Jay Carney: ‘If we were cooking the books,’ we would have done it in October

White House press secretary Jay Carney denied Republican U.S. Sen. John Barrasso’s assertion Sunday that the Obama administration was “cooking the books” on Obamacare enrollment numbers.

When ABC’s Jonathan Karl attempted to ask about “people who don’t believe the polls,” but Carney interrupted.

“I was just struck by the Republican senator who, confronted with numbers that I’m sure he said would never come to pass, just decided they weren’t real,” Carney said. “If we were cooking the books, don’t you think we would have cooked them in October and November? We could have saved ourselves a lot of pain.”

Republicans would have a tough time suggesting we’d have a “better world” without Obamacare, Carney said, providing a laundry list of items covered by the Affordable Care Act.

Watch Carney’s comments here:

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.


  • SusieQ

    Well, you know they never told a lie before, right?”Fool me once, shame on you ……..What really makes me angry as with the likes of Harry Reid are the lies to cover up the lies. Is there some kind of Bill Clinton course in Creative Lying 101, because the graduation rate must be low. Do they really think anyone, except their die hard fans are going to believe this?

    • http://www.thefreedomtrainusa.com/ FreedomTrainUSA

      And the Little WEASEL….Dirty Hairy….is now complaining and throwing a Temper Tantrum….because the Big Bad Sarah Palin is PICKING ON HIM….BOO HOO….

      • Josiah Peterson

        Didn’t Sarah Palin predict if Obama got a second term Russia would invade Ukraine? Why are those supposed journalists that are supposed to be honest retracting the derogatory statements they made at her prediction yet? Those ivy league grads ate the problem. Hopefully some day Americans can stop the political nonsense and lies. I would vote for the person who sticks with their own beliefs over the career politician that campaigns for life and spends my tax dollars to force a bad idea down the throats of my fellow Americans.

      • SusieQ

        You know that rhyme About the mulberry bush and the weasel, kinda funny.

  • TMG

    He’s right. The administration has been cooking the books on Obamacare for 5 years.

    • http://www.thefreedomtrainusa.com/ FreedomTrainUSA

      The Jobless Numbers and EVERYTHING ELSE from the BOY DICTATOR’S REGIME…

      • Josiah Peterson

        Less unemployed when everyone works part time and gets kicked of programs.

        • http://www.thefreedomtrainusa.com/ FreedomTrainUSA

          One of the biggest things that they used in Cooking the Books with Un-Employment numbers is…All those who gave up looking for work are NOT COUNTED as being UNEMPLOYED anymore…

          • David Tierney

            Also when the unemployment benefits run out, the government cooks the books a bit more by saying the unemployment rate is down.

  • Jerry

    In October they were living in a dream world that oblamercare was the greatest thing since sliced bread.Only after the disaster came to light that they had to come up with more lies.PERIOD.

  • Nuff_said2

    Lie, deny and stonewall are the only pages in this Administrations playbook. Today the head of GM will give Congressional testimony. I will be curious to compare her demeanor to that of the head of the IRS who pretty much told the Committee to pound sand. Thjs Administration feels it is above the law that it foists on others and has a demonstrated track record of lying when convenient.

    • lovinspoonful

      That is why the Convention of States is forming and states are joining it. The purpose is to do away with this run-away government we have now. Support the rep in your states to request an application to join.

      • David Tierney

        Unfortunately we still have McCain and now have Flake here in AZ

    • Brian Robinson

      Hell wonder how they would be if they try to plead the 5th like Kathleen Sebelius did.

  • JoeGoldner

    We had expected all along that the White house and the Democrats say that they had reached the 7 million mark. it is called cooking the books. If
    you and I had done this we would be in prison today. I doubt if anyone
    who have a half a brain would believe anything that comes out of this
    White House today. What we do know for sure is that more then 20% of all
    those who enrolled did not pay their premiums
    which means that they are not covered and only a small amount that
    enrolled never had coverage before. We also know that the taxpayers are
    footed the bill once again for others to get coverage through taxpayer
    subsidies that the govt is giving to all those who qualify for them. We
    also know that 6.3 million people lost their coverage thanks to
    Obamacare and many millions more lost their doctors which even Obama has admitted to be true. So whatever the figure or final result that comes
    out of the White house today we all know the truth and will vote out all
    the democrats this Nov. The American people got hurt and you can not change that fact!

    • lovinspoonful

      How could they have enrolled all those people when the sites weren’t even working and still are not working properly?

