later all of us will have to decide if we want to be slaves or free men. i personally wouldn’t lose any sleep if every agent pointing guns at that family hung from a tree. they are the muscle behind tyranny.

  212. Cheapshot says:

    its amazes me the extremes the federal gov’t will go at the behest of eco-fascists. paramilitary “land management” troops level guns at law abiding americans all for some tortoise that is probably going extinct due to its own evolutionary failings.

    or is this all because they are mormons?

    1. torchsinger7 says:

      No, I think that it is because it lines up perfectly with the goals of the UN Agenda 21. My fellow Americans, please become informed about Agenda 21 if you don’t already know about it.

      1. Cheapshot says:

        truth be told, im actually canadian, but it pains me to see the bullying of the government of our greatest allies against their own people (our actual allies, not the government of the day).

      2. DubDub says:

        For those who don’t know:

        Agenda 21 is a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development.[1] It is a product of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. It is an action agenda for the UN, other multilateral organizations, and individual governments around the world that can be executed at local, national, and global levels. The “21” in Agenda 21 refers to the 21st Century. It has been affirmed and modified at subsequent UN conferences.


        1. torchsinger7 says:

          A picture is worth a thousand words. Look up “Agenda 21 map” and see for yourself what “they” have in store for us.

          1. DubDub says:

            According to my very brief Google Image search on the matter, it looks like I won’t be able to visit any national parks. Further study is needed…

  213. Dimmius says:

    This what happens with a big governmet. We have very few rights anymore.

  214. jane says:

    What I can’t understand is why did they say they cattle are trampling the tortoise’s food yet the talk about other ranchers that pay their dues, so there is other cattle there- they are just paying so its really all about money.

    1. lazybumranch says:

      jane- stop making sense. You will be next.

  215. happy-go-lucky says:

    They put Cali farmers out of business for a minnow, and they steal cattle from land they confiscate at will, and they waste your money and keep witnesses from viewing what will be another Ruby ridge, which was also intentional manipulation of the public which was proven in court.
    Illegals eat tortoises while muling drugs and destroy the ecology with trash, but uncle dont care one bit.

  216. Chris Chrisley says:

    Here’s the jacka$$ Rob Mrowda’s Facebook pageL


  217. Jon_Babtist says:

    “Environmentalists” would shut down every cattle ranch, hydraulic fracturing operation and coal fired power plant in America if they had their way. As well they would destroy most if not all hydroelectric dams, leaving America without the energy to run a nation. And these are the morons who are guiding the schmuck in the White House.

    1. Joe Flanagan says:

      It would be great for all life on this planet except humans.

    2. dave5494 says:

      So, you like dirty air and water.

      1. Testicules says:

        You lose.


        1. dave5494 says:

          Wrong, conservatives always lose in the long run, go fight the gumit, clown.

      2. Jon_Babtist says:

        Hey genius, when you shut down industry in America it moves to China where they have zero environmental regulation and spew thousands of times more pollution into global air.

        1. dave5494 says:

          Already happened, they have to wear mask to breath, that is why you need regulations. Understand you goober.

      3. Godot says:

        Don’t much like a blowfish like YOU, Davey boy. Your one unit IQ is a little wearing on the rest of us. Go back to mother’s basement, you’ll be safe from dirty air and water there, except for that you produce just by breathing.

        1. dave5494 says:

          Amazing, you really are too stupid to post here, trash like you are a cancer to America, self deport you useless p.o.s.

  218. gmbith says:

    Tyranny. It’s the American way.

    1. Joe Flanagan says:

      Its the NEW American way

      1. Don says:

        Its the Anti-American way.

        1. Joe Flanagan says:

          Long Live the King!

  219. Timothy Turnstone says:

    The State’s are losing control of what they should be in control of. The Federal Government.

  220. dave5494 says:

    Bundy is toast, one less republican traitor.

  221. The Raven says:

    Let this be ground zero in the battle for reclaiming freedom.

    1. dave5494 says:

      OK start shooting.

    2. dave5494 says:

      Freedom to choose.

  222. Yu So Wong says:

    I would like some Federal agents to come to Arlington Texas and arrest the large groups of illegal aliens day jobbers that hang around in plain view every day on South Cooper Street (a main artery through town) in open defiance of the law. I guess this is some of the “vast discretion” that Obama and Holder have in deciding which laws to enforce.

    1. BuyAmerican says:

      are they hurting any turtles?

  223. lazybumranch says:

    OK, when the bureau of diversity blah blah blah is involved, the Bundy’s have my unequivocal support. Then I read they Fed will expend 3 million dollars to round up 900 cattle? Really? Only the Fed could waste that much for the sole reason of flexing it’s tyrannical muscles.

    “If the Government was in charge of the desert, in 5 years there would be a sand shortage”.

    1. izzycafe says:

      Amen lazybumranch, you said it!!

  224. Skydog1 says:

    Feds didn’t learn much from Ruby Ridge, did they?

    1. Joe Flanagan says:

      Yes, they found out they got a little bad press for a very bad act. But they still got away with it.

      1. Skydog1 says:

        It also cost them several million in payouts to the Weaver Family as well as an enormous number of people who lost faith in the Federal government. Most of those have not changed their minds.

        1. happy-go-lucky says:

          It wasnt their money so they didnt care, they assigned the debts to you, and Lois made sure you will pay it

        2. Joe Flanagan says:

          They shut him up after his ordeal. I heard him interviewed by a regional reporter, in which he said he was sorry for the whole thing and just wants to be left alone. He said he wasn’t angry at anyone.

    2. Testicules says:

      They learned they could murder a baby with impunity if someone dared act like they were free and had rights…

  225. Heather Sharp says:

    These rogue government agencies have become an enemy of the people.

  226. Sean says:

    Why are the people that live in Nevada not going there and DESTROYING the FEDS? Oh wait I know, These are the same people that keep voting for commies like Harry Reid

  227. Christopher Bowen says:

    The tortoises that live there need to find salvation from some other species than mankind. . .

    1. Testicules says:

      They have been using that land for grazing cattle for a century and a half.

      Therefore, we have demonstrated proof that this activity is not harmful to the turtles.

  228. BobbyHead says:

    Ban the un-constitutional The Bureau of Land Management

  229. rczeranko says:

    Why is it when a Democrat is in the Whitehouse we have armed agents going after citizens? It happened twice under President Clinton at Ruby Ridge and Waco and now it is happening again under President Obama?

    1. Godot says:

      Don’t forget the Janet RENO goons shoving an assault weapon in the face of that little Cuban kid.

  230. John Cook says:

    God I still love my Country, but I f’in HATE MY GOVERNMENT! If it were a islamic site they would give them a grant of a billion dollars. Holder needs to be tried for treason….

  231. tea42 says:

    The environmentalists and the feds just seem to take over land at their will, and anymore there is a question of the justice of the courts. We should respect the rule of law but then the law should be respectable. To try to intimidate this man and his family over a tortoise certainly is not respectable, imho
    Are these judges ideologues bought and paid for by the left or are they truly protecting just laws? Does Bundy have a will to the the land? Having grazed on it since 1887 is not in itself ownership of the land. At the same time, in cases like these the federal government acts like immature schoolyard bullies, and the law like an a$$. When the law and the courts are unjust, and the government moves in with arms on the rights of the people, that is a recipe for violence. The left has learned nothing from Waco and Ruby Ridge

    1. Godot says:

      I hear they are going to spring that moonbat RENO from the nursing home so she can bring a “peaceful resolution” to this “crisis”.

  232. Joe Flanagan says:

    I am for Freedom and against Tyranny! If they come to confiscate my dog I will fight. I might not win. But they’ll have to pry my dad’s single shot 12 Gauge from my cold dead hands.

    I might not be able to comment on line anymore Friends, once Google or the other NSA lackeys reads this. The IRS will attack me. Protest is futile! Long Live Traditional America!

  233. Sally Smith says:

    Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 625 examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.

  234. George says:

    People are flat out getting sick of feds just stepping in and calling things “theirs.” Things are reaching a boiling point.

  235. Patito33 says:

    I will tell you who gave them authority! NO ONE. They think like our wpos president, that they can make up their own laws and rules!!!
    Stand tough Bundy’s!!!!!!!!

  236. Debra_jean says:

    The Gestapo is alive and well in Americka….they have been trained over many years, and are finally coming out of the shadows, and their hidden bases.

