‘Racist’ Michelle Obama quote fools panel; Bill Maher pretends Paul Ryan said it

“Real Time” host Bill Maher caused some real confusion with his knee-jerk liberal guests Friday night when he offered them a “racist” quote from Paul Ryan that turned out to really be from Michelle Obama.

And he did it to make a point.


Photo: Politico

Maher was piling on the latest liberal meme of Paul Ryan as piñata for comments he made in mid-March about inner-city men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work.”

Two of Maher’s guests, Center for American President Neera Tanden and comedian W. Kamau Bell, offered the predictable liberal commentary – saying Ryan’s blaming blacks and Hispanics, Ryan’s a racist, etc.

The token Republican on the panel, former U.S. Rep. Rick Lazio, made some excellent points about Democrat incompetence at efficient governing, but they went unanswered, as usual.

‘Lunch lady said I can’t pray,’ 5-year-old tells her parents

But the money moment came when Maher quoted “Ryan”: “Too many of our young people just can’t be bothered. They’re sitting on couches for hours playing video games, watching TV, instead of dreaming of being a teacher or a lawyer or a business leader, they’re fantasizing about being a baller or a rapper.”

When he revealed that it was Michelle Obama who said it rather than Ryan, he was greeted with a “hushed silence.”

“Is something less true if a white person says it about black people?”  Maher asked.

Bell’s answer was classic liberal doublespeak.

“A truth is a truth and a lie is a lie,” he said, before asking about the context of the first lady’s speech. Told it was a commencement address at Bowie State University, the historically black college in Maryland, he visibly relaxed.

“She’s talking to black people,” he explained. “We talk to each other differently than we talk to you.”

A truth is a truth and a lie is a lie; we talk to each other differently than we talk to you; and we have always been at war with Eastasia.

Check out the video here.


  • jaydavis

    Thanks for blacksplaining that to us.

    • Whane6225

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    • Lynn

      Racist’ Michelle Obama quote fools panel; Bill Maher pretends Paul Ryan said it,Try looking it up….Michelle said it NOT Ryan!

      • xoxozo

        Right…it says HE (maher) told them it was Michelle and was ‘greeted with hushed silence’
        I’m SHOCKED that Maher would something THIS TRUTHFUL!! Could he be starting to see the damaged the Dems are doing to the inner city youths???

        • abnoxio

          Honestly I always thought Maher was not beyond repair. I think his rabid leftist ideology stems primarily from his hatred of religion.

          • pepjrp

            Excellent observation as Maher is also the only lib I have ever heard who also blasts Islam.

        • TexasJester

          I’m actually surprised — Maher is actually starting to criticize the fraud and the mooch…. I’d be just as surprised it Piers started talking truth about the Second Amendment…

          • xoxozo

            Yeah, he’s doing the job that true journalist’s should be doing.. Telling the facts of poverty, not the political side of it.

  • Patricia Singer

    I guess most American’s are bilingual as it turns out.


    that proves it.That photo shows incontrovertible truth that Moochie is really a Wookie.

    • smknnjoe

      Now why do you want to insult Wookies like that. They are honorable creatures. Not sure what Moochie but she is neither honorable or a Wookie.

      • NoCrud

        And some people might say she’s a little spooky.

        • mperkins2

          Yes, but she is quite manly.

        • Jerry

          NoCrud, where have you been? Glad to see you back.

          • NoCrud

            I’m a hit-or-miss artist. Too much other “stuff” going on. Howzit a-going?

          • Jerry

            Not to bad. I may be starting a new armed security job next week that pays much more than the one I’m at now.
            Been giving the libtards hell. They seem to be teeming up and flagging our comments. Bunch of sissies. BPR has been deleting many of our comments lately because the pinks can’t take it.

          • Don’t Even Try It!

            I’ve noticed that myself 😉

        • disqus_2Vt2rvVJSF

          …really spooky,

    • Boagrius

      Or a Sasquatch. Actually, a Wookiee is more attractive than a Sasquatch and that hideous female beast more resembles a Sasquatch. LOL!!!

  • catdog8

    wow, his response was laughable. “we talk to black people different than we talk to you people” and of course thats not racists…

    • Rose_of_Sharon

      “…you people?” I guess that is okay when a black person says it to whites, but not when it’s reversed?