      • LittleRoot_48

        Amen. It crashed on the 31st which was “supposedly” the last day to sign up. You had to know they’d come up with a “miracle” at the last minute. I no believe this administration than I believe there’s a man in the moon.


        and let’s hear how many millions lost their health insurance and subtract that from the skewed figures the Obaminations put out.

      • Stan H

        The major problem was with the Federal government site. More than 20 other state sites didn’t have nearly the amount of problems ‘healthcare.gov’ had. The fact that so many people signed up (despite rabid GOP obstructionism and propaganda at every turn) shows both the desire and need for affordable healthcare among the American populace.

    • curmudgeon

      Well done! Every thinking person knew this would be the result. Notice, no facts or figures included in the statement? Talk is cheap especially when you control the “Ministry of Truth”.

    • Josiah Peterson

      How many of those supposed 7.1 million have a pulse and did prior to November? How many of those with a pulse are here legally? I heard from a guy at work that if an illegal signs up for Obamacare that it makes them unable to be deported. I have been unable to confirm or deny his statement.


        many of the counted ones are those that re enrolled in Medicaid which has no premiums and is all taxpayer funded

      • Brian Robinson

        How many are American?

  • sreynolds

    You did it then too, had you not done it. You would simply state that. Not that ANYONE would believe a word coming out of your mouth anyway. obama’s tenure can be summed up nicely “LIARGATE”

  • Anthony

    Apparently the WH isn’t as dumb as we all think, but Carney still is. If they had tried cooking the books in October/November, we would have known for sure. Considering that the website and enrollment didn’t work for the first three weeks… but now that there are “no problems” with it, they are able to change numbers to their liking more easily. Carney is still incredibly dumb though. Can’t wait to hear the official numbers of how many people signed up and actually paid.

    • Kenneth Clark

      We will never know those real numbers. You forget who is in power.

    • lovinspoonful

      It is down again – so obviously it has never been really “fixed”. There are still problems with the site as of the deadline of March 31. Whoknows how many people are actually covered under Obacare with a health care plan and not just had their name entered on the site.

      • Josiah Peterson

        Get everyone listed to double check social security numbers and then open political incarceration camps. If you are against those in power both by voice and actions you are right behind the gun owners to have your mind reconditioned. If that don’t work this shower chamber will… How do people not recognize this from history in Germany yet?

  • Les Kimbler

    Someone called Rachel Ray a tool for her bs with Biden. Here is the real tool. The mouthpiece for the boy king. I wonder how he sleeps at night with the bs and rhetoric he spews daily for our POMPOUS.

    • floramae

      This mother………r,sleeps just fine, it has no conscience, it has no soul………why it looks like hell as we speak is because of the roll out, how it’s handled russia, poll numbers falling.

  • frank papcin

    read my lips ” I DON”T LIE”–republicans do.–tens of millions of taxpayers money going into the pockets of the insurance industries only to be donated to democratic fundraising efforts by OBAMA?–and the poor stay poor
    why do the democrats want to raise the minimum wage?–so the poor can have enough taxes paid to qualify for OBAMACARE.–to have the government pay for your insurance for you?–not HEALTHCARE–INSURANCE TO GET HEALTHCARE.–paid for by those that earn enough to pay taxes.–and they have the nerve to put people in jail for a Ponzi scheme concerning mortgages the democrats allowed it
    –we have the biggest lie ever told by any president in our history supported by a democratic party that is only concerned with power, spending more borrowed money that any other party in our history, demonizing anyone that disagrees with them–and the people cheer? you figure!

    • Josiah Peterson

      They want to raise minimum wage because the legal jobs lost will put more on a system of dependence. This will cause more people to rely on bigger government for their rations. The founding fathers rebelled against a king because they felt a 3% tax was to high. Now a working person at $50k/ year pays 30% in known taxes, state taxes, property taxes, filing fees (aka another way to raise government revenue or tax), city taxes, county taxes, social security taxes, medical taxes, licensing taxes, housing permits, building permits, gaming taxes, hunting permits, and if you step out of line you get hit with judicial fees, fines, and regulatory taxes. If you actually breakdown what your gross income was and subtract out all money taken by some form of government the average $50,000 a year person spends $20,000 in some form of government aide. Yet, we still as a whole reelect the same ones back more often than not and still stick beside the two most corrupt political parties. Best case scenario the way I see it is throw out everyone you can and replace them with those that are not affiliated with democrats or republicans and avoid ivy league grads and all those that posess a law degree of any form.

  • (CofC) Cult of Cannibals

    Keep it up Carney and you will be certain to get a GMA Stephanopolus multimillion dollar a year job to do absolutely nothing.

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