  237. zombietimeshare says:

    As Barry keeps trying to tell us. We are a people of, by and for the government—no longer the other way around.

  238. Likell says:

    $1,000,000.00+ to round up 900 cows????? Must be the federal government.

    1. happy-go-lucky says:

      1000 dollars per stolen cow, to be sold to govt insiders for 10 cents a pound, tax deductible, of course.

  239. bvikay says:

    So. Now we know why the government has been buying all that ammo, right? This is a disgusting example of why big left wing government is wrong. Screw the so-called desert tortoises. Put them in a zoo and be done with it. I don’t eat turtle. I eat steak.

  240. Linda says:

    Leave this man and his family alone, YOU, bunch of thugs.

  241. Anthony says:

    Is the BLM stupid or something, no seriously, desert tortoises do not eat grass and sage brush, but cattle do. This is the most asinine thing the federal gov. has ever claimed, next to the Sacramento Delta Smelt man made crises, that is causing all of California’s water shortages. This is just another attempt by Eric Holder and his Obama goons to make stuff up, and seize land that belongs to Nevada not them. This is supported by the denial when the gov. wanted to dump nuclear waste at Yuccah Mountain in NV. we voted against that as it is our land not theirs.

  242. terry kemp says:

    What are his cows hurting anyways?Are they farting to much, are they the reason for the government imaginary greenhouse gas’s? How much is this costing the tax payer?These agents should be ashamed of themselves.

  243. SRV2x says:

    Screw the Federal Government. May they rot in hell.

  244. EdwinBuck says:

    They have closed this “RANGE LAND” because of a “TORTOISE”. They want to “PROTECT” this “TORTOISE” and the only way they say they can do this, is to get rid of the cattle. Our rights, as AMERICAN CITIZENS, are being trampled on every day, and the sad part of it, is that we don nothing about it.

    1. tea42 says:

      The governor should take charge of this thing, bring in the National Guard and order the feds off the property. He should protect the lives and property of Nevada’s citizens. That’s his job.
      But, don’t forget, the left controls the courts and we live by rule of law. The problem is that the law is an a$$. The governor should claim executive “discretion.” as to the law. After all the family has only lived there for 150 years.

      1. Godot says:

        And of course the stinkburger in the White House and his lap dog Holder have openly stated that they have “wide descretion” in which laws they care to enforce. If Bundy were one of Holder’s “our people” this would have taken a whole different turn, there would be “discrimination” involved. “Selective enforcement” of the law is a dumbocrat tradition.

  245. ServosT says:

    “We are with the Federal Government, and we are here to help.”

  246. Bill says:

    the government agencies are stealing everything they can from these generational rancers and the gov’t will kill these innocent USA citizen. Utah State needs to run the federal government out and protect these people from the criminal thugs the federal government has become. Thugs are thugs and federal government is clearly breaking all state and constitutional law with disregard. It must be stopped.

  247. Maideneer says:

    Can I get a WHOA BUNDY?!

  248. Shears_of_Atropos says:

    “We are with the Federal Government, and we are here to help kill you.”

  249. Feet2Fire says:

    Center for Biological Diversity??? Sounds like they want to remove the cattle so “gays” can graze… (Just kidding, but the Feds are getting more ridiculous and BOSSY by the day.)

    1. tea42 says:

      That would be the new liberal fascism. “The debate is over — you shut up and do what we say.”

    2. Shears_of_Atropos says:

      Have you ever been to that area? Millions and millions of acres, free, and Bundy is sitting on a postage stamp. I was a biologist, and his little patch is insignificant. I lived there. The tortoise is an excuse. There’s much more behind this. I am worried what it is!

  250. ObayJuan says:

    Why was the BLM originally invited into the area?

    If what Bundy says is true, that he is a better steward of the land, the BLM would simply step aside and allow him to continue, no, no, no, Bundy is causing more harm to the area then he is willing to admit and he persists in conducting business this way because it is cheaper.

    The bottom line is, Bundy is another greedy SOB that doesn’t care about anything other than his cash ledger.

    Bundy doesn’t care if he is responsible for destroying indigenous life, Bundy doesn’t care if he is the cause for another endangered species becoming extinct, as long as he can save three cents on the hoof when he goes to market. We’ve all seen this kind of villainy before.

    1. Texas_Tea_Time says:

      Enviro-nihilists care more about some invented specie of the animal kingdom than they do their fellow homosapiens.

      1. ObayJuan says:

        So, you think cows are homosapiens, what is a homosapien? What I care about is calling a dose of truth on this neo-geo-terrorist that places his profits above and beyond the needs of his fellow man and future generations. His argument is an old one that was settled a century ago and why such agencies as the BLM were created. Simply put, this guy is greedy and doesn’t want to play by the same rules as everybody else and now has mindless little sheep like you to volunteer as his patsy. Grow up Tex, be a man, for once in your miserable life.

    2. Shears_of_Atropos says:

      The BLM was invited? What the heck are you smoking?

    3. Ollie says:

      the cows are eating grass whipty doo! which grows back, and their dung feeds the turtles!

      1. ObayJuan says:

        In what world do tortoises eat cow dung? May god have mercy on your children in hopes that you feed them better.

  251. Guest says:


  252. bill says:

    too bad they aren’t illegal immigrants, then they could just claim racism & the whole issue would be swept under the rug

  253. Shears_of_Atropos says:

    The BLM will kill Bundy and family, claiming the Bundy’s shot first. Man, woman, child are to be sacrificed to the BLM regulations. Just like Randy Weaver’s wife and kid. Who will be blamed? According to the press, Bundy will be the cause of the deaths. How dare he defend his land against Obama? What was the financial value of this life? How much value is there in making an example of those who resist? Hm?

  254. Erich Eichman says:

    I hope this doesn’t turn into another Waco massacre. April 19th is just around the corner. This could be the one that sets off a full blown Revolution.

  255. jatson says:

    please NO VIOLENCE on this guy… non violence is the gun, no bullet
    this report says the guy raised the cattle on public land and refused to pay any fees… all good… BUT…
    is he giving his cattle for free back to public? after all, he used public resources for free. without the public resources, there would be no cattle.
    we don’t need to use violence on him, just jail him until he pays his due to the public…or if he refused to be jailed, just take all his cattle and send to needy people… the homeless, the low income…

  256. Syd Moran says:

    Wildlands Project

  257. Sam says:

    It’s time to start identifying government agents and any cooperating law enforcement, judges and prosecutors who in any way support this kind of action with the intent to retaliate against them in meaningful ways. If the gays can do it, so can the rest of us (Mozilla CEO). Why let these people run over us unfazed?

  258. McHebrew says:

    I wonder which well connected government official will end up owning the Bundy ranch?

    1. happy-go-lucky says:

      Robert Omugabe

    2. FLV19 says:

      Harry Reid’s fiefdom.

  259. Arnold Ziffel says:

    They stormtroopers should use their trucks to gather up the tortoises and put them someplace where they don’t interfere with people. These appointed commissars have too much power. How does a tortoise come before a human’s welfare????

  260. 1Emmit says:

    Regimes are all the same: might makes right!

  261. Yu So Wong says:

    Arrest illegal aliens not ranchers and cattle.

  262. Gary Ketterman says:

    Mr. Ketterman: You are freedom fucked. You are not a Federal Employee, therefore you are denied Constitutional and Human Rights.

    United States Federal Government

    1. gaar says:

      Another person educated in the Marxist religious propaganda centers who thinks rights are given and not taken.

      1. Gary Ketterman says:

        I have read your posts. Everyone is a Marxist to you. You are suffering from imagined threats. That is a sign of a paranoid schizophrenic. Go check yourself into a hospital.

        1. gaar says:

          I can see that you have no historical perspective.

          1. Gary Ketterman says:

            It is clear by your posts, you need medication.

          2. gaar says:

            Why do you Marxist zealots always think medication is the answer. You will find the information I am referring to in Russian history. Starting with Lenin.

          3. Gary Ketterman says:

            Call 911 before you harm yourself or somebody else.

          4. gaar says:

            Ignorance may be bliss, but certainly not worth having a conversation with.

          5. Gary Ketterman says:

            I am only trying to help you.

          6. gaar says:

            The Left Wing Marxist religious zealots are always trying to help. But it always ends up with hatred and tyranny.

          7. Gary Ketterman says:

            There, there let it all out, crying always helps.