      • Gman

        Right?!?!? cue empty headed liberal laughter.

    • LittleRoot_48

      Well, I was never fond of listening to ebonics anyway.

    • Steve Harmon

      Exactly, good point. Who are, “you people”, comedians, atheists, rich idiots? One lib idiot talking to another, lower ranked by way of not being black, lib idiot.

  • spunknik

    In other news, Kobe Bryant is in trouble with the black community for believing that people should be judged by the content of their character instead of their skin color.

    • dollaholla

      Good point! Kobe Bryant speaks for himself and does not involve himself in the “group think” mentality! Content of their character—So true!

      • LittleRoot_48

        Not so fast. I believe he tweeted right after that interview that Trayvon was “wronged.” Apparently, he was taken to the woodshed over his interview remarks.

    • http://www.cprtrainingco.com Jeffrey Dorfman

      What he said is absolutely correct . It just wasn’t relevant to the topic at hand. Everyone should be judged by their character and not by any other means, color or otherwise. Anything different is just plain ignorant and wrong. You can quote me on that. Who wouldn’t want to be judged by their individuality rather than their color !

      • gingercake5

        They bullied Kobe into changing his tune. Now he says that TM was a victim after all.

        • http://www.cprtrainingco.com Jeffrey Dorfman

          Maybe he woke up and realized what the topic was. Either way, I’m glad his remark now is in tune with the topic. Zimmerman made us good gun toteing citizens look evil and for sure, he was ONE BAD APPLE for sure.

          • NoCrud

            Zimmerman was a “bad apple”???

          • http://www.cprtrainingco.com Jeffrey Dorfman

            Actually, he is worse than a bad apple. He gave all fruit a bad name. The fact that he had since been in trouble with the law a number of times since his trial, attests to his character. He’s a loose cannon, in every sense of the word.

          • Wayne Willard

            the liberal news called Zimmerman a white Hispanic male but he looks all Hispanic. Why don’t they call obuma a white african

          • http://www.cprtrainingco.com Jeffrey Dorfman

            That’s a good question . I have some good names I’d like to call him.

          • NoCrud

            He was not tried on what he did AFTER the death of the gangsta-type. Zimmerman was in an official capacity and even called the police. The police said “You do not need to do that” but did not tell him to stop following the kid who was bigger and tougher than Zimmerman.

            Anyone who spins Zimmerman into a hood and someone who merely killed a black kid did not follow the trial. In fact, if the trial had been in error, then there would have been an appeal or a new charge by the family or calls of a mistrial.

            I think you are struggling to find Zimmerman guilty and do not know the particulars of the case. Too bad. In fact, the items that Poor Little Trayvon bought at the store were ingredients for poor man’s PCP, or hadn’t you heard? The kid was a doper, a punk, and he messed with the wrong guy who was forced to protect himself. THIS is what the trial proved. And it had NOTHING to do with what Zimmerman did outside of that trial.

          • Rose

            And Trayvon had burglary tools, and I believe there were 8 burglaries in Zimmerman’s neighborhood before this incident. That’s why they asked Zimmerman to be on “watch.” Not to mention NBC and MSNBC edited the 911 tapes to make Zimmerman look like a racist. I don’t know how someone could question a self-defense act when you’re getting your head pounded into concrete.

          • http://www.cprtrainingco.com Jeffrey Dorfman

            I know that. He was tried on the murder charge of Martin. I am very much in the know of the particulars of the case. It was the police dispatcher who told Zimmerman not to continue surveillance of Martin and to let the police handle it. It did not matter what Martin did before this incident. In fact Zimmerman did not know anything about Martin. I was in charge of several town watches and I know we are only the eyes & ears to WATCH over the neighborhood. I have a permit to carry and I would never continue to follow anyone out of my car, period. I would stay in my car until the police show up and take over investigating the suspect. Speaking of suspect, Martin was never a suspect in anything that night. Zimmerman thought Martin was up to no good, so he tailed him and broke the rules of a town watch volunteer. He was never in an official capacity in anything. I really wish this confrontation never happened for a myriad of reasons, besides someone was killed when no crime was committed, not the least, he hurt all of us legally carrying concealed guns citizens. We fight tooth & nail every day across this country for the protection of the 2nd Amendment and this “cowboy” goes and makes it harder for us to make our case due to a serious “lack of judgement”.