          8. gaar says:

            My tears are for our children, our future and yes, even for your ignorance.

          9. Gary Ketterman says:

            Crocodile tears.

        2. happy-go-lucky says:

          He does the same under other names on other topics, making his war by deception

  263. gaar says:

    People have to be pretty stupid to pay tyrants to enslave them.

  264. Linda says:

    Maniacal Feds killed 100’s of these desert turtles last August. So what’s the problem? [

  265. John says:

    There are more tortoises than people and cows out there, so who’s the most endangered? You and me.
    The BLM cops couldn’t make it in the park service and the park service cops couldn’t make it in the real world.

  266. steve says:

    The BLM, like other government agencies, have never been accused of common sense or intelligent thinking

  267. TexasJester says:

    A county sheriff’s authority in his county trumps federal authority. A sheriff is the country’s highest elected law enforcement official. Not sure how the sheriff could be stymied by the feds..

    And it seems that the “endangered” tortoise is the source of most of this controversy; why don’t they remove the tortoises?? The other ranchers that pay their “fees” to graze don’t seem to be a problem..

    And how in the world can rounding up and moving almost a thousand head of cattle cost $3 MILLION?? If this were the case with all ranchers, the cost of beef would be through the roof!

    This is all about money and CONTROL. The feds are mad because they can’t control this rancher.

    1. Israel=Gods Ppl says:

      This “Rancher” doesn’t want to pay the fee’s he already owe.

      1. Ollie says:

        He said he would pay it to the state, not the illegal BML go away now!

  268. happy-go-lucky says:

    200 snipers all with a hard on for an old cowboy and his wife.

    Hey man, makes you feel special,, kinda muzzie like with your holder fatwa in your back pocket, maybe some children would show up, thats called a target rich environment, yeah boy.

  269. Jeff says:

    This land ain’t your land, it’s Federal grassland
    From California to the New York island
    From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters
    This land is closed to you and me

    1. Israel=Gods Ppl says:

      B.S! … The rancher is the one in the wrong, not the government. He admitted owing more than 300 grand, and doesn’t want to pay.

      1. Texas_Tea_Time says:

        We are not a country of the government, by the government, and for the government.

      2. Hit Manfan says:

        By what right do the have to charge him that kind of money for the land use? The improvements he makes should be enough unless he is asking for exclusive rights.

      3. OttoZeit says:

        I guess you missed the part about his land rights pre-dating the Gov’t’s assertion of authority over the property in 1934.

  270. Bulldog says:

    Two hundred feds out to kill a rancher? I think all Nevadans who care about freedom should take what is necessary to that ranch and give the feds a dose of old fashioned American justice.

    1. My 2 Cents says:

      Both political parties work very hard to make sure no Americans will be challenging the feds. They are militarizing every agency and police force, using the NSA to spy on everyone, etc. The Washington political establishment plans to keep things very tightly locked-down so no one “gets any ideas” about standing up for their rights.

      1. paperpushermj says:

        Sad but True

      2. Bulldog says:

        You’re one hundred percent correct. Now, we all understand the orders of billions of rounds of hollow point ammo ordered by the feds the past few months. By the way, hollow point ammo was outlawed by the Geneva Convention years ago for the damage it can inflict.

  271. dixiesuzan says:

    So when will they napalm the ranch site to protect the desert tortoise from the Bundy family?

  272. Itstoolate says:

    If you ever wondered, this is exactly why the corrupt bastards in DC purchased all of those hollow points… The Nevada ranchers should see how much Harry will help them….

  273. Barrhoid says:

    Time again for a government muscle flex already?

  274. NoMoLies says:

    All Americans in the area should arm themselves and go down to flank the feds and chase them off. What we have here is organized crime and abuse of the American people. If we do nothing to help this guy then no one will say anything when they come and abuse you. And they will….

  275. SoCalMike says:

    We should get moderators for presidential debates who would ask candidates questions about abolishing agencies like these thugs and parasites have morphed into. I’m sick of the EPA, IRS and BLM.
    Fire them!

  276. paperpushermj says:

    Does anyone know if the Privately owned Ranch house is on Federal Or State Lands.

  277. justin burnett says:

    Maybe a lot of federal agents need to die before they realize they can’t do whatever they want and ruin peoples lives. We have strength in numbers.

  278. Joe Stephens says:

    Lets pray they dont turn the bundy family into the next weaver family. Haricho shot that dangerous woman holding an assault baby.

  279. Bob Leahy says:

    200? Really? What a bunch of cowards!

  280. Bob Leahy says:

    Stand your ground! The American people support you! Please start a cattle fund so that we can replenish your cattle so that you will not be forced into poverty like the feds do to so many other American families.

  281. Bob Leahy says:

    Where do I give a donation to a cattle fund to replenish this farmers cattle????

  282. briscuit says:

    Get the fluck of his land you bastards!!!

  283. Bob Leahy says:

    Past time for HOLDER to go!

  284. Jo says:

    You have to stand with Bundy on this. It all comes down to money. I don’t believe race should be bought into this, while not disagreeing with some of the comments, I just think we should stick to the safety & rights of this family. I don’t want to see any blood spilled over this. But I have a feeling the Fed. Gov. is going to start a Civil War. I salute Mr. Bundy for standing his ground. I don’t even want to think what will happen if one shot is fired. I pray the men who work for the Federal Gov. will have the courage to say no to orders. They will not fire on an American citizen over land or anything else. Thats the only way this thing will end. God help this family.

    1. CFLAP says:

      They didn’t have any problem attacking and killing women and children in Waco…..

      1. Jo says:

        Waco was a totally different thing. I don’t agree on how it was handled at all. I don’t believe it was intentionally done, but at this point that is neither here nor there. Times are a lot different now and because of Waco they are not going to make the same mistakes. At least I hope not.

  285. cmsland says:

    So let me get this straight. 900 head of cattle are doing irreparable harm to wildlife but 200 Federal agents, many on horseback, are doing no damage? If indeed, the cattle are doing harm, which I doubt, then these Federal invaders are compounding the problem. Shouldn’t they be arrested and fined?

  286. dbt3481 says:

    Funny how the tortoises managed to survive the previous 100+ years but now require armed intervention from the SS our federal government has become.

    Another day, another lie. The left in America is power hungry, insane and out of control.

  287. Patrick O McCoy says:

    God have mercy on us. Obama’s Socialist Nationalist state means to erase any, and all opposition. Somewhere down the road we we be like Cambodia losing three millipn people. If it happens here, where do we go? We will keep losing freedoms one at a time till final solution is applied. Pray for miracle of God’s intervention that we have more time, and Constitution be restored. Obama also understands the anger of the Muslims, himself being a closet Muslim, among other things.

  288. Hoof Harted says:

    The tortoise is nocturnal, and spends most of its time underground. It survived the bison herds in the past. The cattle are not a serious threat.

    The government is a threat.

  289. John Edwards says:

    One name: Randy Weaver. Victimized by a government out of control. Its time for bullets to start flying.

  290. anti_nihilist says:

    1. The desert Tortoise is not “endangered.”
    2. The best thing that happened for this type of turtle was that the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center has been defunded. This facility caused an epidemic in its 1,400 turtle population. At least 1/2 of this population will be euthanized by the time the facility closes its doors at the end of 2014.
    3. The governor of this state is supposedly a Republican, and should be on this like a fly on poo.
    4. The fee is $1.35 per cow (or cow & calf) per month.
    I despise lefty environmentalists, entitlement seeking people, and big government socio fascism. It seems here, all three have come together.

  291. Neils Clausen says:

    Remember that feninazi obama hired to run the dept of interior? Well, there you have just one more member of the greased machine out to murder americans rights. Since this is clark county, harry reeds district, id imagine he cares not, as this opens the land up to his friends and family, just like instances past. Read about this last piece with his grandkids. Then read back into his background concerning his sons, as attorneys, as benefactors to carefully crafted legislation. Just follow the money here.

  292. vermincelli says:

    groups are gathering to head there now. If 200 armed Feds are surrounding him and his family, then 400+ will soon be surrounding those 200.

  293. Phuckthefed says:

    Hell ya If I lived there I would gather all my neighbors and flank those pieces of gov crap. It is time to wake up America its getting ready to implode!

  294. Bolec_Slodkie says:

    They can steal cows and post snipers to protect a turtle but they can’t protect our borders?

  295. BillyBaloo says:

    Where is Harry Reid during all of this? He is hiding behind his little podium calling everyone a lier

  296. Arden Hale says:

    I am a conservative environmentalist and if the tortoises are in a place where they are in danger, move them to a reserve. What I hate most about environmental issues is that frequently both sides demonstrate raw stupidity. How much unoccupied land is there in Nevada? And the Federal government and a rancher have to fight over one tiny spot. Grow up act like adults and compromise.

  297. FL_Stingray says:

    I wish I had Bundy’s stones.
    In fact, I wish far more Americans did as well

  298. CFLAP says:

    The Governor should call out the national guard i.e. the militia, and arrest the federal agents. If they fire on the guard, fire back.

  299. CFLAP says:


  300. Todd Northrop says:

    One of these times it’s going to be the last straw. Thousands of Americans will surge on whatever unlawful act the Feds are doing. It’s close. And they know it.

    1. Crispyone says:

      What about the unlawful act of this azzwipe? It’s not his land. It’s not his ranch. It’s federal land that belongs to all of us and this azzwipe admits that he owes over $300k for using it but refuses to pay. How about you rent me a room in your house and I refuse to pay and after 3 years then claim…It’s my house?

  301. ripeforchange says:

    Back in 1887 his ancestors would have shot the bas%^$ds!

  302. obadiahlynch says:

    LOL .. ‘snipers are patrolling the family’s ranch’ .. Nut cases.

    1. The Clampdown says:

      Was Randy Weaver a nut case when the same fed sniped his wife, baby in hand, for no reason?

      1. obadiahlynch says:

        Ohfergawdsake get a grip. This isn’t Randy Weaver, it’s a trespasser with cows. And yes, Randy Weaver was (and probably is; I have no idea if he’s even still alive) a nut case.

    2. Crispyone says:

      And it’s not “THEIR RANCH”…It’s federal land owned by the citizens of the US. This guy is nothing more than a squatter who willingly admits he owes over $300k for use of the land. Phuk him and his inbreed Mormon offspring.

      1. obadiahlynch says:

        Yeup. He’s “bleedin’ the beast” as these anti-Americans like to call it. The idea is, the federal gummint is evil, so as much as you can steal from it is a good thing.
        They don’t feel the same way about poor people that get food stamps, of course. Unless it’s their own kids out of their sister wives; then they’re all for it.
        It’s a contemptible culture all around.

  303. chris m says:

    if the governor of Nevada had any balls he would order the state police to that area and not only escort armed BLM and other agents out of that area but out of the state!!! What a spineless pu$$!

    1. Tyrone Shoelaces says:

      yeah what happened to state’s rights? Oh yeah, it’s Harry Reid’s state, not the peoples….

  304. slrassoc says:

    The names of the federal agents that were there should be published and armed citizen should go round them up and arrest them. Then go get the person that ordered it all.

  305. JallopyMacfurry says:

    Those young men who threaten this family, if hurt as a result, will deserve it. I pray *against* these leftist cowards.

    1. Crispyone says:

      And if any young man just doing his job is hurt by this freeloaders kin and those kin end up hurt as a result, will deserve it. This guy is a freeloader squatting on federal land that belongs to all Americans. Yet, this jack-off and his family think it’s “Our ranch”. He readily admits he OWES $300K for use of the land but refuses to pay it. Guess what? If I owe $300k in back taxes the feds are gonna seize my assets just like they are seizing this guys cattle.

      1. JallopyMacfurry says:

        So you’re saying the issue of the desert turtle is incorrect? I thought this was another of the Left’s, putting animals before people and/or land ownership? If I’m wrong in this case, I’m wrong.

      2. JallopyMacfurry says:

        “Bundy estimates the unpaid fees total about $300,000. He notes that his Mormon family’s 19th century melon farm and ranch operation in surrounding areas predates creation of the BLM in 1946.”

        So he doesn’t owe that money, because it was being charged unjustly.

        And it IS about putting a turtle before this family, and also, spending millions of other people’s earnings (taxes) to round up cows and throw their (The centralized State) weight around. You are wrong, it is sick, and inherently un-American what is happening.

        Read more here:

  306. Just Another Guy says:

    If the family were black or homosexual, the government would not intervene.

    1. Bytor says:

      or liberal, or environmentalist….

  307. 2ndprotectsall says:

    What time does the revolution start?

  308. JimmieMee says:

    I guess we will just sit and watch the feds kill a few more citizens?

  309. BKBroiler says:

    He will go down like a bizatch because Americans are too cowardly to go and stand by this man. This whole episode will be completely forgotten by the masses in 3 months. It’s easy to talk big behind a computer, but 99.999% of these people who support him wouldn’t get off of their lazy butts and fight for anything. Americans are owned.

    1. Tyrone Shoelaces says:

      its easily forgotten when not a single media outlet is picking this travesty up. It’s a shame we have gotten so spineless.
      But I’ll bet the libs would be all over it if it was a gay resort, or a homeless encampment or an illegal alien ‘basecamp’.
      For shame

  310. Gary Rinaldi says:

    When is the last reported death of a tortoise by cow ? This idea of closing off land to protect some life form is bull shazitt , and now the favorite tactic of the eviro Mental nuts to deprive people rights .

  311. Killer B says:

    Who’s got the O rope?

  312. Crispyone says:

    Let’s get real people….It’s not “His ranch”…It’s not “His land”…It’s the American taxpayers land and the American taxpayer (through the BLM) had agreed to lease the land to him. He refused to pay and just decided it was his land no matter what. He readily admits that he owes at least $300k for the use of the land. If I owed $300k in back taxes I’d be in prison and nobody would be standing up for me. He’s a phuking freeloader as far as I’m concerned.

    1. Love-UR-Country says:

      If they struck oil there the turtles would be in soup – and oil companies pay so much in taxes LOLs – this the farmer – ur food supply.

      1. Crispyone says:

        First off, he’s not a farmer. He’s a rancher. And there is a reason he’s the last cattle rancher in Southern Nevada. Any rancher with a brain has moved to better areas to raise cattle.

        1. Booshcat says:


  313. Khan Tienshanman says:

    This guy has no right to this land. It belongs to all Americans as does the rest of the public land in the American West. Read your history. It was federal land long before the Western states even existed. And a good thing too, because if the states had controlled that land it would have been given and away to cronies for nothing and exploited to ruin. Furthermore, this guy cannot even cough up the piddly rental fee he owes, which by the way is far below market value and hence a US government subsidy to ranchers. He, like many ranchers and farmers, are fine with sucking from the public trough as they have for decades. Their motto is: Get our to here, but give us money! Get rid of him.

    1. Tyrone Shoelaces says:

      Guess what Khan -the people won’t get to use it either now that the government has it. This guy’s family has worked the land for over 100 years. the turtles and the cows have gotten along just fine. this is a government grab, plain and simple and if you don’t see it for what it is, then you, my liberal friend, are part of the problem.

    2. ConsirvaWarrior says:

      I hope you haven’t grown attached to food. You’ll be needing a large garden, fruit trees, cattle, pigs, and chickens if you plan to keep eating after we ‘get rid of’ the greedy farmers. Then you can pay the ‘piddly’ fines and taxes that are bankrupting the generations-old farms where Americans work every day from sun up to well after the sun goes down to put food on our tables. They take all the risk, you take none.

      1. Khan Tienshanman says:

        They don’t work to put food on my table. They work for money, like everybody else. Don’t sugar coast this issue by trying to imagine farmers, kneeling at their bedsides at night and asking for advice on how they can best feed me. That’s naive and just plain stupid.

  314. Bytor says:

    So what is Janet Reno doing these days? Did she stealth back into TOTUS’ administration as deputy AG?

  315. texas57 says:

    Not to be funny, but I call BULLSHIT on the government in this one……

  316. kmandingo says:

    I actually have to side with the BLM on this one.

  317. RandyB1 says:

    Okay, we no longer have the 1st and 2nd ammendment rights. So, Lois Learner can forget about execising her 5th ammendment rights.

  318. Nozzle says:

    Must not graze your cattle on the King’s land!!! Two hundred armed agents is reminiscent of Nazi Germany…I will blame democrats, republican’s and especially Obama for this abuse of power…

    1. Love-UR-Country says:

      Hitler loved the FARMER idolized him -These people are Idiots

  319. Joe says:

    And some people believe we are not loosing our freedom!