          • JANET BROWN

            There actually was a crime committed when Martin attacked Zimmerman and tried to kill him

          • dollaholla

            So, if people want to show support for Zimmerman, does the supporter need to have someone break their nose for them or can they do it themselves? As far as the gash on the back on the head self inflict or someone do it for them?
            The whole dam thing was a tragedy, a jury found him innocent, For liberal haters, they need to make it something else!

      • DavidTrock

        “Who wouldn’t want to be judged by their individuality rather than their color !” ?

        Answer: For one, obama. It is the ONLY reason he is president. He has no other qualifications.
        Only well adjusted, intelligent law-abiding people want to be judged by their character. obama is none of those things.

        • http://www.cprtrainingco.com Jeffrey Dorfman

          David, one who shares my middle name, you could not be more correct. I’m not sure what he thinks he should be judged by, but character isn’t is best friend. In fact, he has plenty of character, all bad ones.

        • NoCrud

          I wonder if he hates the fact that he is half-White and very little Black blood flows in those veins? His “Blackness” is mostly self-perception and not statistical fact.

        • Rose

          I totally agree.

        • Mike Gable

          i judge Obama not by the darkness of his skin, but the darkness of his heart,,,that is 100% black (evil)

      • TexasJester

        Which is EXACTLY what we judge the fraud and the mooch on — even though the libtards say it’s their skin color..

    • Patti_Mi

      I guess Martin Luther King would be in trouble with the Black community too since the quote originated with him.

      • DavidTrock

        He would be considered a racist uncle tom.

      • Boommach

        The black “leadership” and community organizers are antithetical to the ideals of Dr. King. Evil has used his legacy to further itself.

    • Steve Harmon

      Huh? What? How dare he invent such a racist, anti-victim phrase. Ha ha ha, lol.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    LIBERALS would not know the TRUTH if it beat them to death with their own leg.

    • Noah Dawson

      Liberals know the Truth when they see it. They just hate the truth because it destroys all of their pet projects and narratives. Even now in colleges they are trying to destroy truth by saying there is no truth only perceptions. See no truth, hear no truth, speak no truth is the new motto of the modern day liberal/ progressive/ humanist/ communist/ marxist/ independent/ etc. Whatever they want to call themselves now since they cant even be truthful about what they are. You call them out on one they just jump to another one and usually when all else fails the end up on independent. Independent of what, independent of the truth.

      • no_oracle_just_sane

        Very well stated!

      • Larry Miller

        I believe it’s up to us to give them their identity.
        Socialist Democrats,-or Socialists is my thought, but what ever we choose, it has to be consistent.

      • Eric G

        Unless they are railing about global warming, oops, “climate change”. Then there is no doubt in their mind it is indisputable fact, not perception, and anyone who “perceives” an alternate position is a fool.

        • Noah Dawson

          Lol, i would still say they know the truth its just one of the many pet projects they have to inflate their superiority complex. If you deny it then you dont see how morally righteous and superior to you they are. Its like telling a muslim that islam is not a peaceful religion. They know its not but pointing that out disrupts their plans for trying to get shariah law enacted across the globe. They will deny deny deny and lie lie lie to conceal their true motivations. I was watching a video of a woman for gay marriage speak in front of supporters. She said that she felt bad about having to lie to people about what gay marriage was really about. She said that the main goal is not really to have gay people be married but to eventually abolish marriage all together. Also look at abortion they say some people cant take care of a child, there are to many people already, why should I be forced to pay for someone elses baby because they couldnt take care of it, what does it matter there not human, my vagina my choice, etc. What all of their excuses have in common is Me me me me me. They are selfish. They love taxing the rich because they feel they will gain. They love entitlement programs because they dont mind someone paying for them. They want and they want to do when they want to do so the baby dies so i can have my way. They know the truth but will never speak it. They are vampires and the truth is the light, they cant stand it.

          • DavidTrock

            But it’s inhumane to execute violent career criminals.

          • NoCrud

            Would it be better to say it’s inhumane to treat violent career criminals like animals?