  320. cycleman52 says:

    Blood will be on your hands Obama. You will not get away with this one

  321. Love-UR-Country says:

    This is Your FOOD People in Europe mainly Greece survived by the Kindness of the local Farmer. How about all the people Egypt they were rioting over the price of food Sky rocketing and still do.

    The Farmer is UNDER attack and these Federal agents attacking this farmer should take an IQ test.

    The Governor he is coward he should have the state POLICE down there yesterday. Again this is the FOOD supply – I guess enjoy while it last.

    Even Hitler Idolized the FARMER – Remember one thing they steal this mans land it goes to an international farm guess what they will steal another and your food will be shipped internationally (free Trade).

    God Bless

  322. redwolf6911 says:

    These federal agencies are out of control and are using the courts to harass, intimidate, threats, and armed force against the citizens of our country. This is horrible. It will take a hard nosed Republican President and Republican Congress to start taking back our country and kicking these liberals and their regulations to the curb. Ted Cruz comes to mind.

  323. Gordon Crisp says:

    ‘None dare call it fascism’.

  324. rightcall says:

    not a smidgen

  325. potusWORTHLESS says:

    Does taking 230 cattle pay for the crime?

  326. eyesjamesq says:

    Need volunteers to help?

  327. Steven Seagull says:

    This is going to turn into another WACO.

  328. Gordon Crisp says:

    Note to self, ‘stop commenting on the news.’

  329. Reason8200 says:

    I disagree with the blm’s argument about doing all of this for a turtle. Much of the land out there isn’t useful for much else but grazing. It’s not clear in the story who the land belongs to. Is it the ranchers or is it federal land. In part if the story the author calls it the ranchers land, then calls it federal land in another part.

    1. Cyberats says:

      Government and Religions can own NO LAND in a free republic.

      1. Reason8200 says:

        I should have said control, but Control or own what’s the difference.

  330. Cyberats says:

    The shots have been fired, long before this incident, let all men capable of carrying a rifle, show up armed in his defense or forever suffer the consequences of failing to act.

  331. meanmarine says:

    Where does Senator Harry Reid stand on this issue after all it’s one of his constituents involved in this altercation.

    1. oblabla says:

      Seriousely, you are kidding, yes ?

      1. meanmarine says:

        if you believe i am serious i have a bridge i would like to sell you.have a great day.

  332. oblabla says:

    Ah think i’ll mosey out yonder to Nevada an give ole Bundy a hand. I a recon he could use an extra hand or so.

  333. SonoranSnoozer says:

    If he doesn’t own the land, what right does he have to let the cattle graze there? Just wondering…

    1. gildersleeve says:

      It is open range and no one owns it. It is the peoples land. If cattle do not grase on it, the fire danger goes up and there is no down side to its use. It is in the middle of no where and someone in government just wants to show they have the biggest stick…………Sad as h e l l.

      1. Nic says:

        According to the article, it is on Lake Mead National Recreation Area. That makes it federal land and Constitutionally under control of Congress.

  334. Nic says:

    At first, I thought all of this was happening on the guy’s personal property, but it is on national lands. Congress, according to the Constitution under Article I, has authority over national lands.

    1. mrbill says:

      Doesn’t it seem a little weird that the US Government “owns” 90% of a state? The government didn’t pay for it. It is supposed to be “commons”. By law, for instance, if you find gold on that land, you can stake a claim and “own” the mineral rights, and have the right to extract the gold. It sounds a little wild to someone who has lived in the supurbs or the east coast, but that’s the way it is out there. Use equals ownership.

      1. Nic says:

        I just checked on a map. Indeed there is quite a lot of national lands in Nevada. I don’t think it is 90% though. I’ve been searching for info on this current situation, and it seems like Bundy just doesn’t want to pay the grazing fees and has started crying 1st Amendment fouls to detract from the cause of his problems and to generate sympathy. If this was happening on his own private property, then I would support him. However this is happening on federal lands. The Constitution giving Congress authority over federal lands was written before the Moron religion started. I don’t see how he can claim ancestral ownership. If we follow that line of logic, American Indians would have first dibs. As far as use, may someone take my property, start using it, and suddenly have legal ownership of it?

        1. Love-UR-Country says:

          No such thing as federal land and there is a reason for that and when you do not have water you will be in knoiw

          1. Nic says:

            Not so. Under Article I section 8 of the U.S.Constitution, the 17th enumerated power expressly given to Congress details the purchase of lands by the federal government from the states and the authority of the federal government over said land. Water rights, mineral rights, etc. of which I believe you are implying, doesn’t have merit in this particular case.

    2. Love-UR-Country says:

      There is actually no such thing in federal land and there is a reason for it a go one you are going to find out.

  335. Jose Ortega says:

    This is part of Imam Obama’s plan to redistribute more than 10 million acres of federal lands to the 20 million new immigrant citizens he is going to create. Obama wants to give each family a FREE 1/2 acre homesteads with a $150,000 voucher for the purchase of a new home. Technically the voucher is a forgivable loan provided the family resides in the same location for 20 years. This program will be made available ONLY to Latinos who have become naturalized under the Deam Act, and American blacks.
    Whites and Asians are excluded from this program. The money for the new construction voucher will come from the logging industry as they must pay for the trees they harvest. Imam Obama want economic equality for all American citizens. Imam Obama believes that rich people do not have the right to hoard excess wealth.

    1. Love-UR-Country says:

      They did that in South Africa – check it out they went from a net exporter of food to a net importer of food sure they had homes on old farm land but they had no food.

      This is TRUE — Obama may truly be from Africa

  336. gildersleeve says:

    Now you know why the fed is buying up all the ammo. This has to stop and the government is answerable to the people, not the other way around…………Sick of the Obama administration.

  337. Booshcat says:

    Another assault on the people who made this country great. The ranchers and the farmers.

  338. Rifleman says:

    If people need to know how to oust a dictator just look to the middle east like Egypt . America has never really ever had to deal with such a dictator before.

  339. Mac Sterling says:

    Any one still wondering why the “non military” branches of the government are getting all the “military” equipment?

  340. JDStill says:

    Hmmm! Thems some nice, spiffy looking firearms and equipment them boys got, nice horses and trucks too, wonder how much ammo they carrying? Just like lookin in a sears catalogue!

  341. Booshcat says:

    Nuke the Hippies

  342. SemperFlyBoy says:

    This is it? This is the way the Feds piss away our money, steal property and harass our citizens? This is another example of way too much unnecessary federal bureaucracy. We can hope this ends well but it is not looking good right now.

  343. Ned says:

    So…200 officers to defend the noble tortoise against a rancher and his family? I wonder how these tactical teddies would fare against an actual threat instead of innocent civilians.

    1. Ukiyoe says:

      guess we are about to find out, there’s only so far a people can be pushed before they push back and Hard !

  344. NOYFB says:

    Remember Ruby Ridge! Remember Waco!

  345. lenny says:

    Why don’t they take the 200 men and guard the boarders?

    1. Barrhoid says:

      And lose all those votes?!

  346. sbark says:

    Declare as gay……..problem solved

  347. CitizensKB says:

    The Center for Bio Diversity is the most radical offensive earth first organization in the country. It is their tactic to push people off their lands even where there is no environmental justification. They bring suit against anyone and sue the government to enforce their agenda of removing farmers, ranchers and individuals from their own property and public property.
    These people are fascists and will lie, cheat, and steal to accomplish their goals.

    1. Prospector says:

      Look into the revolving door between federal regulators and NGOs like the CBD. They learn how to scrw the taxpayer at taxpayers’ expense and then make a fortune in the “non-profit” sector.

  348. Prospector says:

    It’s another skirmish in the ongoing war on America. Read up on the Fortymile Raid incident in Alaska last fall:

  349. Keith Smooth Lefebvre says:

    The latest, these people need rifles.not cameras.

  350. DallenH says:

    Wake up Americans! The EPA and Government that wants to regulate cow farts, every puddle of water, etc. is going to impact our ability to even feed our country. Food is already through the roof over the last several years. The freakin’ Desert Turtle has been surviving, dealing with wild horses and other creatures for hundreds of years. Now we need big government and snipers for it to survive? REALLY?
    Also, we can put 200 officers to stop cattle from federal lands, but we can’t stop the flow of illegals on our Southern border?
    Tired of the lies, the politics, and the overall BS. Please vote in 2014 for candidates that not only talk but that have actions aligned with those words.

    PS. Since you’re in Nevada I’d tell them to call their Senator, but Dirty Harry is too much of a Koch addict to be of any help to the rancher.

    1. Ukiyoe says:

      Fvck the vote invest in precious metal instead, lead and antimony !

    2. Musashi5000 says:

      These “candidates” you speak of don’t exist.

    3. Seldom Seen Kid says:

      Agree wholeheartedly! Love your last statement! LOL!!

  351. Daniel says:

    The governor should call out the NG and run the feds off.

    1. Mark edward marchiafava says:

      but won’t.

    2. the great kazoo says:

      The sheriff should deputize a possee.

      Instead he is making it real easy for his opponent in the next election.

      Sheriff is the biggest slot on the ballot going forward…

  352. The Rancher owes the Federal Government 300K to million. How much has the Federal Government spent to get that money? 200 x 3 weeks + helicopters, etc. = $300K to million or more.

  353. JungleCogs says:

    Welcome to the world of King Obama and the Democrat Party..

  354. cwgf says:

    Tyranny from a rogue, outlaw, corrupt federal government that has zero respect for the United States Constitution. It is time to unite and put the bastrds in a cage.

    1. Ukiyoe says:

      Long Past time to! time to unite and watch our Flag ascend !

  355. John Smith says:


    In the 60s, anti-whites flooded EVERY White country with millions of non-whites.

    Then anti-whites forced White people to “integrate” with all those non-whites or face penalties for being “racistnaziswhowanttokill6millionjews.”

    Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days until White children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE.

    Diversity is a Code Word for White Genocide.

  356. sirgareth says:

    Why is the federal government “managing” grazing land.

    This land must be sold off at market prices and the entire BLM simply laid off and the doors closed. What are they doing for the citizen of the USA?

    If they are doing nothing for us why do we have to pay them?

  357. alexandron says:

    I’m surprised that the Bureau of Land Management is not making a case against the Center for Biological Diversity for segregating the tortoises and the cattle from each other. Don’t they understand the term “diversity”? It seems both organizations are saying “They want cattle? Let them eat tortoises!”

  358. Tom Orzechowski says:

    Wow…How do these guys federal employees sleep at night. They are evil.

  359. Henry2000 says:

    Seems like this federal agency has plenty of manpower and budget, they should be reassigned to do border patrol instead.

    1. Ukiyoe says:

      Maybe on the way, they can scoop up those in country boarder patrol check points and show them where the boarder is . they seem confused about their purpose in life !

    2. the great kazoo says:

      Or maybe we should release them into the freedom of obamacare.

  360. David_from_San_Diego says:

    I would pay good money to personally shove 20 or 30 “endangered turtles” up Rob Mrowka’s posterior … and then to do the same to the head of the BLM.

    1. ReagansZombie says:

      Let me apologize on the behalf of the good people of San Diego. David does not speak for us, we are better than that. Unless of course he is from SD TX, then it makes sense.

    2. feston says:

      David, so you don’t upset the environmentalist, try using the rigid ramrod of reality. Environmentally sound, and a lot more painful.

  361. vin testaccio says:

    This is so sad. We are losing our liberty are a very rapid pace now. And to hell we the arms bearing federal employees. The road to tyranny is paved with people “just doing their jobs”.

  362. Love-UR-Country says:

    People – Not one person has asked this who is the CRAZY judge or comrade I should say? What is the Judges name address and the community should not speak or go near this person. They should not wait on this person in a store, restaurant just not go them. They are aiding and abiding in destroying the FOOD supply in this country – If people riot because they can not afford food come get me after you get the judges and cops that shut the food supply down.

    1. ReagansZombie says:

      have you been to a tea party rally? We got plenty of food.

      1. JoJoJams says:

        ^^Fiddling as Rome begins to burn.^^

  363. David Vazquez says:

    I wish someone would simply go out and find every last stupid endangered turtle and flush them all. That way, it would no longer be endangered, it would be extinct. So no more reason to attempt to “protect” it.

    1. Ukiyoe says:

      i’m thinking Soup:)

    2. ReagansZombie says:

      I feel the same way about Republicans. Solidarity my brother!

      1. JoJoJams says:

        I feel that way about many republicans as well, and also most of the democrats….

    3. Jon_Babtist says:

      They would just come up with a different animal or plant.
      It’s a scam and usually has not real justification. The absurdity that cattle aren’t going to leave enough vegetation for the poor little turtles is laughable.

      1. JoJoJams says:

        Especially since they’ve been grazing the land for over a hundred years, and the turtles are doing fine…..

  364. Attila says:

    Human’s: 0
    Endangered cockroaches: 10
    Obama’s America.

    1. ReagansZombie says:

      Sorry for your luck. This human (well, technically a zombie) is doing just fine. Maybe you should try harder?

      1. Ordinary Joe says:

        ^ OboneheadZombie ^ – again

  365. Jon_Babtist says:

    “Environmentalists” would shut down every cattle ranch, hydraulic fracturing operation and coal fired power plant in America if they had their way. As well they would destroy most if not all hydroelectric dams, leaving America without the energy to run a nation. And these are the morons who are guiding the schmuck in the White House.

  366. FL350 says:

    Waco 2014, the sequel: This Time it’s All About the Beef.

  367. james says:

    This is federal land. The Mormons (who love federal subsidies) have traditionally tried to insist that they have a right to claim federal land. They don’t. The land belongs to all United States citizens, not just to members of a seedy cult.

    1. Evan Dickinson says:

      Why is it federal land?

    2. JoJoJams says:

      Well, this citizen hereby relinquishes his “right” to my share of that land, so this rancher can graze his cattle there. And by the sounds of the majority of the posts here, I think we have enough to overcome the young fools who don’t even realize it’s THEIR land, too, not the federal governments! ~

  368. ReagansZombie says:

    So every other rancher in the west plays by the rules, but this @zzh0le thinks he is above all that? He reminds me of the border crossers who think the law does not apply to them. F him

  369. V S says:

    All the best to the Bundy family and their cause, resist the government pigs and cerrs.

  370. cincinnatius says:

    What do you think would happen if around 300,000 armed citizens showed up to counteract the aggression shown by the government?

    1. ReagansZombie says:

      We would be quickly unburdened of 300,000 worthless rednecks, I would reckon. But alas, it wont happen. Coors light is on sale at the Piggly Wiggly, and dancing with the stars comes on at 8.

      1. Juvenal2 says:

        Your “worthless rednecks” are the ones who slave their lives away to pay for Obama voters’ EBT cards. I know you’ve been waiting your whole life to see the ovens fired up for these people, but have you given any thought to who will pay for your phone sex?

        1. ReagansZombie says:

          I got your wife on speed dial. No problemo!

      2. Juvenal2 says:

        My wife was telling me that”some needy, entitled b¡tch” was harassing her on her cell phone. I thought maybe it was somebody from Komen.

      3. Ordinary Joe says:

        ^ OboneheadZombie ^

  371. Jon_Babtist says:

    The government is buying billions and billions of bullets for the bureaucrats. They are not arming to protect Americans, the bullets are to be used exclusively against the citizens.
    Get use to it.

  372. 338LapuaAI says:

    200 armed nazis? Really?

    What is the threat here? They don’t use that sort of force against the criminals who flood our border.

  373. Michael J. Friedman says:

    First they did it in Waco, then Ruby Ridge, and now this. We the people are really suppose to trust our government?

  374. feston says:

    Time for the Federal government to be dismantled and power returned to the States where our founders put it in the first place.

    Wake up America

  375. stvw says:

    Seems like complete overkill on the part of the federal government. but on the other hand, I wouldn’t think that Bundy would have much of a legal leg to stand on. According to the article, he once had agreed to pay grazing fees, and he was in fact paying them before he decided to “fire” the BLM.

    That sounds a little strange. Nobody “fires” a federal government entity.

    1. XonXoff says:

      “Nobody “fires” a federal government entity.”

      It’s time to start.

    2. the great kazoo says:

      That’s what we need – more people thinking outside the box…

  376. DEC says:

    What does the worthless Harry Reid have to say about this?

  377. DEC says:

    A government that has to use armed force on its citizens to implement its policies will ALWAYS find those citizens will eventually start using their own guns on that tyrannical government.

    1. JoJoJams says:

      Which is why they have been, and still are, trying so hard to take away our guns….