          • NoCrud

            Those Gays we seen in the Media want to be treated like Minorities with all their government-provided benefits. There is not pride in their argument. They want to have their way with society and make it what THEY want it to be. Asocial mentality at its worst.

        • NoCrud

          Al Goron, the creator of Gorebal Warming, got rich by deceiving fools.

          • Rose

            Oh…I though he got rich by inventing the internet!

      • Boommach

        We are dealing with evil.

        EPH 6:12
        For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in highplaces.

        • Rose

          Amen to that!

      • NoCrud

        What they want to avoid like a plague is to be known as followers of Saul Alinsky who taught followers to:
        1) Shift the focus/change the subject, and
        2) Isolate and ridicule any opposition.

        Once it is known that the source of their nonsense is Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” then it’s easy to understand. And Hillary, Sharpton and many others on the Left are ardent students of Alinsky.

  • Chuck Burns

    Black people talk to each other differently than they talk to White people? So there is a distinction, a difference, a racism, and a degree of bigotry. There is racism and bigotry among some Blacks for Whites and also among some whites for Blacks. The old saying “Birds of a feather flock together” is true. The problem lies in the Hypocritical finger pointing and using it as an “issue” when the other side does it. If it is OK among your own group then it is OK when the other side does it.

    • Darrell Murray

      They sure do, they use the word Ni66er more than anyone else when referring to each other versus other people to them. Wonder why they degrade each other so?

      • Noah Dawson

        Ignorance, lack of self respect, lack of true respect for others, self pity. Some people do it because they think the aforementioned people are cool and they want acceptance by these people. If they are white and the black people around them allow them to say it then they feel as if they are honorary black people and somehow are now entrenched with their struggle. They get in trouble when they use their supposed honorary status in front of people they dont know and dont recognize their supposed status. But you might ask what struggle? These people and even the supposed honorarys create their own struggle because while no one truly wants a hard life a hard life makes you tough in the eyes of your peers. Have you ever told a bad time in your life and someone has to out bad you? The reason is they want to seem tough or at least not a punk. Why do you think these people always have to say where they are from? Without telling you their story they can tell you how tough their life has been or is and in turn their are telling you that they are tough. Even successful rappers still whine about how hard they have it, trying to maintain street creed on how tough they are and how they are not sellouts. But the main goal of these people is to sell out and become rich. The whole thing is a total hypocrisy. These people dont want to be poor they want to be rich but on the way to becoming rich they want to struggle being poor. That they can say their tough and have street creed. Also they can have everyone fawn all over them for struggling before they became rich. Thats also why so many dont make it. They are so focused on struggling they never move forward. Almost like they find virtue in being poor then complaining that they are poor while dreaming about being rich. Its pretty complicated a lot of neurosis.

        • NoCrud

          Many real Racists, the ones perpetuating the “Whitey Hates the Blacks” thingy, see Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and Senator Jackson and want to get on that media bandwagon. Hey, it works for them, right?

    • lovinspoonful

      Good example of “racism” today is Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Tavis Smiley, Obama, Holderand, interestingly, thy are all black.

      • Chuck Burns

        Yes and add the NAACP and virtually every Progressive Liberal. They purposely keep racism alive to use as a political tool and in the case of Sharpton and Jackson to shakedown large coeporations

        • Boommach

          The have very effectively kept this culture on their plantations

  • Anthony

    And why exactly are all of their fathers in jail? Please tell us your libtard response Oh “wise” one.

    • eaglestalon

      It is probably inaccurate to say of blacks, “all their fathers are in jail”. This would be impossible to prove since most blacks really have no idea who their fathers are.

      • LittleRoot_48

        Well, they only have their mamas to blame for that. It is what happens when you have a revolving door of “sperm donors” at your house.

        • NoCrud

          Their couch potato time apparently had some side benefits for those who are a personal pleasure trip often paid for by taxpayers.

  • LEL

    “We talk to each other differently than we talk to you.” ? Of course they do. They set themselves apart in every way possible, then demand integration.

  • Darrell Murray

    Why would you expect anything but lies from liberals? Especially when their elected chief lies about health care, admits he lied and they roll over and say give me another please? Idiots.

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