  378. ac287149 says:

    What a dreadful wake-up call that most Americans will never hear thanks to a complicit information media. At least, here’s something that neither W Bush nor Obama are responsible for.

    Keep those fingers crossed that there’s no shooting from those 200 fed agents. This is how stuff like the Elian Gonzalez fiasco, Ruby Ridge, and Waco start. And just think, Eric Holder is in top level management at DoJ again, just like he was then! And in front of a Congressional hearing, he recently claimed broad powers of interpretation for US laws. Fingers crossed here too.

  379. What's up SON YEAH says:

    I had never even heard of the BLM until this whole ordeal..

    I’ve sure heard about Wåco and Rüby Ridge though…

    I’m always down for sticking it to the man but this guy had better be darn careful.

  380. Anni Mock says:

    Sounds very familiar to the Mt Graham endangered red squirrel VS Vatican = Vatican won & built a telescope they named l.u.c.i.f.e.r. oddddddd

  381. CenCalDevil says:

    The feds will joyfully execute this man and his entire family if allowed to do so.
    Not sure how any self respecting federal “agent” can wage war against their fellow citizens without cause other than some twisted judges order or the command by a vile bureaucrat pos sitting behind some desk.

  382. Richard Tater says:

    11 million illegals break the law and our worthless government wants to give them free health insurance. The Tree of Liberty is thirsty.

  383. Andrew Clayterman says:

    Fine.. fine.. take the cows.. maybe WE will get a group together and kill all those F’n tortises.. you greedy [email protected]@rd Gov!

  384. Ken Brown says:

    Fu*k the federal agents!!

  385. Andrew Clayterman says:

    “the Center for Biological Diversity” lefty tree hugging swishes.. maybe a visit with a few ranchers would “set them straight” .. fey sons-of-b1tches!

  386. Dandee says:

    Too bad the BLM doesn’t know how to secure our borders. They seem capable of rounding up some cows. Wonder if they have started using the cow fart capturer.

  387. revoltiscoming says:

    The only criminals here are the Feds. To bad no one wants to out gun these little terrorist agents that hide behind their cracker jack badges. Since the feds get to decide what to do with our land why don’t we get to decide what they do with our taxable income? I didnt approve my money to be wasted for entitlement spending!! So many acronyms are out of contol these days. When will Paul Revere ride again?

  388. Anon says:

    A pretty good example of why the US budget needs to be cut….preferably to zero. When was the last time the federal government did something positive, or at least tolerable? Years? Decades? Simply put, they use 100% of the budge to make mischief, even commit crime….some of those crimes threaten to unite much of the world against us, as the new Nazi bad guys on the wrong side of a world war. And who would pay the price of losing such a war? Go look in the mirror for the answer.
    A good solution is to simply cut off their funds or at least drastically reduce them. Things could only improve.

    1. DrBobNM says:

      they are controlling transmission. They control the horizontal. vertical, and contrast. We are screwed.

      1. the great kazoo says:

        I guess there’s nothing left for you to do but roll over and die then…

        Go drink another glass of coolaid…

        1. DrBobNM says:

          can’t stand the stuff. I do know an unfair futile fight when I see one.

          1. the great kazoo says:

            Then you are already a slave.

            Bleed out swinging….

          2. DrBobNM says:

            you know nothing of me. Luckily.

          3. the great kazoo says:

            I know from your comments that you realize your country is under attack from within yet you take a defeatist tone.

          4. DrBobNM says:

            one must bide one’s time. The one’s charging at the front line (which you seem hell bent on doing) will be mowed down, and their legacy will be one of domestic terrorist.

          5. the great kazoo says:

            ” domestic terrorists”, eh troll?

            The ones who are charging into the breech would be proud to die for the freedom of others (your freedoms) and are not afraid to stare down a bunch of overbearing bullies who trample on not just the ranchers rights, but YOUR rights too.
            Those agents say to YOU: here’s a tiny little box for you to exercise your rights – either get in it or shut up, before we sic the dog on you.

            Piss on you if you think that is ok.
            And once again, I mock you as a coward for figuratively rolling over and offering your spincter as tribute to the ‘heroic’ stormtroopers.

          6. DrBobNM says:

            I’m no troll, just the voice of reason. You sound like a lunatic. Go offer yourself as cannon fodder. That would be a positive move for the more rational. Would cull the stupid ones in the quest to return the US to its once great status.

          7. the great kazoo says:

            Oh! So “culling the ‘stupid’ ones” will restore us to ‘greatness’? And expressing outrage is akin to lunacy, eh? this is your prescription Dr.?

            I got news for you nancy, we still are great only because we ARE the country that stands for liberty & human dignity. Not because we cower and hide when threatened.

            At least some of us, and maybe only for the time being, and partly because of apologists like yourself.

            Plainly, the reality of this tyranny taking place in Nevada does not bother you much, and if it was up to you government paramilitary units sealing off highways and attacking citizens with dogs over trivial fees and tortises that may or may not be intimidated by cows is a perfectly fine and normal way to live.

            For others, it is an insult, and an unacceptable breach of the social contract that bound us together as a nation and propelled us to greatness. The constitution is the law that is being trampled and must be upheld – without it, these millions of other laws are meaningless.

            Think about how common and blatant these oppressive events have become…!

            the founding fathers, I’m sure, would also be disappointed in your lack of outrage. Your words here only serve to encourage tyrants.

          8. DrBobNM says:

            “..we ARE the country that stands for liberty & human dignity…” indeed. But running into a buzzsaw is not what earned America her freedom. Your anger and desire to be a ‘tough guy’ is clouding your judgement, if you had any to begin with. I would bet not. There is a place and a time. Brute force attempts from the clearly outgunned will not do it.

          9. the great kazoo says:

            Oh dear! They’re armed with buzz saws now! Does somebody have a clean diaper for Bob?

            Actually Bob, our forefathers were simply brave amature rabble that took on and beat the greatest army in the world at that time.

            Except for one guy called nurse bob. He just hid under the outhouse.

            As for being outgunned – that would be the feds. There’s only @ 200k nationwide under arms. If you took just the guys that registered to hunt in the state of Wisconsin last year, they would make the forth largest army in the world.

            And if you really think that all law enforcement and military would stand on the side of the tyrants, then you’re nuts.
            The cops I talk to say they would not, and put the rest at under 10%.

            Whoever among them thinks they will recieve the same benefit of the doubt that we gave them after waco and ruby ridge, or the revelations of government spying, grandma groping at the airports, and murdering of illegal campers, are also sadly mistaken.

            They are naked and under scrutiny. And they know it.

            Just admit that you don’t want to risk your cushy life over trivial freedoms that you have long abandoned bob.

            But the Bundys in Nevada seem to still be attached to theirs.
            I’m proud of them for it.

          10. DrBobNM says:

            “…forefathers were simply brave amature rabble…” they were for the most part rich aristocrats that knew that under George they could not prosper. (btw its amateur, but I hate the spelling/grammar police) For the most part, I agree with what you are saying, but the time to stand is not now.

          11. the great kazoo says:


          12. DrBobNM says:

            thought you might like this…


            listen to what the guy says about taking a gun (initially) to the fight (toward the end). Here is a guy who understands about buzzsaws, and has his butt along with the other ranchers in mind. He wants the feds to fire the first round, and then its all bets off. That’s when the odds (and outrage) will turn in the patriot’s favor.

          13. the great kazoo says:

            Where’s your buzzsaw now bob?

            Looks like the free people confronted the tyrants head on (just like I been saying) and the tyrants backed down (just as I predicted).

            Standing up to them IS the new paradigm shift, and they will obey the constitution or else…

            Now that THAT has been settled, let’s tend to the fallout of treasonous discoveries about the real underlying cause of this blatant disregard for everything sacred and begin the process of collecting scalps.

            Senator harry Reid would be a good place to start, followed by the county commissioner, top officials at the blm, agents of the Chinese solar company, and perhaps even members of the Walmart family who also are rumored to be linked in documents to have ‘donated’ a large sum of cash to squash this rancher…

            See Bob – the best way to deal with a bully is to stand your ground. Not bide your time & see if he goes away…

          14. DrBobNM says:

            right you are. I’m impressed with the ranchers, and the fear of the feds not to have another waco or ruby ridge. Reid and his sons are skum supreme.

          15. DrBobNM says:

            here is the video. Did you notice the ranchers approached the feds with their hands up. This is significant.

  389. DrBobNM says:

    wonder if the fed agents can see they are being used by the beast? Hopefully they still have humanity left. All of them can’t believe the turtle is that big a deal.

    1. the great kazoo says:

      The DHS has been seeding law enforcement institutions across the country with brainwashed trigger happy bullies.
      It only takes one idiot to start a conflagration…

  390. Francis Flandro says:

    There shouldn’t be a problem getting 2000 militia to surround the Feds.

  391. tony tyler says:

    the bundy’s and friends and family are heroes.. the government is out of control in this country and the feds and many police agencies have become the thugs of America.. I will no longer trust them..

  392. Dandee says:

    Have you seen how big this desert is? I highly doubt the cows can eat all the shrubs which in the old days, govt was grateful for free weed abatement.

    1. the great kazoo says:

      It’s all about control.
      The feds deserve a fat lip over this.

  393. RealityWarrior says:

    The land in question does not belong to the United States government. The land, and that is ALL public lands, belongs to the PEOPLE OF THE UNTIED STATES! The federal thugs need to GTFO!!!

  394. SleezyPreezyofTheUnitedSteezy says:

    So stand up people. If 400 farmers with 308s dispersed into the area, said government enforcers would GTFO,

  395. Gary Ketterman says:

    The Feds are wanting to have a big ” Save the Turtle” barbeque, then gamble the proceeds away at the casinos.

  396. Mr. Me says:

    Whoever lives close to this should go down there and protect this guy, his family and his ranch and battle the feds I’m not kidding…we need to start putting a little American fear into their hearts and let them know that they can’t do whatever they want and take all these illegal actions and violate our rights and take our property and land. Enough is enough and it’s fine time to show them that.

  397. MeinUSA says:

    I am afraid that Americans do not have what the generations before had. They do not have the balls to stand for and defend their beliefs. A few do, but you would never have people lay down their lives like our boys did in the world wars,civil war, etc. The country sets back and we spout off about things and we blog, etc. But it continues to happen daily. The Gov. does as they please and we set back and say, Thats unconstitutional. BLAH BLAH, and it continues on tomorrow. It is soon going to get to the point that there will be no going back, if it is not to late as I write this comment. We are spoiled and do not have the passions our fore fathers had. Like I said there is a handful, but if there was a revolution today, how many minute men would we actually be able to pull together? How many in the major metropolitan areas would put down their cellphones and Ipads and fight to save what we have. The rural communities would band together, but I worry we are screwed. I think that most are to accustomed to their amenities to give them up and suffer like the ones that drudged and died for us today. Look at the Ukraine or Egypt. The only people that fight for what they want here is the college kids do their occupy wallstreet junk because it was cool and there was booze and drugs. It was a cool thing to do. If the cops or military would have opened fire on them, they would have scattered and ran back to their mommys and daddys. I pray that I am wrong, I pray that Christ returns soon, I pray for our USA.

  398. Lisatee says:

    I guess my question would be, how has the turtle survived all these years in the desert with not only cows but buffalo or whatever else naturally grazed the land? Turtles now only survive with federal government assistance? Must be Obama turtles.

    1. carolesandlerkahn says:

      very astute observation!

  399. the great kazoo says:

    quash the 1st amendment over some tortises?

    The BLM has clearly overstepped its authority. Whoever is in charge there should at the very least have their head examined, and the agents should be disarmed and made to apologize. Not only to the rancher, but to the citizens of Nevada and the rest of the country as well.
    This is a prime example of why barney had to carry the bullet in his pocket.

    There is plenty of precedent that allows for the grandfathering in of businesses that preceded new laws to justify the ranchers arguments. The arguments about “fairness” ring hollower than the idea that 1000 cows can graze 600,000 acres so clean that every tortise would starve to death.

    Anyone who cites the piddly technicalities of the blm is missing the point.
    The federal government is way out of control and if they harm one more person over this, will deserve whatever they dish out ten fold.

    It is no secret how fed up America is getting with the emerging tyranny of the police state, and if they keep pushing will force the citizens to crack down.

  400. Dreammaker711 says:

    I thought they learned their lesson after Ruby Ridge and Waco, looks like I was wrong,I hope all of those Cowboy’s have machine guns in their saddle bags.

    1. JoJoJams says:

      Well, what the feds did learn by Ruby Ridge and Waco is that…..the American people will do nothing, and let them get away with their tyranny….

  401. Shane Hughes says:

    With 17 trillion plus of dept. A health care law that guarantees large insurance co. Do not loose any money. And a company named serco who monitors prisoners contraced for Obamacare. Where do the fees for the grazing privileges go? To big to fail multinational banks. Welcome to fascism. This is a physical display. We the people? We are monetary slaves.

  402. Roxiecolorado says:

    But its to save the Desert Tortoises!!!!! BULLETIN: The U.S. Bureau of Land Management announced it will kill hundreds of threatened desert tortoises it’s been caring for at a Nevada conservation facility. The slaughter is being blamed on a lack of funds by the agency.
    Real estate developers in southern Nevada who wanted to disrupt the habitat of threatened desert tortoises to build their little enclaves of air conditioning and irrigation in the arid suburbs of Las Vegas have been able to do so — for a fee. And while at the height of the real estate boom those fees went a long way toward providing refuge for displaced tortoises, the real estate bust has seen the program implode.

    From the Washington Post:

    Federal funds are running out at the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center and officials plan to close the site and euthanize hundreds of the tortoises they’ve been caring for since the animals were added to the endangered species list in 1990.

    “It’s the lesser of two evils, but it’s still evil,” said U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service desert tortoise recovery coordinator Roy Averill-Murray during a visit to the soon-to-be-shuttered reserve at the southern edge of the Las Vegas Valley last week.

  403. yzdeaner says:

    Simple deductive reasoning says if Mr Bundy and his family were black americans, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. The fact is, the Obama Administration, in public documents, views whites, non-muslim religious americans, ex-military people and anyone with a gun as the enemy. Mr Bundy fits three of the four profiles so he is the perfect target. The poor bastard is just trying to raze some cattle but Obama and Company are spending $3 million dollars to provoke violence and justify the administrations view of who the enemy is. Leave him alone.

  404. Jason Pearcy says:

    It’s not about tortoises…besides if you do some research the Feds want/ed get rid of them. This about land, and why?

  405. Andrew Clayterman says:

    No.. a RINO CAN BE pressured into doing the right thing.. a libtard would die first.. vote for a rino only if the alternative is a libtard..

  406. JWales says:

    Are the storm troopers wearing totenkopf medallions?

  407. freeulysses says:

    Bundy could use about 20,000 American citizens surrounding those agents, peaceably, with video cameras in hand, and signs saying “we stand with the rancher”. If Obama’s afraid to send troops into Behghazi, I’m sure he’s not going to want to wage war on 20,000 middle class people that think a citizens rights are more important than a turtles.

  408. James Boom says:

    Rhodesia comes to mind.

  409. Quit_Lying says:

    is this Nevada or Ukraine ??

    1. gaar says:

      The people of Ukraine are up against a tyrannical power far greater than themselves, and the people of Nevada are up against a tyrannical power far greater than themselves.

  410. gaar says:

    Don’t these Federal Government agency whores realize that their own children will be subjected to these same tyrannical tactics?

  411. poppyw says:

    See, everyone of the states should have had a volunteer militia to protect the Constitution and our rights. If we had developed well organized miltias years ago, the Feds wouldn’t be acting like this. They would have been too afraid of getting their butts kicked. But, here we are milling around, impotent, while the Feds have been preparing for years and rehearsing and getting their units strategically placed. All with our money. They have enough hollow point bullets to kill each of us 4 times. Yes, we have guns, but how would we move against them. We better hope the true, loyal to the constitution feds will refuse to pull down on us. Where are our elected officials in Washington? Have they all sold out to the Central Tyranny? Can’t they see how we’re being trained by sophisticated mind control methods to be submissive. That first man who allowed the first TSA agent to put his hands inside his underwear without physically attacking that agent sealed ouir doom. When they saw that men would allow this sexual assault on their bodies and not object has led us to this tyranny. I quit flying, I knew what I would do if another man laid his hands on me in that manner. What’s going to happen to us? They have the notion that we’re cowards and they won’t stop crapping on us until it gets costly for them. Congress is going to take a hike on us.

    1. Kevin Newman says:

      We did before the Lincoln debacle 150 years ago